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Spring Wedding Flowers That Make You Feel Festive! Wedding Bouquet 

Spring Wedding Flowers That Make You Feel Festive!

Spring wedding is just as good as other seasonal wedding. However, this season gives you the pleasure to actually have a lot more varieties of flowers. Thus, it is possible for you create more hues for the arrangements. If you need some more inspirations, you should take a look at these flower ideas.

Colorful Bouquet

This is spring and this is your chance to involve more hues on your wedding bouquet, like this one. The selection of the flowers is maybe familiar for you, but the color hues used in this bouquet is totally festive. Leave the stems a little exposed, and tie them all together with a piece of cloth matching your dress.

Flower Chandelier

Spring is about blooms and you can integrate the natural look in your decoration like this. Over the table, there is a circular chandelier that is well covered with flowers, and some of them are dropping down. It is dramatic and enchanting so your guests will also look up instead of looking down all the time.

Cheerful Flowers Centerpiece

If you go wild on other flower arrangements, you can go simple with the centerpiece. This centerpiece only uses one kind of flower in a single hue as well. With a little green added, this centerpiece looks bright and vibrant with the glass vase. It is a perfect match if you want to go elaborated on other flower arrangements.

Flower Draperies

This is spring and it will be delightful to bring the nature inside the wedding. This outdoor wedding decoration looks incredible with flower draperies are added in the tent. Instead of using consistent hues for it, the decorator decides to incorporate every flowers they can get at the season, creating most natural and beautiful look in the tent.

Spring Flowers Arrangements for the Arch

Spring flower arrangements are added on this simple rustic arch, creating the most pleasant and refreshing look. The flowers are set up on the upper part of the arch and every of its foot. Arranged in rustic wooden planters, the colorful hues cheer up the atmosphere. Spring feeling is totally felt with these flowers.

Spring is closely related to new life, blooms, and other great things for a bright start. It is only logical if you integrate all of those ideas in your wedding flowers. Have a little fun and don’t be afraid to use colorful hues. This is spring and all colors can’t be wrong.

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