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All that Glitters is Pink with this Michigan Wedding

All that Glitters is Pink with this Michigan Wedding

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 30 Jun 2017

Draped in every shade of pink and a healthy dose of sparkle, this ballroom wedding in Michigan pulls out all the glamorous stops.

From the palest blush to the brightest fuchsia, this Michigan wedding is layered in every shade of pink. Now top that rosy color palette off with a healthy dose of sparkle and a ballroom dressed to the nines by All Grand Events along with imagery by Studio 41 Photography and you get one insanely glamorous celebration.

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From the Bride… Scott and I were engaged for a year and half before we tied the knot. Living in Michigan, I had always known I wanted a summer wedding. It took us only one week to fall in love with our venue. We visited the Grosse Pointe War Memorial once before signing on the dotted line. It was everything we had dreamed of in a venue. It was unique, over looked the water, and had a beautiful landscape unlike any venue we had ever seen before. When it came to my vision, I had always dreamed of a princess fairytale wedding. I lack any and all creative genes and therefore knew the perfect person to hire; that is Emily Dawson with All Grand Events. I told her the colors I envisioned and she took care of the rest. Between the absolutely stunning centerpieces, the rose gold sequin table clothes, and the gorgeous floral bouquets, the décor was my dream come true.

The details left every guest stunned in amazement. Emily made it so easy, I never worried about a thing. Scott and I were left free to focus on what really mattered, our love for each other. The day was so magical I could not have asked for anything better. We had our marriage ceremony around 1PM with our family and friends. We took our bridal army (19 groomsmen and Bridesmaids to be exact) and spent the afternoon taking photos at some of our favorites spots around Detroit before ending up at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. One of my favorite moments of the day was taking photos with our amazing photographers/videographers from Studio 41 Photography. Majority of our photos were just of Scott and I and in the chaos of the day it was some alone time we had with each other to just take in the day and the moments.

My secondary favorite moment of the day was when the DJ finished playing his last song and our friends and family took it upon themselves to sing “Hey Jude” to Scott and I in synchronized fashion to keep the celebration going. It was such a magical day that I will never forget.

My advice for future brides is to take a deep breath and take in the excitement of the day. The day goes by so fast and things are likely to go wrong but at the end of the day none of the little things matter. I had always dreamed of doing a flying lantern release (like in the movie Tangled) at my wedding. I had everything ready to go, 50 lanterns in total. There happened to be a slight wind on the evening of the wedding and very few lanterns made it up in flight, and the ones that did caught trees on fire! At first I was disappointed things did not go as expected but it provided for some serious entertainment for the guests. I had 100+ guests chasing down these lanterns that were more so dangerous fireballs flying into trees and bushes. (For the record, no one was injured and all fires were quickly put out.) Most guests were laughing so hard they were in tears. It wasn’t the magical release I envisioned but it sure gave us all a laugh and still continues to this day. I wouldn’t have wanted any other way.



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