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7 Best Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Unique

19 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The wedding day is a very special day for every girl, something she’s been dreaming about for ages. It comes as no surprise that each bride wants to make this event as unique as possible. There are hundreds of boards on Pinterest, dedicated to wedding trends. And each year brings more and more ideas – creative, innovative, eye-catching. It might be something to make everyone gape in awe and set the right mood for the whole wedding. Although, it might be a tiny detail that brings a special charm and style to the whole ceremony.

Details are important, but of course, first of all, there are some major things to consider. (By the way, this is where our complete wedding checklist will be rather helpful!) But in the end, it is the details that matter. If you find yourself spending a lot of time browsing for the best wedding ideas, this article is for you!

Things To Consider Before You Get Started

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wedding ideas decor rustic design home

You have set the date, the venue, received a license (see how to get a marriage license) and are all set to get creative? Think which ideas would represent you as a couple and entertain the guests. Plus, choosing ideas for weddings includes creating the feeling of participation among guests. Your wedding is not only your union – this is the first time two families and two worlds come together. So, think about things that unite your party. Group projects, games, music background, Wedding Dress colors and elements of dress, flower bracelets and button-hole flowers… Everything is to make together very different people during this big day. Your inspiration should help you create the atmosphere you want. No matter it is a chilled backyard wedding or a luxury destination one. Don’t be too serious though – the event itself is quite a ‘grown-up’ step in your destiny.

Try to ease the formality of the moment with a bit of fun. Keep in mind that your wedding is a mirror of your attitude to life and relationships. For example, you might ask your friends and family to throw rose petals or to light sparklers as you enter the wedding reception or leave the church. If you belong to some ethnical group, you could consider some of the ethnical traditions to liven up your party. Ask your elders about their wedding ceremony and try to carry on a family tradition (or start your own!) to make your wedding more original.

Design Ideas To Style Up Your Wedding

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wedding ideas mrs mr bride and groom

Each year brings new trends and design ideas never seen before. It might be non-standard bouquets, creative lighting, escort cards, guest books for wishes, signs etc. The styles and design change, accordingly with trendy styles, themes, and colors. For example, this year barnyard weddings are definitely on the rise – which influences everything. Old leather boots as vases for flowers, flower crowns for Bridesmaids, mossy and brownish tones of decorations, etc. Simplicity is very much the thing this year – with its plain ivy branches bouquets and hand-crafted guest books.

By the way, don’t forget that naming is extremely important. There are lots of situations where you have to keep it in mind. Heading of the guest book, carved wood decorations and a photo frame for guests… Would you call yourselves Mr&Mrs or Mr&Ms? This small detail is something you want to consider before you place the order. (By the way, you may want to look up the difference between mrs and ms here). The way you call yourselves will tell your nearest and dearest a lot about you as a couple. Print your names on champagne bottles to give as a wedding favor, or write your initials on napkins. Mare the birth of a new family by carved wooden letters. As a part of the celebration, you might want to give a name to a distant star and keep the certificate as the reminder of this wonderful day.

Source: Floressence Flowers via instagram, Adeline & Grace Photography, Nancy Liu Chin

best wedding decor ideas 2

best wedding decor ideas 1

best wedding decor ideas 3

Music To Get Into The Mood

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wedding ideas music beautiful piano

Include the option when a groom sings a song for his bride at the ceremony or vice versa.The music is a perfect tool to create the right mood, but different people have different music tastes. It is also a source of inspiration for some creative wedding ideas.

For example, why don’t you ask each guest to share their favorite song title when replying to the invitation. It will make your wedding soundtrack more diverse, and add a feeling of common cause. It would also help to keep each guest satisfied with your music choice. You could also consider some wedding games with the songs: for example, guests might guess who ‘ordered’ which song.
Music is important on wedding timeline day of your party. If you can play music, you might want to include the option when the newlyweds sing for each other. You would make a most lovely duo! Can’t sing? Well, try dancing instead! Bridesmaids or groomsmen could help with that! You might even have a battle of sexes – either in singing or in dancing. Or both – in a classical Bollywood movie style!

Home Celebration Ideas

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wedding ideas bride and groom married home

Probably, you have already chosen the venue If you carefully follow our wedding checklist by months. It is possible that you want to celebrate your wedding quietly at home. Well, don’t worry – there are lots of home wedding ideas. If you have decided to invite only your closest friends and relatives, holding a wedding at home is a great option. It is much cheaper, and makes the ceremony cozier. The money you save on a venue means you will have more to spend on other things, like decor, catering, and honeymoon.

And! As a bonus, you will have your own little place to celebrate your anniversaries – right in your backyard! Isn’t it a great idea to do it exactly where you tied the knot? You could give a try to a ring warming ceremony when guests pass around wedding bands to share their wishes and love. Another example of small wedding ceremonies ideas is hand-made favors. It can be home-made jams, or a farm stand of fresh fruit and baskets to take them on the way our etc. Or you could print funny facts about you and your loved one on cocktail napkins – that would be fun!

The Tasty Part

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wedding ideas cake rustic design

Probably the best wedding ideas concern the food. For example, for a relaxed atmosphere, you could rent an ice cream stand, or a cotton candy/popcorn machine. Or you could attach a recipe for any dish if it is a small family-type meal. Why don’t you choose some traditional dishes from local vendors, or include some traditional ethnical cuisine? Little cookies with your initials on the icing would add some romance to the atmosphere.

Non-Traditional Outfit Wedding Ideas

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wedding ideas flower girl boy

To make your wedding less standard, you could use a range of non-traditional wedding ideas. For example, your flower girl could wear a blue dress as ‘something blue’ – or you might ask your grannies to be your flower girls.

Bridesmaids dresses might be of a different color but the same style, or vice versa – same color but different style. You could also change the suits and dresses in the mid of event to symbolize changing name after marriage. Another wedding ceremony idea would be to wear converse or leather boots instead of classic shoes etc. Literally, anything can be your source of wedding inspiration

Source: Rich Lander Photography, The Doll House Bridesmaids via instagram , Rich Lander Photography

ideas for bridesmaid 2

ideas for bridesmaid 1

ideas for bridesmaid 3

Entertainment For Partygoers

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wedding ideas bride and groom married couple

As soon as you have said the words it’s time to relax a bit. This is your party, but it is also important to entertain your guests. (Speaking of guests, you might want to take a look at our wedding registry ideas list). You will definitely need some great wedding ideas to catch their attention. You can make them truly enjoy the event by making a trivia quiz about your couple. It would be great to see how well your friends and family know both of you. You could divide your guests into ‘team bride’ and ‘team groom’ and ask them to guess the answers.

Some more intimate wedding ideas include writing a letter to each other to read before the ceremony. You might also make a charity donation for every guest as a wedding favor. Why don’t you set up a photo booth for guests? Let them seize the moment in front of the camera! Or hire a photographer and send their photos with the thank-you cards. You could play some guessing games like trying to find whose childhood picture is where. It would be fun to set up stations for different lawn games. It is wonderful to give your guests some entertainment apart from mingling, especially if they don’t know each other well. All in all, remember that this is a party for your nearest and dearest. Nobody should feel lonely or forgotten at the wedding.

18 Wedding Trends That Are OUT For 2018

19 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

It’s a new year–and that means not only are there new wedding trends making their debut, but also that there are more than a few on their way out. We asked some wedding pros to share their thoughts on the trends that we need to say goodbye this year. Here are 18 to avoid when planning your 2018 vows.

[Photos: Shutterstock]

Large Venue
Skip the large, ballroom-style venues and opt for a smaller and more intimate venue–even if it means you need to be picky with the guest list. “Smaller hotel weddings are always a great choice,” says Alice Bil-Szot of studioEPIC Photography. “Couples and guests may even choose to spend a night (or two) there as well.”

Ring Bearers with funny signs

Guests at table
Formal dinners are out, says Candace Mauerhan, director of catering at Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel in Washington, D.C. “I am seeing a shift from traditional sit down dinners to much more casual cocktail hour style receptions, lots of hand passed items and fun food stations. It’s all about the dancing and partying. It gives a couple the opportunity to invite more guests since we don’t need seating for everyone.”

Sexy Wedding Dress
While a dash of sexiness is still in for bridal gowns, like plunging necklines and daring slits, we are seeing brides move toward a more modest approach, wanting more coverage with lace illusion sleeves or high, halter neckline, says Lindsey Bennett of This look is both sophisticated and elegant.

Rustic Ceremony

Succulents have had their moment, but we’ve seen them done every which way possible, says Kylie Carlson of International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning. “I’m hoping that cacti plants will take their place in 2018 — they can make an equally great statement and would be something different for a change.”

Man in a tux
Everyone wants to be comfortably dressed at a wedding so they can enjoy themselves and dance the night away later, says Bil-Szot. With that in mind, don’t force your guests to dress in black tie.

Bride and guests with propsThis trend has hit its peak, says Bennett. “Brides are now looking to capture their guests enjoying themselves in a more natural way by investing in good photographers that capture the candid moment–leave the photo booth for the Sweet 16 parties!”

Strapless wedding dress
These have been “in” for way too long, says Lust. “We end up photographing the bride pulling up her dress all night. No matter what the bridal shop tells you, your body will change and move all night and once you start dancing, that dress will want to come down and then the bride will be tugging at it constantly. Fortunately, lace and sheer overlays and light, sheer sleeves and necklines have made an appearance and are here to stay for awhile.”

Dessert Tables
The color-coordinated candy buffet table is definitely out. Instead, Bil-Szot suggests having a gourmet cookie, treat and baked goods table. You can even choose to have a dessert table in lieu of a traditional wedding cake, and the offer guests boxes to take home the treats as favors.

Bride and groomStiff, formal and heavily-edited wedding photo shoots are definitely out, says Eve Law of OneThreeOneFour, a wedding photography company that specializes in destination weddings. “Wedding portraits that reflects the personality and story of the couple are in–the photos naturally filled with bright smiles and fun vibes!”

Rose Gold Vase
Metallic colors have been hot for the past year, especially rose gold. But that flame has fizzled out, according to Bowen, and now brides are going back to gold and silver. “It’s probably because it’s easier to match them with other color palettes,” says Bowen.

Mason Jars
“I thought this trend would go away in 2015, but it has held on,” says Lust. “I really hope it’s gone in 2018!”

Glitter Table NumberIt’s time to retire sequins and glitter for the time being, says Carlson. “They’ve been a fun addition to weddings in 2017, but it’s time to make room for iridescent finishes, which we’re seeing quite a bit in home decor and fashion.”

Wedding Cupcakes
Cupcakes were cute, but they’re done for 2018. “We’re seeing more and more couples doing donuts, cookies, pies (both sweet and savory) and interesting pastries from their cultural backgrounds,” says Mauerhan.

This relaxed look is getting old, says Bennett. “Brides are realizing the importance of the day and are stepping up their look for a little more glam, a little more traditionally formal dress and event.”

Vase of rosesMix it up, says Bil-Szot. Add some wild flowers, twigs and other accents to make your decor interesting and a bit chaotic.

Wedding Cake
What once made cakes look so elegant is now considered outdated and less desirable, says Bennett.

8 Things Brides Should Never Do at The Wedding Reception

18 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Your wedding ceremony may be all about you and your groom, but let’s be honest: the reception is all about showing your guests a great time. Of course, it should be a celebration you remember, but it’s just as important that your guests enjoy themselves, too. So to ensure no guest leaves feeling like they had anything but the best of times, here are eight things you should definitely not to do at your wedding reception. Avoid them and we can all but guarantee that everyone has a great time.

Cash bar Sorry, but this cost is on you. Tempting as it may be to cut your spending in this area it’s totally tacky. Guests (who have already bought you a gift, dressed up for you and attended your ceremony) will most certainly not appreciate this added expense.


Play offensive songs No matter what the 30-and-under set is listening to, wedding music should be clean and appropriate for everyone. Yes, you can play popular songs, but anything with vulgarities should be avoided. Older guests will not appreciate any dirty lyrics, and even if they’re ok with it – do you really want your special day associated with, say, somebody’s milkshake?


Disappear for too long. Don’t rush through your visit to the bathroom (we know, it’s a little complicated when you have that big beautiful dress on), but otherwise, make it a point to stay visible. This is just plain common sense – everyone has gone out of their way to celebrate you, and it’s a bummer for everyone if you’re not there to bask in almost all of it.


Get very, very drunk. Actually, let’s take out the verys. It’s ok to get buzzed, but try to stay in your right mind – you definitely don’t want to do anything you’ll regret – or worse, won’t remember – on this specialist of special nights. As the main attraction, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself in line.

Argue with vendors. Leave any conflicts to your supporting cast (i.e. your mother or maid of honor). If you have a wedding planner, it’s his/her job to keep everything and everyone in line on event day. If something seems to be going awry, calmly do what you can to deal with it, and then move on. No party goes perfectly anyways, and you’ll only be frustrated if that’s what you’re focused on.


Argue with guests. Do we even need to tell you why? This sort of follows the old adage of, “the customer is always right.” If a guest is doing or saying something truly offensive, ask your mother or maid of honor to deal with it–because nothing is uglier than an angry bride on her wedding day.


Check out or open the presents Um, tacky! Save the ogling for the comfort of your own home. Your reception is not the time or place to shake presents, guess what they might be, or worse, actually open them. The spotlight’s on you, and greedy is never a good look.

Get there late or leave early. It’s your party… so you better be there! A wedding reception can’t truly start without the bride, and effectively ends when she leaves. Keep this in mind when you’re planning photos and rides, and make sure you’ll be there for as much of the party as possible.

How To Have The Wedding All Your Friends Will Remember

17 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

There will be countless weddings in your immediate circle over the years, some will stand out and others, well, won’t. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the first or the last of your friends to get married, you can have the most memorable party. Here are a few key steps you can take to have THAT wedding sticks out in guests’ minds.


[Photo: Samm Blake]

1. Have music in your ceremony. Keep your ceremony short and sweet–nobody wants to be sitting there forever. In lieu of readings, which can be boring or awkward if the person isn’t a good public speaker, hire musicians or singers to perform. While your guests won’t remember *yet another* reading of Corinthians, they will definitely remember a lively performance of “Oh Happy Day!” by a gospel choir. Music is impactful like that. Choose a song that is both meaningful and recognizable so that guests can sing or clap along.

[Photo: Style Me Pretty]

2. Book a great band. The band makes the dance party and the dance party makes the wedding. Choose a band over a DJ, and even consider bands that aren’t traditional wedding bands. You want a group that can ROCK! Funk bands and classic rock bands are crowd pleasers. Spend your money on a band with a horn section, not an emcee (nobody remember the guy that introduces the bridal party… everyone remembers the trumpets in “Celebration”). Make sure they know the classics, and skip the first dances if need be (it’s a lull in the dance party for everyone else!).

[Photo: Dylan And Sara via Style Me Pretty]

3. Get the lighting right. You want bright, natural light for the ceremony, soft lighting (such as candles in hurricanes) for dinner, flashing lights on a dark stage (strobes, etc) for the dance party. String lighting is festive and pretty. You don’t need to spend a fortune on lighting, you just need to give it some thought.

[Photo: Style Me Pretty]

4. Have large floral arrangements. Small table centerpieces are somewhat important, but what stands out most in pictures and in people’s minds are large floral arrangements. A floral chuppah or canopy, for example. If you can’t put giant arrangements on every table (which you actually don’t need), order 3 or 4 and place them strategically, like at the buffet table, behind the altar, or at the head table.

[Photo: Style Me Pretty]

5. Get married outdoors. Weddings with a view make for incredible pictures–not just your professional pix, but all the ones your guests take and post to social media. A stunning nature view like mountains, gardens, fields, lakes or oceans mean you can spend less on decorations and lighting. The natural surroundings will speak for themselves. And they have a huge impact on how people remember the wedding.

[Photo: Jacquelynn Brynn via Style Me Pretty]

6. Skip the first dance, garter toss and other stale traditions. There are some aspects of weddings that sound good in theory when you’re planning them, but in the moment of the wedding don’t actually matter. People don’t want to stop dancing, for example, to watch you have your first dance, father-daughter dance, etc. Let the party flow naturally (led by a great band and lighting!)–don’t cause unecessary starts and stops.

[Photo: Style Me Pretty]

7. Greet guests with signature cocktails. Have your servers greet guests with trays of a signature cocktail at the reception (or ceremony if you really want to get ’em drunk!). Signature cocktails feel fun and festive, guests don’t have to think about what to order, and the service is memorable, as well. This is a gesture that will go farther than you think.

[Photo: Pat Moyer]

8. Have a big finish. Even if the party is going to continue on to an after party, have a big, memorable finish at the reception for guests who are going home after (like older relatives). Fireworks, sparklers, someone playing with band, everyone dancing on the stage, a surprise guest, a big sing along, balloons, glo sticks, etc. are all fun ways to close out the party. Everyone will remember that moment when everyone was involved.

7 Ways Your Mother-In-Law Shouldn’t Interfere With Your Wedding Planning

03 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The wedding planning process can be incredibly stressful–and not necessarily because of the work involved, but because of the personal drama that arises. Everyone–from your groom to your parents to your in-laws–will have an opinion on how things should be. And if you’re a strong-willed bride (we would NEVER say ‘bridezilla’), that doesn’t always bode well. An over-bearing mother-in-law, for example, can be a recipe for disaster. It is YOUR wedding, afterall. Here’s how to know where to draw the line:

1. Go to her son behind your back.If your mother-in-law has a wedding-related request–say, that you invite her tennis partner to the wedding or that she be seated next to you at the reception–she needs to ask you to your face, woman to woman. She should absolutely not go behind your back to your fiance and ask him. That is conniving and only results in your fiance being stuck in the middle with his head on a swivel. It’s a recipe for all sorts of miscommunications. And most of all, it’s a sign that you won’t have the most honest mother-daughter relationship once you’re married. Nip the behavior in the butt by replying to her directly if a question comes through her son. Pick up the phone and call her directly when that happens.

2. Make a big deal out of nothing.Not every issue is worth picking a fight over. You know that, and your mother-in-law should, too. If you disagree about, say, the color of the boutonnieres (but white roses are classic!), she needs to know when to let it go. She can’t stay mad about every little thing you disagree on–in fact, it’s your wedding and your good or bad decisions to make. She should save her bargaining chips for bigger issues, like whether you get married by the family pastor or how many guests you’re having at the rehearsal dinner if she’s hosting.


3. Act like it’s her wedding. The problem with parents and in-laws is that they have the tendency to act like your wedding is *their* wedding. They are just so invested, and you should cut them some slack because they are likely just getting sentimental (“but it’s my first child getting married!”). But what you shouldn’t do is let them dictate your wedding.. You don’t have to make any concessions when it comes to your dream wedding, just because they feel so strongly about things like the venue, the church, the theme.

4. Judge how much you spend. Just like your personal finances once you’re married, your wedding budget is none of your mother-in-law’s business. If you want to splurge on $600 wedding shoes, so be it! If you want to have a more lavish wedding than the one she had 30 years ago, that’s perfectly normal and again, none of her business.

5. Ruin your big day. The LAST thing that your mother-in-law should do is actually ruin your big day by saying or doing something that upsets you. If she’s really getting on your last nerve as the wedding date approaches, ask one of your Bridesmaids to serve as a buffer and keep her away from the bridal suite. Ditto for the ceremony and reception–keep a close circle of friends and family between you and the meddling mother-in-law. You’ll have a whole lifetime to figure out how to get along better! But your wedding day isn’t the right time to test those boundaries.

6. Tell you that you look anything but perfect on your big day. This is not the time for her to tell you that you need to lose a little weight or that you’re wearing too much eye makeup. Mother-in-laws–keep your honest opinions to yourselves! Don’t be overly critical. Show support and love for your daughter-in-law by telling her that she looks perfect and that you wish her all the happiness in the world today.

7. Tell your vendors what to do. She can’t expect to have free reign over the vendors, even if she’s chipping in for them. It’s your wedding, your vision. Avoid this from happening by keeping her out of the loop when it comes to communicating with them. 

7 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Wedding Reception

03 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

So you want to throw the best wedding reception your friends and family have ever seen-well, you’ve come to the right place!  This edition of Tuesday Tips is completely dedicated to most talked about part of the wedding.  While many people think a fantastic wedding reception just happens by chance, wedding coordinators know all too well that memorable wedding receptions are carefully crafted.  Thus, here are our tips for creating a memorable celebration.

1. Short and Sweet

When it comes to toasts, it’s really all about quality over quantity.  As meaningful and wonderful as toasts can be, it’s important that you don’t allow those toasting to drone on and on.  It’s also important to keep the number of toasts to a minimum.  Carefully select individuals who have been important in your life and then gently remind them to keep it short and sweet.

Kate Mefford Photography

2. Lounge Act

If at all possible, create a lounge-like area in your reception space like this stunning lounge area from this romantic Austin wedding.  Since people can get antsy sitting around the same dinner tables all night, a change of environment will promote conversation and keep even your non-dancing guests entertained.  Look into renting or borrowing couches, chairs, and other pieces of furniture that you can then stage with pillows and votive candles in your wedding colors.

Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

3. Surprise, Surprise

Sometimes the best parts of a reception are the things guests don’t see coming.  Surprise your guests with unexpected entertainment during the cocktail hour or reception, like a belly dancer, a mariachi band, or even a salsa dancer. Or create a whole unexpected theme for your wedding, like this circus-themed wedding.

Clane Gessel Photography

4. What Tradition?

If the thought of a making all of your single friends stand around you to catch your bouquet offends your senses or the image of your future husband sticking his head under your dress to “find” your garter makes you queasy, don’t do it!  Skip the standard traditions and incorporate reception activities that represent you and your future husband’s sense of tradition and style.  One popular trend we are seeing these days is incorporating lawn games into your reception, similar to this outdoor Austin wedding. Your guests will appreciate the departure from the norm.

Jennifer Weems Photography

5. Photo Finish

Capture the spirit of the evening by renting or DIY-ing a photo booth.  Friends and family can really ham it up and create great keepsakes.  You and your husband will have the best time remembering the guests at your wedding through the photo booth pictures. Don’t forget silly props and and a social media hashtag, like this one from this fun-filled Fort Worth wedding.

New Seasons Photography

6. After the Party, It’s the After-Party

Keep the party going long after the formal reception ends.  Even if your reception venue shuts down your reception at a certain time, you can keep the party going by inviting your guests to an after-party.  Now this can be as fancy and formal as you like, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on an after-party.  You and your guests can gather in a hotel bar or restaurant lounge at no charge.

Philip Thomas Photography

7. Good Food, Good Drink and Good Music

No matter what you decide to incorporate into your wedding reception, keeping your guests happy will almost always ensure a memorable celebration.  And experience teaches that keeping guests happy hinges on executing the “happy guest trifecta” – good food, good drink and good music!  So make sure the food is hot and tasty, the drinks are plentiful and the music is constant and speaks to the sensibilities of the crowd.  Perfecting these elements will ensure a fabulous celebration!

Jenny DeMarco Photography

Happy Planning!

39 Sexy Wedding Pictures Not For Your Wedding Album

02 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Perfect Memories Not For Your Wedding Album

This is the most romantic day of your life, but it’s also the most passionate day of his. There’s no such things as ‘too close’ on this special occasion. Don’t be shy to press against a wall and show just how connected the two of you are. A slight raise of the skirt and glimpse of the garter are a great way to show him what’s in store later that night.

Source: Ann Lousi, Benfield Photography, KS Photos & South Sound Weddings

sexy wedding pictures 1

sexy wedding pictures 2

sexy wedding pictures 3

You Can Feel The Passion

It’s not the act itself, but the expectation that’s so exciting. A staple to any sexy wedding night photo album is the lift upstairs. Airing on the side of voyeurism, a few snaps of the bride and groom in the elevator delivering them to their nuptial hotel space is sure to trigger memories of how you both felt after ‘I do”. Remember, romance goes hand-in-hand with sensuality. Make sure to capture both and keep the a photo record of when it all began.

Source:  Tonilynn Photography, Goff Photography, Kevin Camp

sexy wedding picture near the wall

sexy wedding picture tempting moment

sexy wedding picture for country wedding kevin camp

For Groom Eyes Only

Stealthy brides who plan ahead are sure to have put thought into honeymoon attire. Step aside for a photoshoot featuring the sexiest lingerie you’ll ever wear and the veil – just the veil. There’s just something about the juxtaposition of barely-there lace draped with a sheer virtuous veil.

Source: Julie Michaelsen, Raw Photo, Greg Finck

sexy wedding preparation photos 13

sexy wedding preparation photos 14

sexy wedding preparation photos 15

From Start To Finish

Your wedding isn’t just a moment, it’s an event! Getting ready for that connecting moment is definitely part of the process and a great opportunity to collect some candid sexy moments. While you and your party get ready, have your photograph keep stock. He or she is sure to capture some unexpected skin, poses, and that all-important look in your eye.

Source: Laura Elizabeth, Jone Tsu Photography, Petr Andrienko

sexy weding picture tempting wedding lingerie

sexy wedding pictures wedding preparation

sexy weding picture before dress wearing

Tempting Photos With Veils

We mentioned the lingerie-veil combo before, but we just can’t help ourselves. This look is the epitome of a sexy bride. Regardless of how covered or bare you are in your honeymoon garments, photos of you veil shrouding your body will leave a little to the imagination for the rest of his life.

Source: Hannah Millerick, Lightburst Photography, Gaby Photography

monochrome sexy wedding picture with veil

sexy weding picture tender photo with vei

sexy weding picture with veil

Let’s Show Your Garters

The garter belt is said to have magical properties in luck and love. Before all of the men at your party fight over the prize, leave a little something for the groom. Perhaps you’re a little nervous to show off so much leg in front of friends and family, but he can’t wait. Try different combinations of positions and lighting to find that perfect sexy garter shot.

Source:la gartier via Instagram, Moshe Zusman Photo Studio, la gartier via Instagram

incredible wedding picture tempting-leg with gorgeous garter

sexy wedding pictures wearing the garter

sexy wedding picture tempting leg with gorgeous garter

Boudoir Photos

Get artistic! There are so many ways to be erotic without being pornographic. Sexy is great, but it’s the emotion that matters most. Experiment, with all of the fabrics, textures, colors,patterns, and lighting that you will be surrounded by throughout your wedding ceremony.

Source: Elizabeth Messina , Nadia Meli, Bleu Garters

sexy wedding pictures boudoir-photo-with veil elizabeth messina

sexy wedding pictures tempting bride nadia meli

sexy wedding pictures boudoir with veil bleugarters

Wedding Temptation

The wedding night is an experience for all of the senses. Capture as much as you can of yourself, but make sure to include the atmosphere. Keep a log of the bed frame, the sheets, the curtains, and the wall textures. All of this will remind him exactly how the two of you felt on that special night.

Source:Lindsay Madden Photography, Marcos Sanchez , Lindsay Collette Photography

sexy wedding pictures tempting shot with veil-lindsaymaddenphotography

sexy wedding pictures tempting boudoir marcos sanchez

sexy wedding pictures sexy silhouette lindsay collette photography

Boudoir Couple

Source:Neusse Photography, Elizabeth Messina Photography, 2gonul

sexy wedding pictures couple boudoir neussephotography

sexy wedding pictures couple in bed elizabethmessina

sexy wedding pictures hot pictures for your wedding night 2gonul

Bride Getting Ready Sexy Photos

Source:Wedding Photographers in ITALY, Hello Gorgeous Photography, Hello Gorgeous Photography

sexy wedding pictures bride user veil bottega53

sexy wedding pictures wedding boudoir shots hellogorgeousphotography

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So much thought goes into the wedding photo album; the venue, the ring, the dress, the wedding party, and so much more. However, there are a few scenes that you may prefer to leave out of the family album. Sexy wedding pictures are a tremendously fun way to add a little spice to memories that will last a lifetime.

This sexy lists of wedding pictures are great examples of a ‘for his eyes only’ photo series.

Passionate Couple Photo Ideas

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Tempting Bride Only

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Passionate Hint In Each Move

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11 Biggest Wedding Mistakes You Can Avoid Planning

23 Jan 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding planning is a pretty unique experience, and it comes with a variety of ups and downs. It’s an exciting and happy time, but it can also be stressful and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be! To help decrease those stressful moments, I’ve put together 11 of the biggest wedding planning mistakes – and of course how to avoid them – plus some general tips that will make planning a breeze!

boho bride and groom

1. Not saving that first ring selfie until after you’ve told important people

You just said yes to the love of your life, and after celebrating you obviously take some pictures to document the moment. You’re going to be excited to share pictures of your ring, but think before you post: have you told the important people in your life first?

Nothing is worse than finding out that your best friend or family member is engaged from social media before they even told you in person. It’s not fun to hear important news second hand, especially from an impersonal post. Whether it’s in-person, on the phone, or even over text, make sure you let important people in on the excitement before announcing it to the internet.

engagement ring selfie

2. Not assigning a wedding talk free night or day

Plan a date night – or a full day – that’s free from anything wedding related. Having this designated time every week allows you to focus back on each other. Especially if you and your fiancé are finding wedding planning to be stressful, this time-out from wedding talk will be relaxing and restorative.

Carry this same thought over to certain hangouts with your friends, as well. Though obviously they want to hear about the planning and help you, I’m sure they’ll appreciate a little breather from the pre-wedding mayhem and the chance to tell you about their lives. And I’m sure you will too!

3. Not getting ahead of your timeline when you can

It’s never too early to get a head start on certain tasks, especially DIY projects –they almost always take five times as long as you think they will. If you find yourself in between deadlines of booking venues and dress fittings, get a jump on other details even if they don’t necessarily need to be accomplished right then. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have the place cards and favors all ready to go and waiting in my closet than scrambling the day before to get everything done.

4. Making plans before setting a concrete budget

It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a wedding – and why shouldn’t you, it’s exhilarating! But before you book anything, make sure you set a concrete budget. You don’t want to fall in love with an extravagant venue, only to realize later that it’s completely out of your reach. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as picking out a location and food, but sitting down with your fiancé and hammering out the budget (a realistic budget, mind you) will save a lot of stress later on.

bride and groom laughing

5. Booking before creating a guest list

Along the same lines, booking a venue and caterer after you solidify the number of guests will save a lot of headaches. You don’t want to cram your guests into a small venue, and you don’t want to spend money on guests who don’t actually come. Obviously, you can’t account for all RSVPs or last minute cancellations, but have a rough number of guests so you can make an informed booking.

6. Not having a contingency plan

A major wedding planning mistake is not planning ahead for all sorts of weather. If your special day involves any outdoor components, make sure you have contingency plans in case of inclement weather. For warm weather, have fans and sunscreen on hand for you and your guests, plus tents or shelter if there’s any chance it might rain. For colder months, provide blankets and cheap hand warmers. It doesn’t have to be excessive or extravagant or cost a lot of money. A little forethought about how to solve any weather issues will save a lot of headaches the week before the ceremony when the forecast is less than ideal. You will already have a plan!

bride and groom holding hands

7. Writing cryptic wedding invites

Listen, I’m all about calligraphy, typography, and everything else that goes into making a stunning and unique save the date and wedding invite. However, make it as easy as possible for your guests to quickly find the time, date, and location of your ceremony and reception. Your guests don’t want to be confused about the specifics, and you don’t want to field questions from everyone about the venue address or time.

Also (and this is a personal aside) if you decide on an exotic vibe and want to write the date the European way (day/month/year) please just write out the actual month instead. No one wants to be confused about the day and month of the actual wedding!

8. Not asking for references from your caterer before booking

Sure, you’ve tasted the meal and cake and thought it was good, but have you checked with other satisfied customers? Respected establishments will be happy to provide references and recommendations from happy clients but check online as well. Food is one of the major components of any successful party, so make sure you know what you’re getting based on reviews and referrals. This will also clue you into how professional and efficient the company will be on the big day as well!

9. Not creating a schedule of events for your bridal party and parents

Spending a little time before the ceremony creating a timeline of events will save the headache of tracking everyone down for pictures, dances, cake cutting, and anything else you have planned. This will help everyone – including you! – stay relaxed on the big day, because they won’t be wondering what will happen next.

bride and groom emotional from toast

10. Not being consistent with the plus one rules

Not only is it confusing for your guests, it can be a lot for you to keep track of if only certain people have plus ones. While you don’t want to exclude any significant others or not allow single friends to bring along someone to hang with, you should make a rule and stick with it. Give everyone a plus one or only those with serious relationships.  Regardless of what you choose, if you create one rule for everyone it’ll make it easier for you while planning, and it’ll be less confusing for your guests as well.

11. Planning a marathon event

With so many traditions and fun elements, it can be easy to accidentally plan a long event that turns from something fun to something tiring and arduous. The last thing you want is for your guests – and you and your husband – to feel like you’re stuck at a party with no end.

bride and groom dancing

Typically, five hours is the maximum amount of time you can expect your guests to take part in the festivities. Any longer than that and it’ll feel like it’s never ending. However, the five-hour rule isn’t hard and fast; you and your friends might dance the night away and have a ball. However, the key here is to allow your guests to make the choice to leave. Make sure you take care of any traditions early on in the reception, like cake cutting, dances, or anything else you choose to include, so they don’t feel like they have to wait. Allow the reception to breathe and your guests to have fun, and try not overschedule with activities.

10 Things No One Tells You About the Wedding Day

11 Jan 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas
No matter how many weddings you’ve attended before, or how many times you’ve been a Bridesmaid, there are some things you just don’t find out about until your wedding day.
by Rachel Torgerson
Bride and Groom Outdoors
photo by LIN AND JIRSA

Talk to anyone who’s gone through it before and they’ll tell you that your wedding day absolutely flies by. You’ll be so busy going from one thing to the next that before you know it, you’ll be cutting the cake. You may already know that you need an emergency kit (just in case), that it can be difficult to use the bathroom in your ball gown, and to pack a stain remover. But aside from the logistics, there are tons of intangible, special moments that make up the wedding day itself. Here, 10 truths about the wedding day that no one ever talks about.

1. Ten minutes before the ceremony is the most nerve-racking part.

The time leading up to the walk down the aisle will be the most anxiety-ridden 10 minutes you’ll ever have. And it makes sense—you’re about to make a life-changing decision in front of all the people you love and care about the most. Just remember that your other half is waiting for you at the end of the journey and you’re going to have a huge party to celebrate (not to mention the reason why you said “yes” in the first place).

2. The ceremony is the best part.

There’s something truly amazing about the wedding ceremony. The traditions, the vows and all your emotional family members and friends make it one of the most special moments of your life. Our advice? Take it all in and drink it up. You’ll want these memories to last a lifetime.

3. You’ll definitely cry.

Okay, this one might not be such a secret—all we can say is that crying is basically inevitable. And since you already know the waterworks are coming, the best thing to do is just be prepared. Store some tissues nearby, and if you’re a bride, make sure to wear waterproof makeup (or even get eyelash extensions) and keep some mascara and lipstick readily available for quick touch-ups.

4. Your face will hurt from smiling so much.

Thousands of pictures aside, you’ll be smiling all day because it’s going to be the best day ever. You’re marrying your best friend, after all! Between finally “making it official” with your partner and dancing like crazy with all of your close friends and family, there’s literally no reason to frown (even if it rains).

5. You’ll be amazed by the love and support of your family and friends.

They all showed up for one reason—you! You and your soon-to-be spouse will get all—and we really mean all—of the attention. You may not even be able to eat dinner, since you’ll have so many people to talk to and so many pictures to take. Between the pinches on the cheek from your grandma and the side-punches from your college pals, you’ll be overcome by the love and support of those around you.

6. You’ll want a little alone time.

In fact, you might be so overcome with emotion that you may want to take a few moments just for you, or the two of you. Some of the most special minutes of the day are the few you get to spend alone, preparing for what’s to come, or together with your new spouse, taking it all in.

7. You might be a little exhausted.

Let’s face it, you won’t get too much sleep the night before your wedding. Between stressing over the seating chart, a tiff with your mom or just overall excitement for the day to come, you’ll be seriously lacking in shut-eye. Pro tip: Under-eye concealer will be your best friend.

8. It won’t all go as planned.

Something might end up going wrong. It could be little, or it could be big, but our best advice is to soldier on and try to think of the big picture. Can you solve this problem easily? Does it make a huge difference in the long run? Are your guests still having fun? Are you having fun? If these questions are easily answered, then don’t sweat it—just keep enjoying your celebration, and feel free to delegate tasks to planners and relatives so you don’t have to deal with drama.

9. The most magical moment will be when you least expect it.

We promise that the most special time of the day, or weekend, is going to be something you never expected. A stolen minute or two with your soon-to-be spouse, a hug from your dad or an impromptu speech by your college roommate could end up meaning the world to you.

10. You’ll feel different.

Even if you and your other half have been cohabiting for years, once you’re legally wed, things will feel official. It might just be a slight shift or it could feel like a noticeable change, but it will definitely seem like the real deal—because it is!

Enchanting El Mangroove Say “I do” at this incredible beach + forest wedding venue

28 Nov 2017 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

beach wedding inspiration marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination romantic seaside wedding venue

Beach wedding ceremony set up overlooking the ocean at El Mangroove

El Mangroove one of your top destination wedding choices.

marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue wedding outdoor table setting

Exquisite outdoor venues surrounded by natural beauty

Costa Rica is a country known for its stunning beaches, palm trees, and balmy weather. What sets El Mangroove apart from other properties here is its convenient location, and remarkable beachfront and mangrove forest setting. Located on the Gulf of Papagayo, El Mangroove is close to Costa Rica’s international airport. A quick 20-minute drive gets you from touchdown to the calm, idyllic atmosphere of this boutique resort.

el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue panama beach forest sunset

Enchanting beachfront forest

Weddings at El Mangroove

marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue

Barefoot luxury for sophisticated couples

honeymoons at El Mangroove come with an air of barefoot luxury, meaning you’ll get the best of nature and relaxation. The stunning natural beauty of this resort – think gorgeous ocean views, lush forest greenery and warm tropical breeze — create the perfect backdrop for a dreamlike nuptial, while their top notch service and amenities ensure that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to modern luxuries and indulgences.

beach wedding inspiration marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue

Say “I do” by the beach

If you’re planning a wedding at El Mangroove, an onsite team will be at hand to help you find the perfect setting within their celebrated wedding venues (take your pick from ocean view, beach terraces, gardens, beach forests or mangroves), and will work closely with you to see your vision come to life.

marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue purple flower wedding theme

Wedding decor styles range from “Classic White” to “Tropical Chic”

Their bridal packages, which can be customized to fit your needs, include ceremony, bouquet, floral centerpieces and cones with petals for guests, acoustic music during ceremony, wedding cake, decoration (7 different styles are available), Polaroid camera with 80 films, appetizers and a plated dinner.

marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue purple centerrpiece flower outdoor wedding theme

Floral centerpieces, wedding cake and bouquet for the bride are included in the Celebrating Love package

marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue wedding cake

marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue purple bouquet wedding theme

Apart from the outdoor venues, El Mangroove also offers beautiful indoor ballrooms overlooking the gardens, and two onsite restaurants. So, whether you are planning for a quiet elopement, an intimate ceremony with just a few of your closest loved ones, or a lavish banquet for up to 200 guests, the property can cater to your unique needs. Love a casual outdoor soiree under the moonlight, framed by majestic guanacaste trees, or a formal sit down in the ballroom? The choice is yours.

marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue wedding outdoor table setting night mangrove trees

Romantic wedding dinner set-up surrounded by nature

marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue wedding outdoor table setting centerpiece

Whether you’re planning for a wedding or the honeymoon, the perfect escape wouldn’t be complete without great food! El Mangroove prides itself for its sensorial gastronomy. A variety of delectable menus is available for rehearsal dinners, cocktail receptions, plated dinners and brunches. Did we mention that one of the restaurants has a sand floor? Nothing says “beach vacay” quite like it!

beach wedding inspiration marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination romantic sand floor restaurant matiss

Ocean view restaurant with sand floors

el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue playa panama beach sunset

Unforgettable sunsets at Panama Beach

There are so many sights to see and activities to enjoy around the area: day trips to volcanoes, hot springs, beautiful beaches, water rafting and zip lines, and most are just a short drive away from El Mangroove. Or if you prefer, you could simply chill by the pool or relax at one of their outdoor spas set in Guanacaste’s famed forests and mangroves.

beach wedding inspiration marriott el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue outdoor lap pool

el mangroove guanacaste costa rica honeymoon destination wedding venue spa in mangrove forest

An incredible outdoor spa experience surrounded by forests

We’re loving the chic and contemporary vibes of their luxuriously appointed suites. Each suite features a living area with a couch or a hammock. Sweet!

el mangroove gulf papagayo guanecaste costa rica boutique hotel honeymoon wedding venue bark suite bedroom hammock

Bark Suite

el mangroove gulf papagayo guanecaste costa rica boutique hotel honeymoon wedding venue mangle presidential suite bedroom whirpool luxury

Mangle Presidential Suite features a whirlpool

Ready to take the plunge and say “yes” to a wedding in a dreamy tropical paradise? Visit wedding packages.

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