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One Day Bridal Spring 2016 Collection – ‘Blessed are the curious’

One Day Bridal Spring 2016 Collection – ‘Blessed are the curious’

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses 17 Jun 2016

We are completely besotted with ONE DAY BRIDAL’s latest collection ‘ Blessed are the curious’. No doubt you’ve seen the mesmerising NADA dress clogging up your Instagram feed (shared by just about every stylish lass), and I’m ecstatic to be showcasing their full collection! Each piece is achingly beautiful, alluring and refreshingly unique!

One Day Bridal on their captivating collection:

“Unique in the most authentic sense of the word, ‘Blessed are the curious’ is a collection inspired by the muses, the lovers and the adventurers at heart. Rich layering of tactile textures, this decadent collection is worthy of the most ambitious brides. Adhering to One Day Bridal’s distinctive design aesthetic, strong design lines and charming silhouettes give way to a diverse, yet timeless, capsule of gowns.

A One Day Bride isn’t looking for any ordinary gown, she wants a Wedding Dress that breaks the rules of bridal. A gown that eludes sophistication and personal style.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesBlessed are the curious…for they shall have adventures.”


Based in Melbourne Australia, Bridal boutique founder and creative director Kyha offers an experience like no other. Inspired by a love of fashion, an individual design aesthetic and passion for creating beautiful gowns, One day embodies the fashion conscious bride. For enquiries and bookings head to ONE DAY BRIDAL’s website.

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GOWNS: One Day Bridal |  PHOTOGRAPHY:  Emily Abay  |  MODEL: Anne Sophie Chic Management  |  HAIR + MAKEUP: Max May (Max Made) |  ACCESSORIES: Leather jacket: Jerri Jones The Label, Sequined Bomber: One Day Bridal , Thick Leather Choker: One Day Bridal  Pearl Rings: Claire Aristides Fine Jewellery, Fine Choker and bracelet: Laurie Fleming



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