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I’ve decided that it’s actively rude to bring your kids to a wedding! Argh!!! Feel free to change my view

28 Jul 2016 Posted by Guest in Wedding Ideas

I’m probably being completely unfair here, but i’m stressed and have decided to voice my unpopular opinion. I have decided that even if somebody’s wedding isn’t specifically a “child-free” wedding, parents should still try their hardest to leave the kids at home/with a babysitter/family member rather than bringing them along. UNLESS it’s a super child-friendly wedding with lots of other kids, activities, etc.

At a regular wedding, I actually can’t see a single reason why it would be fun for anybody to bring your young kids along when 95% of the other guests are adults. As far as I see it, the only benefit of bringing your kids is so that you don’t have to organise a babysitter. There are just a multitude of reasons why bringing your kids will suck for a) the parents, b) the kids, c) the bride and groom, 4) everybody else there.

  • Parents have to spend the whole night worrying about their kids, dealing with their behaviour, and keeping an eye on them in general.
  • They probably have to leave early so the kids can go to bed.
  • They probably can’t drink much, because, kids. Probably can’t dance much because, watching the kids.
  • There is great risk of the kids being disruptive during the ceremony, speeches, etc.
  • The children will most likely be bored out of their minds.
  • The bride and groom have to either make special arrangements for food, or accept paying for meals that fussy kids won’t want to eat.
  • Unless there is a “kids table” at dinner, (which in itself would probably be mayhem), you have to subject other child-free people to sitting at a table that includes other people’s annoying kids.

I am in general fine with kids, and we don’t want our wedding to be strictly “child-free” because everybody is having to travel to be there and stay the weekend etc. I wouldn’t want that to be a deal breaker for people that are important to us. But it just surprised me that nobody with kids thought to ask whether we were OK with the kids coming, they just assumed it would be fine. Or that they didn’t even try and work out a way of coming without the kids. Don’t they see that’s it’s just bad news for everybody?

Currently my main concern is tables. I don’t want anybody who has done us the service of leaving their kids at home to have to share with somebody who did bring their kids. It seems unfair. And I feel like it’s also unfair for somebody without kids to have to put up with a bunch of kids at their table. I don’t want a designated “kids table” because it would be chaotic, and the kids aren’t quite old enough to sort foody stuff out themselves (i’m talking like, 4 year olds). I feel like I have to put all the families with kids together, even though that may end up as a table of only 4 adults and like 8 kids. Its the only solution I can think of.

End rant.

Rustic Lavender and Lace Wedding Tablescape

28 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding Tablescape

A theme truly sets the mood for a wedding and this Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding Tablescape is no exception. With a palette of lavender and lilac and a mix of soft, feminine lace alongside natural burlap details, this Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding will have you swooning and ready to say “I Do”!

What You’ll Need:

  • Kraft Lace Favor Box
  • Purple Jordan Almonds
  • Burlap Mini Drawstring Bags
  • White Lace Ribbon
  • Lilac Votive Holders
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Lilac High Count Cutlery Set
  • Natural Jute Cording
  • Lace Printed Cake Bags
  • Lace Paper Lanterns
  • Lilac Paper Lanterns
  • Burlap Print Paper Lanterns
  • Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs
  • Lace Die Cut Place Cards
  • Quart Mason Jars
  • Ball Jelly Jars
  • Large Unfinished Wood Slices
  • Burlap & Lace Dinner Plates
  • Lavender Square Dessert Plates
  • Burlap & Lace Luncheon Napkins
  • Burlap Circles
  • Large Wooden Plaque
  • Purple Patterned Champagne Flutes
  • Lilac Tablecloth
  • Rectangle White Lace Tablecloth
  • Personalized Burlap Table Runner

Creating the Look:

Creating this Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding Tablescape was a dream using the vast array of gorgeous products offered by Oriental Trading! Their selection allowed us to not only pick from their fabulous wedding decor, but create a few new pieces of DIY decor that are simple and stylish; the perfect combination for any bride!

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

We layered our table linens by using the Lilac Tablecloth as a base and the Rectangle White Lace Tablecloth as an overlay. This allowed the beautiful lilac color to peek through this vintage inspired linen. The Personalized Burlap Table Runner added the perfect natural touch to the outfitted table. Each place setting consisted of a Lace Die Cut Place Card,Burlap & Lace Dinner PlateLavender Square Dessert Plate, a Burlap Circle wrapped in White Lace Ribbon and topped with our DIY Cookie favor Box; house in lovely Kraft lace Favor Boxes

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Our DIY Lace Utensils incorporated the Lilac High Count Cutlery Set; was wrapped in White Lace Ribbonand placed on a Burlap & Lace Luncheon Napkin.

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

We served our Lavender Lemonade in Purple Patterned Champagne Flutes atop Large Unfinished Wood Slices.

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Our centerpiece decor included a rustic wooden crate full of floral filled Quart Mason Jars and Ball Jelly Jars; a mix of Quart Mason Jars and Ball Jelly Jars adorned with Burlap Circles and White Lace Ribbon and filled with fresh baby’s breath atop Large Wooden Plaques; our DIY Floral Votive Candle Holders and Lilac Votive Holders.

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

We loved adding our DIY Floral Chair Adornment to the beautiful, gold Chivari chairs. They were the perfect accompaniment to the rustic Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs.

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Our dessert cart was home to a gorgeous, rustic naked cake topped with ivory and purple macarons and fresh flowers and greens. A display of lilac forks were placed in a White Lace Ribbon adorned Ball Jelly Jarand sat beside our display of DIY Burlap & Lace Favor Bags filled with Purple Jordan Almonds atop Lace Printed Cake Bag. It was made even more gorgeous with an array of Lace Paper Lanterns, Lilac Paper Lanterns and Burlap Print Paper Lanterns.

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

Rustic Lavender & Lace Wedding

A Modern Inspired Bridal Shower

28 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Modern Bridal Shower Ideas

We’re heading into wedding season and now is the time for lots of bridal showers to plan! If you are planning a bridal shower and need some ideas on what to do, then this post is for you! Today I’m going to share with you my ideas on hosting a modern bridal shower with a trendy color palette of black and white stripes, aqua, pink and gold! To make it even more fun, I’ve given it a “Charmed” theme including charmed flowerpot DIY decor and fun charm bracelet guest activities.

What You’ll Need:

  • Goldtone Inspiring Charms Expandable Bracelets
  • Goldtone Fun Charms
  • Goldtone Word Charms
  • Gold Baker’s Twine
  • DIY Ceramic Flowerpots
  • Goldtone Fun Connectors
  • Gold, Aqua and Pink Napkins
  • Round Metallic Gold Dinner Plates
  • Black Striped Square Dessert Plates
  • Clear Bottle Vases
  • Gold Foil Striped Paper Lanterns
  • Black Striped Paper Lanterns
  • Mint Green Striped Paper Lanterns
  • Gold Caramel Chocolate Balls
  • Black & Gold Glitter Wedding Craft Bags
  • Glass Jar Set
  • Clear Candy Scoop Set
  • Mini Black Striped Popcorn Boxes
  • Black Candy-Coated Chocolates
  • White Candy-Coated Chocolates


Setting Up The Party

It can sometimes be intimidating to host a party in your home, but if you use these tips, it’s easier than you think. TIP: Use the furniture you already have in your home to create party stations. Here I used a few bar carts I have around my house to set up a Popcorn Mix-In Bar, Charmed Craft Table and Mini Dessert Table. If you don’t have bar carts, you could also set up party stations on sofa tables, bookcases and counters. Use your dining table as the party’s main seating area and you’re all set!

Decorating The Shower

When decorating your shower, first decide on a theme and color palette. This is my favorite part of planning any party. I normally start with an inspiration piece and when my friends at Oriental Trading challenged me to design a bridal around this set of 2-sided gold, aqua and pink napkins, I was all in! I now had my inspiration for the shower’s color palette. To give the shower a modern feel, I decided to add a bold pattern of black and white stripes to the design which is very on trend right now. Then I did what we all love to do…I scoured Oriental Trading’s website for fabulous tableware to go with the napkins for an amazing place setting like these gold metallic paper dinner plates and black and white square dessert plates.

Gold Aqua Black and White Partyware

To add some pop and sparkle to the dining table (every girl needs a little sparkle, right?) I decided to use an aqua sequin tablecloth and a bold black and white striped table runner I already own. Place gold mintand black and white striped paper lanterns all around the party space that match the shower’s colors. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to add a festive touch to any party space.

Next, it’s all about layering to create a dynamic place setting. I started with a sparkly gold place mat then topped it with aqua chargers, gold round dinner plates, a square black and white striped plate then topped it with the square dessert napkin. I also placed a pink and gold napkin topped with gold cutlery at each place setting. How amazing does this look? TIP: Disposable cutlery, napkins and plates paired with higher end items like charger plates and linen gives your table a chic “look for less”!

Black White Gold and Aqua Party SuppliesModern Bridal Shower Placesetting

DIY Charmed Flowerpot Centerpiece

Next, it’s time to design the centerpieces for the table. I love how this set of clear bottle vases look paired with a single flower in each. Since the main centerpiece has some height to it, I decided to pair it with shorter complimentary centerpieces to fill out the table. Here I thought it would be fun to create “charmed flower pots” to keep with the “Charmed” theme.

DIY Charmed Flowerpots

Bridal Shower Flower Vase Centerpiece

Aqua Flower Arrangements

Modern Bridal Shower Dining Table 2

Bridal Shower Flower Centerpiece

Charmed Shower Craft Activity & Favors

Give your guests a fun craft activity that everyone can do at the shower and then take home with them. Set all the craft supplies up on a table to add additional decor to your shower. Guests made their own charmed flower pots and charm bracelets. You can check out my DIY post here for a shopping list and instructions on what you’ll need to make these gorgeous charm bracelets.

Paper Lantern Bridal Shower Decorations

DIY Charmed Gold Flowerpots

Bridal Shower Charm Bracelet Craft Activity

Bridal Shower Craft - Gold Charm Bracelets

Gold Charm Bracelet Party Favor

Set Up Snack and Dessert Stations

Be sure to have a variety of sweet treats for your guests to enjoy during the party. One of my favorite & easy snack ideas to whip up for a party are these Sweet & Salty Popcorn Mix-Ins. Setting up a mini dessert station is super easy with these small apothecary style glass jar set, clear candy scoops and candy from Oriental Trading. The jars are smaller than normal size apothecary jars which makes them more economical when setting up a mini dessert station. Fill the jars with candy like these gold caramel chocolate balls that match your shower’s decor. Don’t forget to have take home bags available for your guests to carry their flower pots and take home sweet treats in. How amazing are these black & gold glitter wedding bags? They fit with the shower’s decor perfectly!

Bridal Shower Popcorn Bar

Black and White Striped Popcorn Boxes

Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Gold Caramel Chocolate Balls

Pink and Gold Cupcakes

Apothecary Candy Jars

Gold and Aqua Napkins

I hope this post has given you a lot of ideas for your next bridal shower.

Photography and styling by Tonya Coleman.


27 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas
Kate + Ben’s wedding embodies effortless charm and elegance. Replete with sparkling Bridesmaids gowns and a truly stunning backdrop, this celebration — photographed by A Visual Anthology — strikes the balance between Gatsby glamour and the warmth of a backyard wedding.

Dreamy South African Orchard Wedding

27 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Vanilla Photography

Jadine and Byron were surrounded by soft petals, gorgeous light, and loved ones for their dreamy South African orchard wedding. It’s clear that this couple is so in love, and the elements of their wedding reflect that sweet tenderness the newlyweds share. From a peony bridal bouquet to sequin Bridesmaids dresses, Bron Fourie of Vanilla Photography captured the wedding details that make Jadine and Byron’s affair unforgettable.

The Couple: Jadine and Byron

The Wedding: The Litchi Orchard, Salt Rock, South Africa

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

The Moment: “Seeing each other for the first time was such a special moment – cheesy we know. We loved everything about our wedding and will cherish the memories forever.

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography


one | two | three | four

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography


Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

The Inspiration: “Jadine is absolutely addicted to Pinterest and I think she planned her whole wedding before she had been proposed to. We wanted it to be fun, memorable and full of things we love. From the ceremony to the garden party and the reception, we tried to make it as personal and as much of a representation of us. We wanted a rustic feel with an elegant twist, we used raw woods, blush and gold/champagne tones with a lot of candle light to set the mood. Our special day turned out to be better than we imagined.

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

The Couple Recommends: “We could not have asked for a more professional talented group of people that made our wedding so perfect. You can see the photos, they speak for themselves, these women involved are far too good at what they do. Thank you for making our day so special and unforgettable.

Vanilla Photography

Vanilla Photography

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Vanilla Photography
Venue – The Litchi Orchard
Event Coordination – Adore Weddings and Events
Floral Design – Adore Weddings and Events
Catering – JDS Events
Cake – Lemon Canary
Officiant – Bruce Hughes
DJ – Greig Lupke
Live Band – Gareth Purchase
Photo Booth – Retrobooth
Makeup Artistry – Camilla Smith
Hair Styling – Blue Taboo Hair & Style Studio
Bridal Apparel – Casey Jeanne
Groom’s Apparel – Zara
Favors – DeWaal Wines
Groom’s Ring – Vena Amoris

I seriously cannot get over how beautiful Jadine and her sparkling Bridesmaids look in these images! Hiring an expert team of professionals, from the planner, to the photographer, to the beautifiers can make all the difference. For more beauty from our blog, be sure to take a look at Ashleigh and Stasi’s gold and cream wedding in Johannesburg, South Africa.

18 Creative Proposal Ideas

27 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The story of how you proposed will be always in your memory, because it is incredible happy and romantic moment in couple’s life. Here you find some unbelievably sweet, lovely and perfect creative proposal ideas. Be inspired to great action!

Romantic Boat & Beach Proposal Ideas

Source: Oh So Perfect Proposal via instagram, Studio Phosart Photography, Missmelissa Lynn via instagram

creative proposal ideas 3
creative beach proposal ideas 3
creative proposal ideas 2

Source: Anna Sachs via instagram, Frenzel Studios Photography, Christina Marie via instagram

creative beach proposal ideas 1
creative beach proposal ideas 2
creative proposal ideas 1

Creative Proposal Ideas

Source: Slava Mishura Photography, Jackie Schultz via instagram, Hanna Campbell via instagram

creative marriage proposal ideas 6
creative marriage proposal ideas 3
creative marriage proposal ideas 2

Source: Jessica Janae Photography , Mike via instagram, Ash Fox Photography

creative marriage proposal ideas 5
img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-14698″ src=”” alt=”creative marriage proposal ideas 1″ data-original=”” />
creative marriage proposal ideas 4

Outdoor Marriage Proposal Ideas

Source: Loi Vo Photography , Julia Green Photography, Isaac Gautschi Photography

creative outdoor proposal ideas 5
creative outdoor proposal ideas 4
creative outdoor proposal ideas 3

Source: J.M.Hunter Photography , Elizabeth Looney Photography , CaraVPhoto Photography

creative outdoor proposal ideas 5
creative outdoor proposal ideas 1

18 Real Brides In Ines Di Santo Wedding Dresses

27 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses

Today we wanted to share with you the glamorous and chic wedding gowns by Ines Di Santo. Their bridal gowns are the epitome of high fashion and femininity. Ines Di Santo Wedding Dresses are for the bride who wants look simple and romantic yet totally luxuriously at the same time. Take a look below at some of the wonderful real brides who wear Ines Di Santo!

 Beautiful Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Source: Ines Di Santo

ines di santo wedding dresses 2
ines di santo wedding dresses 3
ines di santo wedding dresses 1

Source: Ines Di Santo

ines di santo mermaid wedding dresses 2
img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-14620″ src=”” alt=”ines di santo mermaid Wedding Dresses 3″ data-original=”” />
ines di santo mermaid wedding dresses 1

Ball Gown Lace Wedding Dresses

Source: Ines Di Santo

ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 1
ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 4
ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 5

Source: Ines Di Santo

ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 3
ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 2
ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 6

Brides in Ines Di Santo Wedding Dresses

Source: Ines Di Santo

ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 7
ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 9

Source: Ines Di Santo

ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 10

ines di santo straight silhouette wedding dresses 1
ines di santo ball gown silhouette wedding dresses 8Main photo: Ines Di Santo

20 Awesome Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

27 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Half up, half down hairstyles are type of styles that are suitable for almost any bridal style: modern, classic, boho chic, beach,vintage and so on. A half look is very beautiful with a romantic twist, no matter which idea you choose. Check out these fascinating half up half down hairstyle ideas for inspiration!

super easy boho wedding hairstyles

via Google Image

stylish side-ponytail braided half up do wedding hairstyles

via Hair Stylo

stunning half up half down wedding hairstyles

viaWedding Forward

stunning half up curly wedding hairstyles

via Wedding Forward

half-up woven braid wedding hairstyles

via Mod Wedding

20 gorgeous half up half down wedding hairstyle ideas

gorgeous half up half down wedding hairstyle

via Mod Wedding

gorgeous half down loose curls wedding hairstyles

via Belle The Magazine

flower braid half up do wedding hairstyle ideas

via Luxy Hair

fishtail half up half down wedding hairstyle ideas for brides

via Belle The Magazine

elegant bridal half up hairstyles

via Wedding Forward

beautiful wedding half updo hairstyles

via Wedding Forward

super easy long hairstyle for weddings

via Meet The Best You

beautiful half up half down wedding hairstyles

via Wedding Forward

amazing half up half down wedding hairstyles

via Wedding Party App

20 fasinating amazing half up half down wedding hairstyles

Photo Credits : via Wedd Book /via Happy Wed /via Stay Glam / The Right Hairstyles 

via Moncheri Bridals

You May like these Cheap and Nice Bridal Jewelry Headpieces …

affordable-floral-rhinestone-wedding-tiaras-EWAHP025 silver-rhinstone-bridal-hair-comb-EWAHP034

crystal-pearl-gold-bridal-headband-tiara-EWAHP024 silver-floral-pearl-wedding-headpieces-EWAHP033

Pnina Tornai 2016 Wedding Dresses

26 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses

Pnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressHey Bellas, For today we have a collection of timeless wedding gowns by Pnina Tornai. Pnina is a globally renowned couture bridal designer, who exposed her to elaborate cultural ceremonies and celebrations from a young age.

This 2016 collection is an ode to water, the way it flows and inter wines with the wind and sand to create new spirit and energy. Inspired by how wind moves the water, creating breathtaking reflections of light, and how waves break and fluff as they hit the sand, combined water-like pearls, wavy ruffles, coral lace and water-like crystals to mimic the magic of the wind upon the water.

From flowing chiffons, to dripping water-like details and coral-inspired lace, each gown’s detail echo the elemental rhythm of the world. Sophisticated hand embroideries, body-hugging corsets, and Swarovski crystal embellishments are hallmarks of Pnina’s opulent, luxurious and ultra-feminine Wedding Dresses, lovingly designed to bring out the “inner princess” in every bride.

If you are looking for a Wedding Dress that offers effortless sophistication, luxury fabrics and modern fashion forward design, then you should definitely take a look at the gallery below! Enjoy and stay up to date with us! Happy Pinning!!!
Pnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding DressPnina Tornai 2016 Wedding Dress
Courtesy : Pnina Tornai

The 40 Best Fall Wedding Ideas

26 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Enjoy our latest fall wedding color combos, inspired by 40 most popular fall wedding ideas from Belina Blog, featuring warm autumn inspired colors like Burnt Orange, Burgundy and Win Red as well as several cold colors of late fall months. Therefore, whether you are planning for a wedding at an early, mid or late fall month, you will easily get some excellent color ideas for your big day.

Fall Wedding Invitation Ideas
Fall wedding always has the unique features about color. Use the fall leaves to decorate your fall wedding invitations, which could be a good idea.Fall Wedding Invitations-1

via: Minted

Fall Wedding Invitations-2

via: Kamp Photography

Fall Wedding Invitations-3

via: Cards & Pockets

Fall Wedding Invitations-4

via: First Snow Fall

Fall Wedding Invitations-5

via: Green Wedding Shoes

Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
Fall wedding centerpieces always have the warm color, the same as the color of your love. Whatever the color of flowers is colorful of simple, you can both get some inspirations which can best match your fall wedding theme.Fall Wedding Centerpieces-1

via: MODwedding

Fall Wedding Centerpieces-2

via: Amanda K Photography

Fall Wedding Centerpieces-3

via:  Foskett Creative

Fall Wedding Centerpieces-4


Fall Wedding Centerpieces-5

via: Tone on tone

Fall Wedding Bridal Bouquet Ideas
In order to make your fall wedding bouquet echo with your wedding gown, you must choose the wedding bouquets carefully. A perfect fall wedding bouquets can create full of corresponding season atmosphere for your big day.Fall Wedding Bouquets-1


Fall Wedding Bouquets-2

via: Royal Lace Bridal

Fall Wedding Bouquets-3

via: Rachel Peters Photography

Fall Wedding Bouquets-4

via: 100 Layer Cake

Fall Wedding Bouquets-5

via: Crystal Stokes Photography

Fall Wedding Cake Ideas
Wedding cake is a kind of stage of your wedding theme. You can show the warm love to your guests through those amazing fall wedding cakes.Fall Wedding Cakes-1

via: Colin Cowie Weddings

Fall Wedding Cakes-2

via: Carrie King Photographer

Fall Wedding Cakes-3

via: Wedding Forward | Inspirations Ideas Planning

Fall Wedding Cakes-4

via: BuzzFeed

Fall Wedding Cakes-5

via: Jemma Keech Photography

Fall Wedding Favor Ideas
There are lots of wedding favor ideas for fall wedding, such as the honey, sunflower seeds and the delicious chocolate. You can also prepare all of those fall wedding favors to show your appreciations towards your guests.Fall Wedding Favors-1

via: Rustic Wedding Chic

Fall Wedding Favors-2

via: ElegantWeddingInvites

Fall Wedding Favors-3

via: The Girl Creative

Fall Wedding Favors-4

via: BuzzFeed

Fall Wedding Favors-5

via: Favors by Serendipity

Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dress Ideas
Bridesmaids play an important role in your wedding, so you’d better to choose the perfect Bridesmaid dresses which can best match your fall wedding theme for your lovely Bridesmaids. The Bridesmaid dresses below which we’ve chosen for you are very stunning, just enjoying.Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses-1

Strapless Lace Covered Top Sheath Bridesmaid Dress

Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses-2

Stunning Burgundy Red Metallic Sequined Long A-Line Bridesmaid Dress

Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses-3

Elegant Teal Green Halter Neck Pleated Long Chiffon A-Line Bridesmaid Dress

Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses-4

Knee Length V-Neck Ruched Bridesmaid Dress

Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses-5

Stunning Sleeveless Champagne Gold Sequined Sweeping Floor Bridesmaid Dress

Fall Wedding Ring Holder Ideas
Wedding rings are the symbol of your love promise. It should be carefully resettled. With the nature background of fall leaves, your love promise is glinting.Fall Wedding Rings-1

via: Athens Ga Wedding Photographer

Fall Wedding Rings-2


Fall Wedding Rings-3


Fall Wedding Rings-4

via: The Wedding Chicks

via: Brides

Fall Wedding Bridal Shoe Ideas
Wedding shoes should also match your wedding theme or your Bridesmaids. Choose the deep shade color high heels couldn’t be wrong choice.Fall Wedding Shoes-1

via: The Lovely Find

Fall Wedding Shoes-2

via: junebug weddings

Fall Wedding Shoes-3

via: The Wedding Chicks

Fall Wedding Shoes-4

Fall Wedding Shoes-5

via: BHLDN