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7 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Wedding Reception

03 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

So you want to throw the best wedding reception your friends and family have ever seen-well, you’ve come to the right place!  This edition of Tuesday Tips is completely dedicated to most talked about part of the wedding.  While many people think a fantastic wedding reception just happens by chance, wedding coordinators know all too well that memorable wedding receptions are carefully crafted.  Thus, here are our tips for creating a memorable celebration.

1. Short and Sweet

When it comes to toasts, it’s really all about quality over quantity.  As meaningful and wonderful as toasts can be, it’s important that you don’t allow those toasting to drone on and on.  It’s also important to keep the number of toasts to a minimum.  Carefully select individuals who have been important in your life and then gently remind them to keep it short and sweet.

Kate Mefford Photography

2. Lounge Act

If at all possible, create a lounge-like area in your reception space like this stunning lounge area from this romantic Austin wedding.  Since people can get antsy sitting around the same dinner tables all night, a change of environment will promote conversation and keep even your non-dancing guests entertained.  Look into renting or borrowing couches, chairs, and other pieces of furniture that you can then stage with pillows and votive candles in your wedding colors.

Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

3. Surprise, Surprise

Sometimes the best parts of a reception are the things guests don’t see coming.  Surprise your guests with unexpected entertainment during the cocktail hour or reception, like a belly dancer, a mariachi band, or even a salsa dancer. Or create a whole unexpected theme for your wedding, like this circus-themed wedding.

Clane Gessel Photography

4. What Tradition?

If the thought of a making all of your single friends stand around you to catch your bouquet offends your senses or the image of your future husband sticking his head under your dress to “find” your garter makes you queasy, don’t do it!  Skip the standard traditions and incorporate reception activities that represent you and your future husband’s sense of tradition and style.  One popular trend we are seeing these days is incorporating lawn games into your reception, similar to this outdoor Austin wedding. Your guests will appreciate the departure from the norm.

Jennifer Weems Photography

5. Photo Finish

Capture the spirit of the evening by renting or DIY-ing a photo booth.  Friends and family can really ham it up and create great keepsakes.  You and your husband will have the best time remembering the guests at your wedding through the photo booth pictures. Don’t forget silly props and and a social media hashtag, like this one from this fun-filled Fort Worth wedding.

New Seasons Photography

6. After the Party, It’s the After-Party

Keep the party going long after the formal reception ends.  Even if your reception venue shuts down your reception at a certain time, you can keep the party going by inviting your guests to an after-party.  Now this can be as fancy and formal as you like, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on an after-party.  You and your guests can gather in a hotel bar or restaurant lounge at no charge.

Philip Thomas Photography

7. Good Food, Good Drink and Good Music

No matter what you decide to incorporate into your wedding reception, keeping your guests happy will almost always ensure a memorable celebration.  And experience teaches that keeping guests happy hinges on executing the “happy guest trifecta” – good food, good drink and good music!  So make sure the food is hot and tasty, the drinks are plentiful and the music is constant and speaks to the sensibilities of the crowd.  Perfecting these elements will ensure a fabulous celebration!

Jenny DeMarco Photography

Happy Planning!

8 Things Brides Forget To Do After The Wedding Reception

09 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Most brides think that after they’ve made it down the aisle, said those fateful vows and capped it all off with a massive party that their wedding responsibilities come to an end. But no–you’re wrong. Your to-dos have not ended just because the last guest has come and gone. As a Mrs. there are several tasks you must tend to before you jet off on that magical honeymoon. Yes, we know you are exhausted from all the schmoozing, chatting, dancing, and smiling, but if you fail to take care of these last must-dos you’ll miss out on some true goodies down the road. So don’t go comotose on us yet!

8 Things Brides Forget To Do After The Wedding Reception

Drop Off Wedding Gown To Cleaner

Drop off wedding gown to be cleaned. It is going to be dirty–trust us. It has been dragged around a dance floor, through grass, across bathroom tiles, you name it. Any chance of preserving the gorgeous gown means getting it to a proper cleaning company ASAP. Unfortunately, they sometimes suggest you cut off the bottom if it is really bad. Just make this a number one task after the big event.
Drop Off Wedding Gown To Cleaner
Preserve Top Layer of Cake

Preserve the top layer of your wedding cake. Assign someone, like your mother-in-law or your coordinator, to save the top tier of your cake before the wedding. Right after, you will want to store it properly in a freezer. Properly means removing any edible flowers (they will rot) or other non-food details and wrap the box in Saran wrap followed by a layer of tinfoil. On your one-year anniversary, bust that bad boy out and enjoy with champagne!
Preserve Top Layer of Cake
Collect Your Gifts

Collect all gifts left at venue. Again, this task should be assigned to someone or a space should be set up to collect envelopes and gifts (yes, people may hand you actual gifts at the reception). Make sure these are scooped up post-wedding by either yourself or a family member or friend. Don’t you want that cold, hard cash?! We thought so. Plus, you’ll have thank you notes to write.
Collect Your Gifts

Collect Floral Decorations

Collect all floral arrangements and decor accessories. Many times, your florist will come back the next day to collect any vases, candle holders, etc. that they have provided. But sometimes, this task falls on you. Wedding venues tend to clean up very quickly, which means if you leave it, they will trash it. Make sure you get that nice cake cutter you brought or the church urns your coordinator brought to the reception for flowers.
Collect all floral arrangements and decor accessories.
Pick up lost goods

Pick up any lost goods. There will always be those guests who leave behind essentials (uncomfortable shoes, ties, suit jackets, etc), especially if the dance floor is cray. If your venue is near your hometown, do everyone the favor of collecting the lost goods and bring them home for owners to collect. Or have the venue keep them in a safe space until they can be picked up. Your guests will thank you. Plus, you or your hubby may leave things behind, too!
Pick up lost goods
Check For Damages

Check for any damage to property. This is super important. Most wedding venue contracts will have a clause relating to property damage caused during your event. And you can guess who that bill gets sent to. If you are too tired to do it the night of, make a quick stop there the next day to walk around and inspect. (This is also a good time to look for any lost items.)
Check for any damage to property

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