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Wedding-Planning Jobs for the Mother of the Groom Wedding News 

Wedding-Planning Jobs for the Mother of the Groom

Wedding-Planning Jobs for the Mother of the GroomThough her role is secondary to the bride’s mom, the mother of the groom can still make a solid contribution to your wedding prep to take some stress off you. (Plus, getting her involved is a solid way to get your relationship with your future mother in law off to a good start!)

Figure out the vendor tips.
Though tips aren’t mandatory, they are customary; they’re also the way to acknowledge anyone who went above and beyond what was expected. If you’re not much of a numbers person, ask his mom to do the math. (Consult our tipping chart to find out how much to give to who.)

Stock the getting-ready room.
She can put her motherly instinct to good use by making sure there’s plenty of drinks and snacks on hand. This is so that the bride and her girls don’t pass out from hunger or dehydration as they’re getting hair and makeup done and getting dressed, which will take hours. No need for heavy, sleep-inducing foods — better choices are fresh fruit, vegetables and dip, and light sandwiches.

Put the wedding-day emergency bag together. 
Aspirin, tampons, needle and thread — these are just a few of the crucial items she’ll need to gather. The bag could be customized so it’s based on the wedding’s location or time of day.

Assembling the favors.
From bedazzling the gift tags to tying bags with ribbon, the favors can be labor-intensive. The MOG’s help will be especially needed if the bridesmaids, traditionally the favor wranglers, can’t help out. If you’re handling the work too, it’ll give you time to chat one-on-one.

Picking up out-of-towners.
If many guests will be flying in for the wedding, several drivers will be needed at different times and days to fetch them. So if she’s willing and able, ask her to put on her chauffeur cap, fill the gas tank and head to the airport. There’s a wedding on the way!

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