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Get The Look: Glossy, bouncy Victoria Secret waves

28 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

VICTORIA_SECREtIs your hair in need of some joie de voir? Locks looking a little lacklustre? Roots seeming somewhat le flat? It’s as easy as revisiting a classic; loose, bouncy waves! The key to keeping it Victoria-Secret-sexy is texture and bounce with a bit of gloss and shine thrown into the mix. Follow these steps to get super cute cascading strands in a flash.

Step 1: Prep damp hair by applying a styling cream from root to tip. Obliphica Multia-Task Styling Cream is great for straight, fizzy or curly hair types.  If you have fine hair, reach for a product with extra hold and voluminising properties such as Tigi Catwalk Session Series Styling Cream.

Step 2: Create a middle or side part and then divide hair into four sections with clips.

Step 3: Pull each section of the hair taut and blow dry downwards.

Step 4: Once hair is fully dry, use a curling iron or rod to create your waves. Twirl the hair away from your face, keeping the iron at a 45-degree angle and leaving the tips straight for an undone feeling. Switch to counter clockwise twirling on some parts of the hair – the trick to natural waves!

Step 5: Finish up with the final face-framing curls, being extra careful not to create hairline burns.

Step 6: Once all of the waves have been curled, spritz some hair spray over your mane and then gently finger comb the waves out to create a gorgeously undone, loosely woven texture. Create hi-shine gloss by spraying J Beverly Hills Finishing Shine Mist over the top of your handiwork.

And now you’re catwalk ready!


❤ Kristina xo

On a Tight Wedding Budget? DIY Projects Can Save Money

28 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Many couples are paying for their own weddings nowadays, and with that can come a lower budget for the event. However, there are many ways that you can save thousands of dollars on your wedding day and that is by doing it yourself, or DIY. Even if you are not the most crafty person, you and your partner, along with help from your wedding party, will be able to do all kinds of projects that will save you lots of money in the long run. If you have time in your week for DIY projects, this may just be for you.

Why Should I DIY?

If you have time in your day, there are a handful of projects that will help you stay within your wedding budget. DIY can be a lifesaver when when paying for an event where you can have hundreds of people attending! The projects may be a little time consuming, but when you are on a tight budget, it is better to DIY than have to scrimp and cut costs where it matters, like catering.

Wedding Favors

These are perhaps the easiest DIY project that you can do with your wedding party. First you have to decide on what kind of favors you would like; edible ones, such as these S’Mores Centerpiece Favors, are always popular because your guests can snack on it on the way home. Another idea: With just some mason jars, a printer, sticky labels and some ingredients from a bulk store, you can make trail mix in different flavors for your guests. Top it off with some fabric in the same color as your theme and tie with twine for an extra added touch of elegance. If everyone works well together, this project can be done in an afternoon and can save you hundreds of dollars.

Non-Traditional Bouquets

Nontraditional wedding bouquet idea. Budget wedding DIY brooch bouquet...use jewelry from parents and grandparents to make it an heirloom.A wedding trend that has been steadily gaining attention lately are non-traditional bouquets. These bouquets are usually made of different findings, from beads and broaches to seashells and glitter, many brides have decided to make their own stunning non-traditional bouquet. If you are worried that you may not be able to do such a thing by yourself, check the non-traditional bridal bouquet ideas pinboard for inspiration and the right videos to help you along with your project.


Another big cost when it comes to weddings are the invitations. A great way to save on them is to make them yourself, and that way you can make them as busy or as simple as you would like them to be. Craft stores have many different styles of stamps, cards and ink that you can use to make your invitations uniquely yours and you can save hundreds of dollars while doing it. Plus, guests are sure to enjoy something that is handmade instead of printed at a factory.

Place cards and Seating Charts

Two more paper crafts that are exceedingly easy to do, and if you made your own invitations you will already have stamps and ink that you can use. If you have decided on a specific theme, you can design your place cards and seating chart around that theme so that it fits in perfectly at the reception. These do not take a lot of time to do and your wedding party can help you with them if you need a couple extra pairs of hands.

Photo Albums

You do not have to pay a photographer to make up your wedding album. With many websites offering the capabilities for you to design your own wedding albums (most notably Shutterfly), this is a sure fire way to get what you want and save some money as well. You could also choose to scrapbook your wedding, and you can save that for weekends when your spouse and yourself are looking for something fun to do together. It is a great way to relive the day and see it from different perspectives as you put your own album together.

Engagement Rings for Men: 9 Style Ideas & How to Wear Them

28 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Engagement Rings

If women can wear engagement rings to announce their status, why can’t men? Well, there really is no reason. Historically, the wearing of men’s engagement rings is more common in other countries, but we expect the tradition to spread as more U.S. couples prefer the man–or men, if the couple is same-gender–to wear evidence of their status.

Engagement Rings for Men...Nontraditional, but why shouldn't the guys have a symbol of commitment as well as the girls? Some styles, plus ideas for if and how he should wear it after the wedding. A couple of ideas for gay couples as well.


Why Would a Man Want to Wear an Engagement Ring?

Well, for all the same reasons a woman would want to…

It is a symbol of commitment. Like it or not, the presence or absence of a left-hand ring is a cultural cue as to whether that person is available for a more-than-just-friends relationship.

It is a visual representation of involvement in the process. For many, there are certain steps to ending up married: get engaged, set date, plan wedding, become wed. A ring represents the beginning of that journey.

Bling is fun. There is no reason the joy of showing off a ring and sharing stories behind it should be limited to the girls. Right?!

Unlike for women, there is no set “etiquette” involved with the wearing of engagement rings for men. So feel free to make up your own rules. Here are some ideas if you are planning to propose to your guy…

Traditional Ring Approaches

  1. The most straightforward approach is to buy a classic, plain man’s wedding band as an engagement ring, for later use as the wedding ring.
  1. Propose with a narrow gold band, then replace it with a similar, but larger version during the ceremony.
  1. Take a cue from the women and have him emerge from the wedding ceremony with two rings on the left hand: one given upon engagement, with a second added during wedding vows. Because bands come in a variety of widths, from around 2mm up to 9mm or so, the two combined need not be overwhelming.
  1. If you believe “diamond’s are a fiancée’s best friend,” regardless of gender, get him a man’s diamond ring. Depending on the style, he can later wear it as a right hand ring or continue wearing it as a wedding ring after you are married.

Start Your Own Tradition

If none of the above appeal to you, know that any ring can serve as an engagement ring. Upon marriage it can remain on the left hand, be switched to the right, or simply become a keepsake or heirloom for future generations.

  1. Purchase a tungsten, titanium, or other alternate-metal ring for wear during the engagement and opt for a gold wedding ring later, or simply re-designate it as a wedding band at the ceremony.
  1. Choose a unique design, such as a fingerprint ring or one with other textured style, as the engagement band and a shiny-finish version as the wedding band.
  1. Go with a gemstone fashion ring.
  1. Opt for symbols of commitment on the engagement ring, such as the trinity or Celtic knot.
  1. If you are a gay couple and wish to convey it even when you are apart, consider rainbow rings, which include one or more narrow strips of color in the design.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

28 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

You imagine your wedding day to be absolutely perfect. You may think you won’t need those emergency items, but, it’s always better to be prepared for those unplanned hiccups. To help you prepare for those hiccups, we have put together a list for your “his” and “her” wedding day survival kits.

Wedding Day Survival Kit

So where’s the best place to get these items? Anywhere you can find the travel sized items in Target, or any other similar store. Altering your kit based off the time of year and location is also something you can do. What else would you recommend to include in the “his” and “hers” wedding day survival kits?

15 Bridal Parties Who Totally Nailed The Ombré Dress Trend

20 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Bridesmaids Dresses


There’s nothing wrong with a uniform Bridesmaid look — all of the girls wearing the same dress in the same exact color.

But if you want something a bit more eye-catching, consider an ombré color scheme. Not sure what that means? Basically, you choose a color and then have the Bridesmaids wear dresses in a slightly different shades — some lighter, some darker and some in the middle so that they gradually blend into each other.

Below, check out 15 gorgeous executions of the ombré dress trend. Get inspired!

  • Credit: Paper Antler
  • Credit: Scrole Vision Photography
  • Credit: L Hewitt Photography
  • Credit: This Modern Romance
  • Credit: Erich McVey
  • Credit: Jonas Seaman
  • Credit: L Hewitt Photography
  • Credit: Nadia Meli
  • Credit: Jose Villa
  • Credit: Duy Ho Photography
  • Credit: This Modern Romance
  • Credit: Kreative Concepts
  • Credit: Duy Ho Photography
  • Credit: Ashley Seawell Photography
  • Credit: Jose Villa

Wedding Dresses By Berta Bridal Fall 2015

19 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses

We’re starting this week with an amazing fashion eye-candy that would leave you swooning for weeks. It is Berta Bridal Fall 2015 Wedding Dress Collection, and it is out of this world. Featuring that sexy-chic signature style that Berta has brought us for years (see their Spring 2015 Collection here and their 2014 here), this array of bridal gowns is breathtaking meets glamazon with a dash of enchantment and a touch of romance. We are loving it! We invite you to take a look at this gorgeous bridal collection and find the Wedding Dress that has your name written all over it.

Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015  Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015  Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015  Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015  Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015 Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015  Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015  Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015  Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015Wedding Dress by Berta Bridal Fall 2015

50 Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair

14 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Want a hairstyle for your long tresses that can turn people’s heads? Then you have come to the right place! The following 50 hairstyles are so unbelievably gorgeous, that people can’t help but fall in love with you once you try them!

Go ahead and get ready to amaze!

1. Spiked Twirl:

Spiked Twirl

Image: Getty

The spiky effect at the top in this half up style gives a different look to the hairdo. The style is full of precision and is well defined.

2. Sleek Ponytail:

Sleek Ponytail

Image: Getty

The sleek ponytail posses the shaded brown shines. The smooth finesse enhances the hairdo and gives a very elegant impression.

3. Brunette Straight:

Brunette Straight

Image: Getty

This hairdo is done by backcombing the bangs and giving a wavy flair to the straight stands. The hairdo exudes sophistication.

4. Purple Layers:

Purple Layers

Image: Getty

Color the hair purple and layer them with fine chops. This is one of the best haircuts for long straight hair that gives a very punk character which is complete with a purple hat!!

5. Ombre Layered Straight Hair:

Ombre Layered Straight Hair

Image: Getty

The hair is pretty with brown tinged edges. The hairdo is marked with subtle bangs on the top.

6. Knotty Knot:

Knotty Knot

Image: Getty

The knot is intricately tied making the hairdo eccentrically attractive. The elegance is radiated by this hairdo.

7. Platinum Edges:

Platinum Edges

Image: Getty

The platinum edges are just so chic and give a unique blend to the hairdo. The style has layered edges which give a very edgy charm to the hairdo.

8. Ombre Layered Hairdo:

Ombre Layered Hairdo

Image: Getty

The hairdo is characterized by shaded hues of brown. The blonde brown at the lower end of the hair gives a very distinctive vibe to the hairdo.

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9. Long Black Ombre Layers:

Long Black Ombre layers

Image: Getty

The black long layers displayed on one side give a very sensual feel to the hairdo. The deep brown highlights make the sleek layers different.

10. Blonde Straight:

Blonde Straight

Image: Getty

The hairdo is blonde hued. The hair is backcombed from the side part to give a very edgy and chic appeal.

11. Brown Ponytail:

Brown Ponytail

Image: Getty

The long sleek ponytail is dressed for a neat and pretty style. The finesse is shiny and is defined by sleekness.

12. The Side Part:

The Side Part

Image: Getty

The long hairdo is done with a sleek side part. The hair is flaunted on one side; it has trimmed uneven edges which are very fine and ombre hue to complete the look. The style is clear cut and very sporty.

13. Platinum Hairdo:

Platinum Hairdo

Image: Getty

The hairdo is done with messy tinge and long side swept bangs. The pink lips enhance the hairdo and make it look extremely chic.

14. The Side Long Hair:

The Side Long Hair

Image: Getty

The long hair done by keeping to in the side again has cropped bangs right at the top followed by sleek even edged hair. The hairdo is done again with a side part.

15. Vivid Display:

Vivid Display

Image: Getty

The vivid display is done with bright yellow streak blending in with the brown shade. This hairdo is one of the most stunning hairstyles for straight long hair. The fine bangs contour the face and give it a very defining shape.

16. Black Sleek Long:

Black Sleek Long

Image: Getty

The sleek long black hairdo is pretty with a side part. The simple hairdo is void of any bangs but still have a very sophisticated feel to it.

17. Simple Half Up:

Simple Half Up

Image: Getty

The style is simple and effortless done in the half up style but with a pulled back effect and sans any side part or mid part.

18. Blonde Fringe:

Blonde Fringe

Image: Getty

The fringed blonde hairdo consists of sharp edgy bangs which make the style distinctive. The style has these edgy bangs at the top which gives a very perky feel.

19. Side Part Shine:

Side Part Shine

Image: Getty

The side part here presents a shiny style with a slight ruffled essence. But overall the style is very formal and effortless.

20. Round Bangs:

Round Bangs

Image: Getty

The round bangs give a very edgy and elegant appeal at the same time. The style is effortless and very chic.

21. Layered Hairdo:

Layered Hairdo

Image: Getty

The layers with edgy bangs trimmed in fine layers give a very exotic appeal. The layers seemed to be style to be wide apart. The mid-part gives a different look to the hairstyle.

22. Mid Part Blonde:

Mid Part Blonde

Image: Getty

The mid part blonde with sleek layers and edgy headband give a different feel to the hairdo.

23. Side Part Long Layers:

Side Part Long Layers

Image: Getty

Ashley Tisdale wears this long ombre hairdo which makes her look sophisticated and stylish.

24. Burgundy Hairdo:

Burgundy Hairdo

Image: Getty

The side swept hairdo is chic and stylish. The side swept bangs give a very unusual style to the hairdo.

25. Long Blonde:

Long blonde

Image: Getty

The long blonde fringes are pretty and simply chic. The style makes Bella Thorne look adorable and stylish.

26. Edgy Twist:

Edgy Twist

Image: Getty

Model Rosie Whitley wears this effortless twirl at the side part with the edgy twist in the front. The hairdo is simply chic and pretty.

27. Shiny Volume:

Shiny Volume

Image: Getty

Havana Brown wears this long and shiny hairdo in huge length and thick volume. The hairstyle is straight but boasts of thickness and shiny glamour.

28. Ombre Roots:

Ombre Roots

Image: Getty

The hairdo is featured with ombre roots and layered outward done edges.

29. Ombre Long Side Ponytail:

Ombre Long Side Ponytail

Image: Getty

The side ponytail has a very cheerful vibe to it. The hairdo gets the unusual feel because of the side ponytail done with a very sleek essence.

30. Ombre Side Part Caved In Bangs:

Ombre Side Part Caved In Bangs

Image: Getty

The side part gives a very edgy appeal with this ombre side part. The fine thin bangs give make the hairdo shiny and sophisticated. The bangs give more volume on top and thinner volume to the long edges.

31. Platinum Ombre Fringes:

Platinum Ombre Fringes

Image: Getty

The platinum ombre hairdo consists of fin edges and a thick fringe at the forehead. The bangs are cut is steps and look very edgy.

32. Shiny Glow:

Shiny Glow

Image: Getty

The texture is glossy, and the shiny brown hairdo makes you look adorable and pretty.

33. Platinum Sleek Purple:

Platinum Sleek Purple

Image: Getty

The sleek purple hairdo with a mid part is again stylish and smart. The twisted ‘do’ near the crown on both sides gives a very different tinge to the style.

34. The Half Up:

The Half Up

Image: Getty

The half up hairdo is stylish and elegant. The hairdo is done with a side swept bang. The style is extremely chic and stylish.

35. Quirky Bangs:

Quirky Bangs

Image: Getty

The bangs done on the top with a mid part makes the style different and unusual.

36. Thin Blue:

Thin Blue

Image: Getty

The sleekness of the thin blue is edgy and perky. The blue color gives a different edge to the hairdo.

37. Brown Mid Part:

Brown Mid Part

Image: Getty

The hairdo worn by Sarah Hyland is swanky and stylish. The hairdo is extremely edgy with a tousled essence.

38. Brunette Edgy Steps:

Brunette Edgy Steps

Image: Getty

The hairdo is exudes sleek elegance with step cut edges and is very modish.

39. Puff Tied Up:

Puff Tied Up

Image: Getty

The puff is tied up with all the elegance and looks great with blonde hues.

40. Mid Blonde Sleek:

Mid Blonde Sleek

Image: Getty

The mid blonde sleek hairdo is chic and smart. The hairdo is done by tucking the tresses behind the ears which makes it informal and with carefree vibe.

41. Sleek Gold Black Streaks:

Sleek Gold Black Streaks

Image: Getty

The gold black streaks exude very tangy and unconventional style. Wear it if you like the color blend.

42. Flawless Brown:

Flawless Brown

Image: Getty

The flawless brown shine is edgy and class with voluminous long hair with even edges sans the bangs.

43. Low Ponytail:

Low Ponytail

Image: Getty

The sleek long ponytail is full of precision and exudes class modishness.

44. Two Layers:

Two Layers

Image: Getty

The two layered hairdo with a sleek character is very distinct and sensual hairstyle for long straight hair. The blonde hue enhances the style.

45. Blackish Ombre Half Up:

Blackish Ombre Half Up

Image: Getty

The blackish ombre half up half down is stylish and very modish.

46. Ombre Mid Part:

Ombre Mid Part

Image: Getty

The edges outwardly shaped the sleek hairdo gets a very chic appeal.

47. Fine Top Bangs:

Fine Top Bangs

Image: Getty

The blonde top bangs give different characteristics to the hairdo.

48. Blonde Hairdo:

Blonde Hairdo

Image: Getty

The hairdo is done with longer edges at the top and longer edges at the bottom.

49. Blonde Edgy Tips:

Blonde Edgy Tips

Image: Getty

The tips have grayish blonde hairdo is full of sleekness and layered precision.

50. Black Mid Part:

Black Mid Part

Image: Getty

The layered mid part is edgy with a chic feel. The hairdo is pretty in flawless brunette shade.

We have listed out 50 best variations of long straight hairstyles.Do you know any other easy hairstyles for long straight hair? If so, please feel free to share them with us. We value reader feedback so do not forget to leave your comments below

13 Daily Struggles Only Curly-Haired Girls Will Understand

12 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair
Image Source: Disney
As a child, I longed for pin-straight locks like Jennifer Aniston’s. But instead, God gifted me with a head of crazy curls like Anne Hathaway’s in The Princess Diaries (or, at times, like Seth Rogen’s in Knocked Up). I’ve spent 25 years battling with hairbrushes, attempting the latest hair trends only to look like a fool, and rolling my eyes at those who say they wish they had curly hair. Clearly those women have never considered the struggles that my curly-haired sisters and I deal with daily. So to all those wishing they had a head of curls, consider these 13 things before investing in a perm.

5 Tips for Planning a Wedding in 5 Months

07 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas


Yes, it can be done! When G and I got engaged, we knew off the bat that we didn’t want a long engagement – 6 months max. To us, a longer engagement just meant having to wait even longer for things we wanted to be able to do yesterday. As much as I had dreamed about my wedding day, by the time I had realized that G was the one I was just ready to be his wife, for married life and to be able to wake up to my best friend sleeping right beside me every single day. With all that in mind, making decisions on vendors and food and this and that maybe didn’t come super easy, but I’d say I was more laid back in the decision making process. I had 2 goals for our wedding day: to be the love of my life’s wife by the end of it and for our guests to have fun and feel how much we loved them. That was it. That’s all that mattered. It turned out, though, that our wedding was so much more beautiful than I ever could have hoped for and we receive compliments on it to this day – over a year later. Looking back, I do remember a few key things that I think helped it to go so well in such a short amount of time and that’s what I want to share with you today.

1. Make a list.  Make a list of everything that needs to get done! My mom did this for me when we first got engaged because, let’s face it, I had no idea where to start! She made a list of EVERYTHING and even set a rough timeline for what needs to get done by when and designated things that may need a deposit as a heads up! Honestly, I cried when I got it because I was so thankful! It really helped to streamline things and to help keep me organized. Trust me, you don’t want to get 1 month out from the wedding and realize you should have done something 2 months ago! Here is the list she made me – hope you find it useful! (PS- if any of you would like a PDF version of the document below emailed to you just let me know and I’ll send it over!)

Sunkisse Sophisticate Wedding Checklist

2. Set a budget. This is especially the first thing you want to do if you know that you’re gonna need to stick to a certain amount (even if you don’t know exactly what that amount may be yet). Knowing your limitations will really help you determine which vendors are out of the question and which are much more realistic. This can save a lot of headache for everyone involved! Sit down with your fiance and whoever else might be contributing financially (parents? in-laws? grandparents even?) and hammer out the details. It’s not that fun, but it’s completely necessary and you’ll feel better moving forward once it’s done!

3. Book Your Venue First. The first vendor that I would suggest booking is the place in which you will get married. This will take so much stress and pressure off your shoulders. Booking your venue will give you two important pieces of information off the bat: 1 – your wedding date and 2 – how many people you can invite to the party. Of course, you and your fiance will want to have a ball park idea of how big you’d like your wedding to be before you book. For example, don’t book a venue that limits you to 100 people if you know you there will be that many coming from the groom’s side alone! Be smart about where you choose to get married and it will set you up for smooth sailing for the next few months of planning!

4. Prioritize and Be Flexible. When you are planning a wedding in a short time frame, one of your biggest challenges is finding vendors that you a) want b) can afford and c) who are available on your date. You have to decide what is most important to you both and work around that. For example, we knew from the start that we really wanted to get married at this plantation in Thomasville, GA called Pebble Hill. It was the only place we looked at and, although we got lucky and had several dates in our time frame to choose from, that was the one thing that we would have moved heaven and earth to have. For you, figure out what is most important. What takes priority for you and your almost spouse?Is it having fresh cut flowers? Is it having a specific type of meal or caterer? Maybe it’s the music or the decorations? Whatever it is, identify it off the bat and be willing to adjust budget allocations, vendors or even your date to accommodate those things.

5. ENJOY THE PROCESS. Seriously. I truly believe this is one of my most important tips. Planning our wedding in five months brought stress and frustration, but more than anything, it brought so much fun and joy. When it was all over all I could think was, “let’s go back and do it again.” If you have ever seen that Friends episode where Monica and Chandler have just gotten married, it’s the day after and everyone is checking out of the hotel. Monica sits down with Chandler and says in a slightly disappointed, slightly sassy tone something like “It’s all over. I’m never going to be a bride again.” I kid you not, that really resonated with me – I even said to G, “that’s exactly how I felt!” Planning your own wedding is truly a once in a lifetime experience and, as I said in my maid of honor speech for my best friends wedding a few weeks ago, “to quote our good friend Trace Adkins: You may not know it now, but you’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back.”

To reiterate, planning a wedding in 5 months is completely plausible, friends. Maybe 5 months of planning restricts some preferences, maybe it restricts your budget, maybe it goes by really fast, but honestly, as long as you get to see your groom do this:

Sunkissed Sophisticate | 5 Tips for Planning a Wedding in 5 Months

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