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18 Dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings Of Her Dreams

15 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends! Therefore diamond rings are a great choice for engagement. Here you will find different styles of diamond engagement rings of her dreams. If you want something traditional choose round rose gold engagement rings or princess-cut diamonds. For something unusual & unique look at the yellow or black diamond engagement rings. Find your engagement rings that you’ll want to wear forever!

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Source: Verragio via instagram, Barkevs Engagement Rings via instagram, MDCDiamonds via instagram

chic diamond engagement rings 1
chic diamond engagement rings 2
chic diamond engagement rings 3

Source: simongjewelry via instagram, masinadiamonds via instagram, Gabriel & Co. via instagram

diamond princess cut engagement rings 1
diamond princess cut engagement rings 2
diamond princess cut engagement rings 3

Stunning Diamond Rings Set

Source: BeautifulPetra via Etsy, Gabriel & Co. via instagram, kirkkara via instagram

<stunning diamond ring set 1

What Do Men Want From Marriage?

15 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Marriage is something that creates an engagement between two people for an unlimited tract. The role of men in marriage is often misunderstood, as are their points of view. In other words, men want the same things from marriage, as women.



Men often are being criticized that they don’t talk enough with their wives. Actually, the lack of communication between the partners is the most often postulate for divorces. The consequences from this lack of communication usually sound like “I don’t know what he is thinking” and then it leads to “I don’t know what he wants”, because he does not know how to answer me what he wants from our marriage.


Wrong perceptions

Naturally, men are simple creatures. Their needs are based on conveniences and pleasure, while women are more caring and willing to ignore their needs for others. This seems really hard to do for women. The truth is that that men want their wives to be happy, healthy and loving as… as you could figure it out – their mother. The theory that everything is a matter of sex is not always right. Even though that there are some exceptions to this rule, the mother is the role model and men usually unwittingly choose the most appropriate woman for them by this model. That is why men beforehand have the idea of the perfect woman for them and the mother of their children.


Theories / speculations

Men want a woman who has their mother’s qualities, but they do not want a second mother in their lives. When a wife starts acting like a superior post in marriage, things usually start being destroyed. And here is why communication in the marriage is really important. The confusion leads to too many misunderstandings and doubts, which are usually untrue. Trust is very easily destroyed and it is also the main postulate for divorces. Don’t forget that infidelity is pushed from an already broken trust between couples. All married couples want the trust in the family to be proven from time to time in order for them to feel comfortable and happy.



You always have to be sincere about your needs. Don’t expect someone to guess what you need. This is also a way to have a conversation with your partner. If you have a hard time dealing with your problems, you could consult a specialist who could help you clear things between you.



You have all heard that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This means that they don’t have a lot in common. Well, this is not fully true. Both men and women are humans. Humans have many common needs. They are emotional, they depend from each other, they need each other to be complete and of course they want the same things from marriage. Security, a friend in life, trust, passion, respect – all these things are the key ingredients for the perfect marriage. Men want such marriage as much as women do!

Trial Marriage

15 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

To find out if you have chosen the right person for your entire life, you could make a trial marriage. The first thing you should do is try to deal with all problems on your own without the help of interested and not so interested people like your family, friends and other relatives.


Besides, it would be good if you define how long your experiment is going to last (the optimal term, according to psychologists is six months). This will serve you as a guarantee that your relationship won’t get stuck in an endless try for you both to live together. In the end of this term, you will have to decide if you are really going to get married or you both will head your own road. Don’t forget that the purpose of the experiment is the creation of a family, not any other relationships. But if you both realize that marriage is not for you, it’s ok. There is nothing wrong with that – what’s important is that the final result suits both of you.


To find how your partner sees the family relationships and to define the model of the perfect family, you will have to talk and communicate with him. It is very important that your opinions are similar and if they match you could find the perfect setting for you both. Don’t forget that life changes a lot in time and that in the future some things will seem a lot different for you and your partner. This is why you should wait these 6 months and then have another conversation about what you want.


Take care of the contraception. If you get pregnant, this trial marriage will turn into a real marriage straight away. It’s better to avoid unplanned pregnancy, than to face the consequences later.


Do not think that the result will be positive. If you realize that you can not live in harmony, as a family, don’t think of it as a tragedy, be brave and end your relationship in a good way. Even more – don’t start thinking that you can not live a happy family life at all. You will for sure find another person to build a family with. Of course, only if you manage to use your past experience which you have gained during the trial marriage.

What Should Women Know About Men?

15 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

“I can not understand why my husband wants me to be depressed. Before, we never contradicted one another when I criticized him about his clothes. Now, he gets angry when I say something about what he is wearing. Before, he used to help me with everything, but now when I got back to work and when I really need his help, he refuses to do anything.”

The husband of this woman suffers from the so called “damaged ego”. He understands that his wife should go back to work, but deep inside he can not agree with that.

His sensitive ego suffers, because he realizes that he can no longer fend for his family without the help of his wife. He feels incapable of doing that, he defenses himself and becomes critical towards every real or imaginary threat.

He can not realize the problem with his ego and his wife makes things worse by complaining all the time. No man is protected from “damaged ego”. Nowadays, the competitive society makes men face a lot of threats that affect their manhood.

Listen to your man, do not criticize him. The woman, who manages to heal the damaged ego of her husband, could become the most important person in his life. She will get in return his love and appreciation and these two things will turn your relationship into something really beautiful.


Men need comfort and quietness


A group of men were asked about what they want to have at home. They all didn’t dream of a luxury car, a swimming pool or expensive furniture. They just wanted calmness. The tension at work is huge. The stress from the efforts that men make to keep their job, to be appreciated from their boss and to earn enough money, is so big that they need a lot of support and comfort at home. This is the reason why calmness is the first thing in the list of their needs.

And who could find calmness in all the mess and disorder? He has the right to expect his wife to deal with all the house work and to take care of the kids. This need is so deep that each man dreams of a beautiful, well dressed woman that welcomes them in their home with love and a prepared delicious dinner. Women need financial stability and men need comfort and calmness.


Men need a partner for their entertainment


In the book “His needs and her needs”, U.F. Harley places the relaxing communication in the second place among the needs of men, right after the sexual needs. I totally agree with his claim, because the communication and the sharing create intimacy between the partners. Men love actions. It doesn’t matter if they are going to throw rocks, shoot trees, kick boxes or run around something. Since they were little, they gather together and make things without a lot of conversations. The grown man continues with the actions even in the company of his wife. He wants to be entertained by doing things together with her, not by speaking with her. Sharing a certain action with her satisfies his needs and he feels happy. In this way, men feel closer to their wives and this creates intimacy between them and their partners. Women are experts in accompanying their friends and partners.

But when the marriage comes, they no longer feel that they need to be with them on a vacation or somewhere else, because now there are a lot of more important things to do – like cleaning the house, cooking and taking care of the children. But women, who miss their chances to be with their husbands because of certain things, could realize that despite of their efforts, they will never manage to create the feeling of intimacy between them and their partners.

Men need to shake off the stress


Researches show the stress is a lot more deadly for men than for women.

● Two times more men die from heart diseases.

● Pneumonia and influenza cause the deaths of men three times more than of women.

● Car accidents and drugs kill three times more men then women.

● The ratio of suicidal by men and women is 3:1.

● 30% more men die from cancer in comparison with women (cancer could be caused by stress)

● Men live 8 years less than women.

● Men suffer from more health diseases that are caused by stress like heart attack, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Stress is something that annoys, threatens, worries, upsets and challenges the personality. These things, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant they are, encourage the human’s body to start running, fighting and searching for a way out. The crisis, caused by stress, is born in the heart, which leads to heart diseases.

The stress by men is a result of:

  1. their physics
  2. their carrier
  3. their family
  4. their incapability to share their feelings and express their emotions

When he gets home after a tough day at work, he wants to forget about stress and have a little break by reading the newspaper or a book. He needs to think about his problems and to figure out how to deal with them.

In case he can not find a solution, he will try to forget about them by watching TV, going to the gym or to watch a soccer game. By getting away from stress, he becomes more calm and happy. When a man is stressed out, he forgets about everything else and focuses only on his problems. He often becomes distanced and starts forgetting things. He becomes irresponsible.

The bigger the problem is, the more distanced he is likely to become. In such moments, he is not capable of paying attention to his wife or kids. The problems and the stress are the only things on his mind. His wife is so sensitive and she starts feeling ignored. She takes it really personal and starts arguing with him.

It is possible that he does not realize the way he is acting. A woman could live a lot easier if she knows that his behavior is something temporary and that it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her. The caring wife will give her husband time to think it through and deal with the problems. She will stop talking right at the moment when she realizes that he is “somewhere else”.


Men need understanding

Francisco from Assize prays: “God, please let me understand people more than people understand me”. This purpose in marriage could be completely transformed into misunderstandings. When one of the partners is too busy with the thoughness of being understood, he becomes selfish and unsatisfied.

Paul Thornier, a famous Christian psychologist, realized the need of understanding between the married couples. He claimed that both partners have to learn how to understand what makes them complain, what they hate and what they like, what he fears and what he is concerned about, what he dreams of and what he believes…why he/she feels in a certain way. Such an aim could make one marriage perfect. Marriage doesn’t depend on how much two people love each other. It depends on how good they have learned to understand how their partner feels.

Your Wedding – Perfection For A Special Day

15 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Imagine flowers in a medieval castle, bohemian chic in an art gallery, an altar decorated with roses… This is not a dream but your dream that can become reality. When planning your wedding, do it with a sensational, flawless and unique style. As you prepare for the most important day of your life, forget the stress and make everything with taste.

Take advantage of your imagination and be inspired by your mission, put all of yourself, show your unique style. Follow your dreams, be irresistible. Whether you want something traditional or contemporary, classic or unusual. You want to marry at the circus arena? You want your wedding to be in a medieval palace, laden with flowers? There is nothing wrong with that! This will be your perfect experience in the loveliest day of your life.


Plan everything to the smallest detail, which at first glance may seem insignificant. Choose the perfect place, contact with exclusive suppliers that will provide incredible selection of the best performers and musicians, food, flowers, wedding car and many extras that will make your wedding perfect.


Manage the whole event with your own ideas or trust a wedding agency that will take care of your most cherished dreams to be realized. You can always be informed about the progress of your wedding and what means are used.


There are so many things to do, and time flies. In order to be your wedding second to none, you must comply with the traditions. There are many examples, but you must at least comply with some of the most famous.


There are many other things that you need to make perfect. Make sure the wedding banquet to be of very high standard. Select your best vision possible, consulting with the relevant experts, watch whether the decoration fits your requirements and much more. Let your wedding be a magical experience you will always remember and will tell of your children and grandchildren.

The Wedding Etiquette. Guidance For Guests

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

For the clothing, the gifts and the (in)appropriate behavior


Everybody loves weddings: fun, alcohol, dancing, food, cake… But somebody’s wedding is not just a party with free food. It is an event that celebrates the beginning of “and they lived happily until the end of their days” for the new family. And because it is the first most important moment of a family history, it is not enough to just show up. Read this short guide for guests, which will reveal the basic rules of the wedding etiquette.


The clothing

Every woman who has been invited to a wedding falls in the throes of the crisis, called “I have nothing to wear”. The difficulty actually derives not so much from the lack of clothing, but from the inability to determine what garment is most appropriate.

Your first starting point is the invitation – if there is a stated requirement for the clothing (such as “strictly formal”), life becomes easier.

The second clue you should look for at the place and time of the wedding. If you are invited to an evening wedding at the Hilton, there’s nothing to think over the matter – an Evening Dress and high heels are mandatory. However, if the wedding party is held outdoors, for example in a garden with grass then a colorful summer dress and espadrilles will be completely appropriate.

Another way to orientate how to dress is to look very carefully at the invitation – is it expensive, formal, printed with “golden” letters or simple and handwritten. The logic is that “the snobbish” invitation should be followed by a “snobbish” wedding where the casual clothing will make you feel uncomfortable and vice versa.


The gifts

The gift can be served in 3 ways: to send it in advance, to give it away on the wedding day or send it after the wedding, but within a reasonable period – no more than a month. If you can not go to the wedding, you are not obliged to send a gift, but it would be a nice gesture – still the newlyweds have decided that they have to share with you “the happiest day in their life,” as they have invited you.The etiquette, however, allows spending a little less for a gift in this case than if you would have visited wedding.

How expensive should the gift be is also a question that has traumatized the invitees. The rule is this: whether you attend or not, how much money you spend for the gift depends on your budget and possibilities, from your relationship with the newlyweds and of course – your creativity.

And one more thing – let your gift carry a personal message. If you give, for example, a pressure cooker, put in it your wish and your favorite recipe, handwritten on a stylish greeting card.


The guests

If on the invitation are listed the names of the invited – i.e. yours, of the spouse and children, everything is clear. If the children are omitted again everything is clear and there is no need to call to ask if you could take them with you.

If you are single and in the invitation is stated that may bring someone with you, it means that you can pick whomever you choose – a person you are dating, friend, etc.

If the invitation is addressed only to you, and you are raring to star with your new friend, hold it. According to the wedding etiquette to bring a guest, when only you are invited, is one of the most serious blunders. At the weddings usually everything is planned – not only the food, but also the places and although almost always remain from both, it is still likely to create confusion and inconvenience for the couple.


Here are some common warnings.


What is inappropriate to do:

– To toast when you’re not sure what you will say. If you are friends with the bride from your student years and suddenly, in the midst of wedding you choose to share any of your “wild” stories, it could get quite awkward.

– To violate the ceremony with your late arrival. If you’re late, enter in the hall or the church in the most inconspicuous way and stay behind.

– To wear white, cream and so on colors that look more “bridal” than the bride’s dress. This is her day – do not take it away from her.

– To overdo it with the alcohol. Whatever feelings you get hold of, do not “drown” them in alcohol at this very moment. No excuses will correct the things if you ruin the celebration of the couple.



What is appropriate to do:

– To attend both the ceremony and the party. If you appear after the completion of the ritual it will seem as though you came just for the free food.

– To take pictures. Even if the newlyweds have hired a professional photographer, they will always be pleased to receive more pictures from that day.

– To have fun, of course, within the framework of the ethical, this does not mean that you can not flirt – for example with the groomsmen… Who knows, if you are alone and single, this day could be as special for you as for the newlyweds…

Top 10 Most Bizarre Wedding Superstitions

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Every culture in the world has its peculiarities. We decided to introduce you to our brief ranking, composed of the 10 most bizarre beliefs about the wedding.


1. No matter where or how you will store it, according to some superstitions, dear newlyweds, you must keep a piece of your wedding cake at least until the day of the first anniversary of your wedding!


2. Here is another belief associated with waiting: Before you wash your Wedding Dress, dear ladies, best wait for the birth of your first child.


3. Interesting! If your future husband stumbles on the way to the church, he certainly is uncertain, but if he steps into a puddle – he will become an alcoholic. Observe him carefully!


4. The season in which will take place your wedding affects your future life together. Did you not know that? If you marry in the spring, this ensures happiness and prosperity. Summer brings warmth and understanding. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that the autumn and winter are not suitable for a wedding.Marriages concluded in the cooler seasons are considered perishable.


5. You go towards the church? Mandatory exit through the front door, crossing the threshold with your right foot. This ensures your happiness. If you accidentally mess them up, sorry your husband will be unfaithful!


6. You enter the church. Be careful to step once again with the right foot. And of those who enter with the left … Your partner will cheat!


7. When preparing the bed of the young lovers, the pillows are placed so as to touch on the sides which are the buttons. This will surely bring love for life.


8. Dear ladies, be very careful with your handkerchiefs in the church! They say that if the bride drops her handkerchief, then she will be a widow…


9. Another reason to be careful on your wedding day. Neither you nor your future spouse have the right to pass in the same way on the outward and return, no matter where you go throughout the day of the wedding.


10. Girls, of exit from the church, I hope your mother did not forget to break an egg in front of you because otherwise this squanders your chances of light pregnancy and childbirth.


As we mentioned, every culture has its quirks. Whether you will pass with the right or left foot over the threshold, whether you will wash your dress the very next day, or wait for your first child, whether you will put the pillows one below the other or side by side … There is hardly any that much matter if you have reached to your wedding day. Dear ladies, let your love fight with all the doubts and obstacles, this will surely be more useful than any superstition.

Let’S Pack Up For The Honeymoon – What To (Not) Do

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The most appropriate and busy season for a honeymoon is the summer, which means that many young couples have booked their airline tickets and hotel rooms. After that pleasant activity, however, comes the preparation of the luggage for this vacation, on which one goes once in a lifetime.

Follow these simple organizational tips and recommendations for a trip, in order to make sure that your holiday will go as smoothly as possible.


Label your luggage on the inside and out. Mark your suitcase with something unique and recognizable in order not to lose it. Just a few simple steps will prevent the confusion of other passengers when taking their luggage. For a start, try some creative labels for luggage or colorful ribbons.

No way!

Do not wait until the last minute. Consider your list of things for packing at least a week before the departure. If your plans for the honeymoon include leaving immediately after the wedding, the last thing you want is to pack feverishly and quickly, taking what you see at first. It is best to plan and pack in advance to avoid the stress and reduce the chance of forgetting the most important things.


Make copies of the passports, identity documents and credit cards. Let there be two copies of all. Take one with you. If you ever lose a purse, bag or whatever, you will be secured.

No way!

Do not overdo it with the luggage! The large, heavy bags are terrible when it comes to a trip, and are super unnecessary. Furthermore, the lighter luggage may prevent quite a few quarrels.


Take the important things with you on the flight. This list includes medications, documents (identity card, tickets, itineraries, etc.), clothes for changing, something for entertainment such as books, a magazine or playing cards.

No way!

Do not take shoes that you have not worn before.

Whether it comes for hiking boots, sneakers or official shoes, a worn pair will help you avoid blisters and other problems with your feet that will prevent you from enjoying the honeymoon.

Prepare for the hotel and for your relatives information with the contacts, the routes and your family members. In case of emergency while you are away, your loved ones will know exactly what to do in order to reach you.

No way!
Do not forget how useful can be the plastic bags. They are very practical and can be helpful in some critical situations (change of dirty clothes when you feel unwell, etc.). Furthermore, you can pack all your clothes in transparent plastic bags and sort them – for example: underwear, shirts, pants. This method guarantees you a great organization and maximum space.

Take with you bottles of water. Stay hydrated throughout your whole trip with reusable bottles.

No way!
Do not carry bulky toiletries. The necessary items for the journey such as deodorant and toothpaste will alleviate your cargo and will save you a bit more space. You can also put them in your hand luggage.

Get rid of the books. Consult with all possible means such as guides and language dictionaries that you want. They can be extremely useful when traveling, especially abroad. However, if you carry them with you, they will only burden you further. Instead, download the guidance applications and digital files on your smartphone or tablet.

No way!
Do not let your health habits to evaporate. Nothing is preventing you from taking a disinfectant or antibacterial wipes. Furthermore, it is not difficult to pack and vitamins, suitable for every day, and a few tablets for strengthening of the immunity just in case.
Use a backpack. It is ideal for trips city tours, hiking. There are various models, so choose the most appropriate for you.
No way!
Do not spend your time on the social networks. Leave the computer at home. Stay away from Facebook and Twitter. You can upload photos and send witty messages when you get home. Remember – this is your honeymoon! Live it. Pay attention to your spouse and relax fully.

The Choice Of A Restaurant For The Wedding

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

In order to have the ideal celebration, you must choose a suitable restaurant for the wedding. Above all, it must appeal to you as interior and style and to be sure that it will be the perfect place.


First, you have to find one that can gather all your guests, having in mind that you need to leave at least a few seats available for any new signings in the last minute. Generally, a suitable restaurant for a wedding is a larger premise with enough seats, a dance floor and a stage for the musicians. Before you stop at a particular restaurant is better to look on the internet and see the sites of famous restaurants in your city. Then explore the ones you do like in order to evaluate the premises, their atmosphere and not least the menu that they offer because most weddings fit into a defined budget.

The menu is not strictly defined and you may consult with the manager of the restaurant in order to get good quality, nutritious food and service for the amount you have planned. In some restaurants it is not a problem to bring part of the appetizers and drinks, especially if they are associated with special family traditions, for example aged for 20 years brandy specifically guarded by your grandfather for the wedding day. If in the menu is present meat is good to comply with the guests who will be attending, because some people do not eat meat or eat only certain one.


For a wedding party are usually preferred spacious and bright restaurants. The bright hall is welcome also for your photographer and video operator, and especially if you hold on the wedding photography and video, it is better the ceiling of the restaurant to be bright.


Additional decoration for the restaurant you can order at a company that offers similar services, a wedding agency or you yourself can deal with it, but have in mind that the hardest part will be the wedding table, which requires more knowledge and skills. However, if you have more funds, it is better to trust a wedding agency for the decoration, because they will be able to offer you many different styles, which will contribute to the atmosphere and originality of your wedding in the restaurant.


The restaurants that offer similar halls for a wedding usually work with a specific orchestra, but if you want you can always select a different band or DJ, who will suit more to your wedding party.

How To Select The Wedding Underwear?

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Every detail for the big day is important 

The wedding day is this magic moment in which each woman becomes a princess and her lover – a prince.

If as a little girl you have imagined the long white dress with crinoline, veil, shiny small tiara and perfect makeup and hair, then this is the moment when you can make that dream come true.

The perfect vision, however, requires special attention to every detail.

In order not to miss anything in your quest to do everything we present the most important tips concerning the choice of the wedding underwear.

Because everything in this day should be special!


Do not postpone


The selection of the correct and appropriate underwear is not a process which happens mandatory at the first attempt. For this purpose, plan enough time to look around and check all of your options and decide which of the models and combinations will be most suitable for your dress.

Keep in mind that the underwear has the ability to shape and emphasize the female body and is thus one of the most essential elements in the wedding day. If you have a limited budget, we advise you to stop if you need to at a bit cheaper dress, but necessarily expensive and qualitative underwear.

At the very least because this is an investment that will be restored over time. Do not underestimate the comfort as you will have to go through the whole intensive day with it.


Beautiful and invisible


Necessarily combine it with the dress. The secret of the fine underwear is to highlight and form, but without being noticeable. With the right sizes and models, you can draw up an appropriate kit to complement the cut of your wedding silhouette. Do not forget about the beautiful stockings (if you have to be with such) and the garter to them.


Basic steps 


In order not to miss any of the essential elements we suggest a short a plan at paragraphs which to follow.


  1. Try the underwear
  2. Combine with the dress
  3. Use a model which shapes the body
  4. Make sure you take the exact size
  5. Do not miss the socks
  6. Garters
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