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Cute Wedding Decoration Ideas For That Grand Look

Cute Wedding Decoration Ideas For That Grand Look

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 03 May 2018

cute wedding decoration ideas

Looking for some show stopping cute wedding decoration ideas? Do your wedding plans involve a large space or a small space? The prospect of decorating a big space can be daunting. Tiny details can be left out when trying to figure out how much to fill the hall space and how to fill it. You need to work within the means of your budget.

Do you want a cheap wedding? Think about wedding decoration items like paper streamers, balloons, honeycomb decorations and other cheap things you can buy in bulk to fill the wedding hall space. However, be very careful. You do not want your wedding to look like a child’s birthday party.


  • Ceiling Décor

Turning the ceiling into a canopy of colors will emphasize on your venue’s airy interiors. You could use the help of colored fabric, lanterns, chandeliers and honeycombs. Suspend them from the vaulted ceiling as well as hang pom-poms to create a ‘do-it-yourself’ backdrop.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesWant a stylish ceiling? Whether your venue is a black canvas or ultra modern, drapes are an easy way to make the ceiling more lavish with a decadent feel for any space. Chandeliers ramp up the glamour while lighter colored fabrics retain a breezy feel.

  • Flowers

Frame that precious moment with flowers. I mean, how many brides have not saved at least a single flower arch in their wedding pinterest board? You can use artificial flowers or the flower archway as a ‘do-it-yourself’ photo wall later may be in the evening.

Thinking of flower walls? For another take on flower frames, you could let rose stems, vines and delphiniums create a scenic backdrop for the high table.

  • Bunting

Bunting is one of the most scenic wedding decoration design ideas. It adds a great touch especially if you want a three dimension style.

  • Laden Tables

This cute wedding decoration doubles up as dinner. Dinner is surely the best part when it comes to your guests knowing each other. Why not take the trouble of making a feature out of your evening feast? You could make a display of cakes, cheese, chutneys and crackers in a rather sumptuous spread, with pretty serving boards. Grapes, fresh figs and honey combs can add a dash of color to the display.

  • Chiavari Chairs

This is a must for the rustic wedding that you want. Chiavari chairs come in many colors, either painted white, natural wood furnishes, stained or lime washed. They create a whimsical like country theme.

  • Table Runners

While sequins, hessian and silk are strong contenders for table runners, you need to embrace the greenery fashion from foliage. This is the new obsession. Most florists will be happy to create the greenery runners with any popular plant of your choice.

  • Gold Color

Want more glamorous aesthetic? You can hire decorative chargers to pretty up your glasses and plates. This is perfect especially if you are being wedded in a grand venue.

These cute wedding decoration ideas are a fancy way to indulge in the reality of your wedding décor dreams. Just choose wisely!



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