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Unique Wedding Cakes For A Stylish Wedding

Unique Wedding Cakes For A Stylish Wedding

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 03 Mar 2016

Weddings mark the most important day in the marriage of a couple. Consequentially, every detail about the wedding demands perfection. The unique wedding cake is the climax of all weddings, hence its huge significance. The modern world gives us more options of creativity and style for our big-day cakes. This article offers you a candid look at some of the unique and fashionable cakes for your dream wedding.

List Of Unique Wedding Cakes

#1. Box-Of-Chocolates And Cakes

Just as its name suggests, the box-of-chocolate’s cake appears like a pile of boxes of chocolates. The cake’s design mimics a pastry box containing white chocolates. The open design is ideal for any wedding type.

#2. Seashell cake

The cake is specially designed for those planning to conduct beach weddings. It is a coconut cake frosted with butter cream. In order to highlight the sea theme, the cake is stylishly decorated with barnacle shells and starfish.

#3. The Mango-and coconut rum cake

The cake is an absolute fashion statement if your wedding has a tropical theme. The inside of the cake contains roasted-coconut sponge cakes. The cakes are arranged in layers that soak in the syrup of Malibu-rum-punch. The syrup is creatively slathered with mango jam with a jasmine scent. The foresting of the cake is done using butter cream made from vanilla bean and passion fruit. An external layer of mango slices adds flavor to the tropical cake.

#4. The Asian-inspired cake

The marble cake gets its modern and Asian look from the bamboo borders. The cake is supported by a wooden board whose edges have real bamboo. The board, therefore, serves to mimic the real cake. It is perfect for weddings with an Asian theme.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding Dresses#5. The marvelous marbled cake

The special cake resembles a chiseled sculpture due to its block form and the color. Instead, the marbled cake is a complete panel of chocolate bars. The cake is not only a beauty, but its design makes it easy to divide.

#6. The marbleized cake

The cake is perfect for modern weddings with a bold theme. The inside of the cake contains a combination of dark chocolate cake and butter cream of white chocolate. The cake is covered with marbleized icing.

#7. Pyramids de sorbet

The cake represents a stylish creation of pastry. The spectacular cake is simply a cone of ice cream cakes. The edible cone is covered with realistic fruits which are made by molding sorbet. The cake is intended for making a strong fashion and health statement.

#8. Basket of berry cake

The basket-like white cakes have real strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, red currants, and gooseberries arranged in each of the layers. The berries serve the purpose of adding a refreshing look to the cakes. The cake is fashionable for a wedding during the early summer period.

Although all the wedding cakes covered in the article could be appealing for your wedding, the choice of a unique cake is important. The choice of your wedding cake designs should be informed by the theme of the wedding and the type of the wedding. Matching the two aspects with the cake creates a fashionable statement that leaves the day as one of the most memorable for the wedding guests.

Unique Wedding Cakes For A Stylish Wedding : Unique Wedding Cakes Design

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