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Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair 08 Jun 2017

Get your Hair Prom Ready!

We are on the cusp of wedding and prom season so its time to look at ways to style your hair for yourself so that you can save your money for nice dresses and shoes! If you feel like making an investment get a nice hair straightener or curler as down the line these will save you tons of money because you won’t have to throw the money at hair salons. Check out these cool looks for some inspiration for your tresses.

Tidy Bun

1) Tidy Bun

A tidy bun is a great way to show off voluminous hair. Placing strands of hair around this is great for softening the look and if you have a fringe this really helps to set it off. There are many ites available to help put your bun in place and make sure you have plenty of bobby pins on you in case strands of hair start to fall down throughout the day.

Loose Curls to the Side

2) Loose curls to the side

There are plenty of ways to get curls in your hair that don’t involve going to the hairdressers. You can tie rags into your hair overnight or use rollers or you can have a friend help you with a curling tong. Wearing them to the side adds a touch of elegance.

Curls & Flowers

3) Curls & Flowers

This is a really simple and cute style for weddings and formal events. You can twist your hair into a loose bun and pin it with bobby pins. When you are finished pin some cute folwers either fresh or faux into the bun. Baby’s breath works really well for this style.

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Jewelry Clip

4) Jewelry Clip

A jeweled clip is the perfect way to accessorize your hair for the big day you can go as expensive or as cheap as you like for this, simple research on the internet will help you here. If you aren’t feeling confident putting it in you can get your stylist to put it in on the day.


5) Updo

A bun with a fringe left out is such a beautiful and vintage style. In the photo, the girl wears a bejeweled clip which you can either purchase online or make yourself.

Side Pony Tail

6) Side Pony Tail

Nothing is oozes effortless glamor like a side ponytail. Team this with a beautiful jeweled clip and you really will be the bell of the ball.

Long Wavy Curly Hair

7) Long Wavy Curly Hair

Truthfully speaking, the best invention I’ve come across to achieve flawless curls is the babyliss curl secret. It magically sucks your hair in and curls it beautifully and is well worth the investment.



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