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65 DIY Wedding Food Bar Ideas

30 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

They’re the trendiest of trends in wedding food, the tastiest DIY project around, the most appetizing way to please your guests…what am I talking about?

Wedding food bars!

Delicious ideas have probably taken over your Pinterest feed, and it’s no wonder! They’re creative, adored by guests, and an easy way to personalize your reception meal.

I’m sure you’ve seen lots of s’mores, popcorn, and candy bars out there. As yummy as those may be, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. You can DIY a food station with just about any of your favorite things.

To prove it, here are 65 wedding food bar ideas you’ve probably never considered—but should.

65 Wedding Food Bar Ideas

Cassie Rosch Photography

Cassie Rosch Photography


Okay, not exactly “food,” but these drink stations will definitely be a highlight of your reception.

1. Coffee: Provide them with sweeteners, cream, mocha powder, cinnamon…yum! Plus, the more caffeine you get into their system, the longer they’ll stay and party.

2. Champagne Infusion: Champagne is great by itself, but mix in fresh fruit or even popsicles and you can say “cheers” to one incredible cocktail.

3. Bloody Mary: Celery, beef jerky, pickles, horseradish, olives, jalapenos, hot sauce, buffalo wings, sliders, cilantro, bacon, peppers…can I keep going?

4. Beer Flight: Breweries have taken over the Twin Cities—what about your hometown? Check with local craft brewers to see if they cater weddings. Or buy kegs from a few of your favorites and serve flights to your guests.

Laurelyn Savannah Photography Whim Photography

Laurelyn Savannah Photography & Whim Photography

5. Martini: Liquor, vermouth, olives, lemon twists. Served straight up or on the rocks. “Shaken, not stirred.”

6. Margarita: Let them choose their flavor, salt or no salt, and garnish. Add tequila shot supplies for a real good time.

7. Lemonade: So sweet! Ideal for an outdoor, summer big day. The kids will love it too!

8. Mimosa: Serving brunch? Champagne with OJ is a must-have. Or set this up in the morning for hair and makeup refreshments.

9. Hot Chocolate: Warm up your friends and family with white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties. Garnish with peppermint sticks and marshmallows. Oh-so cozy…

spencer combs photography

Spencer Combs Photography

Appetizers & Finger Food

A nibble here and a nibble there…these apps will get them super excited

10. Salad: This doesn’t have to be boring! Fill dishes with incredible toppings like a variety of cheeses, seeds, veggies, fruits, dressings, proteins, and bacon—a really, really big bowl of bacon.

11. Mashed Potato: Serve the mashed spuds in martini glasses to class things up a bit. Then supply diners with toppings like bacon (yes, a very large bowl), peas, cheese, scallions, gravy, dressing, or whatever you love on this classic side.

12. Baked Potato: Same toppings, different potatoes.

13. Poutine: French fries topped with cheese curds and drowning in gravy? Count me in.

14. Spud: Offer every type of potato with all of the fixings mentioned above.

Brian Bossany Photography

Brian Bossany Photography

15. Chili: Homemade chili (red and white, perhaps?) with sour cream, cheese, hot peppers, scallions, lettuce, tortilla chips, and cornbread.

16. Bruschetta: I love this Italian station. Toast up a ton of crostini, and provide plenty of toppings. Since there are so many options, I found a list of recipes to try >>

17. Fondue: Oil, cheese, chocolate…three hot, wonderful things. Dip some meat, carbs, and fruit in them and you’ve got a successful wedding food bar.

18. Biscuit: Are you a southern belle? Do you dream of being one? Then build a biscuit bar! Serve with honeys and jams.

19. Cheese & Cracker: Easy and delicious.

20. Charcuterie: Lots of meat. Cheese optional. I recommend both—but, I love cheese.

21. Olive Oil: Fresh baked bread and a variety of delicious olive oils for dipping. Serve these at a station or on each table for easy access.

Tandem Tree Photography

Tandem Tree Photography

22. Fruit: Lots of fruit, obviously. Then provide dips, cool whip, or yogurt for a sweet pairing.

23. Oyster: Expensive, but delectable. Some love the taste of raw oysters, and some need lemon, Siracha, horseradish, or Mignonette sauce to make it work.

24. Soup: Cook up a variety of soups and toppings. You could even try soup shooters!

25. Pickle: Cool idea, right? And super easy. Just find a ton of different, delicious pickles and DIY some labels.

26. Trail Mix: Just purchase all of the fixings you like and let your guests mix! This can be an event app or your favor, depending on the dish you use.

27. Wings: I thought it would be cool to supply diners with plain wings, then bowls of unique sauces they can mix and match. Be prepared! This bar will be messy.

28. Popcorn: Popular for a reason! Seasonings, sweet mix-ins, and lots of butter. Serve at the reception or let your guests take some home in a simple paper bag.

Erin Johnson Photography

Erin Johnson Photography


29. Chips & Salsa: Sort them from mild to spicy and watch everyone dig in.

30. Nacho: All the veggies. All the meat. All the cheese. All the greatness.

31. Taco: All the veggies. All the meat. All the ch—you get it. Save some cash and make them walking tacos! Small bags of Doritos, ground hamburger with taco seasoning, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream.

32 . Burrito: A bit trickier than the other Mexican options, but definitely doable. You just need an expert burrito roller on-hand.

Ray + Kelly Photography

Ray + Kelly Photography


Finally, the main course!

33. Sushi & Saki: This one requires a sushi chef, unless you know how to whip up a good roll.

34. Grilled Cheese: Slice up a variety of unique cheeses and have a frying station. Or hand out mini grilled cheeses with tomato soup shots.

35. Pizza: Create a build your own bar with sauces, veggies, meat, and more, then grill or bake. You could do classic crust or even flatbreads!

Ray + Kelly Photography

Ray + Kelly Photography

36. Burger: I suggest a designated griller who whips up patties in bulk. Guests can grab a patty cooked to their liking and dress it up with any fixings you provide.

37. Pasta: Put out a variety of noodles, pitchers of tasty sauces, veggies, meats, and shredded cheese. Let your guests combine their favorites and create a personalized pasta dinner.

38. Sandwich: Class it up with unique, fresh breads, meats, cheeses, and more.

39. Slider: Like a burger bar, but smaller. Give them more meat options, like meatballs or chicken!

40. Hot Dog: Like a burger bar, but no burgers. Chili, anyone?

Kye Samuelson Photography

Kye Samuelson Photography


The most important meal of the day on your most important day ever.

41. Cereal: Large glass jars filled with your favorite, sugary cereals and pitchers of milk. So adorable.

42. Waffle: Leslie Knope would be proud…serve up stacks of hot waffles with whipped cream, fruit, and syrup.

43. Pancake: Quicker than waffles, but just as delicious.

44. Crepe: Parlez-vous Français? Thin pancakes with lots of fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate, and more folded inside.

45. Oatmeal: Crockpots of gooey oatmeal and dishes of the best mix-ins like brown sugar, cinnamon, and fresh fruit.

46. Omelette: These classic breakfast stations exist at your favorite hotels and brunch spots, so why can’t you have one at your big day?

47. All of the above: There’s nothing better than a breakfast buffet, right?


Cassie Rosch Photography


Would one of these DIY desserts satisfy your sweet tooth?

48. Caramel Apple: Perfect for fall. Let them dip and decorate themselves! Candies, nuts, chocolate syrup, and lots of napkins should be provided.

49. Donut: “Glazed and delicious from the new Mr. & Mrs.” Pretty clever, huh? You can thank Pinterest for that one. Plate them pre-decorated or let them DIY. A donut tower serves as a great wedding cake, by the way.

50. Pie: Cherry, blueberry, apple, pecan, pumpkin…everyone loves pie! Serve this all-American dessert with a giant bowl of Cool Whip.

51. Cheesecake: Fruit, chocolate, peanut butter…there are so many sweet ways to dress up your cheesecake. Create bite size cheesecakes, or serve up slices.

The Freckled Key Photography

The Freckled Key Photography

52. S’more: Use Sterno lamps as mini fires and supply guests with the usual s’more materials. For set-up instructions, consult Pinterest.

53. Ice Cream: DIY sundaes, anyone? I know I’d scream for ice cream.

54. Milk & Cookie: Chocolate chip cookies are classic, but sugar means lots of fun decorating for your friends and family!

55. Candy: Fill a variety of clear vases, bowls, and jars with your favorite candies. Sweet-lovers can enjoy a handful at the reception or take a bag home as their favor.

56. Cake/Cupcake: People love options. Instead of making the impossible flavor decision, why not offer a few? Cupcakes make that easy, but you can do it with smaller cakes as well. My friend ordered hers from a local grocery store bakery and saved SO much money—but they still tasted incredible.

57. Chocolate Fountain: Pretty tasty and lookin’.

Jody Savage Photography

Jody Savage Photography

58. Fruit Pizza: A “healthy” alternative to your typical cookie station. All you need are soft sugar cookies, Cool Whip, and sliced fruit.

59. Churro: Cinnamon sugar, melted chocolate, hot caramel, and fruit sauces are just a few of the possible sides.

60. Milkshake: All you need is ice cream, candy, fruit, and a lot of blenders. Not to mention a few dozen cans of whipped cream. Plus, how cute will the photos be?

61. Root Beer Float: Root beer + ice cream = win.

62. Snow Cone: Talk about a summer classic! Help your guests cool off in a delectable way.

63. Oreo: Scatter them, stack them, build a tower of them…you won’t regret it.


Cassie Rosch Photography

For the DIY-Disabled:

Make your life a little easier by letting someone else do the work. I promise the food will still be delicious.

64. Fast Food: Save yourself some trouble and time—isn’t that what fast food is all about? One huge order of takeout from McDonalds, Taco Bell, or whatever joint you and your fiancé love will serve as the ideal late-night snack.

65. Food Truck: Lots of food trucks are catering weddings nowadays. Have them cater the whole big day or stop by for a mid-reception pick-me-up!

Did I miss a DIY wedding food station? Share it in a comment below!

55 Romantic Wedding Hairstyle Ideas Having A Perfect Balance Of Elegance And Trendy

30 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

From high-volume & braids to soft curly waves with gorgeous flowers, we have created a beautiful collection of most romantic bridal updos for your wedding day.

Loose waves or a beautiful half up wedding updo will last till the after party and is a romantic addition to a traditional strapless wedding gown. These hairstyles work best for outdoor weddings and are considered ‘weather-proof’. Beautiful beaded headband or a low maintenance flower clip is a lovely, romantic touch.

Intricate braids are an exciting addition to already gorgeous updos that best highlight the romantic details of lace Wedding Dresses. Pearl accessories, teardrop earings and jeweled clips create a beautiful wedding look for brides who want to layer on the romance. Your wedding hairstyle shouldn’t steal the rest of your look. Classic and simple updos also go beautifully with any dress or wedding theme.

















wedding hair style 1

wedding hair style 2

wedding hair style 3

wedding hair style 4

wedding hair style 5

wedding hair style 6

wedding hair style 7

wedding hair style 8

wedding hair style 9

wedding hair style 10

wedding hair style 11

wedding hair style 12

wedding hair style 13

wedding hair style 14

wedding hair style 15

wedding hair style 16

wedding hair style 17

wedding hair style 18

wedding hair style 19

wedding hair style 20

wedding hair style 21

wedding hair style 22

wedding hair style 23

wedding hair style 24

wedding hair style 25

wedding hair style 26

wedding hair style 27

wedding hair style 29

wedding hair style 30

wedding hair style 31

wedding hair style 32

wedding hair style 33

wedding hair style 34

wedding hair style 35

wedding hair style 36

wedding hair style 37

wedding hair style 38

most_romantic_bridal_hairstyles_-_ulyana.aster_via_instagram_4-300x500 18-most-romantic-bridal-updos-lauren-jackson-photography-300x500

What Color should the Mother of the Groom Dress be?

29 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Mother of Bride

What Color should the Mother of the Groom Dress be?

You might have overheard an old saying that the Mother of the Groom is supposed to “shut up, show up and wear beige.” While we don’t agree, we do have some tips to make sure you choose a dress that you and your future daughter in love will absolutely love.

Start with the Bride

How formal is it?

Ask the bride about the formality of the wedding. Is it a daytime or evening wedding? Is it casual or black tie ? This will get you started on whether a tea-length dress or an elaborate sequin floor-length dress could be an appropriate choice.

What’s the wedding’s color palette?

The bride may already have a sense of what colors she might want for the wedding.

She’ll be thrilled to know that you are thinking about your dress as it relates to her wedding vision as a whole. You’ll know not to wear navy blue if her color pattern is mint-peach-pink.

Match but don’t Clash

You have taken the bride’s cue on what formality and colors are acceptable.

Now, if the Mother of the Bride hasn’t reached out yet and the wedding is less than 4 months away,you can reach out to her to coordinate your dress.

This is important so both of you are in agreement that the colors are in a similar tone or palette, but do NOT match exactly.  You don’t want to look like twins!

Here’s some ideas to choose a color for the dress:

  • Take a look at the different tones within the color palette
  • Get inspired by the colors of the  flower arrangements.
  • If you know what the Bridesmaids will wear, choose a complementary color ( This tool from David’s Bridal might help)
  • Neutrals are always safe.
  • Go Lighter or Darker – try a lighter version of one the bride’s colors, so if she chooses Purple, try grey or lavender. If yellow , try a gold or copper.

What to stay away from

Okay, so there are some rules that are traditionally not acceptable for mother of the groom dresses:

  • White or Ivory – This is not only valid
  • Black – This used to be a statement that the mother of the groom does not approve of the wedding.
  • Red – You’ll stick out in all the wrong ways.  Need I say more?

Take these with a grain of salt IF the bride has told you specifically that any these are okay.

In Conclusion

As long as you’ve communicated with the bride and the mother of the groom dress complements the Mother of the Bride as, you should choose a mother of the groom dress that is flattering, and that you  feel comfortable in — whatever color that may be!

Yolan Cris: Best Of 3 Bridal Collections 2016

29 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses

Original and various Wedding Dresses for modern brides by top bridal designer Yolan Cris. Look at best of 3 bridal collections 2016: “Romantic”, “Boho” and “Orchid”. Every gown have magnificent lace. Collections are so elegant, romantic and contemporary. Which dresses do you like for your wedding?

Wedding Gowns From “Romantic” Collection

Source: “Romantic” by Y. Cris

wedding dresses by yolan 3

wedding dresses by yolan 1

yolan cris 3

Source: “Romantic” by Y. Cris

yolan cris 1

yolan cris 2

wedding dresses by yolan 2

Wedding Dresses From “Boho” Collection

Source: “Boho” by Y. Cris

wedding dresses by yolan 9

wedding dresses by yolan 8

wedding dresses by yolan 6

Source: “Boho” by Y. Cris

wedding dresses by yolan 7

wedding dresses by yolan 5
wedding dresses by yolan 4

Wedding Dresses  by Yolan Cris From “Orhid”

Source: “Orchid” by Y. Cris

wedding dresses by yolan 10

wedding dresses by yolan 13

wedding dresses by yolan 11

Source: “Orchid” by Y. Cris

wedding dresses by yolan 15

wedding dresses by yolan 12

wedding dresses by yolan 14

Lovely Wedding Hairstyles with Pretty Hairpieces

27 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair


Today’s inspiration includes pretty wedding hairstyles with dreamy, dazzling bridal hairpieces! Half up half down styles, updos and lengthy wavy wedding hairstyles look so good with these gorgeous hair accessories radiating beauty and elegance. Whether it’s a gold bridal crown or a boho-chic floral crown, divine headpieces are always a perfect way to glam up pretty wedding hairstyles. Look below to get inspired!

wedding-hairstyles-1-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: 1213 Hair Studio | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via The Knot wedding-hairstyles-2-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: 1213 Hair Studio | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via The Knot wedding-hairstyles-3-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: 1213 Hair Studio | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via The Knot wedding-hairstyles-4-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: Daleesa Weary | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via Belle the Magazine

These simple gold bridal crowns sit perfectly around these hairstyles with loose waves for an organic, breathtaking look. The shining hairpieces seriously add so much charm to the simplest wedding hairstyles!

wedding-hairstyles-5-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: Ashlee Glazer | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via Bridal Musingswedding-hairstyles-6-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: Nikki Avanzino | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via Weddings Unveiled
wedding-hairstyles-8-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart

RELATED: Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles from Elstile Part I

wedding-hairstyles-7-10232015-kmFeatured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hartwedding-hairstyles-9-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jemma Keech | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hartwedding-hairstyles-10-10232015-kmFeatured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hartwedding-hairstyles-11-10232015-kmFeatured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart

This floral hair crown and gold chain is just the type of rustic elegance that turns heads as you walk down the aisle! These look are trendy, modern and also a little bohemian.

wedding-hairstyles-12-10232015-km Featured Photographer: Paul Ohara via Colin Cowie Weddingswedding-hairstyles-13-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Clayton Austin via Green Wedding Shoeswedding-hairstyles-14-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Colin Cowie Weddingswedding-hairstyles-15-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Minnesota Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist via Colin Cowie Weddings

This long braid with the floral crown is simply beautiful without even trying! We’re obsessed with the effortless class that this wedding hairstyle exudes so perfectly. Floral crowns are the perfect headpiece for an outdoor wedding whether in the woods or on the beach.

wedding-hairstyles-16-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jose Villa | Featured Hairstyle: Team Hair & Makeup Service via Colin Cowie Weddingswedding-hairstyles-18-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Tulle and ChantillyFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Tulle and Chantilly
wedding-hairstyles-20-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Tulle and Chantilly

RELATED: Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles from Elstile Part II

wedding-hairstyles-21-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Wedding Forwardwedding-hairstyles-22-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jose Villa | Featured Photographer: Team Hair & Makeup Servicewedding-hairstyles-23-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jasmine Star | Featured Hairstyle: Hair & Makeup Girl via Green Wedding Shoes

These wedding hairstyles were all way too perfect! The captivating details like the loose curls and brilliant hair accessories had us in a beautiful daydream that left us feeling so inspired.

Bella Belle 2016 Wedding Shoes “Eternal” Lookbook

27 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas
bella belle shoes 2016 eternal lookbook rachel may photography watters wtoo gown

Well what do you know, it’s Friday! Today we invite you to kick back and enjoy this absolutely dreamy pictorial for Bella Belle’s 2016 bridal shoes collection. Bella Belle Shoes, founded by BFFs Erina and Veronyca, prides itself in producing small-scale, fully-handmade, high quality shoes that are exquisitely romantic. The light-filled “Eternal” lookbook, shot by Rachel May Photography, showcases Bella Belle’s stunning 2016 lineup that includes elegant lace peep-toes (there’s one in blush and another in gold… SQUEE!), pumps with embellished heels, regal flats and strappy destination wedding-ready sandals. You might want to savor these images slowly — they are filled with incredible, swoontastic details! Enjoy!

bella belle shoes 2016 eternal lookbook rachel may photography beautiful wedding shoes
bella belle shoes 2016 rachel may photography blush paloma romantic pink wedding shoes lace robe
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 adora flats
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 julia d orsay peep toe 3.5 inch heels wedding shoes watters wtoo gown
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 julia d orsay peep toe 3.5 inch heels wedding shoes bow rachel may photography
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 sophie scalloped chantily lace flat wedding shoes
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 mandy peep toe heels
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 miranda peep toe wedding heels mandy peeptoe lace shoes
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 miranda wedding shoes heel watters gown
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 myra rhinestone wedding sandals destination weddings watters gown
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 myra rhinestone wedding sandals for destination weddings
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 luna wedding sandals for destination weddings
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 paloma peep toe t strap heels
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 sophie scalloped chantily lace flat wedding shoes
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 tess embroidered gold strappy peep toe wedding heels
bella belle shoes 2016 eternal lookbook rachel may photography gorgeous lace wedding shoes
bella belle shoes 2016 paloma hand beaded peeptoe wedding shoes rachel may photography
bella belle bridal shoes 2016 jackie wedding flats something blue stone

bella belle bridal shoes 2016 elizabeth wedding pumps beaded heels

For details, visit Bella Belle Shoes.

Blake Lively Reveals How She Knew Ryan Reynolds Was The One

27 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding News

Blake Lively Reveals How She Knew Ryan Reynolds Was The One


Blake Lively has revealed how she knew Ryan Reynolds was the one for her – and it’s a quality we can all relate to when picking the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with.

In an interview published in the latest issue of Marie Claire, the actress revealed she knew that Ryan was her perfect match for one particular reason: he was also her best friend.

“I knew he would always be my best friend for my whole life,” explains Blake. “That was the biggest thing to me. I’d never known anything like the friendship I had with him. I could like him as much as I loved him”.

Oh, you guys!

Ryan and Blake – who are the definition of relationship goals, btw – are expecting their second baby together at the moment, and will celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary in September.

The couple tied the knot back in 2012, in a super-intimate ceremony held at Boone Hall in South Carolina: find out more about their romantic wedding (and how Blake singed her Wedding Dress!) here.

Bo Bruce Marries Henry Binns

27 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding News

Bo Bruce Marries Henry Binns

Congratulations to former The Voice star Bo Bruce, who has married her partner Henry Binns!

The singer and her musician partner tied the knot earlier this month, with the first photos from the celebration being shared in the latest issue ofHELLO!, released today.

The couple were wed in a boho-esque ceremony held at Bo’s ancestral home, Savernake Forest in Wiltshire – and poignantly, Bo wore the Wedding Dress belonging to her late mother, Rosamond, Countess of Cardigan.

Speaking to the magazine about her decision to wear her mother’s gown, Bo said: “It was pretty magical. I’ve always felt like my mum is there in the woods and wearing her Wedding Dress meant she was with me all day”.

She continued: “I married my best friend, we do everything together and are always in hysterics, which I think is important. It still feels a bit surreal that we are married, I feel very lucky”.

The musical pair were joined by an assortment of famous faces at the celebration, including actress Gabrielle Wilde, sculptor Mark Jackson and Snow Patrol drummer Jonny Quinn.

Ali Fedotowsky Cancels Mexican Wedding

27 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding News

Ali Fedotowsky Cancels Mexican Wedding
The heavily pregnant TV star – who is expecting a baby girl on July 13 – was due to tie the knot with Kevin Manno later this summer.

However, owing to the recent outbreak of the Zika virus south of the border, the couple have decided to postpone their imminent nuptials and find another location for their ‘I do’s.

Describing it as a ‘huge disappointment’, Ali told The Knot: “We were super excited. We found the most amazing location and villa that would allow our entire family to stay with us. Then, all the news broke about the Zika virus and we had to cancel”.

The virus – which is spread by mosquitos – has been linked to birth defect microcephaly, whereby a baby is born with an abnormally small head.

Ali continued: “It was such a huge disappointment. Even though we won’t be pregnant when we get married, we just didn’t think it was fair to ask our guests to travel to a location with active Zika virus transitions. Most of our friends are in ‘baby mode’ and that just wasn’t a fair ask”.

Ali and Kevin announced their engagement in September 2015, and were originally planning to marry in January 2016 before deciding on their Mexican celebration.

Image: Instagram/Ali Fedotowsky

23 Insanely Romantic Quotes You’ll Want To Include In Your Wedding Vows

25 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

We recently asked Our members to share what they included in their wedding vows. Here are some of the most inspiring submissions:

1. A tribute to the cosmos:

A tribute to the cosmos:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

“Since my husband’s an atheist, but let us have our wedding in my family’s church, we snuck in a Carl Sagan quote.”

—Jessie Atwell, Facebook

2. This quote from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

“I paraphrased a line from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: ‘If ever two people were more meant for each other, we’ll just have to hunt them down, kill them, and bury them in the desert.’”

—Lynne Carpenter, Facebook

3. This lovely portion of an Anne Sexton poem:

“Our vows were part of an Anne Sexton poem, ‘Admonitions to a Special Person’:

‘Love? Be it man. Be it woman.
It must be a wave you want to glide in on,
give your body to it, give your laugh to it,
give, when the gravelly sand takes you,
your tears to the land. To love another is something
like prayer and can’t be planned, you just fall
into its arms because your belief undoes your disbelief.’”


4. One of Amy Poehler’s greatest lines:

One of Amy Poehler's greatest lines:

“I quoted Amy Poehler from one of our favorite SNL skits.”


5. A celebration of all things Beetlejuice:

“In my wedding vows, I said, ‘I promise to not make you watch Beetlejuice more than twice in a month.’ It’s one of my favorite movies and I turn it on a lot of the time for background noise when we’re home. My husband also put Beetlejuice into his vows, saying that we could watch it once a week. Everyone in the congregation laughed and even asked us if we planned it that way, but we didn’t — it’s just more proof we’re meant to be.”


6. Joey’s handwritten ceremony from Friends:

“We had the Joey speech from Friends: ‘It is a love based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have…and receive.’”


7. A passage from a Dante Alighieri poem:

A passage from a Dante Alighieri poem:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

“I promised my eternal love to the man who has held my hand through some of the most devastating moments of my life, who spent days on the other side of my bedroom door when I was suffering from depression. But I ended my vows with Dante Alighieri’s poem ‘La Vita Nuova.’”

—Stephanie Lisa-Marie Santos, Facebook

8. A Frozen moment that’ll melt your heart:

“Me: …and we will always finish each other’s…
Husband: …sandwiches!

“I didn’t tell him I was going to say it, but he knew exactly what to say when I did!”


9. A surprisingly sweet section of Hamlet:

“I’m an English teacher, and Hamlet is my favorite Shakespearean play. Although it ends in tragedy, I included lines from Hamlet’s letter to Ophelia:

‘Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun (changed this to earth for obvious reasons!) doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.
I am ill at these numbers. I have not art to reckon my groans, but that I love you best, oh, most best, believe it.’”

—Christina K

10. The Fraser clan motto from Outlander:

The Fraser clan motto from Outlander:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

“At the end of my vows, I added the Fraser clan motto from Outlander, which means ‘I am ready.’ I was pretty proud of my nerdy self for that one.”


11. Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope’s cutest promise:

“Our vows include Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope’s ‘I love you and I like you’ from Parks and Recreation. A great tribute to my absolute favorite TV show and some really inspirational characters.”

—Sarah Mosher, Facebook

12. A classic line from Toy Story:

“My husband and I used ‘To infinity and beyond’ from Toy Story.”


13. One of Kevin Smith’s most profound lines:

One of Kevin Smith's most profound lines:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

“I quoted Chasing Amy. Thanks, Kevin Smith, for making my vows even better.”

—Blakely Catherine Lowery, Facebook

14. A classic quote from baseball history:

“We got married on a baseball field, so I recited the beginning of Lou Gehrig’s famous speech by saying, ‘Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.’”


15. A shout-out to Amy and Rory’s relationship on Doctor Who.

“Both of us are big Doctor Who fans, so I added a little tribute to Amy and Rory’s relationship with this quote: ‘You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick? Then there’s other people, when you meet them you think, Not bad. They’re OK. And then you get to know them and…and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personality’s written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful. Rory’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.’”


16. Or this more subtle reference:

Or this more subtle reference:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

“I snuck in ‘Through all of time and space’ since I’m a huge Doctor Who fan.”


17. A reference to your favorite video game:

“We included references to the video game we play together, League of Legends. I play as his support and he plays the ADC (the main driving force or ‘carry’), so we included it. His are: ‘I need my support with me all the time. Even if I can’t carry all the time, I can count on you to pick me up and carry me through the hard times in life so I can get back up and carry us the rest of the way.’

“Mine are: ‘No matter where we may have to roam, I’ll always stand by your side. I’ll be here to make sure you’re fed, strong, and safe. I’ll be the one to watch your back and the one to jump to help you when you’re feeling weak. Whatever we find ourselves against, I know I can make it through anything when I’m with you.’”


18. Or quotes from several of your favorite movies:

Or quotes from several of your favorite movies:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

“My husband and I had a movie-themed wedding. We got married in a movie theater and had the reception there too. To go along with the theme, our vows were movie quotes strung together. My husband even snuck in ‘Here’s to swimmin’ with bow-legged women’ from Jaws, his favorite movie.”

—Missy Bird, Facebook

19. A mathematical explanation of why you’re meant to be:

“My husband, being an electrical engineer, used math in his wedding vows. He explained, in lengthy detail, an equation that used the number of people on the Earth (about 7 billion), narrowing it down by how many were female, and then further by how many were in a respectable age for him to be with. I can’t remember the exact numbers but the final number ended up being roughly 500 million people that his one and only soulmate would be a part of. He said that with a 1 in 500 million chance of finding that one person, he considers himself the luckiest man in the world to have found me. That was the one and only time math made me cry in a happy way.”

—Jacquie Timm, Facebook

20. This eternally romantic line from Lord of the Rings:

This eternally romantic line from Lord of the Rings:

“My favorite part was Arwen’s quote [from Lord of the Rings], ‘I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all of the ages of the world alone.’”

—Melanie Connell, Facebook

21. A reminder that love is finding someone as strange as you are:

“Something that was incorporated into many aspects of our wedding was the Brian Andreas quote ‘You’re the strangest person I ever met,’ she said. And I said, ‘You too. And we decided we’d know each other a long time.’

“It’s goofy and sweet, and so our vows started off, ‘You’re the strangest person I ever met…’ and included promises to attend softball games, spoil the dog, endlessly quote Friends together, and allow plenty of video game time.”


22. This sweet line from The Secret of NIMH:

This sweet line from The Secret of NIMH:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

“I quoted The Secret of NIMH in my vows. I loved that movie so much growing up that the phrase ‘lee of the stone’ represented safety and security. Since I had finally found that with my husband, I included it.”


23. And pretty much any Disney movie quote:

And pretty much any Disney movie quote:

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

“My husband and I both included Disney movie quotes. I said, ‘Any day spent with you is my favorite day, so today is my new favorite day’ from Winnie the Pooh.”


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