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Important Conversations To Have Before Marriage

21 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas


You probably feel like you know your future spouse pretty well. You’ve probably had long talks about how you envision your future, but you may not have talked very much about how you’d get to that future. There are several things that might be difficult to discuss, and you may not even realize you need to discuss these issues.  Here are a few subjects to discuss before marriage, which will give you both a better picture of your expectations from one another after you’ve walked down the aisle.

1. Children

If you two haven’t discussed the subject of kids, it’s much better to have that conversation before marriage to save yourself a lot of potential unhappiness.  Discussing whether or not you want to have children (as well as when, and how many) is a good place to start, but you should also discuss how you envision raising your children and where you stand on major issues of child rearing, including discipline.

You don’t have to agree on every issue, but if there are major disagreements, work them out before you walk down the aisle. Don’t depend on swaying your partner to your point of view; this is a good way to create resentment and hostility between you. Work it out before you say your vows.

2. Long-Term Financial and Career Goals

Conversations about how to manage your money and how to pay bills should be well under way before marriage, and should continue after you’re married.  Decide whether you’ll share an account and pay all of the bills out of “our money,” or if you’ll have separate accounts with each of you responsible for paying a percentage of the household bills. If you have a joint savings or checking account, who will be responsible for taking care of balancing it? As you evolve in your marriage and your circumstances change, make sure to revisit your financial decisions and adjust them as needed. Don’t forget to discuss saving for your later years, as well.

You don’t have to make any set-in-stone decisions and you don’t have to completely agree about how best to handle financial and career matters; but again, large disagreements should be addressed before marriage.

3. Morality and Faith

Explore how each of you feels about religion and faith, and talk about your views on morality. Problems can arise when one partner does not realize how devout their partner really is; especially once children enter the picture. It may not seem like an important issue now, but discuss your views on religion, faith, morality and family.

You may disagree on some things like how to handle family conflicts, but larger disagreements over faith, religion and moral values can lead to very large problems in the marriage. Discuss these things and make sure you know where your partner stands on these very important issues.

A Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Dress

29 Apr 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Choosing your Wedding Dress can feel like a terrifying process. Firstly, there are just so, so, SO many options out there it can be overwhelming. Secondly, how on earth do you chose a dress which is supposed to make you look (and feel) like the most beautiful you’ve ever felt??! Hello pressure!!

So together with our lovely Fashion Pack members – some of the Bridal industries very best, we’ve put together a handy guide to choosing your Wedding Dress to help you! You can download it and save it to your phone or computer so it’s ready to use whenever you may need it.

We’ve also created some super helpful Pins that show you exactly what dress shapes, necklines and trains are available to you! Hopefully it will make your dress search a little more fun – which is what it should be! Happy hunting everyone…


A guide to dress - silhouettes


An important detail to consider on your dress is the neckline. This will help you decide what accessories you will be wearing – some necklines scream for a statement necklace, others call for a demure set of pearls. And, in some cases, you will feel that the dress alone is enough! Especially if your choice has an embellished or lace bodice and/or sleeves.

Note that the neckline of your gown has a huge impact on what bra you need to wear. So once you’ve made a final decision on your dress, underwear should be next on your list.

A guide to dress - necklines


Nothing makes a Bridal statement quite like a sweeping train. We’ve listed the different lengths you’ll find on our handy pin below so you can be sure to ask for the right type if you’re desperate for that wow factor. And remember to ask your seamstress to add a wrist loop, or a bustle if you prefer, so that you can dance in your gown later on. Or you could always get a second, shorter dress for the evening 😉

A guide to dress - trains

North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

24 Apr 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

This sweet styled shoot is bursting with North Carolina wedding ideas and inspiration that blends the vibes of the 1920s with the 1960s, while even giving a nod to chic bohemian styling through its romantic details. When Rachel Red Photography delivered her first submission to us, we couldn’t have been more delighted with its ethereal feel, and the use of one of our favorite Hayley Paige gowns and Jenny Yoo Bridesmaids dresses. Set at the beautiful High Grove Estate, recently refurbished, this team of vendors were inspired by the venue’s new neutral and picturesque ambiance. And for us, we are firm believers that when it comes to choosing your wedding venue, it should be inspired by a couple’s journey. Perfect for the inspiration behind this styled shoot. The peaceful setting beautiful hosts the moody color palette of dusty blues, soft grays and an abundance of greens.

North Carolina’s High Grove Estate

The recent renovation of the High Grove Estate, went from a dated dark character to an inviting atmosphere using light, airy and neutral tones. Stationary from Wedding Paper Divas was used as the “jumping off” point for colors and design. The color palette perfectly complimented the new décor and added an eclectic twist to the design, making image after image more personal and interesting, thanks Rachel Red Photography. The “bride” of the day was also the designer and eloquently showcased how a traditional venue can overcome the sense of being too aristocratic to one that is inviting and warm.

North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
Moody Tones of a Color Palette

A Hayley Paige gown that oozes femininity with the designer’s renowned talent for embroidery over illusion was certainly a show-stopper. Surrounded by the soft and moodiness of Jenny Yoo’s gray-blue tulle Bridesmaids dresses. Bouquets by Flowers on Broad Street were bursting with eucalyptus and greenery with neutral tone floral peeking through. The same blooms easily translated to arrangements for the tablescape to highlight the gray linens, china, and added character of the gold flatware.

North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration
North Carolina Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Photographer: Rachel Red Photography | Bridal Designer: Hayley Paige | Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas | Venue: High Grove Estate | Makeup: Brianna Swing | Jeweler: Anne’s Diamond Center | Florist: Flowers on Broad Street | Cake and Desserts: Sweet Memories Bakery | Wedding Dress Boutique: Hayden Olivia Bridal(Charlotte NC) | Groom’s Suit: Bernard’s Formal Wear | Plates, Utensils, Glasses, Etc: West Elm Charleston | Candle Sticks: Greenhouse Picker Sisters

Inside Photos: Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh At A Friend’s Wedding In Sri Lanka!

27 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Deepika and Ranveer

Source: Twitter @Deepika and Ranveer

We’ve already shared a couple of photos of lovebirds Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone accompanied by the latter’s mom at their friend’s wedding in Sri Lanka. Now, here are some more photos of the duo together. Both of them look great and complement each other so well! See for yourself.

Deepika and Ranveer at a friend's wedding | Source: Twitter |

Deepika and Ranveer at a friend’s wedding | Source: Twitter |

Deepika and Ranveer at a friend's wedding | Source: Twitter |

Deepika and Ranveer at a friend’s wedding | Source: Twitter |

Deepika and Ranveer at a friend's wedding | Source: Twitter |

Deepika and Ranveer at a friend’s wedding | Source: Twitter |

Aww! These two NEVER cease to give us #RelationshipGoals! Amidst her erratic schedule, DP made it a point to fly down to Sri Lanka to attend her BFF’s wedding. And being the perfect boyfriend that he is, Ranveer also joined her there and never left her side throughout the do. How is he THIS sweet?

YES! Exclusive: 10 never-seen-before Photos of Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna Wedding

27 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna, who tied the knot on January 30, at St. James the Great Parish Church in Alabang, Muntinlupa City, are on the cover of YES! Magazine all-celebrity-wedding issue this April.

The beautiful ceremony was recounted with beautiful photos captured by their official wedding photographer Oly Ruiz and various sources.

Here’s a glimpse…

The YES! April 2016 issue is now available at newsstands and will soon be on Buqo, Zinio, and Apple Newsstand.

Modern Wedding Color Palettes We Love

27 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas
  1. Black + White + Hot Pink

    Good for: Modern spring weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Keep the look formal with classic patterns like damask and stripes while adding a style boost with an ultra-contemporary color like hot pink.

    Clockwise from top left: Patricia Lyons Photography, Andrew Collings Photography, Inc, Christopher Record Photography LLC, A Photojournalist’s Eye – Jang Photographers, John Michael Cooper, Christine Hall Photography, SNAP Photography, Photography by Rebecca, Colin Lyons Photography

  2. Purple + Lime + Black

    Good for: Hip garden weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Colors this bright can overwhelm easily — unless you mix in a neutral like black or gray.

    Clockwise from top left: Baltazar Photography, Corbin Gurkin Photography, Studio Julie Photography, Kay English Photography, Wendy Maclaurin Richardson Photography, Shutter Love Studio, Captivated Images, Barbara Alessandra Photography, VUE Photography

  3. Gold + Silver

    Good for: Formal winter weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Whoever said you shouldn’t mix your metals? This glittery mix adds a punch of style to any affair. Use a variety of textures — from crystals to ruffles — to keep things from looking too two-dimensional.

    Clockwise from top left: Sarah Bussey Photography, Rita Maas, Photography by Rebecca, Antonis Achilleos, Ron B. Wilson Photography, Jennifer Davis Photography, Sara & Sarma Photography, Agnes Lopez Photography

  4. Cherry + Yellow + Black

    Good for: Upscale backyard weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: When you’re playing with primary colors, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. Put a damper on the over-the-top hues with a solid neutral like black.

    Clockwise from top left: Renaissance Studios Photography, Alswang Photography, Shutter Love Studio, Victor Sizemore Photography, Sara & Sarma Photography, Olivia Leigh Photographie, Erin Hearts Court

  5. Orange + Yellow + Aqua

    Good for: Low-key summer weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Stuffy couples need not apply. This is a combo that’s all about fun, vibrant color. A fun, patterned wedding cake and energetic lighting will bring it to life.

    Clockwise from top left: Kim Long Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Thai Dao Photography, Tracy Carolyn Photography, Brian Dorsey Studios, Jayd Gardina Photography, Continuum Photography, Adrienne Page Photography, Tracy Carolyn Photography, Wren & Field Photography

  6. Turquoise + Royal Blue + Electric Green

    Good for: Afternoon waterside weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: This one is virtually impossible to mess up. Subtly vary the shades of blue and green for a look that’s relaxed without looking messy.

    Clockwise from top left: D. Lynch Photography, Alea Moore Photography,, Mary Basnight Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Millie Holloman Photography, Genevieve Nisly, Daniel J Photography

  7. Amethyst + Apricot

    Good for: Laid-back fall weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Look no further than this cheerful palette for a lively shindig. These two brights both crave attention, so keep the rest of the decor subdued — for example, use all-white linens and china.

    Clockwise from left: Weddings by Pamela, Creative Force Photography, Atlas Wedding Photography, Missy Photography, Robin Buckley Photography, Sewell Photography, Missy Photography, Studio Atticus, Carrie Patterson Photography, Missy Photography

  8. Black + Yellow + Lime

    Good for: Modern summer weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: These two cheerful highlighter colors help make black seem less formal. To avoid sending your guests into sensory overload, keep the yellow and lime touches bright, but minimal.

    Clockwise from left: Lace/Hanky Photography LLC, Kathy Blanchard Photography, Riverbend Studio, Jihan Abdalla Photography, Edyta Szyszlo Photography, Riverbend Studio, Luna Photo, Anne Marie Photography, Jihan Abdalla Photography, BKB Photography

  9. Scarlet + Silver

    Good For: Luxe modern weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: It doesn’t get much more luxurious than polished silver and deep red — just make sure to choose a venue that’s equally grandiose.

    Clockwise from left: Mark Garber Photography, Freed Photography, Sea Island Photography, BKB Photography, The Artist Group Photography, Hilary N. Bullock Photography, SMS Photography, Tim McDermott Photography, Studio 306 Photography, Antonis Achilleos

  10. Royal Blue + Marigold

    Good for: Preppy summer weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: A sunny daytime wedding would get a hit of energy from bright blue and yellow. Stick to the fully saturated shades of these colors in your decor to keep them looking crisp and clean.

    Clockwise from left: Becky Young Photography, Genevieve Nisly Photography, Amanda Kraft Photography, Jana Curcio Photography, Our Labor of Love, Orchard Cove Photography, Becky Young Photography, Advantage Photo, Jeremy Lawson Photography, VUE Photography, Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

  11. Maroon + Aqua + Bubble Gum

    Good for: Playful summer weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: In this carefully considered palette, grown-up maroon brings the other two whimsical hues down to earth. During a daytime ceremony, use more of the two brights; then have maroon help transition into a nighttime reception.

    Clockwise from left: Maggie Heinzel-Neel Photography, Araujo Photography, Rachael Grace Photography, Maggie Heinzel-Neel Photography, Artisan Events, Antonis Achilleos, Paul Johnson Photography, Wendy Maclaurin Richardson Photography, Kelly Brown Weddings, Jennifer Rau Photography

  12. Cyan + Magenta + Yellow

    Good for: Bright modern weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: This riff on the classic primary colors of blue, red and yellow will add a whimsical twist to any modern wedding. A spare art gallery or loft space provides the perfect canvas for this eye-catching palette.

    Clockwise from left: In His Grace Photography, Tuesday’s Frog Photography, Agnes Lopez Photography, Red Ribbon Studio, Jen Good Weddings and Portraits Photography, Jessica Johnston Photography, Marisa Holmes Photographer, Antonis Achilleos, Serendipity Photography

  13. Onyx + Pewter + Cloud

    Good for: Formal museum weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: We love how this stormy trio is both understated and sophisticated. These hues look best in clean and modern decor, so stick to simple lines and right angles.

    Clockwise from left: Mary Basnight Photography, Jill Higgins Photography, Positive Light Photography, Weddings by Pamela, Thorsen Photography, Wendy Woods Photography, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, Katie Moos Photography, E. Sullivan Photography, Red Fly Photography

  14. Papaya + Navy + Gunmetal

    Good for: Formal fall weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Two serious neutrals meet a bright shade of orange to create a color palette with the best of both worlds. For the most sophisticated effect, keep all three hues at their deepest and richest shades throughout the decor.

    Clockwise from left: Audrey Hannah Photo, Harry Taylor Photography, Hillary Mayberry, Collins Metu Photography, L’amour de Vie, Julia Vandenoever Photography, Thai Dao Photography, Michael O’Bryon, Laurie Peacock Photography, Susan Jackson Photography

  15. Periwinkle + Sky

    Good for: Bold modern weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Make a statement with this not-so-shy combo. These shades make for rich-looking lighting motifs, so ask your planner about hiring a professional lighting designer to add extra oomph to your reception.

    Clockwise from left: Simone & Martin, Antonis Achilleos, Melissa Jill Photography, Agnes Lopez Photography, Nelson Photography, Agnes Lopez Photography, YazyJo Photography, Kortnee Kate Photography, Photography by Mary Ellen Bartley

  16. Stone + Plum

    Good for: Modern black-tie weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Both these shades are flattering for attire (your Bridesmaids will thank you!), floral arrangements and decor alike. Choose neutrals with a bit of sheen, like pearly whites and silvery grays, to give this palette a little sparkle.

    Clockwise from left: Cheyenne Schultz Photography, Gandy Photographers, Ira Lippke Studios, Kris Drake Photography, Corbin Gurkin Photography, Corbin Gurkin Photography, Erik Ekroth, Barbara Alessandra Photography, Heather Saunders Photography, Red Gallery Photography

  17. Coral + Tangelo + Teal

    Good for: Casual summer weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Bright and cheery coral and tangelo get a dose of sophistication from teal. Keep decor and stationery designs simple — when these three come together to form busy patterns, the effect can be dizzying.

    Clockwise from left: Liga Photography, Jared Wilson Photography, Dustin Images, Dustin Images, Kris Drake Photography, Brian Dorsey Studios, Antonis Achilleos, Boutwell Studio, JoNa Photography, Amber Stricklin Photography

  18. Rouge + Grapefruit + Slate

    Good for: Formal modern weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Bright grapefruit gets grounded by mature rouge and slate in this sophisticated trio. To keep decor looking chic, make sure one of the two more subtle colors always accompanies the exuberant pink in floral arrangements and table settings.

    Clockwise from left: Studio 306, Mark Garber Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Ars Magna Studio, Antonin Achilleos, Jared Wilson Photography, Jen Kroll Photography, Mira Mamon Photography, Laura Novak Photography, Heather Cook Elliott Photography

  19. Violet + Fuchsia + Vanilla

    Good for: Luxe modern weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Violet and fuchsia go from girly to glam when splashed with vanilla. A few sparkly accents — metallic wine glasses or jewels wrapped around bouquets, for example — give this luxe trio some extra dazzle.

    Clockwise from left: Blaine & Bethany Photography, Clary Pfeiffer Photography, Atlas Wedding Photography, Riccis Valladares Photography, Continuum Photography, D. Bryant Photography, Ira Lippke Studios, YazyJo Photographers, Blaine & Bethany Photography, Artisan Style Photojournalism

  20. Ink + Mulberry + Marigold

    Good for: Elegant fall weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: This dramatic combo is a darker, fresher take on the pumpkin-and-chocolate palettes of typical fall affairs. Save marigold for the lighting: Show-stopping uplights or gobo lights in this tone will complement the other two shades perfectly.

    Clockwise from left: Kim and Niki Photographers, The Nichols, Strut Photography, Lauren Rutten Photography, Artisan Events, Antonis Achilleos, Missy Photography, Christopher Record Photography, Ann Hamilton Photographer, Laura Ivanova

  21. Fire Engine + Rock + Onyx

    Good for: Formal modern weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Bright fire engine red pops against moody grays in this palette made for a mod, urban venue. Save the red for smaller details (like the escort cards, the guys’ boutonnieres and your shoes) to keep decor looking chic and sophisticated.

    Clockwise from left: Lisa Hessel Photography, Emilie Sommer and J Sandifer from Emilie Inc. Photography, Caroline Tran, Perez Photography, Jake Holt Photography, Jen Lynne Photography, Tanja Lippert Photography, Jessica Johnston Photography, Love Me Do Photography, Elizabeth Messina

  22. Cobalt + Persimmon + Slate

    Good for: Rustic weddings with a modern edge

    Tips for pulling it off: Renting bright-cobalt glassware is an easy way to bring lots of color to your reception tables. Persimmon-colored flowers mixed with slate dusty miller and soft-gray table linens finish the look.

    Clockwise from left: Jessamyn Harris Photography, Hillary Maybery, Krista Photography, Millie Holloman Photography, Adi Nevo Photographs, Kim Mendoza Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Carrie Patterson Photography, Adi Nevo Photographs

  23. Lapis + Flame + Chartreuse

    Good for: Casual urban weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Bold and bright, this trio will be the life of the party. Make sure to choose a neutral venue that can provide a blank, white slate for your decor, because this combo can easily clash with other colors.

    Photos by: Pen/Carlson

  24. Bordeaux + Wisteria + Silver

    Good for: Modern museum weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: This palette shines when used in sleek and minimalist designs, so choose orchids and calla lilies and simple formalwear to celebrate in style.

    Photos by: Mary Wyar Photography

  25. Granite + Pine + Thyme

    Good for: Modern outdoor weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: If you love nature, this is your color palette. Pick a naturally gorgeous outdoor venue and decorate with tons of greenery for a look that’s as chic as it is environmental.

    Photos by: Studio 306

13 Fabulous Wedding Day Nail Designs

25 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

As a bride, you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day. Like Santa Clause, you’ve made a list and checked it twice. Almost as important as having the perfect dress is having the perfect wedding ring slide on to your perfectly manicured finger. A sophisticated French manicure is a classic choice, but there are several other options. Beautiful nail designs to compliment your special day are in abundance. Delicate flower designs add an elegant flair to your wedding ensemble. If you are hoping for a touch of bling, rhinestone, pearl, and lace nail designs are easy to create and can be customized to taste. Increasingly popular gold and silver embellishments offer an extraordinarily unique look. The following 13 elegant nail designs add a glamorous look that every bride deserves.

Fabulous Wedding Day Nail DesignsBeautiful Wedding Nail With GlittersCrystal Embellished Wedding NailsFrench Manicure for Wedding NailsGradual French ManicureLace Wedding NailsNude Nails With GlitterPerfect Embellished Wedding NailsShellac French ManiWedding Nails With FlowersWedding Nails With PearlsWhite Wedding Nail Design

Perfect Peach Wedding Nail DesignPink Embellished Wedding Nails

5 Tips For Bridal Fashion

24 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

5 Tips For Bridal Fashion : Bridal Fashion

One of the most daunting tasks for any bride during a wedding is choosing the right kind of wedding. A smart bride will also know that this is not an easy task and take measures to pick the best. The trickiest part of the dress is the fact that you have been dreaming about it since you were a kid. You will want perfection and functionality fused in one when it comes to bridal dresses. Here are a number of things you will need to think about before choosing a fashionable bridal gown.

Bridal Fashion

5. Personal style

The fact that this gown has been designed and redesigned in your mind a number of times since your childhood is probably a good thing. You will need to get some personal style in your gown for bridal fashion. Ready made gowns come with more flair and you will with no doubt get what you want at the end of the day. Get something that will suit your desires and flatter your silhouette. Whether you like strapless, halter, with straps or any other available design, you will do well to fuse what you love. The dresses will also come with flowing features that will also depend on your taste.

4. Theme in Mind!

The kind of gown you pick for bridal fashion will also be determined by the theme of your wedding. The dress you wear to a beach wedding will differ from one hat is done in a hotel or in a hall somewhere. These bridal gowns will vary in length design and color. The theme of your wedding needs to be consistent and also show through your dress. If you will do your wedding on the sand, you will want something more manageable and possibly shorter. A wedding done in the wild will also need to be the same. The longest types are ideal where the floor is concrete, tiled or clean solid. Any other nature like ground will need a shorter kind of dress.

3. Your hair

Your hairstyle will also determine the gown and vice versa. You will need to make sure all these agree so as not to look out of place. Take a visit to the salon and find out what will go with your Wedding Dress. A professional will advice on the hairstyle. You may have to compromise on one to get both of them right. Sure you try a number of quick temporal hairstyles when trying out the dress. A dress that you love with the hair let down may look different when you do an up do on the day of the wedding.

2. Go all natural

When trying out gowns, you will want to stay away from makeup and your usual scents. The reason for this is that they can damage and stain the gowns extensively. You will also want to clear and non staining cosmetics on the day of your wedding for the same. You should only do make up after you have put the gown on. The scents should however be clear enough to keep the gown safe.

1. Shop for lingerie

One of the most sensitive ports of wearing gowns is the lingerie. It will be a personal bridal fashion. The inner garments will not always work with any gown. You need to remember that you are going for a figure that will fit the dress. Putting on the right kind of bra and panties will save the day for you. Go for those that will make your features slimmer and will make you look better. If you have a big bust, you can use a bra that will make them look smaller or a push up bra that will accentuate the same. A panty hose will also be a good addition for the gown if you are looking for firmer features.

How To Select Wedding Venues

23 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

How To Select Wedding Venues : Wedding Venues

Thinking of getting married is one thing, but getting the perfect wedding venue is another. Wedding venues can make or break a wedding if a couple is not careful. It is therefore important that people practice caution when it comes to selecting where they are going to have their wedding to avoid disappointments later on.

How to Select Wedding Venues?

One of the major factors that affect the choice of wedding venues is usually the wedding budget. How much money that a couple has will determine what they get. If money is an issue, the couples have to think about getting a wedding venue that will help them save on expenses by providing as many additional services as possible as part of the package. Where money is not an issue to consider however, then the sky is the limit when it comes to the choice of a wedding venue.

Some people prefer having the wedding services and the reception within one area while others prefer these events in different areas. If a couple are interested in having both the service and the reception in one place; they would do well to select a venue that has a reception room or ground as well as a chapel if they want to be married in one. Those who do not mind holding the service and the reception in different areas should not have a problem selecting different venues for each aspect of the wedding.

A couple who want to enjoy nature in all its glory can opt to have both the services and the reception outdoors while those who do not, should consider having everything indoors. The preferences of the couple will largely determine where they get married.
Another choice of wedding venues is the destination venue. This option involves the couple holding a wedding in a location that is a significant distance away from their own home. Opting for this kind of venue requires that the couple in question as well as their invited guests be able to take care of the logistics as well as accommodation. A wedding planner who is also familiar with the area may also be required to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

How to Choose Wedding Venues?

When couples are thinking of wedding venues, they should also bear in mind their preferred themes for that special day. A nautical theme for example, can be used fittingly within a cruise ship, while a rustic theme may be better for farmhouse venue. Having a venue that is compatible with the wedding theme that a couple selects, is a great way to minimize the costs associated with decorations.

Any couple that is interested in any wedding venue should always check it out early before making the final decision. Doing so will enable them know if the venue is what they hand in mind or not. It is also a good idea to book a wedding venue well in advance. This comes in handy in beating the competition from other couples who may also be interested in the same venue for their nuptials. Since wedding venues may mean the difference between having a perfect place to get married in and one that is in absolute shambles, it never hurts for a couple to do everything they can to get the right one.

Wedding Photography – How To Capture Brides?

21 Mar 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding Photography – How To Capture Brides? : Wedding photography

Getting into wedlock is normally one of the milestones in a person’s life. If you want to be conversant with that art of capturing love moments and make them last forever, then it is ideal that you carefully read this write up on wedding photography.

Love is in the air and the wedding bells are ringing. Yes it’s your ever essential wedding day and the setting arrangements are just excellent. The weather is conducive, the venue and the ambiance great. What else do you require? Oh yes! To effectively capture all the beautiful moments, all that’s left to end the entire set-up are the wedding photographs.

Let us now have a look at some of the wedding photography tips that can easily make your wedding a memorable one before we look at some of the interpersonal skills that wedding photographers should have.

Creative Tips for Wedding Photography

The following are some of the most outstanding and ideal creative tips for wedding photography. They include;

Tip#1: Behind the Scenes

Clicking photographs before the wedding, just before the preparations are on full swing, capturing the frenzy and the chaos of the wedding atmosphere can be a great idea. This is because it is a great way that you can use to capture the candid and the natural photographs of your wedding party.

Tip#2: Hobbies Galore

If there’s an activity or hobby which the couples share, a photograph that is in conjunction with that can definitely be a very great pick alongside the conventional and classic wedding photographs.

Tip#3: Maid of Honor

The maid of honor with best man and the Bridesmaids with groom’s best friends can also be an extremely endearing subject for the wedding photography. Spontaneous hugs, carefree laughs and whispers shared, with exclamations and giggles can also be great things that can be captured on that great day. Let us now have a look at some of the importance tips of interpersonal skills that photographers must have for wedding photography.

Interpersonal Skills that Photographers Must Have

For wedding photography, the following interpersonal skills are ideal for the wedding photographers.

*Ability to Study the Location

Whether you are a beginner or a professional to photography, you must know how to study in advance the location of wedding. Know how the location of photography will appear at the different times of day.

*Being in A Position to Shoot With Enough Light

If for instance the wedding is indoors, you should be in a position to see if the light is enough for the photographs to appear brilliant. Thinking of harsh sunlight and how you can put it in control is another skill you must know.

*Ability to Help Couples Feel at Ease

As a photographer, you should have a very great vibing with the couples. There is a possibility that couples may feel nervous or stressed and you must make sure that they feel at ease. Generally, this will contribute to giving you best photography results in the long run.

Wedding Photography

Last but not the least, as a photographer, you just require to be a little but creative, think and then click on the moment’s spur.

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