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Mother of the Bride Dresses with Sleeves

Mother of the Bride Dresses with Sleeves

Posted by trubridal in Mother of Bride 24 Feb 2017

With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, many of us have our beloved mothers at the forefront of our thoughts. To celebrate moms this whole month long, we’re sharing a series of outfit and dress posts for Mothers-of-the-Bride and Mothers-of-the-Groom from BHLDN, showcasing their fantastic selection of dresses and accessories for Mothers-of-the-Wedding.

Mother of the Bride Dresses with Sleeves BHLDN

From top, left to right: 1. Viola Dress 2.  Liv Dress  3. Lucille Dress  4. Claudia Dress 5. Melinda Dress 6. Evelyn Dress  7. Sylvia Beaded Maxi Dress  8. Odette Dress 9. Chelsea Dress

While some of us may still be trying to come up with the perfect gift to give to our mothers this weekend, we happen to know one thing mothers very often want in their wedding attire: sleeves! That’s right, one of the most popular requests we receive on Dress for the Wedding is for Mother-of-the-Bride dresses with sleeves, and some of the best sleeved dresses can be found in the collection at BHLDN.

BHLDN has just released several new styles for mothers this week, which, along with favorites from their current selection, offer many beautiful choices for any mother wanting a Mother-of-the-Bride dress with sleeves. Whether you want just a hint of coverage from a cap sleeve, or a long-sleeve gown, BHLDN has so many beautiful options!

Long Sleeve, Three-Quarter Length, and Half-Sleeve Mother of the Bride Dresses

Viola Dress from BHLDN Blush beaded mother-of-the-bride gown

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Viola Dress, is a blush ball gown with flattering three-quarter length sleeves, a beautiful beaded bodice, and pockets!

Pale blue beaded mother of the bride gown with sleeves Sylvia Gown BHLDN

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Sylvia Beaded Maxi Dress. Gorgeous all-over sequins in Misty Blue add a serious dose of glamour to this sleek long-sleeve gown.

Silver cocktail length mother of the bride dress with sleeves Liv Dress from BHLDN

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Liv Dress is proof that long-sleeved dresses don’t have to have long skirts! Chic and short cocktail-length dresses are very popular, especially in the spring and summer seasons. The Liv Dress has embellished long sleeves, luminous silver details, and a stylish short length.

Silver long sleeve gown for mother of the bride Lucille Dress BHLDN

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Lucille Dress channels the Ginger Rogers in all of us, with a tulle skirt that is ideal for dancing. This graceful silver dress has a light-as-air look that is beautifully balanced by long lace sleeves.

Blush lace shirt mother of the bride dress with sleeves Evelyn Dress BHLDN

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Evelyn Dress. This blush pink lace dress is a beautiful choice for daytime weddings, with an elegant knee-length skirt and half sleeves.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesShort navy blue lace mother of the bride dress with sleeves Evelyn BHLDN

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This polished little dress is also available in a classic navy blue. Evelyn Dress in Navy

Short Sleeve and Cap Sleeve Mother of the Bride Dresses

Silver lace mother of the bride gown Veda from BHLDN

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The Veda Dress features a lustrous silver lace overlay, and offers a hint of coverage from a well-proportioned cap sleeve.

Beaded mother of the bride gown Claudia Dress BHLDN

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Claudia Dress. Beaded gowns are inherently special and perfectly suited for the Mother-of-the-Bride or Mother-of-the-Groom. This embellished gown offers an easy-to-wear sheer draped sleeve that extends effortlessly into a blouson bodice. The rose gold color and stunning beadwork make this a very special dress!

Floral mother of the bride dress with short sleeves


Melinda Dress. This superb take on a floral print offers a muted color palette with a bit of interest, and a pretty short sleeve.

Silver sequin ballgown for mother of the bride Chelsea Dress at BHLDN


The Chelsea Dress, is a stunning silver dress for mothers, with a sequined bodice, full Shantung ball gown skirt, and delicate shoulder coverage from silver lace cap sleeves.

Short pale pink mother of the bride dress with sleeves

Imogen Dress. Short sleeves and a full skirt is a beautiful silhouette. The illusion neckline of this blush pink dress ends in a elegant short cap sleeve with lace overlay.

Odette Dress Gold Lace Mother of the Bride Dress with Cap Sleeves


Odette Dress. This golden lace gown is one of the most elegant dresses for mothers of the wedding. Gold can be wonderfully neutral, but also provides a gorgeous glow that makes it the ideal gown to highlight a mother’s role of honor in the wedding.

You can see from this impressive array of dresses that BHLDN has you covered–quite literally –with a gorgeous range of mothers’ dresses with sleeves.



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