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26 Pretty Braided Hairstyle for Summer

24 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Braided hairstyle looks charming and luscious. If you want to add some special factors to your hair, you can try out the braided hairstyle. In this article, we will list you some impressive braided hairstyle.

Rope Braid

This charming braided hairstyle works greatly on long curly or straight hair. The rope braid is drawn across the top of the head in an ‘Alice band’ effect. Subtle yet sophisticated, the hairstyle is the must-have hairpiece for instant charm. The pretty hairstyle can expose your luscious neck and pretty forehead. The cool hairstyle is simple to re-create and will be suitable for any special occasion.

Loose Braided Hairstyle

The breath-taking hairstyle is braided down one side and placed over the shoulder to create the whole style a luscious look and feel. The hairstyle works well on straight hair and wavy hair. It looks special and simple to create.

The popular and charming braided hairstyle. Try one ….

Braided Hairstyle for summer: Messy Braids /Tumblr

braided Hairstyle for summer: Messy Braids
Braided Hairstyle for summer: Messy Braids

Braid with Ponytail Hairstyle for Summer /Via

Braid with Ponytail Hairstyle for Summer
Braid with Ponytail Hairstyle for Summer

Stunning Braided Hair Style for Long Hair: Girls Hairstyles for Summer /Via

Stunning Braided Hair Style for Long Hair: Girls Hairstyles for Summer
Stunning Braided Hair Style for Long Hair: Girls Hairstyles for Summer

Loose, Messy Braid: Long Hair for Summer /Via

Loose, Messy Braid: Long Hair for Summer
Loose, Messy Braid: Long Hair for Summer

Side Braided Hairstyles for Thick Hair: Easy Braid /Via

Side Braided Hairstyles for Thick Hair: Easy Braid
Side Braided Hairstyles for Thick Hair: Easy Braid

Everyday Hairstyles Ideas for Summer /Via

Everyday Hairstyles Ideas for Summer
Everyday Hairstyles Ideas for Summer

Casual Braid ponytail /Via

Casual Braid ponytail
Casual Braid Ponytail

Perfect Summer Braids: French Fishtail Side Braided Hairstyle /Via

Perfect Summer Braids: French Fishtail Side Braided Hairstyle
Perfect Summer Braids: French Fishtail Side Braided Hairstyle

Cute Messy Hairstyles for Side Braid /Via

Cute Messy Hairstyles for Side Braid
Cute Messy Hairstyles for Side Braid

Unique Braid for High Ponytail /Via

Unique Braid for High Ponytail
Unique Braid for High Ponytail

Braid Bun Updos for Summer 2014 – 2015 /Pinterest

Braid Bun Updos for Summer 2014 - 2015
Braid Bun Updos for Summer 2014 – 2015

French Braid Hair: Summer Hairstyles for Girls /Pinterest

French Braid Hair: Summer Hairstyles for Girls
French Braid Hair: Summer Hairstyles for Girls

Loose, Big Braid: A Cute Way to Add A Little Detail to Your Braid! /Via

Loose, Big Braid: A Cute Way to Add A Little Detail to Your Braid!
Loose, Big Braid: A Cute Way to Add A Little Detail to Your Braid!

Hair Braid Ideas /Via

Hair Braid Ideas
Hair Braid Ideas

Braids for Summer /Via

Braids for Summer
Braids for Summer

30 Hottest Bridesmaid Hairstyles For Long Hair

24 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Do you want to learn some splendid and graceful long hairstyles for Bridesmaid ? There are a lot of kinds of Bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair. You can always try up curls, down curls, and braid hairstyles.

Updo Hairstyles for Bridesmaid 

Which are quite elegant and popular. The chignon is a favorite style among fashionable women. Chignon hairstyles are trendy and simple hairstyles for medium and long hair. It is certain to earn you some envy head turns since the chignon can offer people a graceful and sexy look. Slick back chignon is a classic and quite feminine style which is chic for weddings since women can insert fresh flowers into the hair right above the chignon. It is quite effortless to create chignon.You can also wear some hair embellishments.

French Braids

Another popular option is French braids which look charming for all formal events. If you want to show off your long manes, French braid will be your ideal option.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Another simple yet pretty hairstyle is ponytail. Just create your hair into a high pony. Fix the hair with a tight hair band. Take some hair from the pony and twist it round the hair band. Ensure you hide the hair band excellently. Fix the twisted hair with a little pin under the pony. Besides, you can create a low pony if plan to wear off-shoulder dress for a wedding. You can use hair care items to keep your hair in style longer.

Chic Updo Hairstyles for Bridesmaids: Loose Braid /Via

Chic Updo Hairstyles for Bridesmaids: Loose Braid
Chic Updo Hairstyles for Bridesmaids: Loose Braid

Braid Updos: Wedding Bridesmaids Hairstyle /Via

Braid Updos: Wedding Bridesmaids Hairstyle
Braid Updos: Wedding Bridesmaids Hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Curly Hair: Great Bridesmaid Hairstyle Idea /Via

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Curly Hair: Great bridesmaid Hairstyle Idea
Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Curly Hair: Great bridesmaid Hairstyle Idea

Wedding Bridesmaid Braid Updos /Via

Wedding Bridesmaid Braid Updos
Wedding Bridesmaid Braid Updos

Pretty Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair /Via

Pretty Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair
Pretty Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup: Messy Updos /Via

Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup: Messy Updos
Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup: Messy Updos

Loose Updo Hairstyles with Braid: Bridesmaids Hair /Via

Loose Updo Hairstyles with Braid: Bridesmaids Hair
Loose Updo Hairstyles with Braid: Bridesmaids Hair

Easy Bun Updos for Bridesmaids /Via

Easy Bun Updos for Bridesmaids
Easy Bun Updos for Bridesmaids

Loose Side Hairstyles for Curly Hair /Via

Loose Side Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Loose Side Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Messy Updo Hairstyles for Wedding: Bridesmaids Hair Styles /Via

Messy Updo Hairstyles for Wedding: Bridesmaids Hair Styles
Messy Updo Hairstyles for Wedding: Bridesmaids Hair Styles

Chic Bridesmaids Hairstyle /Via

Chic Bridesmaids Hairstyle
Chic Bridesmaids Hairstyle

Bridesmaids Hairstyle Ideas 2014- 2015: Side Fishtail Braid /Via

Bridesmaids Hairstyle Ideas: Side Fishtail Braid
Bridesmaids Hairstyle Ideas: Side Fishtail Braid

Braided Side Updo /Pinterest

Braided Side Updo
Braided Side Updo

Bridesmaid updo Hairstyles /Via

Bridesmaid updo Hairstyles
Bridesmaid updo Hairstyles

Messy Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair /Pinterest

Messy Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair
Messy Updo Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Moderm French Twists Updo for Bridesmaids /Via

Moderm French Twists Updo for Bridesmaids
Moderm French Twists Updo for Bridesmaids

Natural Bridesmaids Hairstyles /Via

Natural Bridesmaids Hairstyles
Natural Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair: Waterfall Braids /Via

Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair: Waterfall Braids
Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair: Waterfall Braids


18 Jaw Dropping Wedding Hairstyles

21 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair


Your wedding is your chance to be a star for a day, so today we’re giving you a collection of 18 gorgeous and inspiring wedding hairstyles. Whether you’re planning a wedding or it’s your bestie who’s walking down the aisle, we’ve got the perfect wedding hair inspiration. These looks are oh-so-stylish and bound to make you shine on that special day. So whether you’re the bride-to-be, Bridesmaid, have a wedding to attend in the near future, or are just looking for a look with a little extra somethin’ somethin’, you’ve come to the right place . . .


BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Alicia Pyne Photography // via Style Me Pretty}


BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Joel Bedford // via Style Me Pretty}








BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Lane Dittoe // via Style Me Pretty}






The 30 Things You Must Do In The 30 Days Before Your Wedding

20 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas


The month leading up to your wedding day is a busy one with lots of things to do. To make sure you don’t forget anything important, check out this list of 30 tasks you need to do in the 30 days before your I Dos.

1. Get a final head count. It’s a sad fact of life that many people simply don’t RSVP–even to a major event like a wedding. Once your deadline has passed, it’s time to start calling or emailing those people who haven’t sent back their response cards. You can ask your parents and maid of honor to help you out if it’s a large list.

2. Set your final fitting. Put those final touches on your wedding gown before the big day.

3. Decide on hair and makeup. You should have already booked your beauty pros, so it’s time to nail down how you’ll wear your hair and makeup when you walk down the aisle.

4. Make spa appointments. Book your mani and pedi–as well as any waxing, massage, etc.–appointments to make sure you get the time you want.

5. Get your marriage license. In many states, the license is only valid for a set amount of time. Check with your local town hall to find out what the requirements are where you’re getting hitched.

6. Meet with vendors. About two weeks before the big day, you’ll want to call all of your vendors to make sure they’re set for the wedding. Go over what time they need to arrive, what they’ll be doing, etc. If you have a wedding planner, you can delegate this task to her.

7. Create a wedding day timeline. Set a schedule for the wedding day–when hair and makeup starts, when the photographer should show up, etc.–and share it with your planner, vendors, bridal party, etc. to make sure the day runs smoothly and on time.

8. Pack your emergency kit. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong, but it’s best to be prepared. To find out what you need, check this out.

9. Figure out seating. This is one of the hardest wedding-related tasks, but it’s a necessity. Make it less stressful by looking at these tips.

10. Print out place cards. Once you’ve got the seating under control, you can print out place cards. This is something you can easily DIY if you want.

11. Put together favors. Finalize your favors (if they’re edible, you might want to order them a bit closer to the wedding date) and if they need to be packaged, ask your Bridesmaids for some help.

12. Create a wedding program. This is also something you can easily DIY using an online template and pretty stock paper bought at a craft store.

13. Make welcome baskets. If you have out-of-town guests, putting together welcome baskets for them is a nice touch.

14. Deliver final song list to band or DJ. Create a list of must-have songs for the reception, as well as important dances (first, parent, etc.)

15. Send shot list to photographer. You’ll also want to jot down a list of important shots you want your photographer to capture on the big day.

16. Check in on the groomsmen. Men can sometimes be forgetful, so send out a friendly reminder about sending in their measurements for tuxes, scheduling their fittings and pickup times.

17. Confirm transportation. Go over pickup times and locations for the day.

18. Buy gifts for bridal party. Wrap them and write out thank you cards for everyone participating in your special day.

19.Write a love note to your groom. With all of the business of planning the day, it can be easy to lose sight of why you’re even throwing this wedding. To make sure your groom knows what’s important to you, write him a love note to give him the night before the wedding.

20. Finalize the rehearsal dinner. Your future in-laws might be planning and paying for this, but you’ll still want to check in to make sure it’s going smoothly.

21. Check in on your Bridesmaids. Make sure everyone has their dresses fitted, accessories ready and they know where they have to be ad when.

22. Jot down a few words. Be prepared to say a few words at the rehearsal dinner–it’s a great chance to thank your parents, bridal party and your out-of-town guests.

23. Prep the dress. Have your dress pressed one last time before you put it on.

24. Go over the ceremony with your officiant. Include any important readings or anything you want him to speak about during the vows.

25. Practice your first dance. Whether you’ve taken lessons or not, you should do a run through with your groom before hitting the dance floor. Nervous? Look at these tips to wow your guests.

26. Confirm honeymoon plans. Check up on flights, hotel reservations, excursion plans and anything else honeymoon-related.

27. Make a honeymoon list. Write down everything you want to bring on your honeymoon so you don’t forget anything.

28. Pack. Don’t leave packing for the honeymoon until the last minute–you’ll have so much to do those few days before the wedding. So it’s best to do this in advance.

29. Deliver ceremony extras. The unity candle, programs, extra décor–drop all of this off to the locale a few days before the big day.

30. Take it all in. Try your best to stay stress-free and enjoy these last few weeks and days before you say I Do.

36 Braided Wedding Hair Ideas You Will Love

20 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

From soft waves to gorgeous updos and ponytails, brides have so many hairstyles to consider. However, if you are like some, gorgeous braids is their automatic go-to choice.
To make your hunt for dream look successful we have broken down the most popular wedding hairstyles with different kinds of braids. From fishtail braid that is ideal for the bride with a boho side and looks effortless, yet elegant. All the way to bridal braids that work beautifully with floral crowns and other hair accessories. See our gallery of braided wedding hair ideas for inspiration!

Braided Wedding Hair With Headpieces and Flower Crowns

Source: Greg Finck, Carmen Santorelli Photography, Shalynne Imaging

braided wedding hair ideas 1
braided wedding hair ideas 2
braided wedding hair ideas 3

Source: Sonya Khegay, Pasha Belman photography, JoPhoto

braided wedding hair 4
braided wedding hair 5
braided wedding hair 6

Curly Half Updo With Braids

Source: Ryan Ray, Missy Sue, Mary Margaret Smith

braided wedding hair 7
braided wedding hair 8
braided wedding hair 9

Source: Marina Koslow Photography, Elisa Bricker, Jenna Bechtholt

braided wedding hair 10
braided wedding hair 11
braided wedding hair 12

Side-Swept Ponytail With Accent Braid

Source: Caroline Frost Photography, This Modern Romance, Fiona Clair Photography

braided wedding hair 13
braided wedding hair 14
braided wedding hair 15

Source: Justine Milton, Alexandra Grace Photography, Missy Sue

braided wedding hair 16
braided wedding hair 17
braided wedding hair 18

Messy Braids

Source: Ulyana Aster, Ulyana Aster, Hair and Make up by Steph

braided wedding hair 19
braided wedding hair 20
braided wedding hair 21

Source: noblephotographers, Ulyana Aster, Ulyana Aster

braided wedding hair 22
braided wedding hair 23
img class=”aligncenter wp-image-12164 size-large” src=”” alt=”braided wedding hair 24″ />

Braided Updo & Half Up Braids

Source: heidimariegarrett via Instagram, Ulyana Aster, Ulyana Aster

wedding hair 25
wedding hair 26
wedding hair 27

Source: bamhair via Instagram, emmas_parlour via Instagram, ulyana.aster via Instagram

wedding hair 28
wedding hair 29
wedding hair 30

Gorgeous Braids

Source: Abbey Kyhl, Abbey Kyhl, theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

Source: twistmepretty via Instagram, twistmepretty via Instagram, theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

The Top 10 Biggest Wedding Guest Complaints

16 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Every couple wants their wedding to be an event to remember for their guests, but there are times when your day can be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Gross food? Too loud music? Getting lost on the way from the ceremony to the reception? While it’s pretty much impossible to make everyone happy (some people just love to gripe), you can easily avoid some of the most common complaint causers by following the no-fail advice from our panel of wedding experts. This will ensure your wedding is a good time for (almost) all.


No AC in the summer. While you might love the idea of getting hitched in that old church that doesn’t have air conditioning or an outdoor garden with no shade, sitting in the sweltering heat will only make your guests sweaty and miserable. Instead, try to find a compromise that will give you what you want without sacrificing your guests’ comfort, such as having the ceremony in a cool spot and taking photos in the other locations.



The venues are too far apart. When your ceremony and reception are being held in two separate locations, be sure you don’t make them too far away. “Anything more than a 30 minute drive is too far for guests to travel–especially if most guests are traveling from out of town to attend the wedding anyway,” says Taryn Blake. “If you can’t find a space that is all-inclusive, try to find two venues within relatively short distance from one another.” If having venues that are far apart is simply unavoidable, provide transportation for guests to get from one place to the other and then back to their cars.


Taking Pics

There’s too much time between events. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom and wedding party usually go to a separate location to take photos. The guests should have a designated place to go with food and beverages and entertainment while waiting for the bride and groom to join the reception. “This is the reason behind a cocktail hour, so the guests are fed and entertained while wedding party photos are being taken,” says Kristin Watkins. “Any longer than an hour is too long and your guests will start to get antsy.”



The music is too loud. “For whatever reason bands and DJ’s feel the louder they play the more guests enjoy the party–not true in my opinion,” says wedding planner Shawn A. Rabideau. “The music should be loud enough that guests can dance and have a good time. But also low enough that conversations can be had. Talk with your band or DJ and tell them on a scale of one to ten (ten being the loudest) you want music at a five or six. When the older guests start to leave later in the evening then you can go to a seven or eight. But anything higher is just way too much and unnecessary.”


Cash Bar

There’s no open bar. We know, it can be expensive to offer an open bar, but it’s what guests expect (and want). Save money by serving beer and wine, and then choose two cocktails that the bride and groom love to share with their guests, recommends Tristan Tilma, CEO/Founder of Stagsource. “This will be far cheaper than having an open bar, and give you a chance to share a little more about yourselves with your guests. And chances are not everyone is going to be a huge fan of the two cocktails you choose and thus you’ll save on alcohol!”


Reception Table

Having to sit at the “wrong” table. A young couple sitting at the senior table; exes having to endure having dinner with one another–and their new partners; your parents’ friends seated right near the DJ speakers. These are just a few seating faux pas that annoy guests and cause stress for couples. Tilma recommends using to arrange where your guests are going to sit to make sure it becomes a perfect night.


Wedding Food

Bad Food (or not enough).You expect the food you will receive as a guest, and the food ordered by the family, would be tasty. But what happens when the food is unsalted and the fish and meat are cooked to bricks? “You get frustrated and hungry guests, as well as unhappy parents of the bride/groom,” says Preeti Moberg. She suggests having a family member taste test the food before it goes out to the tables. You also need to make sure your venue and caterer has an accurate head count before the wedding day so there is enough food ordered and prepared for the event. The last thing you need is for guests to leave your reception still hungry and looking to make a fast food run on the way home.



Ignoring special requests or needs. This includes little things like making accommodations for guests with disabilities, accounting for children in the planning, providing ample numbers of highchairs, proper meal options (vegan options or kids’ meals). “More often than not, these are the “little” details that slip through the cracks when planning and are often overlooked, leaving guests feeling marginalized,” says Rob Farrow.

[Photo: Wedding Paper Divas]


Kids are running the show. Even if kids are included on the guest list, it’s important to remember this is an adult party, not a kids birthday, says Blake. “I often overhear guests saying kids are taking over the dance floor–and many times, I see their parents doing more, well, parenting, than actually enjoying the night!”


Thank You Notes

Not getting a thank you note. A guest could attend your wedding and think that it was the most beautiful event they have ever attended. However, if weeks or months go by and they don’t see a note from you recognizing their attendance, or worse yet their gift, they could end up with a sour taste in their mouth, says Caroline Kennedy. “Thank you notes are a personal and simple way to show guests that you appreciate their presence.”

[Photo: Minted]

23 Stunning Wedding Shoes to Complete Your Fairy Tale Princess Look

16 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Accessories

Ever since we were little we knew that a beautiful pair of shoes is an essential part of happily-ever-after. If you’re dreaming of a romantic pair of fairytale-inspired wedding shoes to complete your princess-worthy look, our collection below will make the shoe quest easier! We’re head over heels in love with these gorgeous picks, get ready to get a head start on your fairytale day!


01-Jimmy Choo

Shoes: Jimmy Choo


02-Ralph & Russo5

Shoes: Ralph & Russo


03-Dolce & Gabbana (photo by NOMINA PHOTOGRAPHY)

Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana   |   Photo: Nomina Photography



Shoes: Dsquared2   |   Photo: Peter and Veronika



Shoes: Jimmy Choo


06-Christian Louboutin (photo by Tec Petaja)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin   |   Photo: Tec Petaja


07-Kate Spade (photo by Our Labor of Love)

Shoes: Kate Spade   |   Photo: Our Labor of Love



Shoes: Marchesa


09-Lena Kozhina

Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana   |   Photo: Lena Kozhina


10-Ralph & Russo

Shoes: Ralph & Russo


11-Jimmy Choo (photo by Heather Waraksa)

Shoes: Jimmy Choo   |   Photo: Heather Waraksa



12-Harriet Wilde (photo by Cecelina Photography)

Shoes: Harriet Wilde   |   Photo: Cecelina Photography


13-Miu Miu (photo by Kelly Dillon Photography)

Shoes: Miu Miu   |   Photo: Kelly Dillon Photography


14-Azzedine Alaia (photo by Jose Villa)

Shoes: Azzedine Alaia   |   Photo: Jose Villa



15-Kate Spade2

Shoes: Kate Spade


16-Paula Andrew

Shoes: Paula Andrew


17-Sophia Webster (photo by Carmen Santorelli)

Shoes: Sophia Webster   |   Photo: Carmen Santorelli



Shoes: Sirena



Shoes: Christian Louboutin


20-Ralph & Russo2

Shoes: Ralph & Russo


21-Sergio Rossi (photo by Ned jackson Photography)

Shoes: Sergio Rossi   |   Photo: Ned Jackson Photography



Shoes: Jimmy Choo

How To Match Your Wedding Hairstyle To Your Wedding Gown

16 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Finding the perfect Wedding Dress is only the first step in putting together your look for the big day. You’ll also need accessories, makeup—and to figure out what to do with your hair. And certain gowns will look best with certain hair styles, says Marlene Montanez of Latest-Hairstyles. Here are some of their ideas for pairing your wedding day hair with your dress.


Backless Dress. Backless Wedding Dresses are on trend right now, and whether it’s completely open in the back, partially so or just the illusion of an open back with lace detailing, you’ll likely want to show that part of the dress off. Consider an updo for your wedding day hairstyle to give your back the spotlight. If you aren’t feeling an updo, but still want something that’s flattering, you can also try a longer hairstyle where your hair is pulled and styled to the front and side. Think an ultra-glamorous low side pony.


Strapless/Sweetheart Dress. Strapless and sweetheart-neck dresses are still some of the most popular Wedding Dress styles. The good news is, they not only flatter just about every figure, they work with just about any hairstyle, too! If you are having a church ceremony or concerned about showing too much skin, consider wearing your hair down–even in a sleek, straight style or long, loose curls, instead of a formal updo.

[Photo: Erich McVey]


The Ultra Glam Gown. A super dramatic dress with lots of embellishments needs a more sophisticated style. Whether you choose to embrace the glamour with a sleek updo or play the contrast game by going with a more loose, natural look, almost anything goes. But you’ll want to stay away from trendy dos like braids.


Boho or Beach Dresses. If you are having a beach wedding or a more casual affair, embrace the afternoon vibe with a non-fussy look. Long hair styled in beachy waves or even loose braids pulled back are perfect for beach weddings. And brides with long or short hair can experiment with some pretty bridal hair accessories, like flowers, headbands and even the new feather hair pieces.


The Understated Dress. If your dress is simple, sophisticated and elegant, you can play up the drama with your hair. For down hairstyles, that means lots of volume and for updos, that means pretty bridal hair accessories and glamorous styles that incorporate lots of curls.


One-Shoulder Gown. A one-shoulder gown is great for showing off fabulous arms and a little skin, so don’t want your hair covering that up. A half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle is a great way to balance off this asymmetrical look. If your wedding is a bit on the formal side, an updo works really well with this look, too.


The 10 Biggest Things All Brides Forget

16 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

With all the wedding planning you’re doing right now, it’s hard to imagine there’s any detail you haven’t thought of – but trust us, there are certain to-dos that somehow never make it to the top of list. Here are 10 essentials to keep front of mind:

Pin now, read later! The 10 Biggest Things All Brides Forget (Image by Lucy Leonardi)

Image: Lucy Leonardi Photography


1) Making post-wedding plans

We’re not talking about the honeymoon here (who would forget to plan that?). We mean you need to decide what you’re doing immediately after your wedding. If you don’t want the party to end with the last dance, you should pick a late-night spot in or near one of the guest hotels. If privacy isn’t all that important, book your wedding night room in the same hotel as your guests. If you just want to get to bed, we strongly suggest you book a room elsewhere.

2) Bringing your overnight bag

If you’re allowed to check into your hotel room early — and you don’t personally need to be there to officially check in — pick someone to drop your overnight bag at your hotel before your ceremony starts. A guest who’s staying at the same place will more than likely be happy to do this for you, since they’re going to have to check in anyway! If your things can’t arrive sooner than you, ask a Bridesmaidto be responsible for bringing your bag to the wedding and finding a safe spot for it in the bridal suite. Even easier, if you’ll have the same car or limo for the entire day and night, opt to keep your stuff in the boot.

3) Picking someone to take your things home after the reception

Your gifts, mementos (think toasting flutes, cake topper, unity candle and guest book) and any leftover food, booze or cake need a trusty escort to get them home. Choose a person and let them know about their responsibility. And you may want to donate your centrepieces. Nursing homes typically accept flowers, but call at least a few days before the wedding to find out when someone can drop off the arrangements. If you’re changing out of your gown before you head to your hotel room, you’ll need a person to take it home, too— even if you have no plans to get it professionally preserved, you don’t want to leave it behind! Make sure there’s a hanger and a garment bag on hand (the one your dress came with will do!) so your gown stays in tip-top shape.

LucyLeonardi210thingsbridesforgetweddingplanning copy

Image: Lucy Leonardi Photography

4) Deciding where everything goes

Besides planning where all of your guests sit, you need to figure out where you’ll put programs, escort and place cards, menus (if you’re having them) and bomboniere. Once you’ve decided who’s going to set these out — your wedding coordinator, Bridesmaids and banquet managers are all good choices — give them clear instructions on where they should go (one bomboniere on every other plate at tables, for instance, if you want couples to share the takeaways, or all of them in two baskets by the exits if you want guests to pick them up on the way out). Also, if your venue’s staff will be setting out these items, find out when you can drop everything off — some venues want everything a couple of days before your wedding; others won’t take anything until the actual day.

5) Decorating the other areas

Of course, no guest will walk out of your wedding if the bathrooms and cocktail bar are left bare. But with all the energy that’s put into dressing up the reception and ceremony spaces, you might want to put in the small extra effort to give these spots the décor they deserve. A few candles will work.

6) Buying gifts for the wedding party

When gifts are constantly coming to your door, it’s hard to remember that you also need to dole some out! So who makes it on the gift list? Everyone who plays a role in your day — yes, your parents and future in-laws, too. You don’t need to make a big presentation.

7) Choosing how to gather the gifts

If you’re not having a wishing well, there are three times when guests are likely to thrust gifts at you: while they’re in the receiving line, during your table visits and when they leave for the night. Designate a person — one of your Bridesmaids, your mum or your groom’s mum — to collect envelopes, and have them by your side with a large but inconspicuous bag when you’re saying hello and goodbye to your guests. That person should also keep an eye out for guests who seem a little lost at the reception — they may be trying to figure out where they should put their gift! If you decide instead to have a wishing well, box or other stationary receptacle, add a cute sign and tell a few people to subtly spread the word around.

8) Figuring out your day-after plans

If you’re leaving for your honeymoon straight from your hotel, make advance arrangements for a car service to take you from the hotel to the airport, and be sure you bring any luggage you want with you on your trip (and a passport if you need it). If you’re not going on your honeymoon right away, then you need to know where you’re going the morning after your wedding (home, or your parents’ house?) and how you’re going to get there. Park your car at the hotel before your wedding if you’re allowed, or ask a friend to come pick you up and bring you where you want to go the next day. Don’t schedule your ride too early — you’ll probably be exhausted.

9) Bringing the legal documents

Signing your marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony is one of the most important aspects of your day; after all, it officialises the reason you threw a wedding in the first place! After all the hours of planning, you’re probably more focused on the party afterwards than the legal side of your nuptials, but without the paperwork, all the stress and money spent will be for nothing. Your celebrant should hopefully keep you on top of all the legal requirements, such as lodging your Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month prior to your wedding day, and bringing along three marriage certificates for you to sign on the day. Also, there is a ‘Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage’ which you will need to sign close to, and prior to the marriage taking place. Check with them a few days before the wedding so you can have peace of mind.

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10) Making and confirming itineraries

Check in with every single supplier, from the limo driver to the linen rental company, one week before your wedding. Many of them will beat you to it, so be ready to go over times and locations whenever you get a call. Send out agendas to your Bridesmaids and groomsmen, too — how else will they know what time you’re taking photos? If someone in the bridal party is notorious for being late, start their schedule half an hour early just in case.

10 Things Brides Forget To Do After Their Wedding Ceremony

15 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Use the Bathroom

Use the bathroom. You’re going to be taking photos, greeting guests and preparing for your first dance as husband and wife, so it might be hard to find a lot of time to visit the restroom during the reception. Before you get back in that limo, be sure to take a bathroom break–and don’t forget to take a few Bridesmaids with you to help maneuver the dress while you pee.

Retouch Makeup

Retouch your makeup. You kissed your groom and maybe even shed a tear or two swapping your vows, so you’re definitely in need of a little retouching before moving on. Bring along a small purse that you can keep in the car (or have a friend or family member hold on it) that has everything you need–oil blotting papers, concealer, lip gloss, etc.–to make sure you look picture perfect all day.

Alone Time

Spend alone time with groom. You’re finally husband and wife, and there’s nothing rude about sneaking away for a few minutes for some alone time. It will give him time to gush over how gorgeous you look and for the both of you to reflect on the ceremony. In fact, in Jewish tradition, couples spend alone time in another room to signify their new status as husband and wife.


Eat Something

Eat something! One big bridal complaint: Many don’t get to sample the delicious food at their own wedding! You spent so much time agonizing over the menu, you deserve to enjoy it along with your guests. And since you’ll likely be drinking during the party, it’s best to do so on a full stomach anyway.

Comfortable Shoes

Slip into comfortable shoes. If you plan to take outdoor photos, you don’t want your heels sinking into the grass. Or at the very least, you’ll want to be able to dance during the reception. (Despite what Carrie Bradshaw might say, your feet will hurt once you spend a few hours in heels). Be sure to bring a pair of flats so you never have to go barefoot during the event (unless you’re getting hitched on the beach!).

Take Off Your Veil

Take off your veil. If you don’t want to wear it all night or for the first dance, it’s probably easiest to take it off right after the ceremony since you’ll have to be super careful not to ruin your ‘do during the process. This is a task you maid of honor or mom can help you with.

Engagement ring

Put your engagement ring back on.During the ceremony, you’ll want to leave your ring finger on your left hand free so your groom can slip on your wedding band. You can simply move your engagement ring to your right hand or have someone hold it for you until after your vows, when you can slip it back on for the reception. Remember: The band is usually worn closest to your heart on your left hand.


Check Out Your Ceremony Space

Check out your ceremony space. Another thing a bride forgets is to really see the ceremony space, says Mystique Latese, founder of Coordinator for a Day. “Often she is brought into the church or the ceremony location as part of a covert operation in order to keep her out of sight. The only moment she experiences the space is when she walks down the aisle.” Take the time to see the flowers and the décor, see the altar where you stood and the space


Thank Wedding Party

Thank your parents and bridal party. It’s a great time to also have a private moment where you express you gratitude for all they have done for you and your groom on this special day. It’s also an opportunity for these close friends and family members to have the bride and groom all to themselves for a final moment before they have to share you with the rest of the guests. “The next phase of the wedding day is a flurry of food and fun and after the ceremony is a perfect time for private moments such as these,” says Latese.

Collect Sentimental Items

Collect ceremony items. Don’t leave behind anything of value–sentimental or otherwise–at the ceremony space. Extra programs, the unity candle, the Ketubah, or family photos that might have been on the altar are things that can easily be forgotten during the excitement that occurs after your vows. Assign a friend or family member to gather everything and hold onto it for you until you get back from the honeymoon.