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Want To Know More About Power Dressing? Wedding News 

Want To Know More About Power Dressing?

Power dressing – the term itself brings to your mind visions of powerful men and women wearing business like suits with the right shoes making important corporate decisions. The thing is power dressing is a very important part of most women’s lives because it definitely gives the person dressed in such a way, a definite advantage. Though people may reiterate that it does not matter what you look like as long as you have the right talent, the fact is, appearances are important to give you entry to prove your talent. That is why office dressing for women and men is such a big thing especially if your job involves authority and dealing with consumers and other top brass. You will need to come to grips with power dressing and also quick hairstyle tutorials for office women.

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You will need to learn office dressing for women decoded into easy to adapt steps so that you need not spend quite that much time on it on a daily basis. If you are really serious about power dressing and becoming a powerful player in your office, then you should go beyond mere power dressing. You should look at office behavior – 6 steps to make things happier at work too.

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Here Are Some Ways That You Can Decipher What Power Dressing Is All About:

It is about smart not sexy: While looking and feeling powerful can be a sexy feeling, power dressing is not about dressing sexy but about looking smart. You will need to start looking at your body type on those terms and work on looking smart. Dressing sexy to office will not make it power dressing because it is not appropriate and not at all advisable.

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Fitting not fancy: When you are getting a wardrobe together for power dressing, then it is important that you pick out suits, jackets, skirts, tops, and trousers that fit well. This means that you will need to be able to sit, stand, make presentations and have meetings while feeling good in the clothes that you wear. This means that the dresses or outfits that you pick up have to be fitting and not fancy or tight.

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Comfortable not casual: While power dressing and comfortable are not two terms that we use in  the same sentence, the fact is you can never look powerful until you are comfortable with the way you look. While we are talking about comfortable here, ensure that you do not go overboard and make the outfits too casual. While casual outfits are definitely comfortable, they do not reflect a powerful aura.

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Simple and sober: Most power dressing outfits dictate that you stick to simple but elegant cuts and sober colors. This is because colors that are too bright or vibrant may not always have the aura of subtle power that you want to project with your office dressing. That is why, you will need to go for simple lines and ensure that the colors that you use are subtle while suiting your complexion.

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Many people talk about power dressing as if it is something too complicated, which it is not. It is simply a matter of understanding the way you look and the way you want to look. This means getting to grips with the way your body is shaped, the way your features are put together and getting the colors right as per your complexion, eyes, and hair. Power dressing also includes the way your hair is styled as well as your makeup and the accessories that you carry along with the outfit that you wear.

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