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40 Very Short Hairstyles That You Should Definitely Try

12 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Maybe it was planned. Maybe it was just an impulse at the salon, where you just wanted to trim an inch or so, but ended with barely an inch of hair left. You feel liberated, or you are seized with panic. But whatever your state of mind, the eternal questions still remain. What do I do with my short hair? How do I style it? Is there anything that can be done with it? And the answer is yes, there is a lot you can do with it. If you possess too short hair, you can try out a wide variety of fun and interesting styles, that a girl with medium or long tresses can never get a chance to sport.

The best part about short hair is that it is a statement in itself. A dash of color, a little bit of styling – that is all it takes.

Here are 40 very short hairstyles for you to check out and look gorgeous everyday:

1. Boy Cut With Textured Layers:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

The quintessential haircut for the tomboy in you! Cut uniformly short with choppy ends, the dark brown color saves you from a flat look, giving your hair dimension.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a light hold styling product to the hair.
  2. Finger comb the hair to avoid that deliberate look.

Is This For You?

This hair looks best on oval, heart and square-shaped faces.

2. Asymmetric Bob:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

A smooth, rounded bob, the ends of the front bangs are razored to precision. This hairstyle works the best on those who have fine hair. If your hair is already straight, all you need is a spritz of hairspray, and you’re good to go.

How To Style:

  1. Use a shine serum and a medium hold styling product.
  2. Polish the hair using a straightener.
  3. Lightly tease a small section of the longer bangs.
  4. Spray for hold, and you’re done.

Is This For You?

This works for oval and heart-shaped faces, the sleekness of the style complementing their face structure.

3. Shiny Bowl Cut Hair With Wispy Ends And Fringes:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Here is a typical bowl-cut hair in which the top section is volumized, tangled and then set with the help of a hair spray. The wispy ends and uneven fringes are two other unique points of this hairstyle. This hairstyle works best with thicker, more voluminous hair that has been straightened.

How To Style?

  1. Apply a volumizing product to damp hair and spray with a heat protectant.
  2. Straighten the hair using a ceramic or titanium-plated straightener.
  3. Brush the hair forward to create a choppy, voluminous look.
  4. Spray and set.

Is This For You?

The voluminous top makes this ideal for all face shapes and absolutely anyone can pull this off.

4. Rolled Back Wavy Bob With Texture:

Image: Getty

 Image: Getty

Short hair does not always have to be straight and sleek. If you have wavy hair, there is no reason to not play with the natural texture of your hair.

How To Style:

  1. Apply mousse to the roots to boost the volume.
  2. Brush back the hair, scrunching up the front part a little.
  3. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This hairstyle works best for oval faces, although other face shapes can pull this versatile style off as well.

5. Casual Rolled Back Waves With Messy Wispy Ends:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

When it comes to looking casual, this feathery bob can be a good try. This deliberately disheveled, messy look makes it a great choice when you don’t want to try too hard to look amazing.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair.
  2. Keep scrunching the hair as it dries.
  3. Tease the dried hair to add more volume, and roll back roughly to give a messy, haphazard look.
  4. Set it with a hairspray to make it last.

Is It For You?

This is, once again, a very versatile look that can be pulled off by anyone.

6. Long Pixie:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Here is a super smart, highly professional look that every corporate woman can opt for. Just get your short, layered hair razored, part it to one side and add texture to it.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a hair product to damp hair.
  2. Using a small, thin plated straightener, straighten small sections of the hair at a time.
  3. Set with a hairspray, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Is This For You?

This is a rather bold cut, best suited for longer faces.

7. Messy Pixie With Sharp Layered Side-Sweep:

Image: Getty

 Image: Getty

Nowadays, the pixie has become synonymous with style. Check out this blonde pixie with a tangled finish and a deep, graduated side sweep with sharp ends. Quite fashionable and edgy!

How To Style:

  1. Apply a heat protectant product to the hair.
  2. Straighten off sections and brush it out.
  3. Finger comb your hair to the front to get that slightly tousled look.
  4. Set with a hairspray.

Is It For You?

It is a style best suited for those with an oval, heart-shaped or square face.

8. Double-Parted Hair With High Textured Top:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Spiky hair is no longer the domain of punk rockers. To pull this look off, you need the sides to be really short, with more length on the top. This hairstyle is ideal for adding height to your face. Part your short bob on both sides and volumize the middle section to a great extent.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a strong hold styling product to the hair.
  2. Grab sections of the hair and pull them up. Hold for a few seconds to get this messy, spiky look.

Is This For You?

This one works for diamond-shaped faces, showing off their amazing cheekbones.

9. Textured And Middle-Parted Wavy Bob With Wispy Points:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

If you have a wavy, bob cut hair, do try this style for a cool and casual look. The textured and shiny finish does not retract from the relaxed vibe it gives out.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing product to damp hair.
  2. Part and scrunch up your hair as it dries.
  3. Brush back one section and set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This is a hairstyle that can be sported by just about everybody. But, for those with naturally wavy hair, it is effortlessly classy.

10. Rounded Natural Blonde Bob With Deep Layered Side Sweep:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

In this sleek bob, the crown is volumized a bit, while the entire hair is smooth and shiny. The rounded shape and the sleek, graduated, side-swept bang are two other specialties of this hairstyle.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a serum to boost the shine.
  2. Use a straightener to give your hair a more polished look.
  3. Create deep side bangs by brushing the hair forward.
  4. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This is for those who have fine, straight hair and an oval or heart-shaped face.

11. Side-Parted Bob With Highly Textured Waves:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Now, here is something very sweet and adorable. It is a nice, black bob with the wavy hair parted to one side. The hair has been cut against the curls, giving it a choppy, textured look. This hairstyle is extremely versatile, and works across all age groups.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a hairstyling product to the hair and let it air-dry.
  2. Using a flat iron, create a slight bend.
  3. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This is a great look for those who have a round, cherubic face.

12. Bob With Textured And Layered Side-Swept Top-Front:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

I f you have straight hair, you can recreate this style quite effortlessly. This works great as a casual, everyday style, and can be your go-to hairstyle, no matter what the occasion.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing hair product.
  2. Blow-dry the hair, finger combing all the while, to add volume.
  3. Straighten the hair and finger comb the hair forward to give it a casual look.
  4. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This hairstyle works for most face shapes, although those with a round face should approach this style with caution.

13. Slightly Rolled Back Sophisticated Wavy Bob:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

No matter what your age is, give your look a touch of sophistication and elegance just by changing your hairstyle into this wavy bob.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a hair styling product to still damp hair, for that glossiness and shine.
  2. Using a large barrel curler, create soft waves.
  3. Tease for volume and set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This hairstyle looks best on oval-faced fashionistas, lending an effortless and sophisticated look.

14. Sleek Blunt Asymmetric Bob With Side Part:

Image: Getty

 Image: Getty

An asymmetric bob, featuring subtle, dark brown highlights and blunt, even ends. They frame your face and draw attention to it.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a hairstyling product to damp hair.
  2. Create a deep part to one side, and straighten off sections of the hair.
  3. Pin the smaller section behind the ear, leaving the other side to frame the face.
  4. Apply a shine-boosting serum.

Is This For You?

Fortunately, this style work for all face shapes, with hair that is on the finer side.

15. Center-Parted Bob With Straight Fringes And Wavy Bangs:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

A supremely girly style that gives the illusion of length! The slight waves soften the overall look, making it a fun, flirty, feminine look to try out.

How To Style:

  1. Part the hair down the middle, brushing the blunt bangs forward.
  2. Sleek back hair, leaving a few strands to frame your face.
  3. Using an iron, create a slight wave.
  4. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This pretty style works best for those with an oval face.

16. Thick, Smooth And Wavy Bob With Centre Part:

Image: Getty

 Image: Getty

This is an effortless style that is easy to create and easy to pull off.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing product to damp hair.
  2. Create a part slightly off-center and let your hair air-dry.
  3. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This style works for all face shapes, and for hair that is naturally wavy.

17. Slicked Back Dark Brown Bob With Rounded Edges:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Slicked back hair is a classic when it comes to short hair.  The end of the bob is blunt and rounded, making the look more organized and classy.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a styling gel.
  2. Tease and smooth back the hair.
  3. Set with a strong-hold hairspray.

Is This For You?

This works for those who have a heart-shaped face.

18. Rolled And Slicked Back Hair To One Side:


Image: Getty

Side-part your bob and apply mousse all over it. Now, roll back the larger section to one side and give it a slicked look by using hair wax. Also, a pair of stylish specs like these can jazz up the look perfectly.

How To Style:

  1. Create a side part and brush back the hair.
  2. Apply a strong hold gel, tease and smooth back.

Is This For You?

This androgynous look is perfect for those with a square or diamond-shaped face.

19. Volumized Top And Precisely Layered Front With Headband:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Section off the short, precise layers at the front area by creating a part from ear to ear. Now, tease up the crown to add huge volume to it and use a headband to hide the part.

How To Style:

  1. Sweep your bangs to one side and brush back the rest of your hair.
  2. Tease and smooth back to create a poof.
  3. Top it off with a cute headband.

Is This For You?

The volume on the top makes this a style for all face shapes.

20. Rolled Back Textured Waves With Headband:

Image: getty

Image: getty

Add texture to your messy, blonde, wavy hair by taking it in small sections and applying lots of hairspray. Now, roll the entire hair back and prevent it from falling on your forehead by using a headband.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing product to the hair.
  2. Backcomb the hair and smooth out the top layer.
  3. Set with a hair spray and accentuate the style with a hair band.

Is This For You?

This slightly disheveled look works for everybody, every time.

21. Messy Curly Dark Brown Bob With Spiral Side Bang:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Curl up your dark brown bob randomly with a medium barrel curling iron to create a decent mess. Let some of them rest on your forehead and curl up the long side bang spirally for a touch of elegance.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a shine-boosting serum.
  2. Using a medium barrel curler, create a barrage of ringlets.
  3. Finger comb and set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This works for a wider face, elongating it.

22. Ash Brown Bob With Layered Bang And Pink Highlights:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

This is basically a simple, ash brown, bob hair with light pink highlights. The layered side bang has made it perfect for a long or oval face, while the touch of orange and deep pink have given the highlights a new dimension.

23. Volumized Kinky, Coily Hair:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Kinky, coily strands are one of the exclusive features of Afro-textured hairstyles and this is an ideal example of it. The roots of the dark brown ringlets are teased up sufficiently to get a volumized look.

24. Fluffy Silver Bob With Waves Rolled Back To Side:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Height and texture are two main traits of this elegant silver bob. The wavy silky hair is rolled back to one side, while a considerable volume is added to the whole top section for a distinct look.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing hair product.
  2. Tease the hair and finger comb to smoothen it.
  3. Set with a lot of hairspray.

Is This For You?

This style can be sported by everybody, but works especially well for those with wider faces.

25. Jet Black Mohawk With Large Luscious Curls:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Mohawk is one of the most popular very short haircuts for women these days. If you don’t mind sporting something unusual and smart, this jet black Mohawk, with soft voluptuous curls and shaved sides, will be the right choice for you.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing serum.
  2. Using a large barrel iron, create luscious curls.
  3. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This bold and sexy style works for oval and diamond-shaped faces.

26. Blonde Boyish Bob With Dramatic, Highly Textured Front:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

This is, apparently, a simple, boyish, bob cut on natural blonde hair. But, the front layered waves are texturized intensively to get a dramatic height and a hairspray is used generously for the ultimate hold.

27. Buzz Haircut With Very Small Coils:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Buzz haircut is basically characterized by an almost shaved head or extremely short hair. Here, the style is flaunted on very small, coily hair, which has made it even more unique and special.

28. Smooth Bowl Cut With Chocolate Cherry Shade:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

As you can see, this is a very simple bowl cut hair with no added texture or style. However, the rich chocolate, cheery shade, and silky smooth finish make it quite appealing.

29. Messy And Highly Wispy Bob With Straight Fringes:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Wispy hair with a messy effect is always considered a wonderful choice for a fresh and cool look. So, if you are ready to experiment with your hairstyle, here goes the flimsy bob with straight, front fringes.

30. Typical Boy Cut Hair With Textured Layers:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty


Ever wondered how to style your hair to put emphasis on your strong facial features? Opt for this simple boy cut and add texture to those thin, short layers nicely.

31. Unique And Elegant Multi-Twisted Hairdo:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Part your bob hair on both sides to separate the middle section from them. Twist it up and secure at the top with bobby pins. Now, divide both the sides into multiple smaller sections, twist up each of them one by one and secure with bobby pins at the back. Easy and chic!

How To Style:

  1. Part the hair into small sections.
  2. Twist and roll the strands, spray with a strong hold product and pin them into place.

Is This ForYou?

This feminine, sophisticated style looks best on those with an oval face.

32. Side-Parted Angular Bob With Intense Curls:

Image: getty

Image: Getty

This is a jet black, angular bob, parted roughly to one side. All you need to do is curl it up with a medium barrel curling iron and let the curls swing over your eyes freely.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing product.
  2. Using a medium barrel iron, create loose curls that frame your face and create more compact ones to the back.
  3. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

With the curls cutting right above the cheekbones, this style works for longer faces with angular features.

33. Side-Parted Layered Bob With Fine Dreadlocks:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

If you have Afro-textured hair, you will definitely love to sport these fine dreadlocks on your short, layered bob. Start with a simple side part in order to get an edgy, uneven look.

How To Style:

Here is a comprehensive guide on dreadlocks and how to get them done.

34. Golden Blonde Bob With Ultimate Curls:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Looking for very short curly hairstyles? Then check this out. Create thin dense curls on your golden blonde bob hair and volumize it to a large extent. This super curly hairstyle can be sported by women of every age.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing product to damp hair.
  2. Using a small barrel iron, create a mass of tight curls.
  3. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This style lends a cherubic, innocent look that works well for everybody.

35. Buzz Hair Cut On Straight Hair:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

You have seen how a buzz cut looks on curly hair. Now, here is how it looks on simple, straight, blonde hair. So, do you believe that you can pull it off?

How To Style:

  1. Apply hair wax or gel.
  2. Smooth with a brush so that the hair lies flat against the scalp.

Is This For You?

This bold style looks best on those with an oval face.

36. Sophisticated Updo:

Sophisticated Updo

Image: Getty

This hairstyle proves that short hair is extremely versatile, It can be classy or edgy, and be styled for every occasion.

How To Style:

This video, by YouTube user, ImogenHearts, details the steps to achieve this look.

The Outrageous Hairstyles:

Cautionary advice: These hairstyles are not for the faint of heart.

If Lady Gaga is your style icon, you can give these a try:

37. Boyish Bob With Super Curly And Messy Top:

Image: GettyImage: Getty

This golden blonde bob is absolutely atypical and trendy. Here, the top wavy hair is messed up completely, while remaining hair at the back is kept combed and organized.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair.
  2. Sweep back the hair at the sides and scrunch up the top portion.
  3. Tease to build volume.
  4. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

This hairstyle walks the fine line between hot and hot mess. But with the right attitude and confidence, it can definitely be one hot hairstyle to go for.

38. Bright Yellow Pixie With Textured Wavy Layers:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

This androgynous pixie is not only eye-catching, but it is also quite popular among girls, who are fond of very short hair styles. Apart from the vivid yellow shade, the textured, wavy layers have made it special too.

How To Style:

  1. Buy bumblebee yellow hair dye.
  2. Spend time contemplating if you really want this color.
  3. Spend a little more time contemplating.
  4. Dye your hair.

Is This For You?

If you think this color is you, then yes, this is.

39. Double-Parted Bob With Multi-Colored Textured Top:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Two-tone hair color, styled into a pompadour. It does not get edgier than this.

How To Style:

  1. Brush the top part of your hair upward.
  2. Use an extreme hold gel or wax.
  3. Use a brush to curl the hair into place.

Is This For You?

The more wearable versions of the pompadour can be seen everywhere, so if you want to make a statement, or really stand out, then this one is for you.

40. Mohawk And Crazy Color:

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

The light purple layer of hair at the middle of the shaved head is certainly a big attraction of this style. But, also check how it is folded and pinned to make the free end rest on the forehead in a unique way.

How To Style:

  1. Apply a strong hold styling product.
  2. Comb out a strand and brush the rest upwards and fashion it in the style of a pompadour.
  3. Set with a hairspray.

Is This For You?

That shall always be your prerogative.

Hope you find this article on very short hairstyles for women useful. Do you know any other hairstyles for very short hair? Share with us by leaving comments below.


12 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Bouquet

Gypsophila, commonly known as baby’s breath, is a symbol of everlasting love, pureness, and innocence, which is frequently used in wedding planning. Long-lasting and inexpensive makes it perfect for wedding DIY projects and decorations, from chandeliers to wreaths to boutonnieres. Here I’ve rounded up some great baby’s breath wedding ideas and hope you guys love them.

unique wedding ideas with baby's breath decorations

Bouquets & Boutonnieres

charming baby's breath wedding bouquet ideas

pink rose and baby's breath wedding bouquets

pink tulips and baby's breath wedding bouquets

all white wedding bouquets with baby's breath

baby's breath boutonnieres for rustic wedding ideas

Image Credits from Top to Bottom: Rowell Photography/Live View Studios/Mark Tattersall Photography

 Rachel Solomon/Deer Pearl Flowers/Intimate Weddings/Rachwal Photography


whimsical baby's breath wedding centerpieces ideas

baby's breath in lanterns rustic wedding centerpiece ideas

baby's breath inspired wedding centerpiece ideas

Stephanie Hogue Photography via SMP/ We Not Me Collective via Love My Dress/ 

J. Masciana Photography via Project Wedding/Elizabeth Anne Designs/ Aimee McAuley via Wedding Chicks

Aisle & Chair Decors

wedding aisle and chair decoration ideas with baby's breath

Michael & Anna Costa Photography via SMP/ Orchard Cove Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic/ 

Caroline Tran via SMP/ Zoeica Images Wedding Photography via Wedding Chicks

Wedding Cakes

glamourous baby's breath wedding flower inspired wedding cakes

Braedon Flynn via Ruffled Blog/ JoPhoto via Mountain Side Bride/ Half Orange 

Photography via SMP/ Stephanie Karen Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic

DIY Baby’s Breath Ball & Wreath (with tutorials)

how to make a baby's breath diy wedding floral ball step by step


MCR PROJECTS via Rusitc Wedding Chic

baby's breath floral balls for outdoor wedding decoration ideas

Pat Furey Photography via Wedding Chicks/Elizabeth 

Anne Designs/ Melissa Schollaert Photography via Southern Weddings

diy baby's breath wedding wreath for decoration ideas

MCR PROJECTS  via Rustic Wedding Chic

A Guide When Choosing Wedding Timeline

11 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

A Guide When Choosing Wedding Timeline : Wedding Timeline

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12 Stunning Wedding Centerpieces

10 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas


 Time is ticking and it’s all about decisions, decisions, but not to worry pretties, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest gems out there this season. So before venturing into fall fabulousity, let’s sit back and enjoy summer blossoms that easily transform a room from beautiful to drop-dead gorgeous and can stand the sizzling heat of an outdoor soiree or the cool breeze of a grand ballroom.

ABOVE IMAGE CREDITS {Floral Design + via White Iilac Inc}  ~ BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photographer: U Me Us Studios // Floral Design: Vo Floral Design // via Style Me Pretty}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Event Design: HMR Designs // via MODWedding}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography:  Carla Ten Eyck, John Cain Sargent, Tammy Swales, Sofia Negron, Laura Decarlo // Floral: Bloom // Design and Planning + via: Bella Design and Planning}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Jinda Photography // Floral: Flower Affairs // via: Junebug Weddings}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Floral Design + via White Iilac Inc}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Floral Design: Preston Bailey // via: Boda Planes}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Picture This! Photography // Floral Design: James Hurley Designs // via Style Me Pretty}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Ira Lipke // Floral Design: Preston Bailey // via Carats and Cake}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Jinda Photography // Floral Design: Flower Affairs // via Junebug Weddings}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Holly Schumacher // Design + via Weddings and Events}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Brian Dorsey Studios // via Junebug Weddings}

Click here to see ALL the Parts of  our 12 Stunning Wedding Centerpiecesseries – you wont be disappointed, I promise!

20 Best Lace Dress Designs

10 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Evening Dresses

20 Best Lace Dress Designs

If you want to achieve that dainty and feminine yet sexy look, there is no other way to do it than by wearing a lace dress. This type of material has been a mainstay in the fashion trends coming in different forms and combined with different material. Lace has gone through many transformations but the current trend is to go for the antique-style lace. You may go for lace that has a wider net and has a more unique pattern and a sturdier fabric.

Any fashion forward lady can pull off wearing lace whether it be for your everyday office attire, for a fun girls night out with friends, or to formal events. Many styles of party dresses have a touch of lace in them.

Lace fabric is made of see through material so when you incorporate this into your wardrobe make sure to wear a comfortable slip on. By doing this you can prevent unsightly appearances of flesh that will make you less attractive. n looking for different pieces that go well with lace, the key is to find equilibrium. If you are wearing a sexy lace number make sure to dress it down with a pair of stomach-flattering solid black tights.

Off the shoulder Lace dress in Barely Pink at knee length for GwennyImage Source

Nordstrom Nicole Miller Lace DressImage Source

Green Lace DressImage Source

black zarita lace shift dressImage Source

Best Lace DressImage Source

Red Lace Dress With SleevesImage Source

White Lace DressesImage Source

White Chic Mini Lace DressImage Source

evening lace dressImage Source

Lace Shirt DressImage Source

Cream Lace DressImage Source

oasis coral lace dressImage Source

White Lace Dress VintageImage Source

Oasis Colored Lace Dress- Christmas Dress & Black TightsImage Source

Cream Color Lace DressImage Source

Short Casual Lace DressImage Source

Lace Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Short Wedding DressImage Source

Pink and White Lace DressImage Source

White Lace Dresses DesignImage Source

Lady in white Lace DressImage Source

20 Hairstyles For Older Women

10 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

20 Hairstyles For Older Women

It’s just a matter of finding the right style for you. Look at some older celebrities. You can get some ideas from how they wear their hairstyles.

Simply upload a picture of yourself to find all the perfect hairstyles for older women. It is much easier than you may think to use this great program and you will be amazed with the results.

Some women tend to choose short styles because they are so easy to take care of. Others wear their hair long and end up keeping it in a ponytail because they are not sure what to do with it.

With a little help, you would be amazed how easy it is to create a great hairstyle with very little effort. In the how to hairstyles section, you will find many tips and tricks to help manage your hair.

Regardless of the hair style you choose you want one that flatters your special features. If you choose the right hairstyle, it should actually make you look younger.

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New Pixie Haircuts For Older WomenImage Source

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Hairstyles for the Older WomanImage Source

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Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Fine HairImage Source

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Best Long Wavy Hairstyles with Side Bangs for Older Women with Oval Faces Shape 2015Image Source

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Long Layeres Layered Haircuts Styles For Older WomenImage Source

Short Wavy Hairstyles For Older WomenImage Source

Mother Of The Bride Responsibilities

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Mother Of The Bride Responsibilities : Wedding Preparation And Responsibilities

The mother of a bride has typically many things on her shoulder. Hiding the pain and excitement in her heart, she decides to move on and take responsibilities of many things in her hand so that the wedding ceremony completes uninterruptedly and the guests can have a joyful experience during the whole event. Every mother finds joy in the happiness of her daughter. So it’s time when she has to make sure her daughter can engrave every little memory of this beautiful moment in her heart. The first thing a mother should think about is finalizing the budget.

Wedding Budget Preparation by Mother Of The Bride

Depending on the fund available, the whole event can be planned. The most vital part would be deciding the venue, hiring an event organizer and choosing a Wedding Dress. These three things can swallow a big chunk of the fund. This is why the bride and her mother should work on the budget well in advance so that no last minute hassles can create nuisance at the end.

Choosing Her daughter’s Wedding Outfit and Venue

Every girl wish to look as beautiful as possible on this special day of her life. For all girls, her Wedding Dress means a lot. A mother can help her daughter choose the outfit, take pictures of different designs and show her, or at least can take her to the best places where she can find things of her choice. Similarly, she also can help her daughter figure out the wedding venue. The wedding venue has to be perfect and should be able to accommodate the numbers of guests expected. A mother taking pre-wedding arrangement responsibilities of her daughter should list the numbers of expected guests in advance so that the venue can be booked accordingly.

Can Coordinate the Entire Event

There are too many things that need to be coordinated and arranged during a wedding ceremony. The Mother of the Bride responsibilities may include being the contact point for all the professionals hired for the event. She can communicate, instruct and guide the caterer, florist, receptionist, musician, the event organizer and also keep a track of the payments which can easily skip the mind of the busy bride.

Manage and Look After the Guests

For a bride, it’s a moment of sheer joy and excitement. She can’t keep up with the every little wedding formalities and arrangement requirements. This is why the mother should stand by her daughter’s side and offer an extended help. She can make stay arrangements for the relatives and guests who will attend the long awaited event, for example. Similarly, she can instruct the event organizer about how welcome the guests, decorate the tables and serve foods to make them feel comfortable.

Wedding Etiquette

She should make sure the wedding etiquette has been followed to keep things in order and complete the ceremony with pride and honor. Any unforeseen event should be taken care of with immediate attention. This is how a bride’s mother can help her child start a beautiful journey along with the person she loves most.

Mother Of The Bride Responsibilities : Mother Of The Bride Responsibilities

Top 6 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Of All Times

09 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Top 6 Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Of All Times : Japanese Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair

With the wedding season just about getting in full swing, one cannot be less excited. Invitations will soon be knocking at your door and if you are the pretty one with long hair, smile big; your options are unlimited. Long hair is intricate and allows for much room for creative hairstyles. Of course, if you are the one sending the invitations this time, it’s wise to do several practice runs with your stylist before finally picking any of the numerous wedding hairstyles for long hair out in the market today. A creative hairstyle is one of the key parts of a wedding and need not say the element that makes the difference between a beautiful wedding and boring one. To get you started, here are top wedding bridal hairstyles long hair in 2014;

Traditional Japanese Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Simple Embellished Braid:

If you are the bride and one of those individuals with an intrinsic love for beads, this hairstyle will go well for you. What’s more, you can couple it with small natural or even artificial flowers that complement the color of your bridal dress, jewelry and the overall wedding décor to earn a romantic and one of the most intricately beautiful look that will leave your guests spellbound.

Waterfall braid

If you are looking for a bridal hair that looks trendy and hot, waterfall braid got it all. Also popularly known as the cascade braids, waterfall braid wedding hair style is the trend in the market today.

Traditional South Indian Style Braid:

In this bridal hairstyle, braids are richly embellished and adorned with hair accessories, beautiful jewelry pieces and fresh flowers and their base is then secured using an attractive clasp. Normally, sweet smelling flowers (such as jasmine or roses) are entwined along the braids giving that look that makes you the focal point of all attractions. For ideas on whether it will look good on you, South Indian Style braid is best on waist long thick hair. You may achieve the same look using hair extensions to yield this look. If you like simple long braids, the traditional S. Indian style is for you.

Open Straight Hairstyle:

This style is best for you, especially if you like to flow around with a polished, straight mane on your wedding day. This hair style caters for an open hairstyle with beautiful pearl adornment and center parting. It looks fabulous with soft long hair.

Soft, loose waves

Yes, this will give your bridal hair that is romantic, graceful and feminine. It is a great idea for any beach wedding. It vividly brings out your soft, loose waves, making you the center of attraction all day long.

Flower weaved braided crown

This style has been around for a long time, but over time, its popularity had been dwindling. However, with brides now looking for a hairstyle that will give them rustic, romantic yet romantic looks, this style is once again taking center stage. It highlights the beauty of the bride in its full glory.

The Chignon Bun:

This is another comeback in the world of bridal hairstyles and it is actually expected to make it to the list of the top 100 bridal hairstyles of all times this year.

Your Special Wedding Updos

08 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Your Special Wedding Updos : Wedding Updos

On that special day, a woman’s beauty will always stand out. A bride will always put thought and effort in choosing their hairstyle for their wedding. The bridal hair is a very important part of a woman when she is getting married. She sometimes finds it hard to choose because of the many choices she has.

Bridal Hair Tips

  • Prepare Hair for Good Condition

On that special day, your hair should be relaxed and in good quality. So, about 3 months before your wedding, you should give your hair same condition. This treatment allows your hair is in perfect condition for that special day.

  • Choose your Hair Style

One of the biggest choices the bride’s face is to pick that special hair style. You can have a discussion with your hair stylist in finding the right style. Being a professional and knowing your hair, your hair stylist will play a key role in your perfect bridal hair.

  • Your Dress

Your hair should be in harmony with your dress. A simple dress can mean a simple bridal hair for that day. The fabric texture of the dress should be considered and you as it makes a statement.

Different Wedding Updos

When choosing your updates, you will have a lot of choice to choose from.

  • Basket Wave and Netting

This is one of the most popular updates where the Bride’s hair looks like a wave basket.

  • Low Chignon or Buns

This is a nice looking hair style, where at the end the bride’s hair will look polished.

  • Messy Buns

When doing this updos, your hair must be converted to a ponytail. Then you make the ponytail into three parts. Then you wrap the separated ponytail in opposite way, just as you would do a topknot. You then neatly pin your hair and leave it creating the messy buns.

  • Updates that are Half up and down

This update come in several styles. You have the braided half way up that looks like a waterfall. You also have some that are curled and tamed. These are just a few of the beautiful updates that are available in the half up and down style. You can choose to have to bulk of the hair on the top or the bulk on the bottom. You also can have it looking loose or flat. This is a popular style type used as bridal hair by many brides around the world.

  • Side Style Updos

This style looks a bit hard to do, but it’s not. Very popular and gives your hair a glamorous look. This style has the hair slightly on the side of your head which is beautiful.

  • Love Knots Updos

This is a pretty updos and the front part is turned into an upward boon.

  • Pin Curls Updos

This style is inspired by a vintage look. This usually fits anyone and is very easy to do.

  • Twisted Updos

This is another Updos that can be done in various ways. This would give the bride a mixed modern and vintage look.

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