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24 Prettiest Small Wedding Bouquets to Have and to Hold

07 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is an essential part of wedding decor. It is so difficult to decide which one to choose, because bouquets have so many colors, textures, styles and designs. Your wedding bouquet must perfectly accent your bridal style. Look at the small wedding bouquets because they have the ability to do this excellent too. Furthermore little wedding bouquet are more comfortable for holding, it is not lock your stunning Wedding Dress and the most pleasing part that petite bridal bouquets have low cost. Let’s see gorgeous wedding bouquets.

Charming Fall Small Bridal Bouquets

Source: Ikihayatbirkare Photography, La Rosa Canina, Kate Robinson Photography
charming small wedding bouquets 3
charming fall little wedding bouquets 2
charming fall little wedding bouquets 1
Source: Soda Fountain Photography, Anna Kidman Photography, Botanica Floral Design

charming fall little wedding bouquets 3
charming fall small wedding bouquets 1
charming fall small wedding bouquets 2

Beautiful Winter Wedding Bouquets

Source: The Flower Girl NC, Ikihayatbirkare Photography, Just For Love Photography

beautiful winter posy wedding bouquets 6
beautiful winter posy wedding bouquets 3
beautiful winter posy wedding bouquets 4

Source: Precious Pictures Photography, Aaron Varga Photography, Isabelle Selby Photography

beautiful winter posy wedding bouquets 5
beautiful winter posy wedding bouquets 1
beautiful winter posy wedding bouquets 2

Pretty Spring Little Bridal Bouquets

Source: Cluney Photography, George Mackay Flowers, Kemper Mills Fant

spring little bridal bouquets 1
spring little bridal bouquets 3
spring little bridal bouquets 4

Source: Pat’s Floral Design, Platinum Floral Designs, FlowerPoetry via Facebook

spring little bridal bouquets 5
spring little bridal bouquets 6
spring little bridal bouquets 2

Summer Small Wedding Bouquets

Source: Ashton Howard Photography , Liberty Blooms, The Gathering Florist

summer little wedding bouquets 2
summer little wedding bouquets 5
summer little wedding bouquets 6

Source: Astrid Photography, Bloom Weddings Photgraphy, Alicia Petitti Photography

summer little wedding bouquets 3
summer little wedding bouquets 4
summer little wedding bouquets 1

14 Trending Wedding Themes & Theme Ideas

31 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

14 Trending Wedding Themes & Theme Ideas
Weddings can be beautiful and fully enjoyed regardless of the colors or themes but including elegant color schemes and personal wedding themes makes the moment more intimate. We have a few great theme ideas to help you decide on the right one for your special day. The following themes and ideas are among the most popular and sure to add a special touch to your wedding no matter which one you choose.

1. Japan Blossoms

Though cherry blossoms are not the official flower of Japan, the Sakura tree is a popular cherry tree in Japan. The beauty of the blossoms is that they appear in a variety of soft colors such as, pale pink, white or dark pink. Select a Japanese or cherry blossom themed wedding and enhance with delicate decor.

2. Trendy Meets Shabby

A shabby but trendy themed wedding exhibits details of antique with slightly trendy accents. Newer items used in the wedding appear worn or distressed to carry out the theme. Sepia finished pastels can be used as linens for tables or pillows, roses.

3. Sandy Beaches

The beach themed wedding is extremely popular due in part to its relaxed and peaceful ambiance. The beach is an inspiring place that is often associated with romance and love and flows perfectly into a wedding theme. Blend colors such as deep-sea blue with emerald green.

4. Royal Vintage

Royal weddings are a popular choice among brides who desire an elegant and elite style wedding. Consider a garden, park or pavilion venue of a historic mansion for the wedding. Long verandas are perfect for a royal wedding and include elegant decor that charms and warms the heart.

5. Rustic Affair

A rustic style wedding can be charming and fun. Elements of country life meet a love affair and presents an experience for all to remember.Rustic weddings are best presented with earth tone palates such as tan, umber, sage, yellow and cinnamon.

6. Romantic Illusion

Create an illusion of romance with candles, bubbly champagne and soft petal roses. Heartfelt music and elegant linen makes the moment delightfully pleasant. Pearl accents, red or white wine, over-sized bows and chiffon are the perfect blend for romance.

7. Outside Tent

This theme crosses the mind of many brides at some point during planning. Fresh outdoors and a touch of freedom are natural decor for any wedding.The challenge of most tent weddings are the associated rental costs. Set-up fees, chair, table and tent rental add up quickly.

8. Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are especially beautiful because of the abundance of colorful flowers that are in season. Consider weather conditions as well to make guests as comfortable as possible.

9. Sports

This is perfect for couples who love sports or perhaps one or both are involved in some type of sports as a career. Include sports insignia on wedding stationary and include it in the decor and cake as well.

10. Back Lawn

This theme means inviting guests to a private residence, which makes it a much more intimate moment. Consider space allowance to accommodate invited guests and use pieces of furniture and elegant fountains to decorate the space.

11. Barn Wedding

Another option for a country style wedding that is extremely beautiful. Incorporate relaxation, rustic and simple elements to make the moment perfect. Oil lamps, lanterns and hay can assist with the decor.

12. Retro Style

Modern styled weddings have made a return with retro gowns, bands and wedding decor. Old is new and new is out with this one and it looks absolutely fabulous. Visit thrift shops and consignment stores to find older items for decor.

13. Get-a-Way

This is the same as a travel themed wedding which is really popular and different. Revisit your favorite city, country or perhaps where you and the groom took your first vacation. Design wedding invites and programs to depict the destination as an added hint of the theme.

14. Fairytale

Do fairies make you happy? Why not include them on your wedding day? Outdoor weddings work well for fairy themes and places such as large backyards, botanical gardens or lakes are perfect. Use lavenders, pastels and gentle whites to accent silver centrepieces and create a fairytale ambiance.

Things To Do Before Getting Married

31 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Things To Do Before Getting Married
Building an amazing life for yourself and making the most of every opportunity presented to you is an excellent way to make sure you are ready to get married.  Being married is a wonderful and fulfilling path for your life, but it’s essential to realize that once you’ve gotten married, your life is not necessarily about your wants and needs anymore. Once you tie the knot, you have to start thinking in terms of “we” instead of “I,” meaning that you may not have the opportunity to do all the things you’ve always dreamed of doing. Before getting married, make sure you’ve done some things for yourself; start with these great, exciting adventures!

1. Travel

A change of scenery can do wonders in changing your perspective. You don’t have to go to some exotic, faraway locale; hop the state line and see someplace new, if only for a day or two. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and renewed by your new experiences and feeling of freedom.

2. Holiday Tryst

The holiday season is a great time for a bit of a fling, but you’d probably better get this one out of the way before you find your future hubby. An intense and passionate holiday tryst can be a huge confidence booster and give you a taste of the wonder and joy of being single.

3. Live Alone

Before getting married, living alone is an essential part of your personal development. Living by yourself means being able to sing in the shower, walk around in your birthday suit and make decisions that only affect you. Living alone can be a huge step in discovering your true self, so make sure you’ve got a little single time under your belt before getting married.

4. Pick Up a Hobby

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, there’s no better time than before getting married. No matter where your interests lie, you can find some kind of hobby to keep you busy and help you learn a few things. If you like reading, find a book club.  If you’re more of a collector, check out numismatics or philately (coin and stamp collecting, respectively).

5. Date, Date, Date

Before getting married, it’s important to know that you’re ready for a serious relationship and willing to make a long-term relationship work. One of the most reliable ways to do that is to date several different people with different interests, personalities and qualities. This will help you be more aware of what you want (and don’t) in your marriage partner.

6. Know Yourself

Being married can be an incredible, and incredibly frustrating, experience.  Knowing who you are and what you want before getting married is the best way for your marriage to succeed.


18 Full On Glitz Sequined & Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

31 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Bridesmaids Dresses

Can you ever have too much sparkles? We have totally fallen in love with sequinned & metallic Bridesmaid dresses. Silver, rose gold, champagne or bronze dresses, we are just crazy about all of them! Metallics pair beautifully with every colour palette and work for every season. This gorgeous idea will also complement nearly every bridal gown, just make sure to keep jewelry down to a minimum. If you have a metallic wedding theme, then this post is especially for you.

Continue below to browse our ideas gallery, and don’t forget to Pin a few to share with your Bridesmaids!

Gold & Silver Metallic Bridesmaid Dresses

Source: Caroline Tran Photography, Jose Villa Photography, Sposto Photography

sequined metallic bridesmaid dresses 1 (more…)

18 Baby’s Breath Wedding Ideas For Rustic Weddings

30 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Bouquet, Wedding Ideas

Baby’s breath sometimes gets characterized as more of a “filler” flower, evening out bouquets and adding texture here and there. But recently, we’ve seen this filler flower go front and center in sweeping rustic arrangements. If you are thinking of going all-white in your wedding flowers, consider incorporating large bouquets of baby’s breath into the mix for a twinge of pastoral elegance. These small white and blush buds will add a fragrant smell and an airy aesthetic to your outdoor or indoor celebration. See below our gallery of baby’s breath wedding ideas to find a new ways to use it!

Baby’s Breath Wedding Ideas For Ceremony

Source: Caught The Light, onelove photography, The Waldron photograph Co.

babys breath wedding ideas 1
babys breath wedding ideas 2
babys breath wedding ideas 3

Source: L.Martin Wedding photography, Sarah Layne photography, Leo Patrone photography

babys breath wedding 4
babys breath wedding 5
babys breath wedding 6

Table Decoration

Source: Stephanie Hogue photography, Larissa Cleveland photography, Brandy Angel photography

babys breath wedding 7
babys breath wedding 8
babys breath wedding 9

Source: Realities photography, Dani Stephenson photograph, Larissa Cleveland photography

babys breath wedding 10
babys breath wedding 11
babys breath wedding 12


Source: Rowell photography, Dani Stephenson photograph, Nina & Wes photography

babys breath wedding 13
babys breath wedding 14
babys breath wedding 15

Source: Live View Studios, Lifetime photography, Ben Elsass photography

babys breath wedding 16
babys breath wedding 17
>babys breath wedding 18

24 Non-Floral Wedding Centerpieces So Stunning, You Won’t Miss Flowers

30 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Bouquet

Floral centerpieces can take a big money out of your pocket even if these flowers grows in a front yard. To save your costs we collected beautiful and affordable centerpieces that don’t involve flowers. See our gallery of non-floral wedding centerpieces and be prepared for some creativity ahead!

Fruits & Vegetables

Source: weddingforward via Instagram, Ellie Grover, Jasmine Star

non floral wedding centerpieces 1
non floral wedding centerpieces 2
non floral wedding centerpieces 3

Source: Brancoprata, Gemma Clarke, Bartlett Pair photography

non floral wedding centerpieces 4
non floral wedding centerpieces 5
non floral centerpieces 6

Non-Floral Wedding Centerpieces – Antiques

Source: Aldabella photography, Honey Honey photography, Hong photography Studio

non floral centerpieces 7
non floral centerpieces 8
non floral centerpieces 9

Source: KT Merry photography, O’Malley photographers, Justina Bilodeau

non floral centerpieces 10
non floral centerpieces 11
non floral centerpieces 12

Birdcages In Centerpiece Decor

Source: yazy jo, Rebecca Wood, Shane Snider photography

non floral centerpieces 13
non floral centerpieces 14
non floral centerpieces 15

Source: JAC photography, Jen & Chris Creed, Carla Gates photography

>non floral centerpieces 16
img class=”aligncenter wp-image-12882 size-large” src=”” alt=”non floral centerpieces 17″ data-original=”” />
non floral centerpieces 18


Source: Rachel McCauley, Philip Ficks, Nadia D photography

non floral centerpieces 19
non floral centerpieces 20
non floral centerpieces 21

Source: Justin & Mary, Arielle Doneson photography, Lowe photos

non floral centerpieces 22
non floral centerpieces 23
non floral centerpieces 24

15 Beautiful Wedding Light Ideas

30 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding light could replace flower decor, origami or bunting on your big day or work with it to make event more impressive. Pay a bit attention to your light to add ambience and drama. Candles and chandeliers will make a simple sitting more special. Decorate reception wall with little lights to get a beautiful night photos! See the best wedding light ideas that we picked for you!

Color-Washed Reception Walls

Source: Preston Bailey, Gruber photographers, mk photography

wedding light ideas 1
wedding light ideas 2
wedding light ideas 3
wedding light 4
wedding light 5
wedding light 6

Wedding Chandeliers

Source: whitelilacinc via Instagram, Rebecca Arthurs, Closer To Love photography

wedding light 7
wedding light 8
wedding light 9

Source: whitelilacinc via Instagram, Corbin Gurkin photography, whitelilacinc via Instagram

wedding light 10
wedding light 11
wedding light 12

Wedding Light Ideas – Groups Of Candles

Source: Roy Llera photographers, Woodnote photography, Regeti’s photography

wedding light 13
wedding light 14
wedding light 15

20 Charming Layered Bob Hairstyles

29 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

So, when’s the last time that you had a bob haircut? If you’re looking for something that is easy to maintain, adorable to look at and doesn’t require a ton of visits to your local hair salon, it’s the cut that we recommend. Hands down.

And what kind of bob would look best? Well, that depends. If you want one that has a bit of movement to it but doesn’t have a lot of extreme “choppiness”, you might want to go with a layered bob.

As you’ll see in a just a moment, there are all sorts of ways to wear it…that there are all kinds of ways to end up feeling like a layered bob is one of the best decisions that you’ve made in a really long time.

Inverted Layered Bob For Thick Hair

layered short straight bob hairstyle for short hair

Is your hair on the really thick side? If so, you’ll look so amazing with a layered inverted thick bob like this. Especially if you decide to go with an ombre color.

Inverted Layered Bob With A Short Tapered Back

highlighted inverted bob haircut with layers

Or how about this cut? It’s very similar to the one we just showed you, but if you look really closely, you’ll see that the neckline is tapered pretty close.

Inverted Layered Bob With Highlights Throughout

short inverted bob hairstyle with layers

Sometimes, when it comes to hairstyles, it’s all about the detailing. This inverted bob is a bit different that the others because most of the blonde highlights are centered around the top and front in order to give it a sun-kissed look.

Inverted Bob With A Side Part

layered inverted bob hairstyle with bangs

If you want to keep a considerable amount of length in the front of your inverted bob, you can still keep your hair out of your face. Just put a side part in. It will give you an effortless side-swept look.

Chin-Length Bob With Long Layers

Short layered graduated bob hairstyle for round face shapes

Chin-length bobs are super cute and really easy to maintain. And if they have some long layers in them, you can move your head in any direction and you’ll look picture perfect. No matter what.

Wavy Layered Bob

layered messy ombre bob haircut for women

If your hair has a naturally wavy pattern to it, cut it into a bob and add some long layers to it. In fact, get it slightly tapered in the back. That will help to give your waves a bit of extra definition.

Inverted Layered Bob

layered messy inverted bob cut for short hair

If you’ve always wondered what an inverted layered bob looks like, here’s a perfect example of one. Super tapered in the back and longer in the front to give your bob a bit of an edge.

Short Wavy Bob With Longer Layers

side view of cute layered messy bob haircut

This is a shorter version of a wavy bob. What makes it look so full is the fact that the layers are pretty long. We like that towards the bottom, they’re longer than the rest. It helps to bring out some of the “personality” in the hair.

Long Layers In The Front Bob

cute layered messy short haircut

This bob is pretty short too. But there are long layers in the front and top. Do take special notice of the fact that her bangs are a bit shorter though. That helps her from having to push her hair out of her face on a constant basis.

Long Layered Bob

Messy Bob Hairstyle with layers

If you’re someone who happens to keep up with hair trends, then you probably already know that the other name for a long bob is a “lob”. That’s what you see here. The color is really nice and it looks like the ends have been cut with a razor rather than scissors. That’s one of our favorite techniques.

Air-Dried Long Layered Bob

layered messy bob hairstyle for medium thick hair

This is the kind of long bob for the woman who wants hair that requires less than five minutes each day to do it. Just wash, condition, rinse, towel dry and you’re all set. (Especially if your hair is naturally wavy or curly.)

Sombre Layered Bob

layered messy bob hairstyle for thick hair
Credit /tumblr

Hairstyles for 2016: And just what is a sombre bob? It’s hair that’s cut into a bob hairstyle with the sombre hair coloring technique added to it. In a nutshell, a sombre is nothing more than the softer version of the ombre style.

Silver Layered Bob

messy layered medium hairstyle for thick hair

Is silver hair color still in? Yep. Here’s just one way that you can wear it.

Long Layered Two-Tone Inverted Bob

Layered a-line bob hairstyle with dark roots

We always like the kind of hairstyles where we’re pretty sure we won’t see our “twin” in a room if we got it. Although a long layered inverted bob is somewhat common, what makes this one stand out is the two-tone coloring. You can try it like this with the dark on the bottom and the light on the top or you can reverse it in order to appear even more distinctive.

Long Bob With Curly Tips

casual layered medium wavy hairstyle for everyday
Credit /pinterest

For a cut to still be considered a bob (or even a lob), this is pretty much the longest you can go. The way to get the curls on the ends is to use a curling iron or roller set the very bottom parts.

Layered Bob For Thick Straight Hair

Layered Stacked Bob Hairstyle for women over 50

Do you have thick straight hair and you’re not really sure what to do with it? Take this picture to your stylist. We’re pretty sure that they’ll give you the thumbs up when it comes to being a cut that’s great for your hair texture.

Long Layered Bob (That’s Longer In The Front)

Shaggy Layered Angled Bob Hairstyles for Women

Although upon first glace, it looks like her hair is the same length all the way around, it’s actually a bit longer in the front. That, along with the tousled side part makes this a unique kind of lob.

Wavy Layered Bob With Front Highlights

layered messy bob haircut for women over 40

Here’s another wavy lob. What makes it a bit different from the others is not only are there highlights throughout but big chunks of blonde coloring in the front where the hair frames the face.

Red Inverted Bob (With Bangs And Layers In The Back)

redhead - layered angled red bob haircut

Automatically, an inverted bob is considered to be a layered bob. The red hair makes it really dramatic while the bangs help to soften the style—just a bit.

Layered Chin-Length Bob (With Multiple Colors)

cool colred short bob haircut with layers

Some hairstyles can only be described as a work of art. This is a great example of that. Although the cut is pretty standard, the multiple colors makes it the look to beat. If you’ve fallen in love at first sight but you don’t want to try something that is quite so permanent, there are always temporary or even spray colors that you can apply.

Reverse Ombre Short Layered Bob

Layered short A-line Bob Haircut for women over 50

Short hairstyle for women age over 50: If you’re an older woman, you can still wear the latest hair color trends. Here’s one way to sport your natural grey hair and still combine it with the reverse ombre coloring technique.

5 Things All Brides Have Googled

29 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

5 Things All Brides Have Googled
When you’re planning a wedding, it can feel like suddenly a whole new world opens up to you, and this world can be overwhelming without proper support. There are hundreds of choices to make for the invitations alone, and it can be very easy for brides-to-be to find themselves confused and frustrated by how quickly new questions pop up every day.

It is at this point that a majority of women turn to Google for the answers, desperately searching the internet for ideas and hoping that someone out there has an easy answer. We have the statistics on what brides have Googled the most, and have some answers for your most common questions:

1. What Is The Purpose Of A Garter?

Answer: This remnant of the past is used in modern weddings for symbolic purposes, but the actual meaning of this accessory has been lost to time. Garters were originally designed to hold up stockings, and were an essential and functional element of the bride’s outfit.

2. What To Wear Under A Wedding Dress

Answer: Finding the right lingerie for under your dress is important, because you need to navigate around the unusual styles that some dresses have. Strapless and backless bras, or bras featuring plunging necklines, may be needed to complete your look, and gorgeous shape wear can make you feel like a goddess even when the dress has been removed.

3. How To Get Him To Propose

Answer: Although this question is technically asked before the wedding planning process begins, we still feel like we should address this common issue. Our advice: try a little bit of patience – you can’t rush perfection!

4. How Much Does A Wedding Cost?

Answer: This is one of the questions brides have Googled the most, but the resulting answer can be very misleading. While the average cost of a wedding in the US is around $35,000, this number is skewed by a few big spenders – the majority of couples spend less than $10,000 on a wedding.

5. How To Plan A Wedding

Answer: If you’re not planning on hiring a professional, you’ll want to work hard to gather tips and tricks from other brides on how to create the perfect day without stressing yourself to death. Brides have Googled searches for planning applications, and make good use of digital or hard-copy planning boards to collect ideas and organize your thoughts.

If you feel like you’re asking a lot of questions during this process, know that other brides have Goggled the same things, so don’t feel silly for googling things like “What happens at bachelor parties?” or “What should I add to my bridal registry?” In the age of the internet, you can find a million ideas for your “something blue” without ever leaving the house, and there are pre-designed wedding playlists, menus, and designs for every kind of taste. You can use the power of the internet to your advantage, so sit back, relax, and keep searching.

How To Decorate Wedding Taco Bar

29 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Taco bar is something unusual and fun. So, why not make your wedding with a taco bar? It is great idea because it’s easy for the cook and everyone can make their taco just the way they like it. Taco bar includes colorful and bright decoration, for example colored napkins and glassware, colorful rug, etc. Look at the our ideas how to make and decorate wedding taco bar to inject uniqueness and fun your wedding.

Taco Bar Ingredients (plan your menu)

The first thing you must do when planning a party is to plan your menu. Taco bar can include different tortillas, meats, chicken, toppings, vegetables, chili, hot sauce etc. Add set out an assortment of hot, sweet, fresh and spicy ingredients.

Source: Amber Thrane Photography, Aislinn Kate Photography, Paper&Party Love

wedding taco bar 1
wedding taco bar 2
wedding taco bar 3

Taco Bar Drinks & Decor

Source: Kara Allen Photography, Melani Lust Photography , Catch my party

wedding decor ideas taco bar 3
wedding decor ideas taco bar 2
wedding decor ideas taco bar 1

How To Decorate Bar & Tables

Source: Kara Allen Photography, Jeff Mindell Photography ,Dyan Kethley Photography

wedding decor ideas taco bar 6
wedding decor ideas taco bar 5
wedding decor ideas taco bar 4

Decorate Wedding Taco Bar With Signs & Banners

Source: Ashley dePencier Photography , Dyan Kethley Photography , Sposto Photography

wedding decor ideas taco bar 9
wedding decor ideas taco bar 8
wedding decor ideas taco bar 7

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