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Wedding Cakes Recipes

Wedding Cakes Recipes

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 18 Mar 2016

Wedding Cakes Recipes : Wedding Cakes Recipes

Hurray! It is your wedding. And obviously, there is going to be a big party and many guests as well. However, after you have said all your vows and kissed the bride, it is the time to cut the wedding cake. So, what are your favorite wedding cakes recipes? Here is a look at some of the best recipes that you can try out in different events and wedding parties of your friends and buddies. Here are some delicious recipes that will help to make your wedding a special day.

Classic White Wedding Cakes Recipes

There is nothing better than a solid white cake which matches the white color of your wedding gown and suit. You need to take sifted flour along with baking powder and some egg yolks as well. You need to mix the flour with the sugar and butter mixture and throw in the stiff egg yolks as well. When you do this, you will get a superb white cake which you can top with cherries or chocolate cream. This is one of the best wedding cakes recipes for all wedding parties.

Chocolate Fudge Wedding Cakes Recipes

Fewer things are as mesmerizing and beautiful as gushing chocolate fudge which oozes from inside a nice cake. Instead of merely throwing in butter, you need to mix in unsweetened chocolate along with vanilla to make a nice creamy, chocolaty filling. You can also add some salt along with butter and sugar to add some more taste to the chocolate fudge cake. Remember that the chocolate should be melted so as to look like the real fudge as well. You can also use real fudge.

Orange Cheese Wedding Cakes Recipes

Orange cheesecake is one of the main wedding cakes recipes which will be useful for the bride and groom to celebrate their main occasion. It is quite easy to make as well. All you need to do is to prepare a batter on the cake that you make out of butter, wheat and eggs. This batter should be made of some orange candy and orange marmalade. The batter should be made so as to taste zingy and sour so as to make it taste sharp. Therefore, this is a delicious cake.

Butter Cake

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesButter cakes are the easiest and simplest wedding cakes recipes which can be equipped with any kind of fillings. You can fill the middle-deck with some nice cream or some fruity filling as well. You need to take some bread and wheat flour and mix in enough butter and sugar. The egg yolks will help to make the whole cake firm and delicious. This is quite a simple recipe and you can do it easily without any problem. Therefore, a butter cake with a cream layer will be good.

Mini Goat Cheese Cakes

Goat cheese is something that is rather delicious and sharp to taste and you can make a nice cheese cake from that as well. You need to have one packet of crumbled goat cheese which can be blended with butter and cream to form a nice layer. You can also make the entire cake salty in taste. You can add some herbs like basil and pepper to make this an interesting and tasty mix for the senses. Therefore, these small cakes are the best wedding cakes recipes for you.

The Final Word

When you are celebrating your wedding, you need to do it with a good and tasty cake that you can savor along with your guests as well. The above recipes are some easy to make recipes where you can experiment with some exotic ingredients to come up with a tasty mix for you and your guests. Therefore, as a final word, you can learn these recipes and make them yourself. You can also instruct certain bakers and chefs to come up with these ideas.



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