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Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 06 Mar 2016

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot : Wedding Photography

Getting into the boots of a photographer on an occasion such as a wedding can be great fun. This will be an occasion where you can have fun and at the same time flaunt your photography skills. There is no denying that the industry is filled with professionals in this field, but the fact remains that in order to document this occasion in pictures, you do not need to be a pro at all.

Here are few wedding photography tips for amateurs and pros alike:

1. Know the couple’s expectations from wedding photographs

Get in touch with the couple to know their mind and make sure you know exactly what do they want from the day. They may want to lay more emphasis on candid photography with you being around all day or only want good formal pictures. Ask them how formal do they want the photographs to be; will a line up outside the church suffice or there is something else in their mind?

2. Take the essentials first

Do not get carried away by the inventive genius in you. Make sure that you have taken the shots that the couple has asked you to take before you move on to other less important shots. The photographer’s role is to preserve the day’s essence and memories so that they can be relived whenever wanted. After you have captured the essentials, say the cake cutting ceremony from the perfect setting you can exercise your more wedding photography ideas and turn to the amazing architecture, buildings and other stuff that merits an attention.

3. Pay attention to formal shots

It is necessary to get the formal shots right because they are the most important shots of the day. Choose a good location for such shoots. If it is dry outside, outdoors will make a wonderful location for a formal shoot. However, do keep a backup indoor location in mind which gives you adequate light for a good picture in case it rains. Ensure that you bring along your tripod as well as the list of the shots that dictates who is to be featured in each shot. It is wise to employ a helper to make sure that all the members required for a particular shot have arrived so that you can call for everybody’s attention to look your way and smile.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding Dresses4. Try not to switch off.

The wedding ceremony continuously provides opportunities for abundant informal shots, especially in between the major events when people get relaxed. It is therefore essential that you do not get carried away by free drinks and people around to chat to. Pay attention to your job for a moment that passes once does not come back ever.

5. Take some time away from the crowd with the couple

Offer some time for the newlyweds away from the reception. If possible get them to walk hand in hand and shoot when they are not conscious of your presence around. This will give you some real candid moments to capture.

6. Have a backup camera with a different lens

Have a second camera to backup for the main one and shoot simultaneously with both. This will give you more options to choose from for a single photograph and avoid losing a captured moment because of some imperfection in the picture.

These 6 tips will go a long way in letting you shoot wedding photographs that shall be an asset for a lifetime.

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot : Wedding Photography Tips


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