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14 Traditional Wedding Ceremony Steps

17 Mar 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Every couple while planning a wedding ceremony wonders what it will be like. Usually, all weddings follow some kind of general order. Here you are going to have lots of things on your mind, but don’t panic. Just use a simple wedding checklist to make sure you do not to forget anything important.

Out wedding ceremony outline will give you an idea of what lies ahead – but don’t be afraid to experiment! Make your wedding ceremony of one of the most memorable moments in your life!

On The Wedding Day

Source: frame_of_love via Instagram

wedding ceremony couple bouquet


How To Have The Wedding All Your Friends Will Remember

17 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

There will be countless weddings in your immediate circle over the years, some will stand out and others, well, won’t. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the first or the last of your friends to get married, you can have the most memorable party. Here are a few key steps you can take to have THAT wedding sticks out in guests’ minds.


[Photo: Samm Blake]

1. Have music in your ceremony. Keep your ceremony short and sweet–nobody wants to be sitting there forever. In lieu of readings, which can be boring or awkward if the person isn’t a good public speaker, hire musicians or singers to perform. While your guests won’t remember *yet another* reading of Corinthians, they will definitely remember a lively performance of “Oh Happy Day!” by a gospel choir. Music is impactful like that. Choose a song that is both meaningful and recognizable so that guests can sing or clap along.

[Photo: Style Me Pretty]

2. Book a great band. The band makes the dance party and the dance party makes the wedding. Choose a band over a DJ, and even consider bands that aren’t traditional wedding bands. You want a group that can ROCK! Funk bands and classic rock bands are crowd pleasers. Spend your money on a band with a horn section, not an emcee (nobody remember the guy that introduces the bridal party… everyone remembers the trumpets in “Celebration”). Make sure they know the classics, and skip the first dances if need be (it’s a lull in the dance party for everyone else!).

[Photo: Dylan And Sara via Style Me Pretty]

3. Get the lighting right. You want bright, natural light for the ceremony, soft lighting (such as candles in hurricanes) for dinner, flashing lights on a dark stage (strobes, etc) for the dance party. String lighting is festive and pretty. You don’t need to spend a fortune on lighting, you just need to give it some thought.

[Photo: Style Me Pretty]

4. Have large floral arrangements. Small table centerpieces are somewhat important, but what stands out most in pictures and in people’s minds are large floral arrangements. A floral chuppah or canopy, for example. If you can’t put giant arrangements on every table (which you actually don’t need), order 3 or 4 and place them strategically, like at the buffet table, behind the altar, or at the head table.

[Photo: Style Me Pretty]

5. Get married outdoors. Weddings with a view make for incredible pictures–not just your professional pix, but all the ones your guests take and post to social media. A stunning nature view like mountains, gardens, fields, lakes or oceans mean you can spend less on decorations and lighting. The natural surroundings will speak for themselves. And they have a huge impact on how people remember the wedding.

[Photo: Jacquelynn Brynn via Style Me Pretty]

6. Skip the first dance, garter toss and other stale traditions. There are some aspects of weddings that sound good in theory when you’re planning them, but in the moment of the wedding don’t actually matter. People don’t want to stop dancing, for example, to watch you have your first dance, father-daughter dance, etc. Let the party flow naturally (led by a great band and lighting!)–don’t cause unecessary starts and stops.

[Photo: Style Me Pretty]

7. Greet guests with signature cocktails. Have your servers greet guests with trays of a signature cocktail at the reception (or ceremony if you really want to get ’em drunk!). Signature cocktails feel fun and festive, guests don’t have to think about what to order, and the service is memorable, as well. This is a gesture that will go farther than you think.

[Photo: Pat Moyer]

8. Have a big finish. Even if the party is going to continue on to an after party, have a big, memorable finish at the reception for guests who are going home after (like older relatives). Fireworks, sparklers, someone playing with band, everyone dancing on the stage, a surprise guest, a big sing along, balloons, glo sticks, etc. are all fun ways to close out the party. Everyone will remember that moment when everyone was involved.

How To Plan A Right Royal Wedding!

29 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

If you’ve always hankered after a princess-style wedding, then this year’s Brides The Show has everything you’ll need to make it a truly royal – and memorable – event.

Hugo Burnand


Created by the team behind Condé Nast Brides magazine, Brides The Show features over 130 exhibitors, and this year’s show is crammed with royal appointments guaranteed to fulfill every bride’s dream. Here’s our right royal run-down of what not to miss:

The royal photographer

Kate and Wills’ wedding photographer, Hugo Burnand – who is also Tatler magazine’s society pages snapper – has curated a one-off exhibition of wedding images especially for Brides The Show. He will also be appearing in conversation, spilling all the juicy the secrets behind Kate and Williams’ wedding shoot, as well as advising brides-to-be about how to get the best bridal shots. Plus one lucky couple will also get the chance to win an engagement portrait with Hugo!

The royal couturier

Jenny Packham is the Duchess of Cambridge’s designer du jour, and she will presenting an exclusive catwalk show at Brides The Show on the opening night only (tickets are still available). Packham, the queen of red-carpet glamour, will be on hand to talk about her designs and one lucky bride-to-be will even have the chance to win a Jenny Packham bridal gown, worth £3000!

The royal make-up artist

A favoured brand of the Duchess of Cambridge, Bobbi Brown’s subtle make-up is a must-have for brides to be. Hannah Martin, their PRO Artist for the UK & Ireland created Zara Phillips wedding look for her big day, and will be dishing out beauty advice – as well as free Bobbi Brown products! TBC – at Brides The Show.

The (mini) royal fashionista

Children’s designer Nicki McFarlane will be at Brides The Show, and is the go-to to give your minis a royal make-over. Themother and daughter duo designed the mini-maid dresses for William and Kate’s 2011 nuptials – who can forget little Grace von Cutsem, Lady Louise Windsor and Margarita Armstrong-Jones in their pretty silk flower-girl outfits?

The royal venue

Want to recreate your very own royal love story? Then book one of The Historic Royal Palaces. Venues include The Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and London residence of Wills and Kate, the gorgeous Kensington Palace – come to the Show and book your dream venue. More of an outdoorsy bride?The Royal Botanical Garden Kew is also exhibiting at Brides The Show and offers a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding day.

The royal stamp of approval (literally)

Make your wedding feel like a royal affair right from the very start with Piccolo Press. Stationers to the Royal family, The Royal Society and the House of Lords and House of Commons. Alternatively,there’s The Wren Press, which earned itself a Royal Warrant in 2013. Heavily involved in the 60th anniversary coronation festival for Queen Elizabeth II, invites from The Wren Press are bound to impress your guests from the off.

The royal florist

Florist Zita Elze created a bouquet of flowers specifically for the Queen in celebration of the Alan Titchmarsh show, ‘The Queens Garden’ that aired in 2014. Could your wedding bouquet feel any more royal than knowing it was created by one of the Queen’s chosen florists?

The royal gift-list

Check out Wedgwood’s stand at Brides The Show for crockery and cutlery fit for a queen. Since the marriage of Queen Charlotte to George III in 1761, every British monarchy has had a Wedgwood collection. Time to give your gift-list a regal upgrade?


27 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas
Kate + Ben’s wedding embodies effortless charm and elegance. Replete with sparkling Bridesmaids gowns and a truly stunning backdrop, this celebration — photographed by A Visual Anthology — strikes the balance between Gatsby glamour and the warmth of a backyard wedding.

10 Things Brides Forget To Do After Their Wedding Ceremony

15 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Use the Bathroom

Use the bathroom. You’re going to be taking photos, greeting guests and preparing for your first dance as husband and wife, so it might be hard to find a lot of time to visit the restroom during the reception. Before you get back in that limo, be sure to take a bathroom break–and don’t forget to take a few Bridesmaids with you to help maneuver the dress while you pee.

Retouch Makeup

Retouch your makeup. You kissed your groom and maybe even shed a tear or two swapping your vows, so you’re definitely in need of a little retouching before moving on. Bring along a small purse that you can keep in the car (or have a friend or family member hold on it) that has everything you need–oil blotting papers, concealer, lip gloss, etc.–to make sure you look picture perfect all day.

Alone Time

Spend alone time with groom. You’re finally husband and wife, and there’s nothing rude about sneaking away for a few minutes for some alone time. It will give him time to gush over how gorgeous you look and for the both of you to reflect on the ceremony. In fact, in Jewish tradition, couples spend alone time in another room to signify their new status as husband and wife.


Eat Something

Eat something! One big bridal complaint: Many don’t get to sample the delicious food at their own wedding! You spent so much time agonizing over the menu, you deserve to enjoy it along with your guests. And since you’ll likely be drinking during the party, it’s best to do so on a full stomach anyway.

Comfortable Shoes

Slip into comfortable shoes. If you plan to take outdoor photos, you don’t want your heels sinking into the grass. Or at the very least, you’ll want to be able to dance during the reception. (Despite what Carrie Bradshaw might say, your feet will hurt once you spend a few hours in heels). Be sure to bring a pair of flats so you never have to go barefoot during the event (unless you’re getting hitched on the beach!).

Take Off Your Veil

Take off your veil. If you don’t want to wear it all night or for the first dance, it’s probably easiest to take it off right after the ceremony since you’ll have to be super careful not to ruin your ‘do during the process. This is a task you maid of honor or mom can help you with.

Engagement ring

Put your engagement ring back on.During the ceremony, you’ll want to leave your ring finger on your left hand free so your groom can slip on your wedding band. You can simply move your engagement ring to your right hand or have someone hold it for you until after your vows, when you can slip it back on for the reception. Remember: The band is usually worn closest to your heart on your left hand.


Check Out Your Ceremony Space

Check out your ceremony space. Another thing a bride forgets is to really see the ceremony space, says Mystique Latese, founder of Coordinator for a Day. “Often she is brought into the church or the ceremony location as part of a covert operation in order to keep her out of sight. The only moment she experiences the space is when she walks down the aisle.” Take the time to see the flowers and the décor, see the altar where you stood and the space


Thank Wedding Party

Thank your parents and bridal party. It’s a great time to also have a private moment where you express you gratitude for all they have done for you and your groom on this special day. It’s also an opportunity for these close friends and family members to have the bride and groom all to themselves for a final moment before they have to share you with the rest of the guests. “The next phase of the wedding day is a flurry of food and fun and after the ceremony is a perfect time for private moments such as these,” says Latese.

Collect Sentimental Items

Collect ceremony items. Don’t leave behind anything of value–sentimental or otherwise–at the ceremony space. Extra programs, the unity candle, the Ketubah, or family photos that might have been on the altar are things that can easily be forgotten during the excitement that occurs after your vows. Assign a friend or family member to gather everything and hold onto it for you until you get back from the honeymoon.

5 Ways to Light Your Wedding Receptions

22 Apr 2015 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

As you may know, lighting is one of the hottest wedding ideas for receptions and more and more couples begin incorporating many different lighting options to add a romantic touch to the big day and set the mood for their guests. Here’re five ways for your reference and they’re all so IN!

top 5 rustic lighting ideas for wedding receptions

Photographed by Docuvitae via Style Me Pretty

1. String Lights

romantic string lights for evening wedding reception ideas 2015

Fondly Forever Photography via Style Me Pretty/Misty Miotto via

Something Turquoise/Morgan Trinker/Light Positive/

2. Light Bulbs

Edison light bulbs inspired wedding reception ideas

Studio Impressions Photography via Style Me Pretty/Jac and Heath/rad and in love via Style Me Pretty

3. Candles

candle lighting ideas for wedding reception decoration ideas

Rock Designs/Bridal Guide/Project Wedding/Colin Cowie Weddings/Half Orange Photography/Social Bliss

4. Lanterns

different lanterns inspired rustic wedding reception lighting ideas

Buzzfeed/Story Mix Media/Something Borrowed Wedding/Bridal Guide/

5. Chandeliers

chandeliers inspired vintage rustic wedding reception lighting ideas

Mathieu Photo/Bridal Guide/Sarah Kate, Photographer via Style

Me Pretty/Jeff Loves Jessica via Style Me Pretty/The Knot Blog

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