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Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings Of All Times

Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings Of All Times

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 18 Mar 2016

Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings Of All Times : celebrity weddings

When it comes to tying the knots, celebrities do know how to capture the public’s interests. Celebrity weddings, in a way, have become special occasions especially if both parties are celebrities. There are even some cases when the weddings have become events to be remembered as historical.

There have been lots of celebrity weddings, and some are truly memorable and some are better left forgotten. Those memorable celebrity weddings are the ones that people talk about every time a new celebrity couple announces an engagement.

Two of the Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings of All Time

Who would ever forget the Grace Kelly-Prince Rainier wedding? Or the Las Vegas Elvis Presley-Priscilla Wagner wedding? Despite the rumors and controversies that surrounded these two great celebrity weddings and marriages, the wedding days themselves have stayed in the minds of the general public and the generations of today are being told about them.

The Grace Kelly Wedding – Every Little Girl’s Dream Wedding

Every little girl wants to be a princess and marry a prince. For a girl born in Philadelphia in the US, that dream came true in April 19, 1956 when Grace Kelly, Hollywood actress, married Prince Rainier of Monaco. The wedding was a classic one, but it was also a very memorable one for the very simple fact that the bride is no simple woman; she was a talented actress and loved by many. She was an icon, someone respected and admired. She was the Hollywood princess who married a true prince; a wedding worth talking about generation after generation.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesGrace Kelly wore a very classic wedding gown, which was another reason why her wedding was considered as one of the most famous celebrity weddings of all time. The wedding dress was actually cited as one of the best-remembered of all time and the most elegant bridal dresses for the 20th century.

Las Vegas Wedding of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Wagner

The wedding of the most popular singer/actor of Hollywood happened on May 1, 1967 after 4 years of living together. It could have been another fairy tale wedding and affair if not for the disastrous rumors before and after the wedding. Elvis Presley married Priscilla Wagner at the Aladdin Hotel with family and friends in attendance and followed by a quick press conference.

Of all the celebrity weddings, this one of Elvis and Priscilla is considered as one of the most complicated ones. People close to the actor/singer said he was reluctant to be married while others were saying that he was excited to marry Priscilla. On the wedding day itself, close friends of the actors who have previously been invited were told not to come. The wedding pushed through anyway, and it became one of the most memorable celebrity weddings of all time.

Between these two celebrity weddings, one was a true fairy tale wedding, and the other a make believe one. In a way, the royal wedding lasted forever, or until the Princess passed away, and it was indeed a “Happy Ever After” story. The Elvis-Priscilla wedding, on the other hand, did not last forever as the couple separated and divorced eventually.

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