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Father Of The Bride Speech Tips For Preparing It

Father Of The Bride Speech Tips For Preparing It

Posted by trubridal in Mother of Bride 17 Mar 2016

Father Of The Bride Speech Tips For Preparing It. : Father of The Bride Speech

So your little girl is getting married, and you have to give the father of the bride speech. During this important moment, it’s up to you to help usher her into this new life. The father of the bride has a number of responsibilities to attend to while preparing for the wedding. In addition to helping to pay for the wedding, helping with various details, and walking your daughter down the aisle, you’ll also have to prepare for the father of the bride speech.

Father of The Bride Speech Some Points on it.

Addressing Your Emotions

Although there are a million things going on before the wedding, preparing the father of the bride speech is definitely one of the most important tasks. As a father, it’s understandable to have a lot of different emotions swirling around during this period of your life. Your daughter has always been your little girl, and now this wedding, in a way, signifies that she is no longer that little girl you once knew. Even though you’re happy your daughter is getting married, part of you feels sad for your loss. Use this abundancy of emotion to construct your speech.

What To Talk About

Don’t sit down at the last minute to write your father of the bride speech. Give yourself a couple of weeks to figure it out. This’ll give you enough time to figure out everything you want to say. Do you want the speech to be light hearted and humorous, or deep and heartfelt? Do you want to talk about the time you shared with your daughter up to this moment, or more about the way you felt when you found out your daughter was taking this step?

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It might be a good idea to mix it up a little, and try hitting on a number of topics. You can deliver a heartfelt speech that expresses your love and support for your daughter and the groom, while delivering a couple of light hearted jokes in the process. Let your daughter know how much you love and care for her. Talk about how you’ve watched her grow up, and become the woman she is today. When mentioning your soon-to-be son-in-law, let him know how happy you are for him and your daughter. It’s important that the groom knows you accept him. Make it very clear that you consider him apart of your family.

If you do decide to add a little humor in the mix, make sure it won’t be too embarrassing for either the bride and groom. When it comes to telling jokes during your father of the bride speech, a little self deprecation can add a nice touch. This kind of humor lets guests know you’re okay with this special moment, and you want everyone to have a fun time.

Facing The Nerves

If you’ve never had to give a father of the bride speech before, or you’re not a great public speaker, having butterflies in your stomach is expected. You don’t have to go directly into the core of your speech. Start off by welcoming everyone to the wedding, and thank everyone for coming to support your son-in-law and daughter on their special day. This should help you ease into your official speech.

Lastly, try to relax and enjoy this special day with your family and friends. Take time and prepare your speech. Use this speech to express the mix of emotions you have. The father of the bride speech will be a speech your daughter will remember for a long time.

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