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10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About

29 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

It’s a universal truth – wedding planning is stressful. With an endless list of decisions to be made, from the décor to the dress to the catering and everything in between, the stress can pile on at lightning-fast speeds. One minute, you’re trying to choose between roses and ranunculus, and before you know it, you’ve fallen down the Pinterest hole, scrolling between 19 slightly different shades of pink petals while stress eating wedding cake samples.

That said, there are more than a few items on your wedding checklist that guests pay far less attention to than you think. Instead of driving yourself crazy over the teeniest details, save yourself the headache (and probably a few bucks, too) by knowing what really matters to your guests, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

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10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About

Read on for our handy list of wedding details that guests just don’t care about – plus a few that they do!

1) The Invitations

I hate to break it to you, but these little suckers end up in the recycling bin faster than you can say, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” Sure, it’s the very first introduction to your wedding, but a beautiful invitation is a beautiful invitation. No one is judging your choice of paper stock, ornamentation or font (just trust me on this one).


Tandem Tree Photography

2) The Programs

See: Invitations (but with a far shorter lifespan).

3) The Guest Book

Ah, the thumbprint tree. Such a creative idea in theory, but it can get real messy, real fast. The anniversary wine, the Polaroid station, the wishing tree… Super cute, but super unnecessary. Guest books can get pricey, and the cost can really skyrocket once you start piling on the works. Do yourself a favor and keep it simple, or go ahead and nix it altogether. Your guests won’t miss it, and in the age of digital photography, you’ll have tons of tons of snaps of your family and friends sharing your special day. If that doesn’t beat a scrawled name on a page (or a smudgy thumbprint), I don’t know what does.

4) The Flowers

Now don’t get me wrong; floral arrangements are almost always a welcome addition to your chosen venue, and can inject the space with a bit of your personal style. But while no one will argue that golden dip-dyed roses aren’t totally gorg, they’re also a total waste of time and money. Trust us, no one will notice the lack of designer blooms, and your artfully arranged farmer’s market flowers will be just as striking – at a fraction of the price. Guests will appreciate the thoughtful, fragrant flourishes no matter what, regardless of whether you’ve chosen exotic blooms from far-flung corner of the world or locally grown greenery.


Erin Johnson Photography

5) The Linens

As a wedding guest, I just don’t pay much mind to your tablecloths. As long as I don’t have to eat my halibut off of a dirty old burlap sack, I’ll be just fine, thank you very much. Specialty linens can get costly, so save yourself the buck and choose something simple and functional that blends seamlessly with your décor – no muss, no fuss.


Jody Savage Photography

6) The Dress

This one may be a bit controversial, but personally, I think that blowing your bridal budget on a fancy-shmancy gown just to wear it once and never again is less than practical. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it, so as long as you’re comfortable and feel like your best, most beautiful self, well, that’s good enough for me. That’s not to say that guests won’t remember an outlandish or ill-fitting dress, but if the bride is rocking a beautifully tailored gown that makes her look and feel like the goddess she is, guests won’t bat an eyelash at the lack of designer label.


Lauren B Photography

7) The First Dance

Short of a live performance by Adele to provide the soundtrack, no one will remember your first dance. In fact, a nervous, shaky, overly choreographed routine may be what sticks with them. Instead of the weeks of rehearsal required to try and fix your two left feet, it’s more important to just be yourself and enjoy the moment. Tackle a few moves that you feel 100% comfortable performing, no matter how simple, and watch the pressure just melt away. Great for you, great for your guests and great for your wedding photos… Everyone wins!


Shanna Guidry Photography

8) The Cake

Towering layers, handcrafted sugar paste designs, 24-carat gold motifs… The painstakingly detailed wedding cake is certainly gorgeous, but guests won’t miss those details if you opt for an elegantly simple confection instead. As long as it tastes delicious, you’ve got a guaranteed crowd pleaser (and let’s be honest, it will, because CAKE). Speaking of tasty treats, a dessert bar is a great option as well. Swap the cake for an array of equally delish (and comparatively affordable) cupcakes, macarons or ice cream sundaes, and guests will be just as pleased.

Another alterative? Get creative. I once attended a wedding that ended with DIY cake slices. To this day, I haven’t a clue whether I opted for yellow cake, chocolate icing or sprinkles. What I do remember is the fabulous time I had making my own unique spongy treat and sharing the fun with my dear friends – and all it took was a simple sheet cake and a couple of tubs of creamy frosting. However seemingly crazy the idea, don’t be afraid to shake things up!


Vicens Forns Photography

9) The Bouquet Toss

This tradition has become somewhat archaic in recent years, with many brides opting to skip it altogether. Do it or don’t do it – it all depends on your vision – but rest assured that if you opt out, it’s likely that no one will miss it. Besides, less time assembling the masses for the ceremonial pitch means more time on the dance floor!


Brian Bossany Photography

10) The Wedding Favors

An edible sweet treat that guests that can enjoy in the afterglow of the wedding as they share memories of your spectacular soirée – well, I can’t argue with you there. But engraved champagne flutes, customized candles and other novelty items are forgettable for guests and an added expense for the bride and groom. A fancy soap might seem like a great idea for the fancy soaping-loving couple, but for most of your guests it’s basically the adult equivalent of getting raisins on Halloween. One in 50 will love it; the other 49 will dump them on your lawn.

As an alternative, take the money you had set aside for favors and donate those dollars to your charity of choice. A sweet note will let guests know that a donation has been made in lieu of those takeaway tchotchkes, a gesture that any wedding guest would be thrilled to support.

With that, we hope to help alleviate some of the stress of wedding planning by helping you not sweat the small stuff.

So what do guests care most about?

1) The Ceremony:

It goes without saying that guests will be overjoyed to watch the happy couple proclaim their love and be joined in wedded bliss – I mean, it’s kind of the whole point – but the crowd may start to get restless during a long, drawn-out ceremony. One of the most common guest complaints is having to sit through a too-long production, so keep it short and sweet (roughly 30 minutes or less) for a happy clan.


Tandem Tree Photography

2) The Food:

Enjoying a decadent meal with loved ones is a treat for guests, so make sure your food choices are crowd pleasers. A fantastic meal will keep those good vibes going, but a bad one could really bring down the mood. In addition, be sure to offer options for vegetarians or those with common allergies, like gluten and nuts.

3) The Drinks:

Weddings and booze go together like peanut butter and jelly. Bottom line: Keep the drinks flowing, because there’s nothing that wedding guests hate more than the liquor well running dry. Forgoing the fully stocked bar is fine; an edited menu of Champagne, wine, beer and one or two specialty cocktails will keep guests in high spirits all night long.


Tandem Tree Photography

4) The Music:

The tunes will be going strong from the first arrivals through the last dance, so make sure your music list is on point, especially once guests start hitting the dance floor. Skip the chicken dance and opt for fun, contemporary tunes that everyone is sure to know and love to unite the crowd and get people moving.


Jessica Ranae Photography

5) The Venue:

Common sense is the key here. Skip the outdoor venue during the hottest, most humid days of summer, and likewise, choose an indoor spot during the fall and winter months when temps may be chilly. Outside of the climate, a unique venue is something they’ll also care about, particularly if the journey to your wedding is a trek for some of your far-flung guests. A seriously cool spot is much more of a draw than, say, Hotel Ballroom #3, don’t you think?

Hopefully this guide to what guests truly care about can seriously help refocus your energy during the planning process. When in doubt, take a breath, heed our advice, and above all else, remain calm!

23 Pretty Wedding Hairstyles that are Right on Trend

25 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair


Come one, come all, to see the most glamorous wedding hairstyles of all from Elstile, featuring long, full, bouncy curls and sophisticated updos filled with class. These wedding hairstyles and their glorious details are seriously amazing. We’re loving everything about this bridal beauty inspiration, and these flawlessly executed wedding hairstyles are keeping us mesmerized, detail after detail. Pinning will come easier than ever with these alluring and jaw-dropping looks!

wedding-hairstyles2-1-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-2-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-3-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-4-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

For super long hair, it seems that curling, twisting and braiding creates such a modern and stylish look that falls effortlessly down the back, covering your Wedding Dress! A backless gown would go perfectly with a trendy and lengthy tousled hairstyle like this.

wedding-hairstyles2-5-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-6-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

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wedding-hairstyles2-7-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-8-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-9-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-10-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

There’s everything to love about this elegant chignon wedding hairstyle. It’s soft and delicate, but adorably contemporary for a charming wedding! Fine and glossy waves flowing down the front of the style adds even more charm for a classically elegant look.

wedding-hairstyles2-11-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-12-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-13-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

For an extraordinary, voluminous effect, having a low updo pushed to one side is classic and elegant. Wavy hair looks pretty down, but it’s even more unstoppable when each individual wavy strand of hair comes together for a pretty side-swept low updo.

wedding-hairstyles2-14-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-15-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-16-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-17-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-18-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

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wedding-hairstyles2-19-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-20-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-21-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-22-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstilewedding-hairstyles2-23-10192015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile

Each of these wedding hairstyles exudes such classic bridal beauty for anyone to love! With a lot of hairspray and creativity, this variety of loose and messy curls is sure to be your number one inspiration for the prettiest wedding hairstyles.

Champagne Mother of the Bride Dresses

24 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Mother of Bride

Champagne Mother of the Bride Dresses


1.Strapless Rene Ruiz Jacquard Gown 2. Sequin Lace Sheath Dress 3. Short Sleeve Champagne Gold Sequin Mesh Gown 4.  Silk Gazar Gown 5. Off the Shoulder Rene Ruiz Gold Gown 6.  Jacky Embroidered Illusion Gown 7. Beaded Mesh Gown   8.  Sequin Lace Blouson Dress


Champagne Mother of the Bride dress ideas and shopping sources in this post use affiliate links where noted in italics.

This weekend I had a chance to attend my 3rd Your Wedding Experience and host Style for the Aisle. One of the questions that was posed to me by a group there, was, ‘Is it ok for the Mother-of-the-Bride or to wear a champagne color gown?’

While champagne, gold, and neutral gowns have long been an accepted and often encouraged color for Mother-of-the-Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses, and I agree that they are almost always a suitable choice.

But sometimes there are exceptions.  In this case, the bride’s gown was going to be a neutral color – which is a Wedding Dress color trend that is happening more and more often! We frequently bridal gowns offered in pale blush, shades of beige, deep ivory, and sometimes gold, so in these cases, having mothers of the bride/grooms wearing the same colors can be tricky! If a champagne gown might too closely mimic the bride’s gown own ivory or neutral gown, or the bride feels uncomfortable with this color for anyone else in the wedding might not be the best choice. However, that’s really a very special case.  In all other cases, I say go for it!

In most other scenarios when the bride or brides are wearing ivory, white or another near-champagne color, a champagne, taupe, or gold gown for the mothers in the wedding is the perfect choice. Champagne comes in a range from light beige to a deeper taupe or gold, so it’s easy to select one that would never be confused for a bridal gown. A champagne colored dress for mothers is a wonderful choice because this shade goes with a range of colors, works in nearly any season, and is always an elegant selection! To help you in your dress search, I’ve compiled more than 20 dresses I think would suit Mothers of Brides/Grooms, in both in short cocktail lengths and longer formal styles.


champagne mother of the bride dresses1 Sequined Godet Gown 2. Flutter Sleeve Beaded Gown in Light Gold 3. Sequin Lace Sheath Dress 4. Jacky Embroidered Illusion Gown 5. Textured Lace Mermaid Gown 6. Sequin Lace Blouson Dress 7. Beaded Mesh Gown 8 Silk Gazar Gown with Sequin Overlay by Teri Jon


Wondering how to pick the right champagne gown? In general, any styles and color choices in the mothers dresses or gowns should be after discussion about the color scheme, and chosen in consultation with the couple, as well with communication between the mothers on both sides of the aisle about what they intend to wear. ( Usually, the Mother of the Bride chooses a color and style first.) Other than that, it’s just a matter of silhouette and style, and level of formality. I’ve found a range that I think you’ll love!

 Champagne and gold ballgown Mother of the Bride Dress

Eliza J Embellished Floral Ballgown from Nordstrom

Long sleeve champagne gown | Teri Jon

Lace Gown with Taffeta Overlay by Teri Jon

Sequin Mother of the Bride gown in Champagne Gold

Short Sleeve Champagne Gold Sequin Mesh Gown by Adrianna Papell from Nordstrom


The Odette Dress from BHLDN


Tadashi Shoji Textured Lace Mermaid Gown from Nordstrom


Champagne cap sleeve formal Mother-of-the-Bride Gown

Ivonne by Mon Cheri from Couture Candy

Champagne Beaded Gown with Short Sleeves

Beaded Mesh Gown in Champagne by Adrianna Papell

Another view of the movement in the skirt of this gown:

Champagne Beaded Gown for the Mother of the Bride

Beaded Mesh Gown in Champagne by Adrianna Papell

Champagne silk evening gown with sleeves

Silk Gazar Gown with Sequin Overlay by Teri Jon

Designer evening gown for Mother of the Bride or Groom in champagne

Rene Ruiz Strapless Jacquard Gown from Saks Fifth Avenue

Modern two piece champagne special occasion dress

Lizbeth Dress from BHLDN

Plus size taupe champagne gown for mother of the bride

Belted Lace and Tulle Gown in Plus Size from Nordstrom

Short sleeve lace gown

Donna Morgan Cap Sleeve Taupe Lace Dress ‘Alice’ Gown in Fawn

Off the shoulder evening gown in champagne

Rene Ruiz Off the Shoulder Gown from Saks Fifth Avenue

Champagne mother of the bride gown

Champagne Gown by Cameron Blake from Couture Candy 

Long sleeve gold sequin evening gown for Mother of the BrideBadgley Mischka Long Sleeve Gown From Saks Fifth Avenue

Long sleeve sequined lace gold gown | Gold Dress for Mothers of the WeddingLong sleeve gold gown by Carmen Marc Valvo


Mother of the Bride Dresses in Gold Lace | Short gold lace cocktail dress

The Joan Dress from BHLDN

Short champagne lace dress

Tadashi Shoji has so many pretty styles like this Sequin Lace Sheath Dress from Nordstrom.

Short champagne lace dress with short sleeves

Tadashi Shoji Sequin Lace Blouson Dress from Nordstrom

Champagne Mother of the Bride Dress with Jacket

Adrianna Papell 3/4 Sleeve Jacket Lace Dress

Silver taupe lace cocktail dress for MOB

Sequin Illusion Lace Dress by Tadashi Shoji at Nordstrom

Short satin dress in champage neutral color for mother of the bride

Tahari Ruched Satin Sheath Dress from Nordstrom

Beige tea length dress with illusion topSangria Shirred Illusion Gown in Champagne from Dillards.

Short neutral satin MOB dress with sleeves

Satin Portrait Collar Sheath Dress by Kay Unger from Saks Fifth Avenue

Tea length champagne dress for Mother of the Bride or Groom

Adrianna Papell Midi Tea Length Satin Dress from Dillards

18 Extremely Cute Wedding Photos To Cling Your Soul

19 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses

After all preparations, long and stressful wedding planning process, when all your weekend are reserved for vendors it’s time to focus on the last important moments. Guess what kind of are they? We believe that some cute wedding photos shall remove all stress from you, groom, Bridesmaids and all family. Just turn on your imagination and make them all say ‘awww’.

 Cute Wedding Photos In Romantic Entourage

Source: Jaime Clayton photography, Onelove photography, masha_prisyawnaya via Instagram

cute wedding photos 1

cute wedding photos 2

cute wedding photos 3

Source: omar_manias via Instagram, tanya_chokova via Instagram, ashleyraephotography via Instagram

cute wedding photos 4

cute wedding photos 5

wedding photos 6

Happy Couple Under An Umbrella

Source: Vesic photography, Alexi Shields photography, Joe Laurin photography

wedding photos 7

wedding photos 8

wedding photos 9

Source: Tom Murphy, Pinkterton photo, Number 9 photography

wedding photos 10

wedding photos 11

Best Night Of Your Life

Source: Katy Lunsford, Corbin Gurkin, Fox Fotography

wedding photos 13

wedding photos 14

wedding photos 15

Source: Jorge Santiago, Bob Care photography, Disney Fine Art photography

wedding photos 16

wedding photos 17

wedding photos 18

This Airbrushed Wedding Dress Is Going To Take Over Your Pinterest Feed

18 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses

The internet is currently having a ~moment~ with Taylor Ann Linko’s fabulously airbrushed Wedding Dress.

The internet is currently having a ~moment~ with Taylor Ann Linko's fabulously airbrushed wedding dress.

James Tang Photography / Via

Here she is, rocking it like a model at her June 25 wedding.

It’s easy to see why: The dress is fucking AMAZING, and Linko added the gorgeous splash of color all by herself.

It's easy to see why: The dress is fucking AMAZING, and Linko added the gorgeous splash of color all by herself.

James Tang Photography / Via

Linko, an artist, purchased the traditional lacy gown secondhand at a bridal shop, and pretty quickly set about figuring out how to add a much-needed splash of color.

Linko, an artist, purchased the traditional lacy gown secondhand at a bridal shop, and pretty quickly set about figuring out how to add a much-needed splash of color.

James Tang Photography / Via

“When I said I was going to paint my Wedding Dress, I was surprised no one tried to steal all my paint and hide it until after the big day,” Linko wrote in a blog post. “But white is not allowed in my closet…so I had to. Really, I think it has just gotten to that point where people know the art in me cannot be contained. Color color color!!! EVERYTHING!”

Linko told BuzzFeed it took her a week to customize her dress. She decided on a “sunset” color scheme, and dyed her hair to match.

James Tang Photography / Via

“Picking a sunset as a theme was basically just my excuse to have a bunch of colors,” she said.

The process of making it involved a good deal of trial and error, all of which Linko chronicled on her blog.

At first, she planned to stitch dyed pieces of lace to the dress, but that didn’t go as she envisioned. “As I laid it on the dress, it just did not look how I wanted. Instead of a fade from one color to the next, it just looked like patchy flowers that were messy and hard to even see,” she wrote.

She experimented with colorful tulle, puffy paint, and fabric dyes before she picked up her airbrush in a moment of desperation. “I was fed up with all these tests and fails, so I just took my airbrush I had been using to get nice fades of color on the flowers and just sprayed it, and kept spraying it more and more. All in all, it was about three layers of paint on each layer of fabric and even on the inside of the lace edge.”

Here’s the dress walking down the aisle, perfectly matched with a bouquet.

Here's the dress walking down the aisle, perfectly matched with a bouquet.

James Tang Photography / Via

And here it is from the back, equally as incredible.

And here it is from the back, equally as incredible.

James Tang Photography / Via

Not pictured: Everyone at the ceremony with their jaws dropped, because how could they not be?

Linko and her husband Christopher coordinated their bridal party to go along with the color palette.

James Tang Photography / Via, James Tang / Via

And they looked pretty darn cute together, too.

James Tang Photography / Via

Posts on Linko’s and her photographer James Tang’s Instagrams have recently garnered a ton of attention, with many saying her gown is a sign of a new “dip-dyed Wedding Dress” trend, though Linko clarified that it wasn’t dip-dyed, like many assume.

Posts on Linko's and her photographer James Tang's Instagrams have recently garnered a ton of attention, with many saying her gown is a sign of a new "dip-dyed wedding dress" trend, though Linko clarified that it wasn't dip-dyed, like many assume.

James Tang Photography / Via

“People think most fabric color fades are dip-dyed,” Linko said. “I really hope people do good research before attempting this, because dip dye won’t get you the same results. I’m not just a crafty bride, I’m a professional artist with experience in lots of different mediums. It took lots of testing before getting the colors I wanted.”

“Crafty bride” is actually a perfect description for Linko: She made centerpieces from clay, handmade all her flower arrangements, and created her own wedding invitations.

"Crafty bride" is actually a perfect description for Linko: She made centerpieces from clay, handmade all her flower arrangements, and created her own wedding invitations.

James Tang Photography / Via

“I did my own makeup and bleached and colored my hair to match. Basically anything I could DIY I did,” she said.

Look at this ombré Jenga set. Look at it!!!

Look at this ombré Jenga set. Look at it!!!

James Tang Photography / Via

And get a load of this stunning cake that matches her dress and hair!!!!

And get a load of this stunning cake that matches her dress and hair!!!!

James Tang Photography / Via

The response to Linko’s dress was so positive that she now offers custom airbrushing for other brides, so look out for more jaw-dropping gowns on Instagram.

The response to Linko's dress was so positive that she now offers custom airbrushing for other brides, so look out for more jaw-dropping gowns on Instagram.

James Tang Photography / Via

This Couple Married 57 Years Did A Photo Shoot Inspired By “The Notebook”

18 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

This is Clemma and Sterling Elmore, and they’ve been married for a whopping 57 years. On Sept. 2, they did a ridiculously adorable photo shoot inspired by The Notebook, because that movie hasn’t made you cry enough already.

This is Clemma and Sterling Elmore, and they've been married for a whopping 57 years. On Sept. 2, they did a ridiculously adorable photo shoot inspired by The Notebook, because that movie hasn't made you cry enough already.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

The photographer, Stacy Welch-Christ, told BuzzFeed News that the Elmores did the shoot just because.

The photographer, Stacy Welch-Christ, told BuzzFeed News that the Elmores did the shoot just because.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

“This was a photo shoot for Clemma and Sterling and their family,” she said. “It started as an idea suggested by a friend to take photos of Clemma and Sterling. I then thought the Notebook theme would fit them perfectly because they have such sweet love. It makes my heart happy to be able to give them these memories.”

The Elmores, who will celebrate their 58th anniversary on Feb. 28, were “a little nervous” at the start of the shoot, Welch-Christ said. However, she said pretty soon, “they just fell right into love.”

The Elmores, who will celebrate their 58th anniversary on Feb. 28, were "a little nervous" at the start of the shoot, Welch-Christ said. However, she said pretty soon, "they just fell right into love."

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

“I told them they were just to pretend they were movie stars and act like this was a movie and have fun. As soon as they walked out for that first pose, it was the most natural love I have ever photographed,” she said. “Once we started, they were completely natural…smooching and giggling when they’d get tickled. It was the sweetest thing to watch and be a part of.”

Bawling is an understatement.

Bawling is an understatement.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

They obviously had a few props inspired by the movie.

They obviously had a few props inspired by the movie.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

“I wrote you every day for a year!” — not Sterling to Clemma, because they don’t mess around like Noah and Allie did.

To top it all off, they brought along a book filled with old photos from their marriage and notes they’d written to each other for the occasion.

To top it all off, they brought along a book filled with old photos from their marriage and notes they'd written to each other for the occasion.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

The couple told ABC News that the secret to their success is putting God first in their lives and their marriage, working at their relationship, and respecting each other.

They added: “We never fail to tell each other, probably 10 times a day, ‘I love you.’”



Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

Welch-Christ said the Elmores really liked the idea of basing the photo shoot on The Notebook, a movie they have seen twice and love.

Welch-Christ said the Elmores really liked the idea of basing the photo shoot on The Notebook, a movie they have seen twice and love.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

In case these two aren’t cute enough, get this: it was Clemma who proposed to Sterling nearly six decades ago.

In case these two aren't cute enough, get this: it was Clemma who proposed to Sterling nearly six decades ago.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

The couple was listening to a man asking a woman to marry him on a radio show. Clemma then decided to repeat the question to Sterling, ABC News reported.

“And he says ‘yes.’ And I thought ‘Oh, did he mean that?’” she said. “I didn’t want to ask him. I wanted him to ask me.”

Not only did he mean it, they got married the next Saturday.

Welch-Christ posted some of the photos from the shoot to her Facebook page last week, where they’ve since gotten more than 47,000 shares.

Welch-Christ posted some of the photos from the shoot to her Facebook page last week, where they've since gotten more than 47,000 shares.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

“We are totally overwhelmed. It just has got us just – well, we’re just humbled by the comments,” Clemma said.

So if you’re in need of revising your definition of “couple goals,” look to these two.

So if you're in need of revising your definition of "couple goals," look to these two.

Mary Evelyn Photography / Via Facebook: maryevelynphotography

30 Wedding Hairstyles – Romantic Bridal Updos

17 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

From high-volume & braids to soft curly waves with gorgeous flowers, we have created a beautiful collection of most romantic bridal updos for your wedding day. Loose waves or a beautiful half up wedding updo will last till the after party and is a romantic addition to a traditional strapless wedding gown. These hairstyles work best for outdoor weddings and are considered ‘weather-proof’. Beautiful beaded headband or a low maintenance flower clip is a lovely, romantic touch. Intricate braids are an exciting addition to already gorgeous updos that best highlight the romantic details of lace Wedding Dresses. Pearl accessories, teardrop earings and jeweled clips create a beautiful wedding look for brides who want to layer on the romance. Your wedding hairstyle shouldn’t steal the rest of your look. Classic and simple updos also go beautifully with any dress or wedding theme.

One Side & Pulled Back Hairstyles

Source: Kate Firsova, My Day photograhy, Elstile Spb

wedding hairstyles ideas inspiration for long medium short hair 9

most romantic updos & hairstyles 15

most romantic updos & hairstyles

Source: ulyana.aster via instagram, Provans Studio, ulyana.aster via instagram

most romantic updos & hairstyles

most romantic updos & hairstyles

most romantic updos & wedding hairstyles

Soft Chignons With Loose Curl

Source: Tatyana Grineva photorgaphy, ElStile, ElStile

18 most romantic updos tatyana grineva photorgaphy

18 most romantic updos

most romantic bridal updos

Source: Provans Studio, Lindsey Shaun photography, Rachael Foster photography

most romantic updos & wedding hairstyles

most romantic bridal updos & wedding hairstyles

most romantic bridal updos & wedding hairstyles

Natural Upstyles With Flowers

Source: Salon Emage and Day Spa,  Troy Grover photography, Silk Hair and Makeup

most romantic updos & hairstyles 16

Source:  Hair & makeup by Steph, ulyana.aster via instagram, Marian Logoyda photography

Romantic Bridal Updos With Accessories

18 most romantic updos

18 most romantic updos warmphoto

18 most romantic updos corbin gurkin photography

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18 most romantic updos lauren jackson photography

24 most romantic bridal updos 5

most romantic bridal updos & hairstyles

Romantic Bridal Hair With Accessories

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9 Mistakes Brides Make On The Morning Of Their Wedding

14 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The morning of your wedding day is filled with lots of excitement. To make sure you have the perfect day ahead, don’t make these nine mistakes.



Not eating.

It’s going to be a long day and it’s not a good idea to go through it on an empty stomach. While you might be so excited or nervous that a full meal is out of the question, be sure to have some small snacks on hand to enjoy while you’re getting married.


Drinking too much.

One mimosa or glass of bubbly to calm the nerves is fine–knocking back a few glasses is out of the question. You don’t want to be buzzed or wasted before walking down the aisle and reciting vows in front of your nearest and dearest.


Finish DIY projects.

Don’t plan on getting up early to arrange flowers, put together favors, print out place cards, etc. You’ll be starting off your wedding day severely stressed out.


Running off schedule.

Those brides who are an hour or more late for their ceremony? Not cool. While you are the center of attention and the ceremony can’t start without you, it is beyond rude to leave guests (not to mention your groom) waiting that long. Make a day-of schedule for getting ready and stick with it.


Deciding on a different style.

Hopefully you’ve had your hair and makeup trials and have decided on a style. So don’t decide to switch things up the morning of, which will only lead to stress for you and your stylists.


Stressing about the weather.

Checking your weather app or looking out the window every five minutes will drive you–and everyone around you–crazy. Remember, you can’t control Mother Nature, so it’s best to just roll with whatever weather comes your way.


Answering your phone.

Whether it’s questions for a vendor or a relative asking for last-minute directions, do not answer your cell phone the morning of the wedding. Hand over the reins to either your wedding planner or maid of honor.


Packing for the honeymoon.

You have enough on your plate, so don’t add any more to-dos. Pack for the trip in advance so you don’t have to deal with it right before the wedding.



Getting a massage or facial.

While it’s a great idea to relax on the morning of the big day, getting a spa treatment is probably not a wise decision. If you get a facial or wax, you risk a reaction. And a massage can often lead to sore muscles. So find another way to unwind before you say I Do, such as a relaxing bath or some gentle yoga.


10 Things To Do Before You Start Planning Your Wedding

14 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Large Editorial Image

It’s day 2 of our New Bride Guide series, and today we’re tackling the very first steps in the planning process. The bridges you need to cross once you get that ring on your finger. This includes announcing your engagement (the right way!), the decisions you need to make regarding size, date, and venue (before you even pick a dress or meet with a vendor), and even the difficult budgeting decisions that need to be made day 1.

The good news is that you got the rock. You got the guy. Congratulations! Now, before you start planning the most perfect, magical wedding day ever, there are a few details (To-do’s! Already!) to take care of first:

Remember: if there are any terms you don’t understand, check out our wedding dictionary.

1) Announce your engagement to friends and family — the right way. When announcing your engagement, a blast to all your Facebook friends is just not appropriate. We recommend categorizing your friends, families and acquaintances  by level of intimacy, and then announce the news in that order:

First tier: These are the people you should tell first, such as your parents, siblings and closest friends. Make sure they hear it from you, in person,  and not on their newsfeed. If you think there are other people who might want to hear it directly from you, maybe chronically single friends, the person who set you up, or your ex (if you’re still friends), pick up the phone and tell them yourself before they catch wind of the news.

Second tier: There are many people that you only keep in touch with via e-mail or see sporadically at parties. For that group, consider a digital announcement.

Third tier: Eventually you will want to make the engagement official online. When is it to update your Facebook relationship status to “Engaged”? Once you’ve gotten in touch (in person, via phone or e-mail) with all of your friends and extended family, you can update your social media profiles. This may be a week or 2 after the proposal, so be patient.

As for posting a photo of the ring, it’s a personal decision. It is generally accepted that one tasteful photo of the ring is acceptable, as long as you don’t go into specifics such as carat size or anything that may sniff of bragging. Err on the side of modesty.

2) Pick a date and time for your wedding. After asking to see the ring, most people will ask if you’ve set a date. The Knot offers some great pointers for picking a date, which include:

Availability: When planning a wedding, often two venues, both the church or temple and the reception hall, have to be in sync. You may not want a huge gap in time between the ceremony and reception, and this may play into what day you book. Transport between the two venues should also be considered and worked into your budget.

Sentimentality: What if you could get married on anniversary of your first date? The anniversary of your engagement? If you’re a sucker for romance and want a date or month that is special to you and your groom, go for it, under the caveat that you mightbe limiting your options.

Season: If you’ve always wanted an outdoor, tented wedding, you’re looking at a summer wedding. If you like black tie opulence, go for a winter, evening wedding. It’s important to do a little soul searching about what kind of bride you want to be when considering a wedding date.

Budget: June, August, September, and October are the most popular months to get married and will therefore be more expensive. Winter months, such as January, February and March, less so. Consider a Friday evening wedding if you find yourself in a peak wedding month but no available weekend wedding dates. (Instant excuse for a black tie event!). Venues almost always have Friday nights free and they generally charge less for them.

Something else to consider: black out dates. The truth is, some dates just won’t work. Holiday weekends seem like an awesome, obvious choice, but keep in mind that people often plan family vacations during them and travel fares may be higher. There are other wedding dates to avoid, such as the week between Christmas and New Year’s, as well as Thanksgiving weekend.

3) Choose the style of your wedding. Weddings are all about personal style and the event itself should be a reflection of your taste. If you’re a jeans and T-shirt kind of gal, a formal wedding may not seem authentic. There are a handful of other considerations:

Formal: It’s all champagne wishes and caviar dreams! Well, not exactly, but think big gestures, such as a black tie dress code, formal seated dining, top shelf liquor, a big band, a ball gown for the bride and tuxedos for the groomsmen. Consideration: formal weddings often come with a hefty pricetag (although there are always ways to cut costs.)

Informal: You can still get married without the pomp and circumstance of a big, formal wedding.  Informal works well for small weddings, rustic or outdoor locations, couples on a budget (or where the parents aren’t contributing), destination weddings (barefoot on the beach), and are often less expensive than formal ones. Consideration: limit the number of attendants and encourage guests to come as they are (cocktail or casual attire).

Traditional: A traditional wedding reception starts with a spiritual ceremony at a church, temple or other house of God, then proceeds to a receiving line, cocktail hour, introduction of the couple, first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, toasts, seated dinner, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss… phew, you still with me? Consideration: the most traditional of weddings require a planner (there are many parts and people to orchestrate!).

Destination: When members of both families are spread across the country, a destination wedding is a good idea, and can serve as neutral territory. Destination weddings can be held anywhere – the beach, mountains, wine country, foreign country, castle, cruise, the city where you met. Consideration: Match your decor, color scheme and theme to the locale. If you’re having a beach wedding, nautical invitations or a starfish centerpiece is fun.

Civil Ceremony: Just want to elope? All you’ll need is a civil ceremony, which is usually held at city hall or the local justice of the peace. Everyone — even if they are having the biggest bash known to man — has to pick up their marriage license at city hall anyway. Make a day of it.

4) Settle on a budget: It used to be traditional for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, but it’s becoming more common for both sides to chip in. Talking about money is almost always awkward, and add in laws, a huge event like a wedding, and heightened emotions, and the whole process can feel like a root canal. In fact, dental work may even be preferred.

Some tips:

Be clear on what you and your fiance want: Before you start hitting up the family, map out what you and your fiance could afford on your own. That way, if neither side can offer you anything, you still have a an outline of a day you both like and can afford. Anything else will be an upgrade.

Know how much weddings cost in your area: Large metropolitan areas, such as New York City, will be more expensive than the suburbs. A little web research, as well as a few phone calls to vendors, can answer a lot of questions for you. Be sure to also check out our advice for easy ways to cut corners on everything for your wedding.

Attitude check: no one owes you a wedding. Other friends’ parents may have paid for their big days, but yours may not be able to. Keep expectations in check. Sit down and start by telling them that you do not want to assume that they are planning to pay for your wedding, but you need to know if they can so that you can create a budget. Your fiance should have a similar conversation with his family. These talks should happen separately. If either side is willing to contribute, be sure to involve them as much as you can. It’s their money you’re spending, after all.

Use an online budgeting tool — and stick with it: There are lots of budget calculators online and you should definitely use one. It will keep your spending in check. The temptation will always be to spend more or invite a few more people. Remember that your wedding is the first day of your new life together, so there’s no need to blow your life savings on one day where there are many more days ahead.

5) Estimate, roughly, the size of your guest list: Budget will most likely dictate the size of your guest list. A little arithmetic will tell you how many people you can invite. If you have $20,000 to spend on the reception, and the venue charges $100 a head, you can invite up to 200 people. Create lists of people you must invite, such as family members and very close friends, and find a cut off for everyone else. Easy ways to make cuts are people you haven’t spoken to in over a year, eliminating co-workers, second cousins, etc. Be sure to consult our list of people you should never invite to your wedding.

For more guest list tips, check out our list of 10 common guest list questions, which were answered by an actual etiquette expert. If invited guests start giving you trouble, we decoded the 10 most annoying wedding guests, and how to deal with them.

6) Determine the size of your bridal party and who will be in it: You may have a lot of friends, but they don’t all have to be in your wedding party. Most people would actually prefer to just be a guest. It’s even become trendy to not have a bridal party at all, shy of brothers or sisters who serve as best men or maids of honor. The more people you have in your wedding party the more complications will arise, so keep things simple. If you decide to include close friends as well as family members, read up on how to keep your Bridesmaids happy.

7) Decide whether you need a planner: It may seem like a luxury to hire someone to plan your wedding, but in the long run they can be worth every penny. If nothing else, consider hiring one for the big day to organize vendors and other details while you get ready. Destination weddings almost always require a local wedding planner, since they know local vendors and customs. Wedding planners have other bonuses, such as getting you deals you wouldn’t get otherwise. Check out our guide to what your wedding planner should be doing for you.

8) Narrow your venue options down to 3.  There are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing the venue. The bottom line will come down to how much you get for your money. Unexpected deal breakers can include whether you can or have to bring in your own food, and if there are approved food vendors. Bringing your own liquor can be less expensive, so be sure to ask about corkage fees. Be clear about the payment schedule before you sign anything.

There are, of course, places where you should never get married.

9) Research vendors: Referrals are some of the best preliminary research you can do. Ask your recently married friends who they used and start your research there. Pay attention to reviews on Facebook or Yelp. If there are more than a handful of bad reviews, keep looking. And yes, legitimate vendors will be completely covered in the web and social media space. Pick up a few local wedding magazines as well for more ideas.

Stay organized and download a list of vendors you’ll need to contact. Know what to ask them, too. Don’t forget to book an officiant — you can’t get married without one. We have a great cheat sheet for picking the right officiant.

10) Ask family members (in laws, parents and groom) for a preliminary guest list/guest size: If someone else is picking up the tab for your wedding, you may have to play a few of their reindeer games when it comes to the guest list.  If you start to wonder why you father’s dentist’s daughter is on the list, it’s time to tactfully pull a Will & Kate. When they didn’t recognize many of the names on the guest list that Buckingham Palace put together, they made the point that they wanted control. Chelsea Clinton and her husband did the same thing. The offending inviters will understand. Eventually.

Another way to control the size of the guest list is to consider the size of the venue. A room that seats 100 can’t hold 200, so blame the laws of physics when you have to make a case for cutting your mother’s tennis buddies.

16 Seriously Chic Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

13 Sep 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding hairstyle that says ‘Vintage Vixen’ but still lets you look like yourself, look no further than these 16 seriously chic, vintage-inspired wedding hairstyles. From 20s style pin curls and sensational 60s chignons to retro 50s rolls, vintage hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes and there’s the perfect one for every bride. Remember we host some of the most incredible wedding hair stylists in the business here on Trubridal so make sure you jump on over to our comprehensive supplier directory as soon as you’ve found a gorge style to trial!


Low Elegant Chignon
Photo by Heather Hawkins Photography


Soft Vintage Waves, Half Up Half Down
via Pinterest


60s Bouffant with Barrel Curls
via Dipped in Lace


Voluminous Curls


Up Style with Low Chignon
Photo by via Tamara Make up


Ballerina Style Bun with Plait
Photo via via MyDay


Floral Hairpiece on Low Chignon
via Instagram


Wavy, Tousled Updo 
Photo via


Retro Rolled Updo
Photo by Robert Coppa


High Side Swept Chignon
Photo via Style me Pretty


20s Style Curls for Medium Length Hair
Photo via Wedding Chicks


Loose, Low Updo with Soft Curls
Photo via


Retro Rolls, High Updo
A Brit & A Blonde via Grey Likes Weddings


Old Hollywood Style Down Do
Photo by Assembly Salon via Wedding Party App


Soft Tousled Low Chignon
Photo by Christopher Confero Design


Bouffant Updo
Photo by Art Wedding Photography via weddingsonline

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