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48 Eye-Catching Wedding Cake Ideas

09 Nov 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Cakes

We pulled together some snapshots of our favorite wedding cakes from the Delicately Delicious bakery to inspire you. Find your favorites below and Pin away!


Featured Wedding Cake: Maggie Austin Cake


Featured Wedding Cake: Sweet Cakes & Pastry; Featured Photographer: Lori Kennedy Photography


Featured Wedding Cake: La Fabrik À Gâteaux; Featured Photographer: JunoPhoto


Featured Wedding Cake: Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes


Featured Wedding Cake: The Cake Whisperer


Featured Wedding Cake: Fondant Flinger


Featured Photographer: Sandra Marusic


Featured Photographer: Michelle Lyerly


Featured Photographer: Spindle Photography


Featured Photographer: onelove photography


Featured Photographer: Edyta Szyszlo Photography


Featured Photographer: Marissa Lambert


Featured Photographer: K&K Photography


Featured Photographer: Tucker Images


Featured Photographer: Krista A. Jones


Featured Wedding Cake: Fondant Flinger


Featured Wedding Cake: Fondant Flinger


Featured Wedding Cake: Fondant Flinger


Featured Wedding Cake: The Cake Whisperer


Featured Wedding Cake: The Cake Whisperer


Featured Wedding Cake: The Cake Whisperer


Featured Wedding Cake: The Cake Whisperer


Featured Wedding Cake: Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes


Featured Wedding Cake: Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes


Featured Wedding Cake: La Fabrik À Gâteaux !


Featured Wedding Cake: La Fabrik À Gâteaux !


Featured Wedding Cake: La Fabrik À Gâteaux !


Featured Photographer: Felix Studios


Featured Photographer: Darcy Benincosa; Featured Wedding Cake: The Cake Stand


Featured Photographer: Luke Simon


Featured Photographer: D’Arcy Benincosa Photography


Featured Photographer: Ashley Kelemen


Featured Photographer: Shea Christine Photography


Featured Photographer: Joseba Sandoval


Featured Photographer: Wai Reyes Photography


Featured Photographer: Brian Dorsey Studios


Featured Photographer: Wai Reyes Photography

Wedding Cake Designs – How To Choose The Best

05 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding Cake Designs – How To Choose The Best : Wedding Cake Designs

Fantasizing about your upcoming wedding? Indeed a wedding is the most memorable event for a couple. There is need to pay close attention to all details so as to have a perfect event. One of the supreme factors that you should consider is the wedding cake design. The design that you choose will define the style and mood of your wedding.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Cake Designs?

Reputable bakery:

Baking your own wedding cake can be a daunting task, especially if you have no prior experience. It is recommendable to hire a reputable bakery that specializes in preparing wedding cakes. Use the internet to do some background research on the shortlisted bakeries so as to choose one that has a positive reputation and capable of meeting your specific needs and preferences.

Type of wedding:

The selected design should be in line with the type or style of wedding that you intend to hold. For example, structured, multi-tier wedding cake is an ideal choice for formal weddings. It is totally fine to decorate such a cake as long as it implies something grand and ceremonial. Most of them are usually round in shape, but you can still break the norm and order a square or hexagonal shaped cake to spice up your day.

Cake color:

There is a wide array of colors that you can use to make your cake more special and unique. White is one of the classic colors as evident from the number of couples that prefer it. Tinted and chocolate frosting can also give it a touch of elegance and class. Your selected bakery can also incorporate flower petals or swirls of meringue to ensure that it compliments or blends with other decorations at the venue.

Details and motifs:

These are two major factors that should be considered when choosing a cake design. Location, menu, nature and fashion can give you a rough idea on how the cake should look like. You can use the city or the architectural designs of the buildings around the venue to choose a color that resonates with the surroundings. The bride’s dress and accessories such as necklace pearls or her veil can also be incorporated in the cake design. Sea shells can adorn the cake, especially if you plan to have a beach wedding party.


Most conventional cakes have layers of yellow and white flavors. Think outside the box and use carrot, lemon, chocolate or hazelnut flavors to make it more personal and memorable. Fillings such as butter, cream, fruit purees, whipped cream, lemon curd can also add great value and taste to your wedding cakes.

Be sure to design and order the wedding cakes at least one month before the due date to avoid the last minute rush. This is based on the fact that some of the special decorations and ingredients may have to be ordered from abroad. Also, discuss the designs with your spouse and stick to your budget to avoid plunging yourself into financial turmoil.

Choosing the right wedding cake designs will not only spice up your day, but also strengthen your love for each other.

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