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Your Special Wedding Updos

Your Special Wedding Updos

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair 08 Mar 2016

Your Special Wedding Updos : Wedding Updos

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesOn that special day, a woman’s beauty will always stand out. A bride will always put thought and effort in choosing their hairstyle for their wedding. The bridal hair is a very important part of a woman when she is getting married. She sometimes finds it hard to choose because of the many choices she has.

Bridal Hair Tips

  • Prepare Hair for Good Condition

On that special day, your hair should be relaxed and in good quality. So, about 3 months before your wedding, you should give your hair same condition. This treatment allows your hair is in perfect condition for that special day.

  • Choose your Hair Style

One of the biggest choices the bride’s face is to pick that special hair style. You can have a discussion with your hair stylist in finding the right style. Being a professional and knowing your hair, your hair stylist will play a key role in your perfect bridal hair.

  • Your Dress

Your hair should be in harmony with your dress. A simple dress can mean a simple bridal hair for that day. The fabric texture of the dress should be considered and you as it makes a statement.

Different Wedding Updos

When choosing your updates, you will have a lot of choice to choose from.

  • Basket Wave and Netting

This is one of the most popular updates where the Bride’s hair looks like a wave basket.

  • Low Chignon or Buns

This is a nice looking hair style, where at the end the bride’s hair will look polished.

  • Messy Buns

When doing this updos, your hair must be converted to a ponytail. Then you make the ponytail into three parts. Then you wrap the separated ponytail in opposite way, just as you would do a topknot. You then neatly pin your hair and leave it creating the messy buns.

  • Updates that are Half up and down

This update come in several styles. You have the braided half way up that looks like a waterfall. You also have some that are curled and tamed. These are just a few of the beautiful updates that are available in the half up and down style. You can choose to have to bulk of the hair on the top or the bulk on the bottom. You also can have it looking loose or flat. This is a popular style type used as bridal hair by many brides around the world.

  • Side Style Updos

This style looks a bit hard to do, but it’s not. Very popular and gives your hair a glamorous look. This style has the hair slightly on the side of your head which is beautiful.

  • Love Knots Updos

This is a pretty updos and the front part is turned into an upward boon.

  • Pin Curls Updos

This style is inspired by a vintage look. This usually fits anyone and is very easy to do.

  • Twisted Updos

This is another Updos that can be done in various ways. This would give the bride a mixed modern and vintage look.

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