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Wedding Cake Designs – How To Choose The Best

05 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding Cake Designs – How To Choose The Best : Wedding Cake Designs

Fantasizing about your upcoming wedding? Indeed a wedding is the most memorable event for a couple. There is need to pay close attention to all details so as to have a perfect event. One of the supreme factors that you should consider is the wedding cake design. The design that you choose will define the style and mood of your wedding.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Cake Designs?

Reputable bakery:

Baking your own wedding cake can be a daunting task, especially if you have no prior experience. It is recommendable to hire a reputable bakery that specializes in preparing wedding cakes. Use the internet to do some background research on the shortlisted bakeries so as to choose one that has a positive reputation and capable of meeting your specific needs and preferences.

Type of wedding:

The selected design should be in line with the type or style of wedding that you intend to hold. For example, structured, multi-tier wedding cake is an ideal choice for formal weddings. It is totally fine to decorate such a cake as long as it implies something grand and ceremonial. Most of them are usually round in shape, but you can still break the norm and order a square or hexagonal shaped cake to spice up your day.

Cake color:

There is a wide array of colors that you can use to make your cake more special and unique. White is one of the classic colors as evident from the number of couples that prefer it. Tinted and chocolate frosting can also give it a touch of elegance and class. Your selected bakery can also incorporate flower petals or swirls of meringue to ensure that it compliments or blends with other decorations at the venue.

Details and motifs:

These are two major factors that should be considered when choosing a cake design. Location, menu, nature and fashion can give you a rough idea on how the cake should look like. You can use the city or the architectural designs of the buildings around the venue to choose a color that resonates with the surroundings. The bride’s dress and accessories such as necklace pearls or her veil can also be incorporated in the cake design. Sea shells can adorn the cake, especially if you plan to have a beach wedding party.


Most conventional cakes have layers of yellow and white flavors. Think outside the box and use carrot, lemon, chocolate or hazelnut flavors to make it more personal and memorable. Fillings such as butter, cream, fruit purees, whipped cream, lemon curd can also add great value and taste to your wedding cakes.

Be sure to design and order the wedding cakes at least one month before the due date to avoid the last minute rush. This is based on the fact that some of the special decorations and ingredients may have to be ordered from abroad. Also, discuss the designs with your spouse and stick to your budget to avoid plunging yourself into financial turmoil.

Choosing the right wedding cake designs will not only spice up your day, but also strengthen your love for each other.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year – The Symbolism Behind The Gifts

04 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year – The Symbolism Behind The Gifts : Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There has always been a world-wide tradition to offer specific wedding anniversary gifts by year. They are all symbols of love, but their symbolism goes deeper than that as each stands for a significant aspect of the couple’s love. Here is a look at the other wedding gifts and symbols that come after the wedding cakes and their significance to the couple’s relationship.

The symbolism behind wedding anniversary gifts

Time has had some impact on the gifts offered for most of the anniversaries, but every couple has the choice to go with either. They are all relevant to the period of time spent together.

  • First wedding anniversary

The first year of wedding is marked traditionally by paper, meant to symbolize strength. Nowadays, couples prefer going with clocks, a symbol for eternity, a great beginning for the couple’s future together.

  • Second wedding anniversary

The second year is marked by cotton, a traditional symbol of great prosperity, further setting the couple’s minds for a happy future. Nowadays, China is the ideal gift. It symbolizes beauty and elegance.

  • Third wedding anniversary

Leather was traditionally seen as the fitting gift to mark the couple’s third year of marriage, symbolizing durability. Glass and crystal are the modern gift, symbolizing the effect the marriage can have on the couple and others too.

  • Fourth wedding anniversary

Fruits and flowers were the ideal wedding anniversary gifts for the fourth year, symbolizing bloom and beauty. Silk is however more common nowadays, a beautiful and slender garment to crown the years of love and glory.

  • Fifth wedding anniversary

Traditionally, the fifth year of the wedding was celebrated with wood, a symbol of strength having been heavily relied on for most things back then. Silverware is, however the modern gift, symbolizing the spark in your love as well as the connection that brought you together.

Significant wedding anniversaries

Some wedding anniversaries have always been of more significance compared to others. Consequently, they come with gifts more unique compared to the others. They also have a unique numerical connection, with each being the double of the precedent. In addition to this, they also all features significant gifts, as significant as the wedding cakes themselves to make any occasion exciting and worth remembering.

The twenty fifth wedding anniversaries

The twenty fifth year of wedding is marked by silver, both in the past and the modern world as well. Having always been a precious metal since the old days, silver becomes the best material to mark a couple’s quarter century of union.

The fiftieth wedding anniversary

There is no better thing to mark the fiftieth year together than gold, a symbol of wealth, beauty and strength. It can come in any form, either as an accessory or just as raw gold, but it should be authentic gold nonetheless.

The hundredth wedding anniversary

Nothing would mark a hundred years of marriage better than diamond. The hardest material in the world, it symbolizes all the strength and endurance shown in the relationship for so long.

Its glimmer on the other hand crowns it with glory.

42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

04 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

1. The sun shining through a heart.

The sun shining through a heart.

2. An aerial view of the Wedding Dress in all its glory.

An aerial view of the wedding dress in all its glory.
The most romantic picnic blanket ever.

3. Incorporating three generations of women.

Incorporating three generations of women.

4. A perfectly symmetric family photo.

A perfectly symmetric family photo.

5. Something a little silly, if you don’t mind the groom having his head up your skirt.

Something a little silly, if you don't mind the groom having his head up your skirt.

6. A shot where you’re surrounded by the people you love.

A shot where you're surrounded by the people you love.

Inspire Photography
Draw the heart on the ground with chalk so your guests know where to stand.

7. The Bridesmaids before they get ready.

The bridesmaids before they get ready.


Photograph by Ashley Shutter / Via

9. Fun with mirrors.

Fun with mirrors. / Via


Emin Photography

11. A shot of the couple before the wedding, reading each other’s letters.

A shot of the couple before the wedding, reading each other's letters.
You won’t NOT be able to look back on this without crying.

12. A “from below” shot of the Bridesmaids’ toast.

A "from below" shot of the bridesmaids' toast.

13. The “tiny bride” perspective pic.

The "tiny bride" perspective pic.

14. Another requisite perspective pic.

Another requisite perspective pic.

15. An adorable shot of the bride with the flower girl.

An adorable shot of the bride with the flower girl.

16. Or flower girls.

Or flower girls.
Because they’re small and they pretty much fit anywhere.

17. A “first look” not just with the groom, but with dad.

A "first look" not just with the groom, but with dad.

18. A “first look” with the Bridesmaids.

A "first look" with the bridesmaids. / Via

19. A photo of your guests giving you ~a little privacy~ for your hot makeout sesh.

A photo of your guests giving you ~a little privacy~ for your hot makeout sesh.

20. / Via

21. Some very goofy photos of the groomsmen.

Some very goofy photos of the groomsmen.




Otto Schulze Photographers
Boys will be boys.

25. The first dance…in aerial view.

The first aerial view.

26. A photo with photos of your parents’ wedding days.

A photo with photos of your parents' wedding days.

Amanda Marean /

27. A cute photo op with your Bridesmaids that lets you reminisce how far in your friendship you’ve come.

A cute photo op with your bridesmaids that lets you reminisce how far in your friendship you've come.

28. A shot with them at the bar…literally.

A shot with them at the bar...literally.

29. And because you know they’ll be Instagramming the shit out of your dress…

And because you know they'll be Instagramming the shit out of your dress...

30. Silly poses with each of your Bridesmaids.

Silly poses with each of your bridesmaids.
So you can send each girl a thank-you note with your picture together.

31. A romantic photo of the wedding party with the sweet ride you rented for the day.

A romantic photo of the wedding party with the sweet ride you rented for the day. / Via

32. A photo with everyone giving their best bouquet-face.

A photo with everyone giving their best bouquet-face.

33. A photo you can include in your thank-you notes.

A photo you can include in your thank-you notes. / Via
You can buy the prop signs here.

34. A candid laughing photo.

A candid laughing photo. / Via

35. One that incorporates your HUGE ROCK as well as your best furry friend.

One that incorporates your HUGE ROCK as well as your best furry friend.

Gambol Photography

36. A GIF.

42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want To Steal
Can you believe we’ve come this far in the modern age?? See a bunch more wedding photography GIFs here.

37. A pinky promise photo showing off your rings.

A pinky promise photo showing off your rings.

Jordan Jankun Photography / Via

38. A jumping photo that is adorable, not corny.

A jumping photo that is adorable, not corny.

39. A photo with the kids that is perfectly worthy of framing.

A photo with the kids that is perfectly worthy of framing.

40. A creative double-exposure.

A creative double-exposure.
You can ask your photographer to do this for you in Photoshop.

41. An artful reflection.

An artful reflection.

42. L-O-V-E.

Is all you need.

Unique Wedding Cakes For A Stylish Wedding

03 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Weddings mark the most important day in the marriage of a couple. Consequentially, every detail about the wedding demands perfection. The unique wedding cake is the climax of all weddings, hence its huge significance. The modern world gives us more options of creativity and style for our big-day cakes. This article offers you a candid look at some of the unique and fashionable cakes for your dream wedding.

List Of Unique Wedding Cakes

#1. Box-Of-Chocolates And Cakes

Just as its name suggests, the box-of-chocolate’s cake appears like a pile of boxes of chocolates. The cake’s design mimics a pastry box containing white chocolates. The open design is ideal for any wedding type.

#2. Seashell cake

The cake is specially designed for those planning to conduct beach weddings. It is a coconut cake frosted with butter cream. In order to highlight the sea theme, the cake is stylishly decorated with barnacle shells and starfish.

#3. The Mango-and coconut rum cake

The cake is an absolute fashion statement if your wedding has a tropical theme. The inside of the cake contains roasted-coconut sponge cakes. The cakes are arranged in layers that soak in the syrup of Malibu-rum-punch. The syrup is creatively slathered with mango jam with a jasmine scent. The foresting of the cake is done using butter cream made from vanilla bean and passion fruit. An external layer of mango slices adds flavor to the tropical cake.

#4. The Asian-inspired cake

The marble cake gets its modern and Asian look from the bamboo borders. The cake is supported by a wooden board whose edges have real bamboo. The board, therefore, serves to mimic the real cake. It is perfect for weddings with an Asian theme.

#5. The marvelous marbled cake

The special cake resembles a chiseled sculpture due to its block form and the color. Instead, the marbled cake is a complete panel of chocolate bars. The cake is not only a beauty, but its design makes it easy to divide.

#6. The marbleized cake

The cake is perfect for modern weddings with a bold theme. The inside of the cake contains a combination of dark chocolate cake and butter cream of white chocolate. The cake is covered with marbleized icing.

#7. Pyramids de sorbet

The cake represents a stylish creation of pastry. The spectacular cake is simply a cone of ice cream cakes. The edible cone is covered with realistic fruits which are made by molding sorbet. The cake is intended for making a strong fashion and health statement.

#8. Basket of berry cake

The basket-like white cakes have real strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, red currants, and gooseberries arranged in each of the layers. The berries serve the purpose of adding a refreshing look to the cakes. The cake is fashionable for a wedding during the early summer period.

Although all the wedding cakes covered in the article could be appealing for your wedding, the choice of a unique cake is important. The choice of your wedding cake designs should be informed by the theme of the wedding and the type of the wedding. Matching the two aspects with the cake creates a fashionable statement that leaves the day as one of the most memorable for the wedding guests.

Unique Wedding Cakes For A Stylish Wedding : Unique Wedding Cakes Design

Wedding Blues: How to Conquer Them

02 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Marriage is the most important aspect of every couple. In fact, almost all women spend their time fantasizing about their weddings as the happiest day of their lives.

However, there is a problem of an overwhelming aftermath that offsets all positive feelings felt during the event. Such condition is known as postnuptial depression.


It is a modern phenomenon that has gone very widespread. It ranges from vague discontent to full- scale depression. Left untreated it can go on indefinitely, getting more ingrained, speculated by most psychiatrists.

Both grooms and brides are vulnerable to being hit by the blues, but women are more likely to be affected as they tend to have a stronger emotional investment in marriage. The expectations before and after the event coupled with the financial toll of the wedding’s expenses fuel the negative feelings in the couple’s hearts and minds.

According to Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist at the University of Bath, “Post-wedding blues are becoming more common, because people’s expectations of a one- off solution to their problems are higher.”

This was agreed upon by Monica Lanman, who provides psychotherapy sessions for couples at the Tavistock Marital Studies Institute in London, as she stated that many victims find it difficult to confront their depression. She says, “Admitting you feel wretched after so much time, money and attention has been spent on you is too hard for most people to do.”


With enough determination and personal effort, newlyweds can overcome the underlying misery after the wedding day.

1. Discover a new passion
Find yourself a new way to pass your time. Indulge in several hobbies – even risk the fire to get into new interests. Try learning different kinds of dances, knitting, painting, etc. Give yourself an interest to be passionate about. Focus your time and will on these activities, even better to start doing such activities before your wedding to make the transition easier and better on the aftermath of the event.

2. Do things with your new partner

Spend time with your husband or wife to discover new ways to enjoy each other’s company. Create a lasting bond during such time because you are going to be together for the rest of your life.

3. Talk to the older married couples

Share experiences and seek advice from older married couples, from your relatives to your friends to chatting other couples in the Internet. Remember that you are not alone in have such feelings after the wedding. Reach out to the people who can help you cope with the adjustment of transition to a new stage of your life – marriage.

4. Finish all post wedding tasks

After your honeymoon, try to finish all the necessary tasks on the wedding such as wedding pictures, thank-you cards, etc. Get them done as soon as possible so that you can focus on your daily routines of married life.


Give yourselves the well-deserved break from all the tiring activities related to the wedding. Set aside a time for relaxation to ensure that you will not burn out from all the stress.

6. Keep the fires of romance burning

Don’t forget to fuel the feelings in your heart with efforts to appreciate each other’s loving company. Secure schedules for dates where you do something special together – either a candlelight dinner at home or a scenic stroll in your favorite place. Talk and relate to each other’s interests all the more after you’re married. Take to heart that you two are bound to be together until the end of your lives – or when one of you breaks his vows – as you promised during your wedding ceremony.

Do not let post wedding woes ruin the first months of your married life. The best way to conquer them is to help each other, as a couple, in your adjustment to a new and exciting stage in your lives where you will begin spending lifetimes together and building a family.

Wedding Blues: How to Conquer Them : happy couple

How to Create Your own Wedding Bands

01 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

With some guidance, a little bit of skill and some creativity, you can make almost anything. More couples now are skipping the jewelry store and making or designing their own wedding bands. In an afternoon or over a few sessions, a wedding band workshop will teach the know how of how to solder, smooth and refine your own piece of gold. While some couples are going the DIY route, others just want something that doesn’t look like every other wedding band out there. It is a wedding trend that is truly putting DIY into something you will wear for the rest of your life. Here are a few ways you can get creative to make your own wedding bands:

1. Wedding band workshop

If you’re confident in your skills, you could make a wedding band at home with your own equipment. For a little help and studio space included, search for a jewelry studio nearby such as,which offers wedding band workshops. Depending on the package, you pay for the materials and instruction and a few hours later emerge with your own handmade wedding band. It is also a fun activity to bond with as a couple. And you can say you made your own wedding band with your own hands.

2. Custom design

Although a wedding band workshop doesn’t require advanced goldsmith skills, you may be more comfortable having someone else make a ring for you. The designs in the store may not be to your liking, so have a jeweler start from scratch with what you want. Consult with them on materials, sizing, designs and color. Many jewelry stores will also let you “build” what you want online or in person, and help you create something as you go.


3. Incorporate your own materials

Another way to add meaning to your wedding bands is to incorporate something special into your design. Say for example you have a piece of heirloom jewellery, your grandmother’s old wedding ring or a piece of gold you have been holding on to. Bring it to a wedding band workshop and learn how to incorporate the piece into the final product. Keep in mind, these skills might be a bit more advanced than beginner’s ring workshops. Alternatively, take it to a designer or jewelry store and have them melt it into the wedding rings you have picked out.


4. Add engravings, jewels or embellishments

You can still add your own pieces of flair to wedding bands from a store or online shop. Ask for a custom engraving on the inside or outside of the ring with your names and wedding date. Add your birthstone or different colors of gold into the design. Although the DIY route is only recommended if you’re confident in your abilities, you could also stamp your initials into a wedding band yourself with a letter stamping kit.

5. Go for something completely different

There are so many different styles out there now from twisted to textured to contoured that it is easy to find something that is your own even if you’re buying the rings. For couples who decide on a wedding ring workshop, there is no official rule that says you have to go for the traditional gold bands. Try a neat kind of metal, using vintage jewelry as the materials or go for something completely non-traditional, such as wood, titanium, tungsten or iridium. For rare materials, try searching online or contacting specialized goldsmiths.

36 Cute Wedding Photo Ideas of Bride and Flower Girl

01 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

A wedding day is one the most anticipated and memorable days of a girl’s life. It starts with the Disney movies and the storybook romances seen on TV, that create a hope within us from the time we are first able to say the word ‘princess’.

Flower girls are little brides-in-training with an innocence and joy that is magnetic as they precede the bride on her wedding day.

Place a few of these photo pose ideas onto your must-have shot list so that your photographer captures all of the moments that you want! We promise, these shots will ensure loads of fun!  ♥ ♥ ♥

Source: Pinterest

must have wedding photo ideas - bride kiss flower girla picture with the wedding dress and flower girl dressAdorable Flower Girl in Pinkadorable shot of the bride with the flower girlfunny wedding photo ideas - bride and flower girlwedding day photo ideas - bride kiss flower girlunique wedding day photo ideas - bride with flower girls wedding partyadorable flower girls hiding under dress unique wedding day photo ideas bride with flower girls wedding party blogcute wedding photo ideas - bride and little flower girlbride and flower girl pose ideas for wedding photosboho bride and flower girl shotbride and flower girl wedding photo posesBride looking down at baby flower girl sitting on floorcute flower girl dressCute Bride and Flower Girl tutu flower girl dresscute wedding photo ideas - bride and the flower girlideas for wedding photos - bride and flower girlcute wedding pictures - bride and the flower girlslittle girl in black tulle flower girl dressromantic wedding photos - bride kiss flower girlmatching bride and flower girl dressesmismatched bridesmaid dresses and cute flower girlphoto of the bride and her flower girlwedding shoot ideas -flower girl helps bride get ready for the big daythe littlest member of the wedding party helping the Bride get readywedding photo ideas - bride and flower girlstrapless sweetheart mermaid wedding dress wedding photo ideas - Bride looking at the flower girlwedding photo ideas - Dancing with the flower girlwedding photo ideas -bride and flowergirl at entrywedding photo ideas - Mother-Daughter Bridal Shootwedding photo shoot ideas - bride and flower girlwedding pictures ideas - bride kiss the flower girlwedding shoot ideas - bride and flower girlmust have wedding photos - bride and flower girl

30 Dogs Who Were In The Wedding

29 Feb 2016 Posted by trubridal in Engagement Rings, Wedding Ideas

1. The only one paying attention to the photographer.

The only one paying attention to the photographer.

2. A fancy suit.

A fancy suit.

Flickr: hockeygoalie

3. Flower dog!

Flower dog!


4. Giving the happy couple some space.

Giving the happy couple some space.

Flickr: wadeandjoanna

5. Reception dancin’.

Reception dancin'.


6. Wedding Corgi!

Wedding Corgi!

7. Bow-Wow tie.

Bow-Wow tie.

8. Watching the ceremony.

Watching the ceremony.

Flickr: stinapag

9. Precious pit bull.

Precious pit bull.

Flickr: hwyllie

10. Parents walking the dog down the aisle.

Parents walking the dog down the aisle.

11. Big day cuddles.

Big day cuddles.

12. Best Pug.

Best Pug.

Flickr: rpslee

13. Fancy felt flower.

Fancy felt flower.

Flickr: 80711560@N05

14. Family portrait.

Family portrait.

Flickr: bailieburgess

15. Happy family member.

Happy family member.

Flickr: charlottegeary

16. You fancy, huh?

You fancy, huh?

Flickr: 23301628@N00

17. Smiling with the bride.

Smiling with the bride.

Flickr: mrbokeh

18. A reward for being awesome.

A reward for being awesome.

Flickr: darlinsdesserts

19. Ring-bulldog.


20. He only LOOKS grumpy…

He only LOOKS grumpy...

Flickr: mancktastic

21. And now, you may kiss the bride.

And now, you may kiss the bride.

Flickr: elletrees

22. Yellow and black.

Yellow and black.

Flickr: 80179145@N00

23. Bounding down the aisle.

Bounding down the aisle.

24. Flower lei.

Flower lei.


25. A toast to a very important family member.

A toast to a very important family member.

Flickr: herzco

26. Another adorable family portrait.

Another adorable family portrait.


27. Happiness all around.

Happiness all around.

Flickr: phototam

28. Can’t even talk about how cute this is.

Can't even talk about how cute this is.

Flickr: kristacarolyng

29. Together forever.

Together forever.

Flickr: 70014556@N08

30. Peek-a-boo!


Flickr: fotos_by_fer

10 Ways To Save On Your Wedding Flowers

27 Feb 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

10 Ways To Save On Flowers

Afraid flowers will bust your budget? Check out these clever tips to nip skyrocketing floral expenses in the bud:


Research budget blooms
“Consider an affordable, year-round flower such as stock, which comes in many colors, including pink, red, and lavender,” says Michael Gaffney, founder of the New York School of Flower Design. Other picks: roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations.

Let them do double duty
Reuse your ceremony flowers at the reception—on an entrance table, perhaps, or in the ladies’ room.

Go Monobotanical
Use just one type of flower—roses, say—for all the centerpieces. The look is stunning and cost-effective. “You’ll get a better deal if [your florist] can purchase flowers in bulk,” says Dawn Kelly of New York’s Soirée Floral Event Design.

Use bigger blooms
In season, fluffy-headed blossoms like hydrangeas and peonies can stretch a budget, because you need only a few to nicely fill a vase.

Be flexible
“Don’t insist on specific flowers,” says Donna O’Brien of Beautiful Blooms in Philadelphia. “Instead, tell your florist the colors and the look you want.” Giving her a wider berth will allow her to consider the most budget-friendly options.

See what’s in stock
For the best deals, choose blooms that are available in your area.

Choose simple arrangements
Less labor equals more savings. A loose grouping of flowers is not as time-consuming to arrange as a centerpiece that involves wiring lots of individual stems.

Raid Grandma’s cabinets
Borrow teapots, water pitchers, silver bowls—anything that can be used in place of a traditional vase that you’d have to buy or rent.

Add flavor
Buy herbs—basil, sage, rosemary—from a garden center, place them in tiny terra-cotta pots, and group them as centerpieces.

Think filler
Greenery saves money and gives a centerpiece a big wow factor. “Greens are about one-third the price of most flowers,” says Gaffney. Eucalyptus, lemon leaf, or pittosporum can supplement flowers in centerpieces and bouquets, or act as filler in urns lining an aisle at the ceremony.

How do you plan to save on flowers for your wedding? Share your tips below!

9 Last Minute Wedding Details You Don’t Want to Forget

27 Feb 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Patrick Moyer Photography

In the hustle and bustle of all the day-of excitement, it’s very easy for even the most detail-oriented bride to forget to take care of some last minute wedding details, whether it be to make sure Aunt Vicky’s all-vegan, gluten-free dish with the special heirloom tomatoes is accounted for or to pop a couple of breath mints before the big kiss.  Heck, I know I would DEFINITELY forget something on my wedding day, if not multiple things.

Hence, I’ve made this list of what I think is most important of the last minute wedding details that threaten to ruin your big day (so sorry I can’t find an embroidered velvet pillow for Uncle Harry’s Shih Tzu). Here goes!


last minute wedding details

Michael Kaal Photography

Without the license, you can’t get married. And your officiant can’t provide it for you, so you and your spouse are going to have to hop on over to city hall to apply to get married. This should take place approximately a week before your wedding. So, this task will be during one of the most stressful weeks of your life, but make sure it’s your top priority until you get it safely out of the way.


last minute wedding details

Spottswood Photography

I feel like this is a huge minor detail that people often overlook, but just because it’s your big wedding day and you feel like you can take on the world doesn’t mean that your biological systems can (no offense). In short, don’t let you or your wedding party become hangry!

When you’re getting ready with your Bridesmaids or groomsmen, make sure that there are finger foods and refreshments to snack on. No sense in making a huge mess while getting ready, but there’s no sense in allowing your stomach to go empty, especially since bridal parties start getting ready in the late morning or early afternoon.


last minute wedding details


THIS. Your wedding is such a huge event that it’s probably blocking out the peripherals of your mind as well. But don’t leave it to the last minute to throw everything into one huge suitcase and hope for the best as you embark on your honeymoon! Research weather conditions and what attire you would need for activities in your honeymoon location, and try to pack ahead of time. You don’t have to cram packing all in one session — keep in mind that this is three hours of your time that could have been spread out in your spare time before the wedding. You don’t want to be spending precious honeymoon time choosing which pair of socks you should bring on your trip.


last minute wedding details

Bliss and Bone

This can include anything from projected weather and traffic conditions to last-minute updates on wedding logistics if they seem to be changing. As much as we pray for it not to happen, there’s usually a hiccup or two waiting for you at the venue. If you need to relay information fast, make sure to distribute it to guests who are present and update the wedding website for those who aren’t. Most days, guests have a data plan and access to a smart phone — and word-of-mouth travels fastest.


last minute wedding details

This means having paid the necessary deposits still need to fulfill or completing final payments if that’s within your power. Additionally, calculate tip and put the payment in separate envelopes that are labeled with the vendor’s name. That way, when your wedding is wrapping up, you can thank your vendor in person and give them tip without having to stress out about dealing with them after the fact.


last minute wedding details

Boston’s Terrier

A bit tedious, but it’ll save you time after the wedding as well! Be sure to write thank-you notes to your guests and vendors, especially since they’ve most likely bought you and your spouse a gift or did you a service. Even if they didn’t, write a thank-you note anyway because they took the time to attend your wedding and wish you and your spouse a happy marriage.

Plus, people just love receiving actual hand-written notes in the mail. Do this, and your level of awesomeness will automatically shoot up in people’s eyes (as if it wasn’t high enough already).


last minute wedding details

Je T’aime Beauty

Your party of friends have been with you through the wedding-planning process thick and thin. Express your thanks by preparing gifts for them! These gifts don’t have to be extravagant or anything, but it does mean a lot to the people in your wedding party when you show that you took the time to put some effort and meaning into making gifts that they will appreciate. Popular gifts for the ladies usually consist of beauty products or jewelry, and for the guys? Fancy cigars and razors.


last minute wedding details

via 100 Layer Cake

Accidents happen all the time. Whether that’s tripping in your gigantic floofy ball gown and falling onto the grass or having some drunk guest accidentally slosh his wine on your front, you need to take a deep breath and say, “Accidents happen.” Good. Now you can prepare for it.

The bridal survival/emergency kit will have essentially all the little things that you need to fix things up, including Band-aids, wine-spot remover, chapstick, breath mints, and sewing needles and thread. While you might think to yourself that it’s really not necessary to prepare all of these things, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Otherwise, you might be mourning the loss of your beautiful vintage veil because you’ve accidentally torn it.


last minute wedding details

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While confirming times with vendors seems like a big DUH, do your best to confirm with all of them anyway, ESPECIALLY when it comes to logistics regarding your guests. For me, I feel very antsy about transportation just because it always seems that traffic or getting lost gets in the way, and you don’t want your guests to arrive late to your wedding. Additionally, be sure to check in with the hotel to make sure that all guests booking a room are accounted for. Nothing’s quite as awkward as having a guest show up to the check-in counter just to find out that her room hasn’t been reserved.


last minute wedding details

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Taking pictures is hard work for both the photographer AND the models. If the photographer has to spend extra time coming up with ideas and guiding you and your fiancee into poses that you could have figured out and practiced beforehand, it takes away time from taking more photos. Not a good deal.

Brainstorm a couple of ideas for what sort of poses and shots you want  your photographer to get and relay that information to your photographer. That way, the photographer will be able to approach the venue with an idea of where and how to get the best shots while still getting what you want out of the bargain.

What last minute wedding details are you terrified of forgetting? Be sure to comment below!

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