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All that Glitters is Pink with this Michigan Wedding

30 Jun 2017 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Draped in every shade of pink and a healthy dose of sparkle, this ballroom wedding in Michigan pulls out all the glamorous stops.

From the palest blush to the brightest fuchsia, this Michigan wedding is layered in every shade of pink. Now top that rosy color palette off with a healthy dose of sparkle and a ballroom dressed to the nines by All Grand Events along with imagery by Studio 41 Photography and you get one insanely glamorous celebration.

From the Bride… Scott and I were engaged for a year and half before we tied the knot. Living in Michigan, I had always known I wanted a summer wedding. It took us only one week to fall in love with our venue. We visited the Grosse Pointe War Memorial once before signing on the dotted line. It was everything we had dreamed of in a venue. It was unique, over looked the water, and had a beautiful landscape unlike any venue we had ever seen before. When it came to my vision, I had always dreamed of a princess fairytale wedding. I lack any and all creative genes and therefore knew the perfect person to hire; that is Emily Dawson with All Grand Events. I told her the colors I envisioned and she took care of the rest. Between the absolutely stunning centerpieces, the rose gold sequin table clothes, and the gorgeous floral bouquets, the décor was my dream come true.

The details left every guest stunned in amazement. Emily made it so easy, I never worried about a thing. Scott and I were left free to focus on what really mattered, our love for each other. The day was so magical I could not have asked for anything better. We had our marriage ceremony around 1PM with our family and friends. We took our bridal army (19 groomsmen and Bridesmaids to be exact) and spent the afternoon taking photos at some of our favorites spots around Detroit before ending up at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. One of my favorite moments of the day was taking photos with our amazing photographers/videographers from Studio 41 Photography. Majority of our photos were just of Scott and I and in the chaos of the day it was some alone time we had with each other to just take in the day and the moments.

My secondary favorite moment of the day was when the DJ finished playing his last song and our friends and family took it upon themselves to sing “Hey Jude” to Scott and I in synchronized fashion to keep the celebration going. It was such a magical day that I will never forget.

My advice for future brides is to take a deep breath and take in the excitement of the day. The day goes by so fast and things are likely to go wrong but at the end of the day none of the little things matter. I had always dreamed of doing a flying lantern release (like in the movie Tangled) at my wedding. I had everything ready to go, 50 lanterns in total. There happened to be a slight wind on the evening of the wedding and very few lanterns made it up in flight, and the ones that did caught trees on fire! At first I was disappointed things did not go as expected but it provided for some serious entertainment for the guests. I had 100+ guests chasing down these lanterns that were more so dangerous fireballs flying into trees and bushes. (For the record, no one was injured and all fires were quickly put out.) Most guests were laughing so hard they were in tears. It wasn’t the magical release I envisioned but it sure gave us all a laugh and still continues to this day. I wouldn’t have wanted any other way.

30 Sweet Ideas For Intimate Backyard Outdoor Weddings

25 Apr 2017 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Backyard weddings are getting more and more popular because they are informal, simple,cozy, relaxing, and won’t require a big budget .The best part of having backyard wedding is that you can personalize it without any restrictions,cover the trees with lights and garlands or hang your family photos on them, use blooms around to advantage adding them excessively to your wedding decor. SO, ready to start backyard wedding planning? Click to see 30 of our favorite backyard wedding ideas.

1. Wedding Reception

30 inspirational backyard wedding ideas

 Photo Credits:via Wedding Party App/via Happy Wedd/via Tumblr/via SMP/via Happy Wedd

2. Wedding Reception

awesome backyard wedding altar and arch ideas

Photo Credits: via Mod Wedding/via Deer Pearl Flowers/via Storyboard Wedding/via SMP/

via Confetti day Dreams/via Inspired By This/via SMP

3. Dancing Floor

dancing floor ideas for backyard weddings

Photo Credits:via Essense Designs/via Bridal Guide/via Wedding Bee/via Hall Mark Channel/

via Aaron and Whitney/via Pinterest

DIY elegant rustic wedding decoration ideas

via Country Living

easy diy backyard wedding sign ideas

via Bridal Guide

DIY backyard wedding photo display ideas

via Inspired By This

inspiring ideas for your dream backyard wedding

via Inspired By This

gorgeous backyard wedding lights ideas

via Toovia

intimate backyard wedding ideas

via Happy Wedd

creative backyard wedding ideas

via Elegant Wedding Invites

rustic backyard wedding decor ideas

via Deer Pearl Flowers

romantic outdoor backyard wedding backdrop

via Instagram

wooden DIY wedding photo display ideas

via Pinterest

glass window seating chart ideas for backyard weddings

via Brit.Co

romantic and intimate backyard wedding ceremony ideas

via Storyboard Wedding

12 Wonderful Wedding Heirlooms to Pass onto the Next Generation

26 Mar 2017 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

One of the most wonderful things you can do post-wedding is protect or pass on precious items to the bride and groom. Many of us don’t get to re-live the magic of generations before us with heirloom gowns, suits, tiaras, rings and garters and instead have to make do with all those pretty memories captured in old photographs.

When I was due to be married, I had hoped to include something special from my own family – a bauble, an accessory, a trinket. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be…so I started my own collection.

After I wed my beloved husband, I made sure I put aside my Wedding Dress, wedding veil and bridal jewellery for my daughters to wear on their own special day. So often we forget to save meaningful things to pass on to our next of kin, which I think is a great shame.

Below you’ll find some brilliant ideas to kick-start the heirloom process yourself. Like the saying goes: “Something borrowed, something new” – a winning wedding day combination!

1. Bridal Veil 

Bridal veils are timeless and have barely changed throughout the eras. A good example is the retro birdcage veil which is still popular today. Cathedral and mantilla veils are classic accessories that can be passed down through the generations. Just remember to wrap up all that delicate tulle and store away carefully!

Mantilla spanish wedding veil

Shop our French Chantilly Lace veil here – Photo by Jon Cu

2. Bridal headpieces

Stash that bridal headpiece away for your daughters, cousins or nieces. Better still, match a La Belle hair accessory like the Mae Chignon Hair Wrap or the Chloe Golden Bridal Comb with your grandmother’ precious antique brooch or earrings.

Chloe gold bridal comb from @La Belle The Label

Shop our Chloe Gold bridal comb here– Photo by Jon Cu

3. Ring 

From gifting engagement rings to bequeathing wedding bands, passing down jewellery is an emotional moment for all involved. Brides and grooms love to cherish special rings from passed-over loved ones, so make sure you keep yours clean and polished.

Image via The Mrs Box

4. Jewellery 

If you aren’t lucky enough to own a ring from a long gone grandmother or grandfather, a vintage piece of gorgeous jewellery will always suffice! Think pearl necklaces, elegant chains, tie pins, and slender bracelets.

5. Silk Handkerchief 

A delightful keepsake for your son, cousin or nephew, a silk handkerchief doubles as a pocketsquare and can easily be slipped into a suit jacket. Alternatively, gift to a favourite Bridesmaid to slip into a handbag.

6. Wedding Ribbon 

Easy to store before passing down to younger generations, a wedding ribbon can be utilised in a number of ways including securing in the hair or tying around a wedding bouquet.

hand dyed silk ribbon by Froufrou chic

Hand dyed silk ribbon by Froufrou chic

Soft and romantic wedding bouquet with a touch of silk ribbon by Kelly Kaufman captured by Jose Villa

Photography by: Jose Villa  |  Floral design: Kelly Kaufman  |  Wedding gown: Inbal Dror

7. Wedding Gown

Don’t underestimate the power of a vintage Wedding Dress! Not only will you save your daughter, cousin or niece a ton of hard earned dollars, they may absolutely love its cut, fit and colour! A retro dress allows a bride to carry on family tradition. What’s more, plenty of older gowns boast a beautiful bohemian vibe and incredible fabrics from yesteryear.

Boho wedding gown with sleeves by Grace loves lace

Inca Gown by Grace loves lace– Photography by Majesta Patterson

8. Ring Bearer Cushion 

A lovely little hand-me-down for a child ring bearer at the altar. Wrap in plastic and store away for your next family wedding. Alternatively, a cherished family Bible also makes an ideal presentation platform. Leather-bound or gold-leaf trimmed – the older the book, the better!

9. Champagne Flutes

Rarely going out of style, the classic champagne flute is an heirloom for everybody. Bestowed to both men and women, it’s the unisex gift that keeps on giving!

10. Garter

Intimate, sentimental and ever so pretty, the traditional bridal garter is a perfect present for a special woman in the family. If your dress is not required, this timeless accessory surely will be. Brides simply love slipping on this good luck charm, which will then be tossed to the unwed male guests!

11. Wedding Favour 

Passing on a secret recipe for delicate little wedding favours is a must for any bride and groom. Maybe you’re hiding a secret love heart cookie formula or better still – chocolate mousse! I bet your grandmother holds a treasure chest of tried and tested recipes. There may even be one for a wedding cake amongst the mix – ring her and ask her!

12. Wedding Vow

Book Carry on a time-old tradition by gifting romantic inscriptions in a wedding vow book. Generations can pen vows and musings on the pages as a continual living document!

His and her wedding vow

Vow books by Seniman Calligraphy

Any other wedding heirlooms you think we’ve missed from the list? Be sure to jot down some more ideas for our readers in the comments box below.


24 Instagram Photos That Really Make Us Want to Plan a Wedding

14 Mar 2017 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is notoriously incredibly stressful, and we can’t exactly say it tops our list of things we’re dying to do. Get married? Sure. Have an incredibly stylish wedding? Definitely. But plan it? Not so much.

However, we must confess: A quick scroll through our Instagram feeds has changed our tunes a bit. Beautiful bouquets, stunning gowns, dreamy table settings—there’s something irresistible about a beautiful wedding.

Keep scrolling to see some wedding Instagram photos that made us want to plan our own big day!

17 Bridesmaid Style Ideas for a Winter Wedding

14 Feb 2017 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

They say that the colour plays a very important role in your wedding, and this is definitely the case when picking dresses, flowers, and the important features of your big day. Everything needs to complement each other, and that’s why shopping around for winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses is important. You need to find something that works with you and your dress, but also that works with the rest of the big day. It can be difficult to put the two side by side sometimes.

If you’re on the hunt for styles of Bridesmaids dresses that are elegant, modern, unique and yet still beautiful for a winter wedding, here are 17 ideas you should definitely take a peek at.


Grey is a beautiful, and often overlooked, colour when it comes to winter weddings, and you can really get experimental with the designs of dresses when you have those beautiful faux-fur throws to put on over the top. If you didn’t have those, you might need to consider more of a cover-up dress to protect your girls from the cold weather. Remember they’ll need to brave the cold as much as you.

Gray Bridesmaid Winter Dresses and Faux Fur Wraps

Instagram / amycarolinephotography


Black is quite a controlling and powerful look, and it’s often not used for winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses because of that. It’s quite a mysterious shade to go for, but an elegant one nevertheless, almost taking on a black-tie effect formal look, rather than a traditional wedding.

Black Bridesmaid Styles with Boots for a Winter Wedding

Instagram / emmaleafloral


Red and grey work really well together, which might give you more options to pick from when it comes to those big cover-ups the girls will need when standing around in the cold with you. You might have wanted to go with white, or to match the shade of your dress, but if you’re struggling to make that work this grey shade works really well. Just as these beautiful Bridesmaids with their bride proudly show.

Knitted Scarf Cover Ups for Winter Bridesmaids

Instagram / georgestreetphoto


Tartan or plaid is really great for winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses. It just looks warm, don’t you think? Perfect for when the sun is starting to set and the chilly weather is starting to set in. The dark blue works really well with that reddish tartan too. Has this given you some Bridesmaid style ideas for a winter wedding inspiration?

Winter Bridesmaids Flannel Cover Ups

Instagram / magnetstreetwed


White fur shawls go with pretty much everything. That’s what we reckon anyway. You could have the Bridesmaids at your wedding pick their own shade of pink with dresses such as these, and this is guaranteed to make everyone happy. They don’t all need to be wearing the same winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses. Sometimes it’s good to break from tradition.

Winter Bridesmaids Sequin Dresses White Fur Shawls

Instagram / jmcburneyphotography


Nude is such an on-trend colour for right now, so why wouldn’t you look towards the idea of nude when it comes to Bridesmaid style ideas for a winter wedding. Those brown faux-fur shawls just go so well together with the nude shades too, so all round everyone is a winner.

Nude Bridesmaid Dresses and Brown Fur Shawls

Instagram / southernweddings


Once upon a time, brides weren’t just there to plan the best bachelorette party ever, and to oversee that the groom actually turns up on time. They actually had a purpose. They were meant to ward off any evil spirits that might threaten to ruin your wedding day, or your life for that matter. We’re bet you’re glad you invited them along now, eh?

Black Winter Bridesmaids Greenery Winter Bouquets

Instagram / erich.camping


You know the tradition where you’re meant to throw the bouquet at your Bridesmaids? Well, once upon a time you would actually throw a shoe at them, and whoever you hit would be then to get married yet. We’re sure glad they changed the old tradition to bouquet instead of shoe. We’d rather not get a black eye!

Navy Blue Winter Bridesmaids and White Fur Shawls

Instagram / georgestreetphoto


We’re back to plaid again, and this just goes to show how versatile the look really is. We’ve seen it with the blue winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses, and now you can see it with red ones. It works just as brilliantly! The one thing you will want to ensure is that everyone is warm on the big day. You definitely don’t want people grumbling to you on what’s meant to be the most important day of your life!

Winter Bridesmaids Plaid Scarves

Instagram / weddingshoppeinc


Black is quite a mysterious colour, and red has some background when it comes to wedding day colours also. It’s a very stimulating and warm colour, and one that definitely brings about high energy. It also works as the perfect contrast against the black you wanted also. What do you think? Would you?

Black and Red Winter Bridesmaid Style

Instagram / lizardwall

11. ALL NUDE Bridesmaid STYLE

All nude, and still again with the warm blankets! We told you those blankets were a great idea. If you have them all matching, everyone’s a winner, and you could even have those throws custom-made especially for the event if your budget permits. You could even allow for more detailing at the bottom of those winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses to show when the blankets cover them over.

Nude Winter Bridesmaid Dresses and Blanket Shawls

Instagram / purplesummerevents


If you’re having a hard time finding the kind of winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses you want, why not have a good look around online before making your final decision. There is nothing to stop you from saying you like part A of one dress, Part B of another, and another feature from something else. There will always be someone who can create it for you, and the internet has definitely made that a lot easier.

Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Plaid Cover-Ups

Instagram / lindsaystewartssi

13. GRAY & WHITE Bridesmaid STYLE

Once upon a time, the entire bridal party would have worn white, the Bridesmaids included. These days that’s relatively unheard of, although this almost goes back to tradition, combining white with a lovely shade of pale grey. It was during the Victorian era that Bridesmaids were called upon to wear white, mostly because they were younger than the bride in most cases and still virgins themselves. These days the bride only wears white in a bid to stand out.

Gray and White Winter Bridesmaid Styles

Instagram / maddiemaecreative


Black is quite a conventional colour, so you’d expect black winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses to be quite elegant also. It’s a serious colour – dignified, sophisticated, grown-up. You will need to think about the other accessories for your wedding at the same time, however. Black flowers are quite hard to come by, and if you go too black, it might look like a gothic wedding even when you don’t want it to. The faux-fur coats definitely add an elegant edge, what do you think?

Black Winter Bridesmaid Style with Red Bouquets

Instagram / nikkiryanphotography


Gold is an extravagant colour, so you’d definitely imagine winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses in a gold shade to be very luxurious dresses. This means beautiful fabrics, lovely seamwork, a wonderful shape to them … We’re getting carried away here, but there is something to be said with having gold as a colour on your wedding day. It’s the colour of luxury and exuberance. Isn’t that what you want for your biggest day?

Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses for a Winter Wedding

Instagram / wedspire


Red means so many things, but if you’re superstitious you might want to avoid red and white on your big day. These are said, in some stories, to represent blood and bandages – something you probably don’t want on your wedding day. A dark red stands for courage, something your Bridesmaids definitely have, and also passion and love. You’ll want passion with your partner, and everyone on your big day will want to share your love!

Red Bridesmaid Dresses and Fur Shawls

Instagram / southernweddings


But above all, you will want to make sure that everyone is happy, whatever winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses you choose. This day is important for them too, perhaps not as important as it is for you, but still an important day nevertheless, for everyone involved.

Cozy Cover-Ups for Winter Bridesmaids

Instagram / true.expressions

If everyone wants their own styles of dress, let them have their own style of dress, just make sure they’re all from the same colour palette. And make sure everyone is warm too. You’ll want the best winter wedding Bridesmaids dresses, but you’ll want relatively warm ones too!

Blanka Matragi Elements 2017

09 Jan 2017 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Elements is the most recent collection of couture designs for Fall 2017 by artist, Blanka Matragi. Blanka used her concern for the environment and attention to the world around us, as inspiration for this 5 part ensemble. She spoke to the combination of the four elements of nature and how she allowed them to vitalize her creative juices and infuse their energy into this collection. She was inspired by the sometimes soothing yet alternating ferocity of water,  the intricate stability of earth, the dreamy skies of sunsets and the way that the air and atmosphere beckon us to journey out into the unknown. Add to these the radiance of heat and passion of fire and her closeness to working with it in her glass workshops and then Love reveres and preserves them all and is the inspiration for the delicate bridal styles that complete this fabulous couture collection.

This entire collection took 10 months to complete with at times 12 people involved in the finishing of these intricate designs; embroiderers, and tailors as well as photographers and digital producers. The collection is divided into five parts, Water, Air, Earth and Fire, each dedicated to one of the basic elements. The fifth group, Love, includes wedding fashions.

Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element  
Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water ElementBlanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element  Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element
Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Water Element

The Air Element

Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Air Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Air Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Air Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Air Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Air Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Air Element

The Earth Element

Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 Elements

Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Earth Element

The Fire Element

Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Fire Element


Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Love Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Love Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Love Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Love Blanka Matragi Elements 2017 - Love

Top 10 Wedding Invitation Trends For 2017

22 Nov 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

For those who have already got their 2017 weddings on brain, we are now offering a first look into next year’s top 10 trends for wedding invitations. Our prediction for 2017 wedding invitations will be simple, natural, creative and playful, from easy DIY calligraphy invites to playful watercolor styles. What are you waiting for? Read on for more unique wedding inspiration.


I think it’s safe to say that 2017 is going to be a great year for simple greenery weddings, and illustrated green leaves invites is expected to become a huge trend.

greenery wedding invitation trends for 2017

Photo Credits:via Deer Pearl Flowers /via The Wedding Playbook/via Pinterest/via Minted /

via A Practical Wedding


From soft-washed cakes to dipped invitations, watercolor wedding ideas of all kinds have been popping up and grabbing our attention. B.T.Y, there are a lot of super cool DIY wedding ideas that you can try in a watercolor wedding.

beautiful watercolor wedding invitations trends

Photo Credits: invitation 1 from  Elegant Wedding Invites/via Oh So Beautiful Paper/

 invitation 3 from  Elegant Wedding Invites/ invitation 4 from  Elegant Wedding Invites/

 invitation 5 from  Elegant Wedding Invites

Fancy Calligraphy Fonts

2017 is tending to be a year for personality and creations, Many Easy DIY  invitations like illustrated, watercolor and simple calligraphy styles are all the range this year. Here we have collected 15 fancy fonts for crafty brides who are going to have their personal DIY invitations. Check on!

15 most popular fonts for 2017 wedding invitations

Minimalist Designs

A huge trend in 2017 is calligraphy scripts, and there is nothing shows off Calligraphy better than minimalist designs, which focus more attention on the letters and words, rather than distracting images or colors.

2017 calligraphy wedding invitations trends for your big day


Floral especially the giant floral designs on wedding invitations will be highly welcomed in 2017, awesome for boho and vintage theme weddings.

amazing big floral wedding invitation trends for 2017

romantic laser cut floral wedding invitations trends for 2017

Gold , Silver, Bronze Foil Invites

Metallic trends in 2017 will appear on wedding invitations with Luxurious metallic touches such as foil pressed calligraphy, borders, polka dots, flourishes, or an envelope liner.

black and gold gltter foil wedding invitations

Tropical Palm Leaves

I’m falling in love with the tropical foliage trend. What could possibly be a more perfect application of this gorgeous motif than invitations for a wedding in Hawaii??

palm leaves tropical invitaions trends for 2016 weddings

Rustic Tags

For those couples having a rustic themed wedding, using wooden tags ,lace band and burlap to tie up your cards will be the first choice.

wedding invites with creative rustic tags for 2017

13 Ideas For Throwing The Most Fun Wedding–Ever!

28 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

13 Ideas For Throwing The Most Fun Wedding--Ever!
Weddings are beautiful, traditional and classy affairs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun! They are parties after all. While we know you want to have an event that will bring your grandmother to tears, make your parents proud and entertain all age groups, you should also incorporate some creative, out-of-the-box details that will make your wedding more fun than any other.

Need some ideas? Click through the slideshow for our best tips and tricks to ensure your big day is an unforgettable blast.


A great playlist. The key to a great wedding? Great music. It is one of the few things guests will remember long after their monogrammed cocktail napkins have been tossed. Need some help fine-tuning your playlist? Check out Time Out’s Top 100 Epic Party Songs. Sit down with your band or DJ and ensure they understand the vibe you are looking for (i.e. everyone jumping up and down belting out Katy Perry lyrics). [Photo Credit: Shutterstock] A great playlist

Photo Booth

A photo booth. This is hands-down the most popular rental at weddings right now. Why? Guests get super silly with props like mustaches behind that cloth window (pics your photographer can’t capture). Plus, it is a perfect memento for your guests to take home. [Photo Credit: Cathy David Photography] A photo booth

Flip Flops For Dancing

Baskets of flip flops. Want to get your guests jumping up and down? Provide comfortable dancing shoes so they can kick off their uncomfortable shoes and let loose! It’s a subtle way to encourage raging dance parties. Plus, a great goody for your friends to take home! [Photo Credit: Etsy] Flip Flops For Dancing

Party Favors

Party favors guests actually want. We have seen some pretty creative party favor ideas so don’t be afraid to get have fun with this. Lotto tickets are a really fun way to potentially give someone the gift of insane money or homemade jams for a yummy treat. Favors that relate to the place or venue are great ways to keep the memories alive. Everyone loves a good treat! [Photo Credit: Red Ribbon Studio] Party favors guests actually want.


Games at the wedding. No, we are not talking about board games, but the kind that will break the ice at the table and have your friends giggling with fun adjectives. Place Wedding Mad Libs at each place setting and watch what happens. Other gems we have seen are Wedding I Spy and Jenga guest books. Who knows? Your grandma might just have some hilarious adjectives for your _____ wedding! [Photo Credit: Etsy] Games at the wedding.

Koozie Set

Personalized koozies. Nothing says married quite like Mr. and Mrs. Koozies. Hand these out during cocktail hour, especially for outdoor venues or summer weddings. You can make them just for the bride and groom or for everyone! They’re so adorable you’ll carry them long after the wedding day. [Photo Credit: Etsy] Personalized koozies.

Custom Sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses for the dance floor. You want to know the secret to getting everyone on the dance floor busting out their best moves? Sunglasses. Seriously, a little shade and all that shyness disappears. Customize them with your initials and/or wedding date and they double as a great party favor! Even your great Aunt Ethel will want in on this fun. [Photo Credit: Etsy] Personalized sunglasses for the dance floor.

Smoke Machine

Smoke machine! We are here to tell you that it is totally acceptable to have a smoke machine at your wedding. In fact, we encourage it. A smoke machine will instantly change the vibe of your wedding from chatting and cocktails to epic dance party. And just like the sunglasses, even the worst dancers feel okay about busting a move under the guise of smoke and lights. [Photo Credit: Cathy David Photography] Smoke machine!

Candy Bar

A candy bar. Deep down, we are all a bunch of kids and everyone loves a good candy bar. Whether you set up goody bags and have guests fill up on their way out or keep it open (and fully stocked) for the whole night (dancers looking for a break will beeline for the sugar high), it is a great way to add fun to the event. You can even color code and customize candy to match your wedding palette! [Photo Credit: Red Ribbon Studio] A candy bar

Signature Cocktails

Creative signature cocktails. Who doesn’t want to hold something sparkly and pink? Or muddled and green? When you and your fiancee pick out your signature cocktail (which you must have), there are tons of creative options so have fun with this! Need inspiration? Check out great choices by city! Guests can’t say no to something pretty. [Photo Credit: Etsy] Creative signature cocktails.

Sparklers for Guests

Sparklers for your departure. Want to make a grand exit with your new hubby? Do it amidst the glowing lights of sparklers held by your favorite people. Your guests will love playing with them and you’ll feel like a queen among the sparkles! [Photo Credit: Red Ribbon Studio] Sparklers for your departure.


Glow sticks for the after party. Want to get everyone in the mood for the after party? Easy. Hand out glow sticks! They are toys for adults and once the lights go down, nothing says dance party quite like a neon glow stick. Plus, the streaks of green, pink, and yellow lights make for awesome photos. The after-party is the acceptable place to turn the wedding into a semi-rave. [Photo Credit: Shutterstock] Glow sticks for the after party.

Food Truck

Food trucks outside the venue. Instead of handing out post-party snacks on trays, why not have food trucks waiting outside as your guests leave? After all that dancing, talking, and drinking, the munchies usually follow so what better way to send guests home satiated? Think tacos, burgers or even ice cream. [Photo Credit: Shutterstock] Food trucks outside the venue.

26 Inspirational Perfect Rustic Wedding Ideas for 2017

25 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The rustic wedding theme isn’t anything new, but it has staying power for a reason; it’s chic, it’s timeless, and it’s oh-so-romantic. There are so many things that are classic ideas for a rustic wedding like mason jars, barrels, hay seating. Have some fun creating a rustic bar or show off some cowboy boots with your Bridesmaids. Finally tree stumps and rustic signs are also very popular.
Here are 26 of our favorites ideas to up the wow-factor on your big day…


Source: Pinterest

Ultimate Guide To Wedding Dresses Everything You Need to Know

24 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

There’s no other tradition as synonymous with marriage as the white wedding gown. And for some brides the process started years ago. Are you the bride who started looking for your Wedding Dress before you were even engaged? You’re not alone. Most brides have thought about walking down the aisle in their Wedding Dress for years, probably envisioning the entire process of trying on dozens of dresses and falling in love with “the one”.
While the daydreams are nice, the reality is that wedding gown shopping can be a little overwhelming. We pulled together our ultimate guide the Wedding Dresses and our ongoing Wedding Dress blog posts as a way to help brides with their wedding planning process. When you think about what is involved in finding a Wedding Dress you can see how things quickly get stressful. You need to find out the basic cheat sheet for wedding gowns, understand the basic dress silhouettes and body types so you can understand how they flatter your figure and then you need to find a place to buy your Wedding Dress.

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If you’re feeling pressure to find the Wedding Dress of your dreams then read this ultimate guide to Wedding Dresses and take your time. Don’t worry and don’t rush. We chatted with experts and brides who know exactly how you’re feeling, and we asked them to spill their tips for finding the perfect Wedding Dress. Read on, stress less and spend more time on the rest of your wedding planning to-do list.

Ultimate Guide To Wedding Dresses Everything You Need to Know

TOP Wedding Dress DO’S & DON’TS

10 Things to Know Before Buying a Wedding Dress

  • DO Learn the Wedding Dress shopping lingo: Know your “Gown Vocabulary” before you go to your appointment, so that you are sure you and the consultant are on the same page. Click here for Team Wedding’s ultimate list of Wedding Dress shopping lingo.
  • DON’T Bring a Huge Entourage: When was the last time a group of women were all in the same room and all agreed with each other? Never! Don’t have too many people with you when shopping for your Wedding Dress, it is going to be a real disaster. Read more.
  • DO Take Advantage of Bridal Consultants: Bridal consultants know what they’re doing. They know what they have in stock, they’ve seen every size and shape bride you can imagine, and they know how to flatter any body type. Read more.
  • DO Take Pictures: Take pictures of yourself in the Wedding Dresses to make sure they look the way you want. Don’t just take stand up photos either, you’re going to have to pose in the dress so move around. Read more.
  • DON’T Limit Yourself to One Style: A different silhouette or material may flatter you better so don’t box yourself with one style and potentially miss your dream dress. Try on styles  you’re unsure about, you never know. Read more.
  • DON’T Wear The Wrong Underwear: This is one most brides don’t even think about until it is embarrassingly too late. Simple rule is to make sure you wear nice underwear. The bridal consultant and likely your friends are going to see you in them, so make the effort. Read more.
  • DON’T Forget About The Extras: Ever bought a car and they add on extras till you look at the final tally and the price has almost doubled from the base price. Wedding gowns work the same way. The dress is just one part of the cost.  Read more.
  • DO Remember Your Budget, Always: This is a no brainer. Don’t try on dresses you can’t afford. The simple law of attraction says you’re going to fall in love with the dress you can’t have and then you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Don’t do it. Read more.
  • DO Move Around A Lot: You’re not going to just stand on a podium and look at your self in the mirror at your wedding. Between walking down the aisle, some photos, sitting down to eat and lots of dancing, you’re going to be moving around a lot.
  • DO Have Fun: This is a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t get stressed out about finding a dress. Enjoy yourself and have some fun.
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