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Romantic Alvina Valenta Wedding Dresses 2016 Collection

19 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses


Dreams have turned into reality with this Alvina Valenta Wedding Dresses 2016 collection! The most glamorous, vintage-inspired gowns are upon us with sophisticated details and the most romantic styles. Handcrafted in New York, these Alvina Valenta Wedding Dresses 2016 are the perfect example of luxe designs. Each gown is full of energy with “European laces, lush textures and intricate embroideries.” Get inspired by this heavenly 2016 collection below!

This Alvina Valenta wedding dresses 2016 collection is more breathtaking than ever with elegant silhouettes! This unique ball gown creates sophisticated charm with marble-patterned fabric and a classy scoop neckline. For the ultimate princess vibe, we’re loving the jeweled belt at the waist for a stunning finish!alvina-valenta-wedding-dress-7-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-9-12242015nz

This has to be one of the most epic bridal ball gowns we’ve ever seen! Elements like rose tulle and embroidered jewels give this wedding dress shimmering glamour from head to toe. We’re loving the glamorous originality in this legendary luxury gown!alvina-valenta-wedding-dress-14-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-17-12242015nz

alvina-valenta-wedding-dress-18-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-19-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-20-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-21-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-22-12242015nzTulle and lace work together so beautifully to create the most elegantly inspiring bridal look of the day. This ball gown radiates sexy charm with a sheer V-neckline and flattering waistline, complete with a glamorous satin ribbon! The skirt flows so effortlessly with cascading shimmering fabric all around.alvina-valenta-wedding-dress-23-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-24-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-25-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-26-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-27-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-28-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-30-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-31-12242015nzThis Alvina Valenta wedding dresses 2016 collection is more romantic than ever, and this fit-and-flare, blush silk gown is no exception! For ultimate femininity, there’s a sweetheart neckline with a crystal-embroidered waist that is modern and chic. alvina-valenta-wedding-dress-32-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-33-12242015nzalvina-valenta-wedding-dress-collage2-12242015nz

Our heads are still stuck in the clouds after taking a look at the most gorgeous Alvina Valenta couture dresses! We’re madly in love with these passion-filled gowns with romantic glamour and vintage details. These elegant designer dresses have surely made a name for themselves in this 2016 collection, and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

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