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Top 6 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Of All Times

Top 6 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Of All Times

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair 09 Mar 2016

Top 6 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Of All Times : Japanese Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair

With the wedding season just about getting in full swing, one cannot be less excited. Invitations will soon be knocking at your door and if you are the pretty one with long hair, smile big; your options are unlimited. Long hair is intricate and allows for much room for creative hairstyles. Of course, if you are the one sending the invitations this time, it’s wise to do several practice runs with your stylist before finally picking any of the numerous wedding hairstyles for long hair out in the market today. A creative hairstyle is one of the key parts of a wedding and need not say the element that makes the difference between a beautiful wedding and boring one. To get you started, here are top wedding bridal hairstyles long hair in 2014;

Traditional Japanese Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Simple Embellished Braid:

If you are the bride and one of those individuals with an intrinsic love for beads, this hairstyle will go well for you. What’s more, you can couple it with small natural or even artificial flowers that complement the color of your bridal dress, jewelry and the overall wedding décor to earn a romantic and one of the most intricately beautiful look that will leave your guests spellbound.

Waterfall braid

If you are looking for a bridal hair that looks trendy and hot, waterfall braid got it all. Also popularly known as the cascade braids, waterfall braid wedding hair style is the trend in the market today.

Traditional South Indian Style Braid:

In this bridal hairstyle, braids are richly embellished and adorned with hair accessories, beautiful jewelry pieces and fresh flowers and their base is then secured using an attractive clasp. Normally, sweet smelling flowers (such as jasmine or roses) are entwined along the braids giving that look that makes you the focal point of all attractions. For ideas on whether it will look good on you, South Indian Style braid is best on waist long thick hair. You may achieve the same look using hair extensions to yield this look. If you like simple long braids, the traditional S. Indian style is for you.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesOpen Straight Hairstyle:

This style is best for you, especially if you like to flow around with a polished, straight mane on your wedding day. This hair style caters for an open hairstyle with beautiful pearl adornment and center parting. It looks fabulous with soft long hair.

Soft, loose waves

Yes, this will give your bridal hair that is romantic, graceful and feminine. It is a great idea for any beach wedding. It vividly brings out your soft, loose waves, making you the center of attraction all day long.

Flower weaved braided crown

This style has been around for a long time, but over time, its popularity had been dwindling. However, with brides now looking for a hairstyle that will give them rustic, romantic yet romantic looks, this style is once again taking center stage. It highlights the beauty of the bride in its full glory.

The Chignon Bun:

This is another comeback in the world of bridal hairstyles and it is actually expected to make it to the list of the top 100 bridal hairstyles of all times this year.

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