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35 Wedding Gowns With Sleeves

07 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses

After years of being traumatized by poufy sleeves which were larger then their faces, brides have made a sharp turn away from wedding gowns with sleeves. Don’t worry: you will look nothing like Princess Diana in the newest wedding gowns with sleeves. This is how the trend towards bridal gowns with sleeves showing up in some of the prettiest weddings around. Over time, however, the religious reasons for wearing wedding gowns with sleeves have faded, and the strapless gown is by far the most popular option for brides. In fact, if a bride wanted to wear a wedding gown with sleeves, whether it was for religious reasons, to cover tattoos, or just a matter of personal preference, she often had to resort to having a gown custom made or wearing a jacket over a sleeveless gown.

Everything comes around eventually in fashion, however, and the sleeve has finally started to show up again in bridal collections. Although strapless gowns are likely to retain their immensely popular status, they are no longer the only option. One of the prettiest wedding gowns with sleeves. Lace sleeves are one of the up-and-coming trends, as they offer the classic beauty and modesty of sleeves, but retain a light and airy feeling thanks to the openwork of the lace. For brides who like the idea of sleeves paired with a more seductive cut gown, try one with sleeves which open into a keyhole back on the bodice. Monique Lhullier specializes in that design, and others offer it as well. This type of wedding gown with sleeves can be the perfect blend of modesty and drama for a modern bride.

simple-a-line-wedding-dress-with-sleevesImage Source

wedding-gowns-with-sleevesImage Source

long-sleeve-lace-wedding-dress-Bridal-MusingsImage Source

long-sleeve-lace-wedding-dress-Bridal-Musings-1Image Source

beaded-cap-sleeve-wedding-dressImage Source

wedding-dress-sleevesImage Source

lace-wedding-dress-with-cap-sleevesImage Source

vintage-wedding-dresses-with-sleevesImage Source

wedding-gowns-with-sleeves-picturesImage Source

Image Source

beautiful-wedding-dress-with-sleevesImage Source

Image Source

Kate-Middleton-lace-sleeve-wedding-dress-Kleinfeld-BridalImage Source

long-sleeve-lace-wedding-dress-Bridal-Musings-2Image Source

Wedding-Dresses-with-SleevesImage Source

short-ball-gown-wedding-dress-with-3-per-4-sleevesImage Source

wedding-gowns-with-sleevesImage Source

simple-wedding-dress-sleevesImage Source

mermaid-lace-wedding-gown-with-sleevesImage Source

2014-2015-Wedding-Dress-Trends-Lace-SleevesImage Source

Image Source

simple-wedding-dress-with-short-sleevesImage Source

lace-sleeves-wedding-dressImage Source

wedding-dresses-uk-with-sleeves-bridesmaid-dresses-with-sleeves-uk-2014-2015Image Source

sashaying-down-the-aisle-on-wedding-dresses-with-sleeves-tagged-with-wedding-dress-sleevesImage Source

fall-lace-wedding-dress-with-half-sleevesImage Source

Summer-Wedding-Dresses-With-SleevesImage Source

Wedding-Dress-With-Sleeves-Ball-GownImage Source

Organza Vintage 3:4 Sleeve Sweetheart Neckline Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Image Source

Organza Vintage Boat Neckline Short Sleeve Ball Gown Wedding DressImage Source

The Best Wedding Planning Timeline

07 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The Best Wedding Planning Timeline : Wedding Planning Timeline

The best way to plan a wedding is to ensure that you have enough time to do so. As such, experts advise on having at least a year’s worth of planning time to come out with the most appropriate wording for you. An appropriate wedding planning checklist is divided into months. Each period has its own activities that should be done and completed adequately.

Wedding Planning Timeline 10 to 12 months Before

This period deals with the general essentials of a wedding. The first thing is usually to announce your engagement to friends and family. A couple should start by setting a suitable budget for their wedding. Set a date, venue and register for these. Select your wedding party in terms of maids and groomsmen. Set a guest list. Create invitations. The bride should find a suitable dress. Pick the wedding officiant and preferably hire a wedding planner if need be. If you can’t afford or do not want a planner, get your friends and family members to help you but make sure you specify your needs.

7-9 months

From this period henceforth, the couple should get into the details of the wedding. The bride should find someone to make her dress or find the best place to buy it. The bride’s maids’ dresses should also be ordered. The bride and bridal party should shop for shoes, make-up and accessories. Carry out a research on the best hotels to book your out-of-town guests into. Hire a photographer and/or a videographer. Hire a DJ and/or a music band. Hire a florist.

5-6 months

Send invitations to your guests for them to save the date for you. Decide on the floral arrangements with your florist. The groom and his groom’s men should order their suits at this point since the intricacies of suits are not usually overwhelming. The bride should hire a beauty specialist and test the beauty options for the wedding day. Pick your choice of music for the wedding. Look into your options for a honeymoon destination and decide on the best. Carry out a cake tasting and menu tasting party with your wedding party. Order your cake and menu from appropriate specialists.

2-4 months

This period in the wedding planning timeline entails finalizing the details of the wedding. The couple should meet with vendors and finalize the details about the floral designs, favors, cake and menu. Finalize ceremony details with the officiant. Fill out the necessary marriage documents.

1 month

By the last month, the wedding plans should be almost done. The bride, groom and their party should do a final fitting of their attire. Work on your wedding vows if need be. Decide on the seating plan of the wedding. Confirm honeymoon reservations. With the help of your photographer, decide on the most important shots to be taken. Make all the necessary payments.

Wedding week

During the last week, all wedding plans should be ready. The couple should go over the details of everything with the concerned parties. Book yourselves for a spa treatment to ease out the tension of the wedding plans. The couple should always have a plan B for items such as the reception, cake and honeymoon to avoid disappointments. Also, emphasize on details for maximum results. With this wedding planning checklist, couples will be well on their way towards having the best wedding they ever dreamed of.

33 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Wedding by Stacking Savings

07 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

33 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Wedding by Stacking Savings

Savings Secret #7 in Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride  is “Stack and Save.” What you ultimately pay from your budget shrinks proportionately when you find multiple ways to lower the cost of items or services—shopping for the best value plus getting an added discount, having others pitch in on the cost of a purchase, or finding ways to use less.Here are 33 ideas for taking more than one approach to savings on the same aspect of your wedding.

  1. Look for ways multiple parties can contribute to the cost of the same item or service, such as both getting a discount from the vendor and receiving partial payment for the service as a gift from a relative.
  2. Save by both spending less for and using less of an item.
  3. Consider using multiple services from a vendor or her associates, which often results in savings versus going with two unassociated vendors.
  4. Combine savings by using sparkling wine (as opposed to champagne) and giving guests the choice of using their own drinks for the toast or passing out only a token amount.
  5. Have a potluck meal, where the guests bring the food. (Only at very informal receptions, though!)
  6. Limit the liquor to a signature drink, then buy the alcohol at a discount.
  7. Purchase liquor at a warehouse club store, then control the alcohol content by mixing the drinks in bulk ahead of time and having guests serve themselves from a dispenser at a drink station.
  8. Buy used fancier display stands, and then resell them
  9. Buy apothecaries or other glass containers in bulk at wholesale prices, and then resell them on eBay after the wedding.
  10. Combine centerpieces and dessert by assembling mini-towers of cupcakes, cookies, or brownies and displaying them on guest tables.
  11. Make desserts the favors by setting up a candy or dessert bar with take-home bags, boxes, and seals for guests to help themselves.
  12. Use flowers from the ceremony to decorate the cake and/or cake table at the reception.
  13. Buy bulk flowers and materials for DIY.
  14. Discuss with your pros what they may already have in excess or can otherwise supply at a cheaper rate than the standard options.
  15. Have the bride and Bridesmaids’ bouquets act as guest-table decorations at the reception.
  16. Move the altar flowers to the head table.
  17. Reuse pew decorations as centerpieces.
  18. Utilize the same live plants at both the wedding and reception.
  19. Look for products that will serve double or triple purposes.
  20. Use coupon codes on sale items whenever possible.
  21. Always shop with a cash-back credit card.
  22. Sell old jewelry to raise ring money.
  23. Choose the Bridesmaids’ handbags ahead of time and then wait for sales at the already low-priced stores.
  24. Buy one of a kind or non-matching clutches from multiple sources.
  25. Look for faux fur or other special-occasion coats during cool-weather clearance, usually January or February.
  26. Use the same decorations at both the ceremony and reception.
  27. Incorporate table numbers into the centerpieces.
  28. Combine favors and name tags or escort cards.
  29. Combine centerpieces with desserts and/or favors.
  30. Buy new or used tablecloths and napkins online and resell them. Y
  31. Make overlays or runners and resell them after the wedding.
  32. Put names on your favors and use them as escort or place cards.
  33. Construct the centerpieces or other decorations so they are appropriate for guests to take as favors.

DIY Fingertip Veil with Blusher with Step By Step info!

07 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

DIY Fingertip Veil with Blusher with Step By Step info!

I recently took on the project of making my own veil and boy am I glad. It turned out to be quite a bit simpler than I expected and the end result turned out great! Since a lot of these DIY posts show the hard work of fellow bees but don’t necessarily give instructions on how to achieve the same results, I thought I’d share the steps I followed for mine.

First, some tips. All tulle is not created equal, but it’s all crazy cheap. I didn’t want a super crunchy veil, so I shopped around and fondled at least 12 different bolts of fabric until I found one that felt delicate enough. Most were the same price, but there were obvious differences in quality.

The tools required for this project are really basic, but it’s incredibly important that you have a nice pair of fabric scissors. I can’t stress this enough – the junk-drawer pair from Office Depot will leave you frustrated and your veil frayed. Aside from that, you need some thread, a measuring tape, a large clean surface to work on, and a comb or headband to attach your veil to.

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot

06 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot : Wedding Photography

Getting into the boots of a photographer on an occasion such as a wedding can be great fun. This will be an occasion where you can have fun and at the same time flaunt your photography skills. There is no denying that the industry is filled with professionals in this field, but the fact remains that in order to document this occasion in pictures, you do not need to be a pro at all.

Here are few wedding photography tips for amateurs and pros alike:

1. Know the couple’s expectations from wedding photographs

Get in touch with the couple to know their mind and make sure you know exactly what do they want from the day. They may want to lay more emphasis on candid photography with you being around all day or only want good formal pictures. Ask them how formal do they want the photographs to be; will a line up outside the church suffice or there is something else in their mind?

2. Take the essentials first

Do not get carried away by the inventive genius in you. Make sure that you have taken the shots that the couple has asked you to take before you move on to other less important shots. The photographer’s role is to preserve the day’s essence and memories so that they can be relived whenever wanted. After you have captured the essentials, say the cake cutting ceremony from the perfect setting you can exercise your more wedding photography ideas and turn to the amazing architecture, buildings and other stuff that merits an attention.

3. Pay attention to formal shots

It is necessary to get the formal shots right because they are the most important shots of the day. Choose a good location for such shoots. If it is dry outside, outdoors will make a wonderful location for a formal shoot. However, do keep a backup indoor location in mind which gives you adequate light for a good picture in case it rains. Ensure that you bring along your tripod as well as the list of the shots that dictates who is to be featured in each shot. It is wise to employ a helper to make sure that all the members required for a particular shot have arrived so that you can call for everybody’s attention to look your way and smile.

4. Try not to switch off.

The wedding ceremony continuously provides opportunities for abundant informal shots, especially in between the major events when people get relaxed. It is therefore essential that you do not get carried away by free drinks and people around to chat to. Pay attention to your job for a moment that passes once does not come back ever.

5. Take some time away from the crowd with the couple

Offer some time for the newlyweds away from the reception. If possible get them to walk hand in hand and shoot when they are not conscious of your presence around. This will give you some real candid moments to capture.

6. Have a backup camera with a different lens

Have a second camera to backup for the main one and shoot simultaneously with both. This will give you more options to choose from for a single photograph and avoid losing a captured moment because of some imperfection in the picture.

These 6 tips will go a long way in letting you shoot wedding photographs that shall be an asset for a lifetime.

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot : Wedding Photography Tips

How to Make a Wedding Veil, Video and Written Instructions

06 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

If you are like many budget-minded brides, you are uncomfortable with paying a lot for the veil you want. The good news is you don’t have to. There are discount veils available, but you can also DIY. Below is a series of tutorials on how to make a wedding veil, step-by-step. You can watch videos and/or read instructions, whichever you prefer.
How to make a wedding veil. Videos and step-by-step instructions.
If you are thinking you do not have the talent to do this, think again. The number one rule for my do-it-yourself videos is I have to be able to do it all by myself. On the 10-point “craftiness” scale I am a 2-3. So if I can do it, you can too.

What’s in this “How to Make a Veil” DIY?

An overview of my five-step veil making process follows. Plus, there are additional videos detailing those steps and a few considerations. There is a corresponding transcript with each step as well.

Here is an outline of the contents, followed by the make a veil overview video:

  • Step 1: Measuring and cutting veil fabric with your own, home made pattern. You can use things you already have around the house.
  • Step 2: Making your blusher (if you want one). I show you how to make the blusher a part of the veil, but you can just as easily leave it off or make it detachable.
  • Step 3: Gluing embellishments such as rhinestones, crystals, pearls, edging, or other decorations. This is the part that makes many paid-for veils expensive.
  • Step 4: Putting gathers in your veil. It is easier than it sounds!
  • Step 5: Sewing on a veil comb. This makes it convenient to securely attach the veil to your hair.
  • If you are trying to decide whether to make your own veil or not, read Your Veil: DIY or Buy?.

21 Completely Stunning Crop Top Wedding Gowns

06 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses
Julie Gerstein

1. This lacy dream from designer Riki Dalal.

This lacy dream from designer Riki Dalal.

2. This super-comfy long-sleeve Rime Arodaky gown.

This super-comfy long-sleeve Rime Arodaky gown.

3. This dreamy Daughters of Simone dress.

This dreamy Daughters of Simone dress.

4. This fantastic fringe from Tara Latour.

This fantastic fringe from Tara Latour.

5. This super simple bohemian dress from Candice Lee Bridal.

This super simple bohemian dress from Candice Lee Bridal.

6. This sweet lacy thing from Houghton NYC.

This sweet lacy thing from Houghton NYC.

Houghton NYC

7. This intricately beaded number from Mara Hoffman.

8. This silk and lace midi-skirt number from Anya Dionne.

9. This sleek, sophisticated look from Houghton NYC.

This sleek, sophisticated look from Houghton NYC.

10. This romantic number from Houghton NYC.

This romantic number from Houghton NYC.

11. This lace and gold thread mermaid-inspired dress from Grace Loves Lace.

This lace and gold thread mermaid-inspired dress from Grace Loves Lace.

12. This sweet and simple Tara La Tour halter gown.

This sweet and simple Tara La Tour halter gown.

13. This lacy crop and high-waisted skirt from Made by Anatomy.

This lacy crop and high-waisted skirt from Made by Anatomy.

14. This charming eyelet crop from Zee and Elle.

This charming eyelet crop from Zee and Elle.

15. This sexy, lacy, totally see-through thing from Karla Spetic.

16. This fun fringey look from Hayley Paige.

This fun fringey look from Hayley Paige.

17. This sparkly gold piece of amazingness from Zahava Ttshuba.

This sparkly gold piece of amazingness from Zahava Ttshuba.

18. This gorgeous look from Wardrobe by Dulcinea.

This gorgeous look from Wardrobe by Dulcinea.

19. This delicate beaded crop (with train!) from Theia.

20. This fluttery dream from Houghton NYC.

This fluttery dream from Houghton NYC.

21. And this creamy purple creation from Hayley Paige.

And this creamy purple creation from Hayley Paige.

A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles

06 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles

A couture tale of rich hues and sumptuous textiles bring to life Brother’s Grimm’s Twelve Dancing Princesses. Distinguished colors of lavender and plums blended with soft pinks, lilac and hints of fuchsia are married with glamorous textiles evoking feelings of passion and mystery with this fabulous inspiration. Combining the talent of vendors like Raspberry Bespoke Events, Wedding Day Hire and Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium plus so many more – you will only achieve one result – perfection. A moody backdrop at Chippenham Park, a hidden gem complete with neo classical architecture and secret gardens with woodlands that date back 300 years, sets the scenery. It’s a childhood fairytale meets couture told through the lens of Tasha Ikonworks and we are soaking up every last drop.

A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
Baroque Fashion

Raspberry Bespoke Events, the designer and planner of this vision, related to the well behaved princesses of the tale who sneak away into the night to dance. Seemingly demure behaved princesses during daylight hours and upstaged antics by night, this fairytale encompasses a small part of us all; beauty, excitement, composure and a sense of fun! The stunning baroque styling of Joanne Fleming’s elaborate gowns for the princesses worked in harmony with the overall vision and creative ideas of the team. The richly textured dresses modeled to perfection by Emma and Sophie, included the beautiful ‘Roksana’ a gold and black beaded lace gown in metallic silk organza and ‘Emilie’ a rich gold embroidered navy tulle over bronze silk organza, with a graduated hem. Also featured are Joanne Fleming’s ‘Gabrielle-Ray’ an embroidered tulle dress over champagne silk velvet; the ‘Gismonda’ a pale gold guipure lace over silk satin accessorized with the “Peony’ embellished lace and feather cape; the ‘Magnolia’ dress, an ivory guipure lace and silk organza with a silk tulle veil and lastly the ‘Krysanthe’ gown which featured gold lace and bronze silk with a graduated hem and Swarovski accents.

A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
Fairytale Appeal

Amazing accent pieces like the cherub baroque gold candlesticks, hurricane lamps, tea light holders, jewels and hanging crystals from Wedding Day Hire had the shoot oozing in glamour and fairytale appeal. Alice from All In One Seasonlent her talent to create the beautiful woodland scene that boasted moss, twigs, greenery and hand selected flowers including Rosa Memory Lane, Rosa Dolcetto, Hellebores, Ranunculus, Scabiosa and Santini Demi (not available in the UK yet). She combined gorgeous pastel shades of soft pinks, lilacs, purples with hints fuchsia and the beauty of the natural surroundings to create an amazing tablescape fit for a princess.

A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
Mood Board

One special candelabra from Classic Crockery hugely inspired the mood board for the shoot.  From this intricate piece the pathway to the color scheme, tableware and the whole feel of the shoot came to life.  The gorgeous tablescape showcased mismatched baroque glasses, delicate tableware and silver pheasants bringing attention to every detail. The regal side of the princesses at the table was noted with a beautiful crown enhanced by the stunning florals. Never being one for the usual – this team’s tabletop had to be different, for this they chose a door – rustic, yet a large part of the story as the princesses would sneak off into the night!

A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Delectable Feast

Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium connects with the story and takes you above and beyond anything you can imagine.  Feast your eyes on the tiered pale lilac baroque cake embellished with gold detailing and hand painted with an exquisite woodland scene. She also decorated the cake with the most realistic sugar flowers in lilac, purples and pale pink to match the tablescape. Other edible treats included a whimsical single tiered cake, beautiful cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and macarons. They featured sugar flowers, edible laser cut lace, edible gold ballet slippers, cameos, bows and cherubs. The treats were interwoven amongst the cake table décor of flowers and jewels to create a decadent and harmonious feast to refuel the dancing princesses.

A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles
Moody Inspiration

We fell in love with the mystique, secrecy of this styled shoot as it’s not every day we see a dark and moody inspiration done so very right.

A Couture Tale of Rich Hues and Textiles

Photographer: Tasha Ikonworks | Designer and Planner: Raspberry Bespoke Events | Styling: Wedding Day Hire | Venue: Chippenham Park | Florals: Alice from All In One Season | Cakes: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium | Tableware: Classic Crockery | Stationery: Intricate Creations | Bridal Designer: Joanne Fleming | Shoes and Jewelry: Emmy London | Accessories: HF Couture Hair | Hair and Makeup: Boe of Botias Hair & Makeup

Wedding Cake Designs – How To Choose The Best

05 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding Cake Designs – How To Choose The Best : Wedding Cake Designs

Fantasizing about your upcoming wedding? Indeed a wedding is the most memorable event for a couple. There is need to pay close attention to all details so as to have a perfect event. One of the supreme factors that you should consider is the wedding cake design. The design that you choose will define the style and mood of your wedding.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Cake Designs?

Reputable bakery:

Baking your own wedding cake can be a daunting task, especially if you have no prior experience. It is recommendable to hire a reputable bakery that specializes in preparing wedding cakes. Use the internet to do some background research on the shortlisted bakeries so as to choose one that has a positive reputation and capable of meeting your specific needs and preferences.

Type of wedding:

The selected design should be in line with the type or style of wedding that you intend to hold. For example, structured, multi-tier wedding cake is an ideal choice for formal weddings. It is totally fine to decorate such a cake as long as it implies something grand and ceremonial. Most of them are usually round in shape, but you can still break the norm and order a square or hexagonal shaped cake to spice up your day.

Cake color:

There is a wide array of colors that you can use to make your cake more special and unique. White is one of the classic colors as evident from the number of couples that prefer it. Tinted and chocolate frosting can also give it a touch of elegance and class. Your selected bakery can also incorporate flower petals or swirls of meringue to ensure that it compliments or blends with other decorations at the venue.

Details and motifs:

These are two major factors that should be considered when choosing a cake design. Location, menu, nature and fashion can give you a rough idea on how the cake should look like. You can use the city or the architectural designs of the buildings around the venue to choose a color that resonates with the surroundings. The bride’s dress and accessories such as necklace pearls or her veil can also be incorporated in the cake design. Sea shells can adorn the cake, especially if you plan to have a beach wedding party.


Most conventional cakes have layers of yellow and white flavors. Think outside the box and use carrot, lemon, chocolate or hazelnut flavors to make it more personal and memorable. Fillings such as butter, cream, fruit purees, whipped cream, lemon curd can also add great value and taste to your wedding cakes.

Be sure to design and order the wedding cakes at least one month before the due date to avoid the last minute rush. This is based on the fact that some of the special decorations and ingredients may have to be ordered from abroad. Also, discuss the designs with your spouse and stick to your budget to avoid plunging yourself into financial turmoil.

Choosing the right wedding cake designs will not only spice up your day, but also strengthen your love for each other.

Mother of the Bride Duties in Detail

05 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Mother of Bride

Should mom run the show? Up to you! Whatever her role, here are risk-free duties she can do with ease.

Mother of the Bride Duties in Detail

Here are 15 helpful responsibilities moms can handle with ease.

  • Help bride and groom scout out ceremony and wedding reception sites and ask friends/family for vendor recommendations.
  • Serve as the main contact for wedding pros (especially if the wedding is taking place in your town and the bride lives elsewhere).
  • Help bride choose her Wedding Dress, trousseau, and wedding-night peignoir.
  • Compile and submit names and addresses of your family and friends to be included on the master guest list.
  • Talk to the groom’s family about whom they want to include on the guest list and manage the difficult task of limiting the number of guests, if necessary.
  • Help research family or ethnic traditions and heirlooms to incorporate into the ceremony or reception.
  • Determine what the bride wants you to wear on the big day and find a gorgeous Mother of the Bride dress. Then, consult with the groom’s mom on what you two will be wearing. You’ll both feel more comfortable if your elegance is in sync. Start looking for the perfect dress.
  • Attend (and possibly help organize) the bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner.
  • Escort the bride down the aisle if the bride’s father isn’t planning on it. (In a Jewish wedding both parents accompany the bride.)
  • In a Christian wedding, be seated in the first pew directly before the ceremony and leave the chapel first afterward.
  • Stand in the receiving line to greet guests; traditionally, as reception hostess, the Mother of the Bride heads up the line.
  • Sit at the parents’ table (if there is one).
  • Dance with the father of the bride (or other escort) and the groom during the formal first-dance sequence.
  • Remind the bride often how special she is and that she’ll be the most beautiful bride in history.
  • Let the bride cry on your shoulder anytime, day or night (you know, be a mom).
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