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Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year – The Symbolism Behind The Gifts

04 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year – The Symbolism Behind The Gifts : Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There has always been a world-wide tradition to offer specific wedding anniversary gifts by year. They are all symbols of love, but their symbolism goes deeper than that as each stands for a significant aspect of the couple’s love. Here is a look at the other wedding gifts and symbols that come after the wedding cakes and their significance to the couple’s relationship.

The symbolism behind wedding anniversary gifts

Time has had some impact on the gifts offered for most of the anniversaries, but every couple has the choice to go with either. They are all relevant to the period of time spent together.

  • First wedding anniversary

The first year of wedding is marked traditionally by paper, meant to symbolize strength. Nowadays, couples prefer going with clocks, a symbol for eternity, a great beginning for the couple’s future together.

  • Second wedding anniversary

The second year is marked by cotton, a traditional symbol of great prosperity, further setting the couple’s minds for a happy future. Nowadays, China is the ideal gift. It symbolizes beauty and elegance.

  • Third wedding anniversary

Leather was traditionally seen as the fitting gift to mark the couple’s third year of marriage, symbolizing durability. Glass and crystal are the modern gift, symbolizing the effect the marriage can have on the couple and others too.

  • Fourth wedding anniversary

Fruits and flowers were the ideal wedding anniversary gifts for the fourth year, symbolizing bloom and beauty. Silk is however more common nowadays, a beautiful and slender garment to crown the years of love and glory.

  • Fifth wedding anniversary

Traditionally, the fifth year of the wedding was celebrated with wood, a symbol of strength having been heavily relied on for most things back then. Silverware is, however the modern gift, symbolizing the spark in your love as well as the connection that brought you together.

Significant wedding anniversaries

Some wedding anniversaries have always been of more significance compared to others. Consequently, they come with gifts more unique compared to the others. They also have a unique numerical connection, with each being the double of the precedent. In addition to this, they also all features significant gifts, as significant as the wedding cakes themselves to make any occasion exciting and worth remembering.

The twenty fifth wedding anniversaries

The twenty fifth year of wedding is marked by silver, both in the past and the modern world as well. Having always been a precious metal since the old days, silver becomes the best material to mark a couple’s quarter century of union.

The fiftieth wedding anniversary

There is no better thing to mark the fiftieth year together than gold, a symbol of wealth, beauty and strength. It can come in any form, either as an accessory or just as raw gold, but it should be authentic gold nonetheless.

The hundredth wedding anniversary

Nothing would mark a hundred years of marriage better than diamond. The hardest material in the world, it symbolizes all the strength and endurance shown in the relationship for so long.

Its glimmer on the other hand crowns it with glory.

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