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Let’S Pack Up For The Honeymoon – What To (Not) Do

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The most appropriate and busy season for a honeymoon is the summer, which means that many young couples have booked their airline tickets and hotel rooms. After that pleasant activity, however, comes the preparation of the luggage for this vacation, on which one goes once in a lifetime.

Follow these simple organizational tips and recommendations for a trip, in order to make sure that your holiday will go as smoothly as possible.


Label your luggage on the inside and out. Mark your suitcase with something unique and recognizable in order not to lose it. Just a few simple steps will prevent the confusion of other passengers when taking their luggage. For a start, try some creative labels for luggage or colorful ribbons.

No way!

Do not wait until the last minute. Consider your list of things for packing at least a week before the departure. If your plans for the honeymoon include leaving immediately after the wedding, the last thing you want is to pack feverishly and quickly, taking what you see at first. It is best to plan and pack in advance to avoid the stress and reduce the chance of forgetting the most important things.


Make copies of the passports, identity documents and credit cards. Let there be two copies of all. Take one with you. If you ever lose a purse, bag or whatever, you will be secured.

No way!

Do not overdo it with the luggage! The large, heavy bags are terrible when it comes to a trip, and are super unnecessary. Furthermore, the lighter luggage may prevent quite a few quarrels.


Take the important things with you on the flight. This list includes medications, documents (identity card, tickets, itineraries, etc.), clothes for changing, something for entertainment such as books, a magazine or playing cards.

No way!

Do not take shoes that you have not worn before.

Whether it comes for hiking boots, sneakers or official shoes, a worn pair will help you avoid blisters and other problems with your feet that will prevent you from enjoying the honeymoon.

Prepare for the hotel and for your relatives information with the contacts, the routes and your family members. In case of emergency while you are away, your loved ones will know exactly what to do in order to reach you.

No way!
Do not forget how useful can be the plastic bags. They are very practical and can be helpful in some critical situations (change of dirty clothes when you feel unwell, etc.). Furthermore, you can pack all your clothes in transparent plastic bags and sort them – for example: underwear, shirts, pants. This method guarantees you a great organization and maximum space.

Take with you bottles of water. Stay hydrated throughout your whole trip with reusable bottles.

No way!
Do not carry bulky toiletries. The necessary items for the journey such as deodorant and toothpaste will alleviate your cargo and will save you a bit more space. You can also put them in your hand luggage.

Get rid of the books. Consult with all possible means such as guides and language dictionaries that you want. They can be extremely useful when traveling, especially abroad. However, if you carry them with you, they will only burden you further. Instead, download the guidance applications and digital files on your smartphone or tablet.

No way!
Do not let your health habits to evaporate. Nothing is preventing you from taking a disinfectant or antibacterial wipes. Furthermore, it is not difficult to pack and vitamins, suitable for every day, and a few tablets for strengthening of the immunity just in case.
Use a backpack. It is ideal for trips city tours, hiking. There are various models, so choose the most appropriate for you.
No way!
Do not spend your time on the social networks. Leave the computer at home. Stay away from Facebook and Twitter. You can upload photos and send witty messages when you get home. Remember – this is your honeymoon! Live it. Pay attention to your spouse and relax fully.

The Choice Of A Restaurant For The Wedding

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

In order to have the ideal celebration, you must choose a suitable restaurant for the wedding. Above all, it must appeal to you as interior and style and to be sure that it will be the perfect place.


First, you have to find one that can gather all your guests, having in mind that you need to leave at least a few seats available for any new signings in the last minute. Generally, a suitable restaurant for a wedding is a larger premise with enough seats, a dance floor and a stage for the musicians. Before you stop at a particular restaurant is better to look on the internet and see the sites of famous restaurants in your city. Then explore the ones you do like in order to evaluate the premises, their atmosphere and not least the menu that they offer because most weddings fit into a defined budget.

The menu is not strictly defined and you may consult with the manager of the restaurant in order to get good quality, nutritious food and service for the amount you have planned. In some restaurants it is not a problem to bring part of the appetizers and drinks, especially if they are associated with special family traditions, for example aged for 20 years brandy specifically guarded by your grandfather for the wedding day. If in the menu is present meat is good to comply with the guests who will be attending, because some people do not eat meat or eat only certain one.


For a wedding party are usually preferred spacious and bright restaurants. The bright hall is welcome also for your photographer and video operator, and especially if you hold on the wedding photography and video, it is better the ceiling of the restaurant to be bright.


Additional decoration for the restaurant you can order at a company that offers similar services, a wedding agency or you yourself can deal with it, but have in mind that the hardest part will be the wedding table, which requires more knowledge and skills. However, if you have more funds, it is better to trust a wedding agency for the decoration, because they will be able to offer you many different styles, which will contribute to the atmosphere and originality of your wedding in the restaurant.


The restaurants that offer similar halls for a wedding usually work with a specific orchestra, but if you want you can always select a different band or DJ, who will suit more to your wedding party.

How To Select The Wedding Underwear?

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Every detail for the big day is important 

The wedding day is this magic moment in which each woman becomes a princess and her lover – a prince.

If as a little girl you have imagined the long white dress with crinoline, veil, shiny small tiara and perfect makeup and hair, then this is the moment when you can make that dream come true.

The perfect vision, however, requires special attention to every detail.

In order not to miss anything in your quest to do everything we present the most important tips concerning the choice of the wedding underwear.

Because everything in this day should be special!


Do not postpone


The selection of the correct and appropriate underwear is not a process which happens mandatory at the first attempt. For this purpose, plan enough time to look around and check all of your options and decide which of the models and combinations will be most suitable for your dress.

Keep in mind that the underwear has the ability to shape and emphasize the female body and is thus one of the most essential elements in the wedding day. If you have a limited budget, we advise you to stop if you need to at a bit cheaper dress, but necessarily expensive and qualitative underwear.

At the very least because this is an investment that will be restored over time. Do not underestimate the comfort as you will have to go through the whole intensive day with it.


Beautiful and invisible


Necessarily combine it with the dress. The secret of the fine underwear is to highlight and form, but without being noticeable. With the right sizes and models, you can draw up an appropriate kit to complement the cut of your wedding silhouette. Do not forget about the beautiful stockings (if you have to be with such) and the garter to them.


Basic steps 


In order not to miss any of the essential elements we suggest a short a plan at paragraphs which to follow.


  1. Try the underwear
  2. Combine with the dress
  3. Use a model which shapes the body
  4. Make sure you take the exact size
  5. Do not miss the socks
  6. Garters

How To Choose The Perfect Song For The First Dance

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Every detail of the big day is important including your first dance


Some couples need more than half a year to prepare their wedding. Others in love cope in a much shorter timeframe. Regardless of how long you have been planning your wedding, the commitments ahead of you and all the others are the same.


One of the most important details in the restaurant is the first dance. Many couples leave the DJ alone to choose which song to sound first, but this is not the best approach. The song for the first dance is special and somehow shows you as newlyweds to the world.


Therefore you should carefully think of the melody you will choose.


Here are some guidelines:


  1. Decide with your spouse. The most important thing you should do when choosing a song is to answer the question: “What does the specific song mean for you?” Most appropriate would be if there is one song that is emblematic for your relationship – a melody that you listened to on your first date or one that you connect to a romantic trip. If you do not have such a song, make a list of several favorite songs and decide together.


  1. Romantic whiff. The song you selected must have the appropriate sound and text to suit the occasion. This should be a slow, romantic song that is about love, of course. Particularly suitable would be if you choose a popular song that most guests know and can sing along with you. The finale of the song must be memorable because no one wants a slow, monotonous song whose beginning and ending are impersonal.


  1. Adventurous newlyweds. In case you are such, you can afford to do something completely different with which to surprise all guests. Select a track that is quite untypical or dance something unusual. If you decide to do something unusual certainly before this train and prepare well for it.


  1. Listen to the text. Some couples stop at their favorite song, but do not listen well in its text. Some songs may have a romantic title, but the words to not be appropriate for a wedding. So before you opt for a song, listen to every word or translate the text if it is in a foreign language.

Beautifying Program For Future Brides

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Your wedding day is approaching at high speed and you realize that because of the thousands pre-wedding tasks you have failed to pay attention to yourself. You have an amazing Wedding Dress, just such as you have dreamed of. Now it remains only to tighten and carve your body in order to walk down the aisle more confident. Pay attention to the following:


  1. Eating habits

Consume foods rich in antioxidants like tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant and other vegetables and fruits. Your food should be with correct proportions of minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and water to hydrate your body. The right diet will help you lose weight, improve your health condition and make your skin awesome. Do not forget that if you are not healthy on the inside and the most expensive cosmetics will not help to hide it.


  1. Get enough protein

Your body uses between 20 and 30 percent more energy to process protein foods than those with more carbohydrates. Make sure at every meal to have at least one protein-rich food. This may be fish, chicken, eggs, milk, tofu or legumes.


  1. Water

The appearance of your skin depends largely on its hydration, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids during the day. Emphasize mostly on water and fresh juices that will help you clear your body of toxins. Your skin will become soft and radiant.


  1. Exercises 

Many people find excuses not to exercise. But everything is a matter of will and motivation. It is imperative to combine the good diet with exercise. Go to the gym and focus more on cardio or strength training exercises. You can start to go to yoga, why not. Whatever your preference, be serious and permanent.


No matter what type of exercise you have chosen, it is sufficient to train three to four times a week for 30-45 minutes. A few days before the wedding, however, you should indulge in relaxation, not fitness. A good choice is to visit a spa.


Cardio: You will be amazed what changes can be achieved even with small changes in your daily habits. Take a 15-minute walk or ride a bike.


Running: Running is the most effective way to burn calories – about 600 per hour. Do not force yourself to run for one hour from the very beginning. First, start with 20 minutes of jogging and gradually increase the time to your individual training. When running, you lose weight and relieve the stress before the wedding.

9 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Getting Married

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas


The wedding is something big. You bound for a lifetime. You find your partner, who will be with you “till death do you part.” Therefore before you take this big and important step in your life, there are several important things that every woman should check in her list. Here they are:


  1. Go on a blind date

The blind dates are slightly risky and very exciting. It is possible to meet the love of your life or someone you do not want to see again. In both cases the experience is new and you would have great stories to tell. For this it is one of the mandatory things you should do before you go to the altar.


  1. Find out what turns you on

In order to have great sexual experiences with your partner, you should know for yourself what turns you on and how you can be satisfied. Do not be afraid to explore your erogenous zones and to experiment. And when you find what drives you crazy under the covers, make sure your man to understand it. He will appreciate your sincerity and that you know what you want. And he will not have to guess which is also a plus for him.


  1. Create a life you love, before HE arrives

Thus when the man of your life appears you will be firmly on the ground. You will be with him, not because you need a man, but because you love him. Once you have created your own world, you are more likely to find someone with similar interests.


  1. Make a list

Each of us has in her head a list of criteria that must possess the perfect man. It may seem superficial, but this means that we have an idea of what is the person with whom we would be happy. For that write 5 of the most important criteria on a sheet of paper and try to find the one who executes them. Do not compromise. If he for example does not comprehend with your family and friends, but for you this is very important, better consider your relations with him before you make a big mistake.


  1. Learn to be alone without being lonely…

Marriage means two individuals to be connected in one. For that it is very important before you walk to the altar, to be independent. Learn how to be alone with yourself, without that to scare you or make you feel lonely and rejected. The time you devote to yourself can be one of the most enjoyable. You can pamper yourself with a manicure, read your favorite book or cook your favorite dish. And all this just for you.


  1. Yet make room and for your relationship

When you feel ready for a relationship, it will immediately become clear and you will certainly not suffer from lack of admirers and candidates for boyfriends. Once you have created a life that you love, it is difficult to accept the change that imposes a new relationship. It is however important to allow the chosen one to come into your life and be a part of it. Otherwise, it will not last long.


  1. Learn how to manage your finances

Perhaps you have dealt with the management of your personal finances when you were single, but things are in a different way when you have a partner. It is therefore important to understand how you will distribute your finances with the man with whom you will share your life before you have said “yes”.


  1. The scandals

Before you marry someone, you must have passed through the good and through the worst moments (because in life there are lots of both). If your relationship has survived even the worst scandals before the covenantal “yes”, then you can safely take this step knowing that your relationship is strong enough and stable even during the storms.


  1. Talk about your future

True love is when two people are looking in one direction, not at each other. It is therefore important to discuss with your future husband what your plans are for the near and distant future. If both of you have similar goals and desires, this is great, do not be afraid to indulge your lives to one another. But in the conversation might appear differences that are of major significance and should be considered before it is too late.

The Types Of Brides That We All Have Met

14 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas


The wedding is a special day in the life of almost every woman, but every bride is different in her individuality, character, style and preferences. Here are the most common types of brides of which we remembered:


  1. The bride “haute couture”

The Wedding Dress of this bride is probably taken directly from the collection of a top designer from the Fashion Week in Paris. In any case, the dress, regardless of the model may outshine the clothes of all the wedding guests together, minimum by its price.


  1. The bride “do it yourself”

This bride has sewed the dress herself, or has invented the model and the cut and sewed it with a friend. This woman has just been fully determined, that she alone should create her wedding garment or wanted to stand out as a designer and then enjoy the standing ovation.


  1. The bride, who has dreamed of a wedding all her life

This girl had been aware as early as kindergarten what kind of bride she would be one day. She dreamed all her life for this moment and always imagined herself as the figure of the bride on the multistoried wedding cake. This woman has arranged the wedding ceremony and celebration to the smallest detail in her head and the plan matures there for years, so she would not change anything.


  1. The bride, which is obsessed with the menu

There is one type of brides who mostly want to impress their guests with the menu or worry whether the food will be enough / too much. This bride spent the most time of the preparations for her wedding in deciding whether to order foie gras for appetizer and duck with oranges for the main course.


  1. The nervous bride

This girl is not yet sure if she wants to be a married woman and especially for this particular bridegroom. She also does not seem very happy about this super important event in her personal life.


  1. The bride obsessed in the details 

This bride can not relax all night and keeps track if everything goes according to plan, observing the smallest things and details such as the type and quantity of the decorations in the restaurant.


  1. The bride – model

This woman turns her wedding into her fashion photo session. She poses in front of the photographer all night and holds every moment to be sealed, as her face and figure must be caught from the best angle.


  1. The too emotional bride

This woman does not stop crying from her home to the church and all the way to the restaurant. She just can not believe that she is marrying her beloved and can not control her strong emotions.


  1. The princess bride

This bride instead of a veil has a tiara with stones that closely resembles a crown. Furthermore, all of her details are in pink, as if she were a real alive Barbie doll.


  1. The perfect bride

This woman looks impeccable, she is calm and shining with happiness and her wedding is a fairytale. She is an example bride and she knows it.


  1. The bride “bridezilla”

This bride is evil and behaves badly with all her loved ones, and not only. She has taken the command into her own hands and wants everyone else to listen to her.


  1. The competitive bride

This bride does everything possible to outshine the recent wedding of her best friend or dear cousin. She is relentless in her desire to win this imaginary battle.


  1. The untypical bride

This bride looks a little strange, hippie or grunge. She is definitely not wearing a typical Wedding Dress and the wedding is either weird or super nontraditional. Often the party is cool, but is not enjoyed by older guests.


  1. The indifferent bride

This bride acts at her wedding as if she came to a business meeting. She wants to sign without emotions and go home. She does not care about the ceremony and her guests – for her this is a day like any other.


  1. The drunk bride

This bride is in a pretty darn good mood at her own wedding and after dancing and drinking all night, at some time already it begins to show that she has had too much alcohol. She is one of the most entertaining brides, but there is a risk to embarrass herself.

10 Summer Wedding Bouquets

13 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Bouquet

Summer is one of our favorite times of year! The warm weather, the outdoor activities, and the vivid colors; it just screams happiness! But Summer also brings pretty blooms on a plethora of colors  ready to be picked to create the most stunning wedding bouquets of the year — after all, it is also wedding season! Bright hues and soft accents are coming together in a harmonious way to be walked down the aisle by soon to be married girls. We gather up some of the prettiest florals to tie the knot in warm weather and put together a selection of 10 of the best Summer Wedding Bouquets out there. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of wedding  bouquet inspiration in these dazzling arrangements. Happy Summer!

Summer Wedding Bouquets - Mango Studios

{Photography: Mango Studios via 12 Stunning Wedding Bouquets – Part 21}

Summer Wedding Bouquet

{via Kā‘anapali Beach: Where The “It” Couples Tie The Knot}

{Forever Photography Studio // via 12 Stunning Wedding Bouquets – Part 21}

{Forever Photography Studio via 12 Stunning Wedding Bouquets – Part 21}

Michele Conde Photography

{Michele Conde Photography via A Lively Timeless Wedding}

Summer Wedding Bouquet - Seriously Sabrina Photography

{Seriously Sabrina Photography // Floral Design: Platinum Floral Designs // via 12 Stunning Wedding Bouquets – Part 21}

{Floral Design: Trellis Fine Florals via Stunning Wedding Bouquets}

{Floral Design: Trellis Fine Florals via Stunning Wedding Bouquets}

Wedding bouquet - Your Lovely Wedding Photography

{Your Lovely Wedding Photography via Romantic Blush + Peach Wedding}

Wedding Bouquet - Elle Golden Photography

{Elle Golden Photography // Floral Design: Petals With Pizazz via 12 Stunning Wedding Bouquets – 35th Edition}

Pink Cascading Wedding Bouquet - ove Janet Photography

{Love Janet Photography // Floral Design: Flora Copia // via 12 Stunning Wedding Bouquets – 35th Edition}

Summer Wedding Bouquet - Jeanine Thurston Photography

{Photographer: Fototails – Jeanine Thurston Photography // Floral Designer: Pink Posey Design // via Best Wedding Bouquets of 2014}

Martina Liana Spring 2016 Bridal Collection

13 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses

Inside Martina Liana 2016 Spring Bridal Collection, you will find anything and everything except boring. These array of sophisticated Wedding Dresses is over-the-top gorgeous down to every last detail.

If you are searching something chic and glamorous for the big day, one of these frocks could very well be the Wedding Dress of your dreams. With details such as antique lace, intricate details and interesting shapes, these breath-taking pieces will make your heart skip a beat. Scroll down and prepare to be amazed!

Martina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding Dressmartina-liana-wedding-dresses-2016-734_main_zoomMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressmMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding DressMartina Liana Spring 2016 Wedding Dress

Sophia Tolli Fall 2014 Bridal Collection

12 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses
Oh how I love fashion days here at Belle The Magazine, sharing with you some of my favorite new bridal collections just makes me happy. This fine morning I bring you Sophia Tolli‘s Fall 2014. In the first few seconds it took me to quickly browse through this bridal collection, I was already crushing on a dozen Wedding Dresses, but what really won me over are the unique elements – including touches of read and black – incorporated into each of these beautiful frocks. Pick one, any one! There are no wrong choices when it comes to this array of gorgeous bridal gowns!















































Please contact Sophia Tolli for authorize retailers and pricing information.