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Barn Wedding Venues – A Great Alternative To Traditional Wedding Venues

13 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Barn Wedding Venues – A Great Alternative To Traditional Wedding Venues : Barn Wedding Venues

The barn can be the best place to have a country or rustic wedding. Barn weddings are now happening all over the country giving the groom and bride the opportunity to have their ceremony in a unique and personable location. The wedding can be dressed down or dressed up to match the decor and style of the wedding. Barn wedding venues are now found all over the country and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Barn Wedding Venues

Barns are usually large with a lot of open space and is easy to be converted to a wedding venue. The arrangements and decorations can be done in relation to ones budget. If you simply want a western wedding you will not have to do much but if it is to be formal you will have to cover the barn accordingly. The simplest way to convert the barn to a wedding venue is to cover it with simple paint drop cloth or organza. Select a color that will go well with the theme of the wedding. Drapes can be used to cover the columns.

Lights are essential for this venue and it is an opportunity for one to be creative when decorating the venue. To add warmth you can use candles on the tables as well as light up the whole barn. Paper lanterns and LED lights makes the gathering more intimate and cozier. The barn wedding venue can be livened up too by using floral arrangements across the barn and on the tables. You can opt for dried flowers or the fresh ones. The roses, orchids, tulips and lilies usually look out of place. The ideal choice would be blossoms that have a country feel such as the craspedias, dahlias, mums and sunflowers.

For the centerpieces you can use accents that are non floral and can be displayed using vessels that are rustic such wooden boxes, galvanized tin pails etc. If the ceremony will happen in the barn you will need an aisle runner. The bride would not want the tail of her gown to get tagged on the rough floorboards. Wreaths are usually a great choice for barn wedding venues and can be made using different materials that will suite the theme of the wedding. The dried flowers make a good wreath with a romantic touch.
Seating arrangements should be done in relation to the size of the barn. Create space at the center where people can dance and be sure that the band is located in one corner of the barn where their music will be audible throughout the barn.

Barn wedding venues are special and need to be made pretty to suit the kind of wedding as well as remain suitable for the location. The barn wedding venue is the easiest to decorate and the casualness of the venue gives the groom and bride freedom to use decoration and colors that will suit their personal needs. So long as the decoration is kept relaxed the barn wedding venues will be a great alternative to the traditional wedding venues.

Bridal Boutique – Some New Ideas

13 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Bridal Boutique – Some New Ideas : Bridal Boutique

Bridal boutique which have become popular over the years is the place where you can get latest patterns and designs for your gowns and dresses for your wedding.

When your wedding is really around the corner, you should know that a good looking gown really makes a world of difference. This means that you should choose a gown that makes you look positively stunning. There are many places from where you can buy gowns and dresses. However, what about following some of the latest designs and patterns in the Wedding Dresses and gowns? This could be a cool idea for you. You can choose to buy some bridal dress designs from a bridal boutique which have become rather popular over the years. Here is an impressive lineup of the best bridal boutique patterns and designs which are winning a lot of fans and people who like them. Therefore, here is a proper look.

Bridal Boutique Patterns and Designs

Ball Gowns

Ball gowns are gowns which look immensely serene while they are actually designed to fit in with dance parties and balls. So, if your wedding party is also made up of a ball party, you need to dress up in any one of those sheer gowns which look stunning. A ball gown like this helps to make you stand out in a ball party. This means that a ball gown like this is something that makes you truly a bride in every sense. It is also more comfortable and soft and you don’t feel to suffocated inside its wraps and folds. This is a real advantage.

Strapless Gowns

One of the other new designs in the bridal boutique is that of strapless gowns. These are essentially gowns which are not secured by the means of strands and straps. The strapless gowns look rather sensuous and attractive. They will help to accentuate your fair skin and they can be complimented with a bonnet as well as some other accessories. It is best if you also garb up a skirt under your gown. When you do this, you will manage to look better than possible. This is mainly because these gowns are quite universally good-looking.

Skirt Gowns

These are bridal boutique dresses that come with skirts below them. They are dresses that come with skirts which can be worn along with the dresses. The skirt adds some more character to a particular Wedding Dress. This is mainly because the skirts can be worn for parties and social gatherings as well. If your wedding party is a big social gathering for people. The dresses can be worn for dance parties and more as well. The skirt gowns also come in some nice colors like bright blue or even pastel colors which will go along with white gowns. You could easily find these gowns at any bridal boutique.

Trumpet Gowns

There are some other gowns and dresses which can be called as trumpet gowns. These are gowns which have a slim and tight-fitting look to them. This means that those, who wish to look slim and fit on their weddings, need to opt for trumpet gowns. The trumpet gowns helps to make your body and figure look streamlined and slim. This is one of the reasons why the trumpet gowns are so popular. They can make even plump women look good and beautiful. The trumpet gowns are the latest trend in the bridal boutique system these days.

Floral Gowns

If you have ingeniously planned your wedding on a beach or seaside, then wearing a floral gown makes perfect sense. This is because floral gowns are pretty and elaborate. They come with straps shaped like flowers and floral wreaths. This is why they fit in completely with the informal side of the wedding celebrations. The best part is that these light floral gowns can also be worn in summer season. This is because they are made of light and colorful fabrics and they are quite soft as well. Therefore, floral gowns are quite good and available at bridal boutique.

How To Create A Wedding Checklist

12 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

How To Create A Wedding Checklist :

When people are planning to have a wedding in the next months, they have to prepare for this memorable event. There are many great things that they have to do in advance. It is beneficial to have a wedding checklist. By having this checklist, people can prepare all important things without any problems. There are several important items that should be included in the checklist. These items are very crucial in this special day. This post has several useful tips to create a complete checklist for this special event. It is important to follow these simple tips for preparing this event.

1. Determine The Wedding Budget

This is the most important step that people have to do before they create their checklist. They have to determine their wedding budget. They have to set up a budget for their special day. This step is very important to avoid spending too much money on this special day. Budgeting should be done in the beginning of the preparation process. Try to discuss with relatives and friends about some possible things that can be done to reduce the budget. This budget can be a basic thing that should be considered during the preparation process.  Give your wedding that unique touch by looking into custom wedding beverage napkins.

2. Create Guest List

Guess list is another important thing that should be included in the checklist. This list is going to determine any other factors, such as a wedding venue, catering, invitations, and many other important things in this special day. This guess list is highly correlated with the budget. When people have a limited budget, they may want to invite a few people only. It is a great time for the couples to create their own guess list. The list should include friends and relatives from both brides and grooms. People usually only invite close friends and relatives on their wedding day.

3. Write All Important Things Related To The Event

This is another useful tip for all people who want to prepare for this special day. It is important to write down all important things related to the event, such as wedding cake, photography, catering services, entertainment, accessories, transport, florist, decoration, and many other useful things. All of these things should be prepared properly, so this special day can be done without having any problems. It is important to write all important things in the checklist. This checklist is going to guide people to prepare their wedding days. Do not forget to put the schedule on the checklist. This schedule is very beneficial to keep everything on schedule.

Those are several tips on how to create a checklist for wedding. This checklist is very important for both brides and grooms. Both of them should create this checklist to make sure that everything is done properly. There are some wedding planning services that are available for all grooms and brides to be. These services are able to help couples prepare their special day without having any problems. This special day should be prepared properly, so it can be a memorable event. Creating this list is very useful to avoid forgetting important things in the wedding day.

A Guide When Choosing Wedding Timeline

11 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

A Guide When Choosing Wedding Timeline : Wedding Timeline

Why do many couples like using services of certified wedding timeline in the market? For a couple of years, they have proved as one of the companies that many people from all over the world have been choosing these timelines for them thus making them one of the most respected companies in the world.

Why Buy From Them?

1. It reduce the cost of weddings

Many couples who come from all parts of the world often ask themselves this vital question before making a decision to use their services. First, they offer some of the best collections in the world when compared to what the market offers. They also offer affordable prices in the market when compared to what the market offers. This means that whenever you are making your purchase in the market, you will make the best purchase compared to what other companies in the market offers. Many buyers have confessed in the past that they are among the cheapest places to buy these collections when compared to other places in the market. This definitely makes them the best in the market.

2. You will get the best tips on how to make a wedding success

Moreover, many shoppers have confessed in the past that they are among the cheapest places to buy these collections when compared to other places in the market. This definitely makes them the best in the market. These collections range from men, women, children with respect to their ages, sizes and preferences. This has also simplified the whole process of buying the collections from the company at the same time winning the hearts of many customers from all over the world due to their excellent collections for wedding. Never forget that they will always help you make the best choice when buying your collections depending on your physical characteristics and body size. This has enabled many people to buy the best products when compared to what the other companies’ offers in the market. In addition, many customers when buying from the will also save some money that otherwise they could have spent when buy from other companies in the market.

3. Enables you to have memorable moments after wedding

They also give those people buying the collections through online an opportunity to get discounts when buying from the market. This has enabled them be among the best when compared to what market offers for the buyers. When you pay your money through the online platforms, you will get an automatic discount of 25 percent that makes it one of the best deals available in the market. This has increased customer satisfaction at the same time enhancing a long –term business relationship with the clients who often buy from wedding timeline. Many buyers have confessed in the past that they are among the cheapest places to buy these collections when compared to other places in the market. This definitely makes them the best in the market. This has ultimately made them as among the best when it comes to selling high quality collections in the market.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about buying the best collections in the market, then never go further than wedding timeline. They will give you true makeover transform your look remarkably during your wedding.

12 Stunning Wedding Centerpieces

10 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas


 Time is ticking and it’s all about decisions, decisions, but not to worry pretties, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest gems out there this season. So before venturing into fall fabulousity, let’s sit back and enjoy summer blossoms that easily transform a room from beautiful to drop-dead gorgeous and can stand the sizzling heat of an outdoor soiree or the cool breeze of a grand ballroom.

ABOVE IMAGE CREDITS {Floral Design + via White Iilac Inc}  ~ BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photographer: U Me Us Studios // Floral Design: Vo Floral Design // via Style Me Pretty}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Event Design: HMR Designs // via MODWedding}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography:  Carla Ten Eyck, John Cain Sargent, Tammy Swales, Sofia Negron, Laura Decarlo // Floral: Bloom // Design and Planning + via: Bella Design and Planning}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Jinda Photography // Floral: Flower Affairs // via: Junebug Weddings}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Floral Design + via White Iilac Inc}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Floral Design: Preston Bailey // via: Boda Planes}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Picture This! Photography // Floral Design: James Hurley Designs // via Style Me Pretty}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Ira Lipke // Floral Design: Preston Bailey // via Carats and Cake}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Jinda Photography // Floral Design: Flower Affairs // via Junebug Weddings}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Holly Schumacher // Design + via Weddings and Events}

BELOW IMAGE CREDITS {Photography: Brian Dorsey Studios // via Junebug Weddings}

Click here to see ALL the Parts of  our 12 Stunning Wedding Centerpiecesseries – you wont be disappointed, I promise!

The Best Wedding Planning Timeline

07 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The Best Wedding Planning Timeline : Wedding Planning Timeline

The best way to plan a wedding is to ensure that you have enough time to do so. As such, experts advise on having at least a year’s worth of planning time to come out with the most appropriate wording for you. An appropriate wedding planning checklist is divided into months. Each period has its own activities that should be done and completed adequately.

Wedding Planning Timeline 10 to 12 months Before

This period deals with the general essentials of a wedding. The first thing is usually to announce your engagement to friends and family. A couple should start by setting a suitable budget for their wedding. Set a date, venue and register for these. Select your wedding party in terms of maids and groomsmen. Set a guest list. Create invitations. The bride should find a suitable dress. Pick the wedding officiant and preferably hire a wedding planner if need be. If you can’t afford or do not want a planner, get your friends and family members to help you but make sure you specify your needs.

7-9 months

From this period henceforth, the couple should get into the details of the wedding. The bride should find someone to make her dress or find the best place to buy it. The bride’s maids’ dresses should also be ordered. The bride and bridal party should shop for shoes, make-up and accessories. Carry out a research on the best hotels to book your out-of-town guests into. Hire a photographer and/or a videographer. Hire a DJ and/or a music band. Hire a florist.

5-6 months

Send invitations to your guests for them to save the date for you. Decide on the floral arrangements with your florist. The groom and his groom’s men should order their suits at this point since the intricacies of suits are not usually overwhelming. The bride should hire a beauty specialist and test the beauty options for the wedding day. Pick your choice of music for the wedding. Look into your options for a honeymoon destination and decide on the best. Carry out a cake tasting and menu tasting party with your wedding party. Order your cake and menu from appropriate specialists.

2-4 months

This period in the wedding planning timeline entails finalizing the details of the wedding. The couple should meet with vendors and finalize the details about the floral designs, favors, cake and menu. Finalize ceremony details with the officiant. Fill out the necessary marriage documents.

1 month

By the last month, the wedding plans should be almost done. The bride, groom and their party should do a final fitting of their attire. Work on your wedding vows if need be. Decide on the seating plan of the wedding. Confirm honeymoon reservations. With the help of your photographer, decide on the most important shots to be taken. Make all the necessary payments.

Wedding week

During the last week, all wedding plans should be ready. The couple should go over the details of everything with the concerned parties. Book yourselves for a spa treatment to ease out the tension of the wedding plans. The couple should always have a plan B for items such as the reception, cake and honeymoon to avoid disappointments. Also, emphasize on details for maximum results. With this wedding planning checklist, couples will be well on their way towards having the best wedding they ever dreamed of.

33 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Wedding by Stacking Savings

07 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

33 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Wedding by Stacking Savings

Savings Secret #7 in Dream Wedding on a Dime; 7 Secrets for the Budget-Savvy Bride  is “Stack and Save.” What you ultimately pay from your budget shrinks proportionately when you find multiple ways to lower the cost of items or services—shopping for the best value plus getting an added discount, having others pitch in on the cost of a purchase, or finding ways to use less.Here are 33 ideas for taking more than one approach to savings on the same aspect of your wedding.

  1. Look for ways multiple parties can contribute to the cost of the same item or service, such as both getting a discount from the vendor and receiving partial payment for the service as a gift from a relative.
  2. Save by both spending less for and using less of an item.
  3. Consider using multiple services from a vendor or her associates, which often results in savings versus going with two unassociated vendors.
  4. Combine savings by using sparkling wine (as opposed to champagne) and giving guests the choice of using their own drinks for the toast or passing out only a token amount.
  5. Have a potluck meal, where the guests bring the food. (Only at very informal receptions, though!)
  6. Limit the liquor to a signature drink, then buy the alcohol at a discount.
  7. Purchase liquor at a warehouse club store, then control the alcohol content by mixing the drinks in bulk ahead of time and having guests serve themselves from a dispenser at a drink station.
  8. Buy used fancier display stands, and then resell them
  9. Buy apothecaries or other glass containers in bulk at wholesale prices, and then resell them on eBay after the wedding.
  10. Combine centerpieces and dessert by assembling mini-towers of cupcakes, cookies, or brownies and displaying them on guest tables.
  11. Make desserts the favors by setting up a candy or dessert bar with take-home bags, boxes, and seals for guests to help themselves.
  12. Use flowers from the ceremony to decorate the cake and/or cake table at the reception.
  13. Buy bulk flowers and materials for DIY.
  14. Discuss with your pros what they may already have in excess or can otherwise supply at a cheaper rate than the standard options.
  15. Have the bride and Bridesmaids’ bouquets act as guest-table decorations at the reception.
  16. Move the altar flowers to the head table.
  17. Reuse pew decorations as centerpieces.
  18. Utilize the same live plants at both the wedding and reception.
  19. Look for products that will serve double or triple purposes.
  20. Use coupon codes on sale items whenever possible.
  21. Always shop with a cash-back credit card.
  22. Sell old jewelry to raise ring money.
  23. Choose the Bridesmaids’ handbags ahead of time and then wait for sales at the already low-priced stores.
  24. Buy one of a kind or non-matching clutches from multiple sources.
  25. Look for faux fur or other special-occasion coats during cool-weather clearance, usually January or February.
  26. Use the same decorations at both the ceremony and reception.
  27. Incorporate table numbers into the centerpieces.
  28. Combine favors and name tags or escort cards.
  29. Combine centerpieces with desserts and/or favors.
  30. Buy new or used tablecloths and napkins online and resell them. Y
  31. Make overlays or runners and resell them after the wedding.
  32. Put names on your favors and use them as escort or place cards.
  33. Construct the centerpieces or other decorations so they are appropriate for guests to take as favors.

DIY Fingertip Veil with Blusher with Step By Step info!

07 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

DIY Fingertip Veil with Blusher with Step By Step info!

I recently took on the project of making my own veil and boy am I glad. It turned out to be quite a bit simpler than I expected and the end result turned out great! Since a lot of these DIY posts show the hard work of fellow bees but don’t necessarily give instructions on how to achieve the same results, I thought I’d share the steps I followed for mine.

First, some tips. All tulle is not created equal, but it’s all crazy cheap. I didn’t want a super crunchy veil, so I shopped around and fondled at least 12 different bolts of fabric until I found one that felt delicate enough. Most were the same price, but there were obvious differences in quality.

The tools required for this project are really basic, but it’s incredibly important that you have a nice pair of fabric scissors. I can’t stress this enough – the junk-drawer pair from Office Depot will leave you frustrated and your veil frayed. Aside from that, you need some thread, a measuring tape, a large clean surface to work on, and a comb or headband to attach your veil to.

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot

06 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot : Wedding Photography

Getting into the boots of a photographer on an occasion such as a wedding can be great fun. This will be an occasion where you can have fun and at the same time flaunt your photography skills. There is no denying that the industry is filled with professionals in this field, but the fact remains that in order to document this occasion in pictures, you do not need to be a pro at all.

Here are few wedding photography tips for amateurs and pros alike:

1. Know the couple’s expectations from wedding photographs

Get in touch with the couple to know their mind and make sure you know exactly what do they want from the day. They may want to lay more emphasis on candid photography with you being around all day or only want good formal pictures. Ask them how formal do they want the photographs to be; will a line up outside the church suffice or there is something else in their mind?

2. Take the essentials first

Do not get carried away by the inventive genius in you. Make sure that you have taken the shots that the couple has asked you to take before you move on to other less important shots. The photographer’s role is to preserve the day’s essence and memories so that they can be relived whenever wanted. After you have captured the essentials, say the cake cutting ceremony from the perfect setting you can exercise your more wedding photography ideas and turn to the amazing architecture, buildings and other stuff that merits an attention.

3. Pay attention to formal shots

It is necessary to get the formal shots right because they are the most important shots of the day. Choose a good location for such shoots. If it is dry outside, outdoors will make a wonderful location for a formal shoot. However, do keep a backup indoor location in mind which gives you adequate light for a good picture in case it rains. Ensure that you bring along your tripod as well as the list of the shots that dictates who is to be featured in each shot. It is wise to employ a helper to make sure that all the members required for a particular shot have arrived so that you can call for everybody’s attention to look your way and smile.

4. Try not to switch off.

The wedding ceremony continuously provides opportunities for abundant informal shots, especially in between the major events when people get relaxed. It is therefore essential that you do not get carried away by free drinks and people around to chat to. Pay attention to your job for a moment that passes once does not come back ever.

5. Take some time away from the crowd with the couple

Offer some time for the newlyweds away from the reception. If possible get them to walk hand in hand and shoot when they are not conscious of your presence around. This will give you some real candid moments to capture.

6. Have a backup camera with a different lens

Have a second camera to backup for the main one and shoot simultaneously with both. This will give you more options to choose from for a single photograph and avoid losing a captured moment because of some imperfection in the picture.

These 6 tips will go a long way in letting you shoot wedding photographs that shall be an asset for a lifetime.

Wedding Photography Tips For A Memorable Shoot : Wedding Photography Tips

How to Make a Wedding Veil, Video and Written Instructions

06 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

If you are like many budget-minded brides, you are uncomfortable with paying a lot for the veil you want. The good news is you don’t have to. There are discount veils available, but you can also DIY. Below is a series of tutorials on how to make a wedding veil, step-by-step. You can watch videos and/or read instructions, whichever you prefer.
How to make a wedding veil. Videos and step-by-step instructions.
If you are thinking you do not have the talent to do this, think again. The number one rule for my do-it-yourself videos is I have to be able to do it all by myself. On the 10-point “craftiness” scale I am a 2-3. So if I can do it, you can too.

What’s in this “How to Make a Veil” DIY?

An overview of my five-step veil making process follows. Plus, there are additional videos detailing those steps and a few considerations. There is a corresponding transcript with each step as well.

Here is an outline of the contents, followed by the make a veil overview video:

  • Step 1: Measuring and cutting veil fabric with your own, home made pattern. You can use things you already have around the house.
  • Step 2: Making your blusher (if you want one). I show you how to make the blusher a part of the veil, but you can just as easily leave it off or make it detachable.
  • Step 3: Gluing embellishments such as rhinestones, crystals, pearls, edging, or other decorations. This is the part that makes many paid-for veils expensive.
  • Step 4: Putting gathers in your veil. It is easier than it sounds!
  • Step 5: Sewing on a veil comb. This makes it convenient to securely attach the veil to your hair.
  • If you are trying to decide whether to make your own veil or not, read Your Veil: DIY or Buy?.

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