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7 Last-Minute Wedding Details Brides Always Forget

10 Sep 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas


Wedding planning is no easy task. The list of things to do seems to be never-ending. Especially in the days leading up to your vows, there is just so much to, it is nearly impossible not to forget things. No matter how many lists and sticky notes you make, you’re bound to forget something–and it won’t be the end of the world.

Cute Wedding Decoration Ideas For That Grand Look

03 May 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

cute wedding decoration ideas

Looking for some show stopping cute wedding decoration ideas? Do your wedding plans involve a large space or a small space? The prospect of decorating a big space can be daunting. Tiny details can be left out when trying to figure out how much to fill the hall space and how to fill it. You need to work within the means of your budget.

5 Beautiful Ideas What To Wear Under Wedding Dress

11 Apr 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Today’s wedding fashion world gives us various trends in Wedding Dresses. There are gowns with sweetheart neck, with no straps, halter or square neckline, as well as backless or off the shoulder tailoring. And frankly speaking, when it comes to the task what to wear under wedding dress, you may get easily confused.

Want To Know What To Wear Under Wedding Dress?

The choice of wedding lingerie include three criteria: your figure, the type of dress you are going to wear and your own taste. Therefore, you should know your measurements and personal preferences to not go wrong. If you have chosen a dress with a deep neckline or open shoulders, a bra with patterned ribbons is probably not the best option here. In this case, you should go with some convertible bra with detachable straps. However, it shall have a rigid construction to support the breast well.

If you have a curvy body shape, you can purchase wedding undergarment with silicone inserts at the edges. They better fix on the skin and will not visually fill you.


Types Of Wedding Lingerie For The Bride

The first thing you do is you choose perfect bridal lingerie just after you have bought a Wedding Dress.

Whatever type of lingerie you go with, first of all, it must offer an ideal combination of comfort and support. Since you are going to wearyour Wedding Dress undergarments all day long,you should bet not only on the design of a bridal undergarment but also on its quality and fabric.

There is one unspoken rule saying that «a wedding lingerie should not be noticeable». For your big day, it is the best to choose a simple wedding undergarment. If you want to surprise the groom with a beautiful bridal undergarment, you can buy it in advance to try it on and make sure it hugs you perfectly. Otherwise, it will be not enough time to return it and to pick up other, more suitable option.

A Combination As Bridal Undergarment

Source: Instagram@raraavis_official
what to wear under wedding dress bodysuit bride


14 Traditional Wedding Ceremony Steps

17 Mar 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Every couple while planning a wedding ceremony wonders what it will be like. Usually, all weddings follow some kind of general order. Here you are going to have lots of things on your mind, but don’t panic. Just use a simple wedding checklist to make sure you do not to forget anything important.

Out wedding ceremony outline will give you an idea of what lies ahead – but don’t be afraid to experiment! Make your wedding ceremony of one of the most memorable moments in your life!

On The Wedding Day

Source: frame_of_love via Instagram

wedding ceremony couple bouquet


13 Wedding Trends That Are In For 2018

03 Mar 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Wedding trends are forever changing and while some trends are brand new and unexpected, others are old favorites. For one, elegant high-necked Victorian dresses are become popular again for brides getting married in 2018. And while some of the wedding trends for 2017 may stay, some of them are being replaced with new trends brides can test out in 2018.  We’ve got the scoop on all of the best wedding trends you need to know before the new year hits. The top 2018 wedding trends include but are not limited to both Wedding Dress trends and reception trends. So, without further ado, read on to find out the top 2018 wedding trends that you must include when completing your wedding planning for next year.

Wedding Dress and Makeup Trends: 

1. Illusion Neckline Wedding Dress

Colin Cowie tells Insider that brides everywhere are selecting dresses with illusion necklines. While this was definitely a popular trend in 2017, it appears to be many brides’ go-to style well into 2018 too.

illusion wedding dress

2. Millennial Pink Wedding Dress

Other brides want to do away with the traditional white Wedding Dress altogether. It’s no secret that millennial pink, a light blush pink, has been trending. And some brides are deciding to include this popular color in their wedding. The color is light enough where it’s not too bold, but it’s still an unique hint of color for any Wedding Dress.

pink wedding dress

3. High Neckline Wedding Dress

Necklines will definitely have a moment next year from illusion necklines to high necklines. A high neckline Wedding Dress is the perfect option for brides that want a vintage feel on their special day.

high neckline dress

4. Black And White Wedding Dress

According to Brides, black accents for your Wedding Dress will be trending in 2018. You can always switch up the traditional white Wedding Dress by adding black accents to it. As seen here, this bride opted to have a black sash to cinch her waist. Such an accessory creates a seriously beautiful contrast for any bride’s Wedding Dress.

black and white wedding dress

5. Berry Lipstick

According to Ashlee Glazer, global artistic director of Laura Geller, berry lipsticks will be trending for brides in 2018. “A bold or soft berry lip photographs beautifully and due to the blue undertones, brightens teeth on all skin tones making it the perfect lip color for a fall or winter wedding,” Ashlee says in a press release.

bride berry lip

Wedding Ceremony Trends: 

6. Elegant Wedding Ceremony

Styles of wedding ceremonies seem to be on two different spectrums in 2018. Many brides are going to opt for elegant wedding ceremonies to accommodate a large guest list.

elegant wedding

7. Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

On the other hand, some brides will continue to opt to have smaller more intimate wedding ceremonies. Outdoor ceremonies are also the perfect location for brides that want to have a rustic wedding theme. According to Bridal Guide, rustic weddings will be one of the hottest wedding trends for 2018.

outdoor ceremony

Wedding Reception Trends: 

8. Copper Wedding Décor

Any bride can easily stray away from typical silver or gold décor and silverware. And according to WeddingWire, some brides will be choosing to include copper or even marble accents in their wedding décor next year.

copper decor

9. Wedding Guest Photo Booth

Photo booths for wedding guests have become increasingly popular over the years, and they’re certainly not going anywhere yet. They’re a fun way to make your wedding reception even more interactive for your guests. Plus, the pictures also make for a great wedding day keepsake.

Photo Booth

10. Hanging Wedding Florals

It’s no secret that wedding floral arrangements are one of the most beautiful components of any wedding. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own twist to them. Many brides are choosing hanging floral arrangements to truly decorate their reception venue from the ceiling down to the dance floor.

hanging florals

11. Naked Wedding Cake

Desserts are a must-have at any wedding, but you can stray away from the traditional wedding cake. Naked wedding cakes have their own sort of rustic feel to them, and can become a beautiful focal piece at any wedding reception.

naked wedding cake

12. DIY Drink Bar

Another great way to make your reception interactive for your guests is by having your own DIY drink bar. While you can totally also have an open stocked bar, an additional DIY drink bar is a personalized way for wedding guests to create your favorite drink. Plus, you can even make it tailored to the kids at your wedding so they feel that they have their own fun bar to visit too.

wedding bar

13. Donut Tower Wedding Cake

Let’s be honest, not everyone likes wedding cake. And if you’re a bride and groom who want to do without a cake, you can go for a fun donut tower instead. You can achieve the same wedding cake tier look by having dozens of delicious stacked donuts for your guests instead. According to WeddingWire, donuts are here to stay for wedding receptions in 2018.

donut tower wedding cake

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7 Best Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Unique

19 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

The wedding day is a very special day for every girl, something she’s been dreaming about for ages. It comes as no surprise that each bride wants to make this event as unique as possible. There are hundreds of boards on Pinterest, dedicated to wedding trends. And each year brings more and more ideas – creative, innovative, eye-catching. It might be something to make everyone gape in awe and set the right mood for the whole wedding. Although, it might be a tiny detail that brings a special charm and style to the whole ceremony.

Details are important, but of course, first of all, there are some major things to consider. (By the way, this is where our complete wedding checklist will be rather helpful!) But in the end, it is the details that matter. If you find yourself spending a lot of time browsing for the best wedding ideas, this article is for you!

Things To Consider Before You Get Started

Source: Instagram@matrimonioabologna

wedding ideas decor rustic design home

You have set the date, the venue, received a license (see how to get a marriage license) and are all set to get creative? Think which ideas would represent you as a couple and entertain the guests. Plus, choosing ideas for weddings includes creating the feeling of participation among guests. Your wedding is not only your union – this is the first time two families and two worlds come together. So, think about things that unite your party. Group projects, games, music background, Wedding Dress colors and elements of dress, flower bracelets and button-hole flowers… Everything is to make together very different people during this big day. Your inspiration should help you create the atmosphere you want. No matter it is a chilled backyard wedding or a luxury destination one. Don’t be too serious though – the event itself is quite a ‘grown-up’ step in your destiny.

Try to ease the formality of the moment with a bit of fun. Keep in mind that your wedding is a mirror of your attitude to life and relationships. For example, you might ask your friends and family to throw rose petals or to light sparklers as you enter the wedding reception or leave the church. If you belong to some ethnical group, you could consider some of the ethnical traditions to liven up your party. Ask your elders about their wedding ceremony and try to carry on a family tradition (or start your own!) to make your wedding more original.

Design Ideas To Style Up Your Wedding

Source: Instagram@crokowlove

wedding ideas mrs mr bride and groom

Each year brings new trends and design ideas never seen before. It might be non-standard bouquets, creative lighting, escort cards, guest books for wishes, signs etc. The styles and design change, accordingly with trendy styles, themes, and colors. For example, this year barnyard weddings are definitely on the rise – which influences everything. Old leather boots as vases for flowers, flower crowns for Bridesmaids, mossy and brownish tones of decorations, etc. Simplicity is very much the thing this year – with its plain ivy branches bouquets and hand-crafted guest books.

By the way, don’t forget that naming is extremely important. There are lots of situations where you have to keep it in mind. Heading of the guest book, carved wood decorations and a photo frame for guests… Would you call yourselves Mr&Mrs or Mr&Ms? This small detail is something you want to consider before you place the order. (By the way, you may want to look up the difference between mrs and ms here). The way you call yourselves will tell your nearest and dearest a lot about you as a couple. Print your names on champagne bottles to give as a wedding favor, or write your initials on napkins. Mare the birth of a new family by carved wooden letters. As a part of the celebration, you might want to give a name to a distant star and keep the certificate as the reminder of this wonderful day.

Source: Floressence Flowers via instagram, Adeline & Grace Photography, Nancy Liu Chin

best wedding decor ideas 2

best wedding decor ideas 1

best wedding decor ideas 3

Music To Get Into The Mood

Source: Instagram@musiccata

wedding ideas music beautiful piano

Include the option when a groom sings a song for his bride at the ceremony or vice versa.The music is a perfect tool to create the right mood, but different people have different music tastes. It is also a source of inspiration for some creative wedding ideas.

For example, why don’t you ask each guest to share their favorite song title when replying to the invitation. It will make your wedding soundtrack more diverse, and add a feeling of common cause. It would also help to keep each guest satisfied with your music choice. You could also consider some wedding games with the songs: for example, guests might guess who ‘ordered’ which song.
Music is important on wedding timeline day of your party. If you can play music, you might want to include the option when the newlyweds sing for each other. You would make a most lovely duo! Can’t sing? Well, try dancing instead! Bridesmaids or groomsmen could help with that! You might even have a battle of sexes – either in singing or in dancing. Or both – in a classical Bollywood movie style!

Home Celebration Ideas

Source: Instagram@alexiseberle

wedding ideas bride and groom married home

Probably, you have already chosen the venue If you carefully follow our wedding checklist by months. It is possible that you want to celebrate your wedding quietly at home. Well, don’t worry – there are lots of home wedding ideas. If you have decided to invite only your closest friends and relatives, holding a wedding at home is a great option. It is much cheaper, and makes the ceremony cozier. The money you save on a venue means you will have more to spend on other things, like decor, catering, and honeymoon.

And! As a bonus, you will have your own little place to celebrate your anniversaries – right in your backyard! Isn’t it a great idea to do it exactly where you tied the knot? You could give a try to a ring warming ceremony when guests pass around wedding bands to share their wishes and love. Another example of small wedding ceremonies ideas is hand-made favors. It can be home-made jams, or a farm stand of fresh fruit and baskets to take them on the way our etc. Or you could print funny facts about you and your loved one on cocktail napkins – that would be fun!

The Tasty Part

Source: Instagram@fotograf_lucie_ryglova

wedding ideas cake rustic design

Probably the best wedding ideas concern the food. For example, for a relaxed atmosphere, you could rent an ice cream stand, or a cotton candy/popcorn machine. Or you could attach a recipe for any dish if it is a small family-type meal. Why don’t you choose some traditional dishes from local vendors, or include some traditional ethnical cuisine? Little cookies with your initials on the icing would add some romance to the atmosphere.

Non-Traditional Outfit Wedding Ideas

Source: Instagram@nickleungphotography

wedding ideas flower girl boy

To make your wedding less standard, you could use a range of non-traditional wedding ideas. For example, your flower girl could wear a blue dress as ‘something blue’ – or you might ask your grannies to be your flower girls.

Bridesmaids dresses might be of a different color but the same style, or vice versa – same color but different style. You could also change the suits and dresses in the mid of event to symbolize changing name after marriage. Another wedding ceremony idea would be to wear converse or leather boots instead of classic shoes etc. Literally, anything can be your source of wedding inspiration

Source: Rich Lander Photography, The Doll House Bridesmaids via instagram , Rich Lander Photography

ideas for bridesmaid 2

ideas for bridesmaid 1

ideas for bridesmaid 3

Entertainment For Partygoers

Source: Instagram@studiodamon

wedding ideas bride and groom married couple

As soon as you have said the words it’s time to relax a bit. This is your party, but it is also important to entertain your guests. (Speaking of guests, you might want to take a look at our wedding registry ideas list). You will definitely need some great wedding ideas to catch their attention. You can make them truly enjoy the event by making a trivia quiz about your couple. It would be great to see how well your friends and family know both of you. You could divide your guests into ‘team bride’ and ‘team groom’ and ask them to guess the answers.

Some more intimate wedding ideas include writing a letter to each other to read before the ceremony. You might also make a charity donation for every guest as a wedding favor. Why don’t you set up a photo booth for guests? Let them seize the moment in front of the camera! Or hire a photographer and send their photos with the thank-you cards. You could play some guessing games like trying to find whose childhood picture is where. It would be fun to set up stations for different lawn games. It is wonderful to give your guests some entertainment apart from mingling, especially if they don’t know each other well. All in all, remember that this is a party for your nearest and dearest. Nobody should feel lonely or forgotten at the wedding.

18 Wedding Trends That Are OUT For 2018

19 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

It’s a new year–and that means not only are there new wedding trends making their debut, but also that there are more than a few on their way out. We asked some wedding pros to share their thoughts on the trends that we need to say goodbye this year. Here are 18 to avoid when planning your 2018 vows.

[Photos: Shutterstock]

Large Venue
Skip the large, ballroom-style venues and opt for a smaller and more intimate venue–even if it means you need to be picky with the guest list. “Smaller hotel weddings are always a great choice,” says Alice Bil-Szot of studioEPIC Photography. “Couples and guests may even choose to spend a night (or two) there as well.”

Ring Bearers with funny signs

Guests at table
Formal dinners are out, says Candace Mauerhan, director of catering at Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel in Washington, D.C. “I am seeing a shift from traditional sit down dinners to much more casual cocktail hour style receptions, lots of hand passed items and fun food stations. It’s all about the dancing and partying. It gives a couple the opportunity to invite more guests since we don’t need seating for everyone.”

Sexy Wedding Dress
While a dash of sexiness is still in for bridal gowns, like plunging necklines and daring slits, we are seeing brides move toward a more modest approach, wanting more coverage with lace illusion sleeves or high, halter neckline, says Lindsey Bennett of This look is both sophisticated and elegant.

Rustic Ceremony

Succulents have had their moment, but we’ve seen them done every which way possible, says Kylie Carlson of International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning. “I’m hoping that cacti plants will take their place in 2018 — they can make an equally great statement and would be something different for a change.”

Man in a tux
Everyone wants to be comfortably dressed at a wedding so they can enjoy themselves and dance the night away later, says Bil-Szot. With that in mind, don’t force your guests to dress in black tie.

Bride and guests with propsThis trend has hit its peak, says Bennett. “Brides are now looking to capture their guests enjoying themselves in a more natural way by investing in good photographers that capture the candid moment–leave the photo booth for the Sweet 16 parties!”

Strapless wedding dress
These have been “in” for way too long, says Lust. “We end up photographing the bride pulling up her dress all night. No matter what the bridal shop tells you, your body will change and move all night and once you start dancing, that dress will want to come down and then the bride will be tugging at it constantly. Fortunately, lace and sheer overlays and light, sheer sleeves and necklines have made an appearance and are here to stay for awhile.”

Dessert Tables
The color-coordinated candy buffet table is definitely out. Instead, Bil-Szot suggests having a gourmet cookie, treat and baked goods table. You can even choose to have a dessert table in lieu of a traditional wedding cake, and the offer guests boxes to take home the treats as favors.

Bride and groomStiff, formal and heavily-edited wedding photo shoots are definitely out, says Eve Law of OneThreeOneFour, a wedding photography company that specializes in destination weddings. “Wedding portraits that reflects the personality and story of the couple are in–the photos naturally filled with bright smiles and fun vibes!”

Rose Gold Vase
Metallic colors have been hot for the past year, especially rose gold. But that flame has fizzled out, according to Bowen, and now brides are going back to gold and silver. “It’s probably because it’s easier to match them with other color palettes,” says Bowen.

Mason Jars
“I thought this trend would go away in 2015, but it has held on,” says Lust. “I really hope it’s gone in 2018!”

Glitter Table NumberIt’s time to retire sequins and glitter for the time being, says Carlson. “They’ve been a fun addition to weddings in 2017, but it’s time to make room for iridescent finishes, which we’re seeing quite a bit in home decor and fashion.”

Wedding Cupcakes
Cupcakes were cute, but they’re done for 2018. “We’re seeing more and more couples doing donuts, cookies, pies (both sweet and savory) and interesting pastries from their cultural backgrounds,” says Mauerhan.

This relaxed look is getting old, says Bennett. “Brides are realizing the importance of the day and are stepping up their look for a little more glam, a little more traditionally formal dress and event.”

Vase of rosesMix it up, says Bil-Szot. Add some wild flowers, twigs and other accents to make your decor interesting and a bit chaotic.

Wedding Cake
What once made cakes look so elegant is now considered outdated and less desirable, says Bennett.

8 Things Brides Should Never Do at The Wedding Reception

18 Feb 2018 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas

Your wedding ceremony may be all about you and your groom, but let’s be honest: the reception is all about showing your guests a great time. Of course, it should be a celebration you remember, but it’s just as important that your guests enjoy themselves, too. So to ensure no guest leaves feeling like they had anything but the best of times, here are eight things you should definitely not to do at your wedding reception. Avoid them and we can all but guarantee that everyone has a great time.

Cash bar Sorry, but this cost is on you. Tempting as it may be to cut your spending in this area it’s totally tacky. Guests (who have already bought you a gift, dressed up for you and attended your ceremony) will most certainly not appreciate this added expense.


Play offensive songs No matter what the 30-and-under set is listening to, wedding music should be clean and appropriate for everyone. Yes, you can play popular songs, but anything with vulgarities should be avoided. Older guests will not appreciate any dirty lyrics, and even if they’re ok with it – do you really want your special day associated with, say, somebody’s milkshake?


Disappear for too long. Don’t rush through your visit to the bathroom (we know, it’s a little complicated when you have that big beautiful dress on), but otherwise, make it a point to stay visible. This is just plain common sense – everyone has gone out of their way to celebrate you, and it’s a bummer for everyone if you’re not there to bask in almost all of it.


Get very, very drunk. Actually, let’s take out the verys. It’s ok to get buzzed, but try to stay in your right mind – you definitely don’t want to do anything you’ll regret – or worse, won’t remember – on this specialist of special nights. As the main attraction, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself in line.

Argue with vendors. Leave any conflicts to your supporting cast (i.e. your mother or maid of honor). If you have a wedding planner, it’s his/her job to keep everything and everyone in line on event day. If something seems to be going awry, calmly do what you can to deal with it, and then move on. No party goes perfectly anyways, and you’ll only be frustrated if that’s what you’re focused on.


Argue with guests. Do we even need to tell you why? This sort of follows the old adage of, “the customer is always right.” If a guest is doing or saying something truly offensive, ask your mother or maid of honor to deal with it–because nothing is uglier than an angry bride on her wedding day.


Check out or open the presents Um, tacky! Save the ogling for the comfort of your own home. Your reception is not the time or place to shake presents, guess what they might be, or worse, actually open them. The spotlight’s on you, and greedy is never a good look.

Get there late or leave early. It’s your party… so you better be there! A wedding reception can’t truly start without the bride, and effectively ends when she leaves. Keep this in mind when you’re planning photos and rides, and make sure you’ll be there for as much of the party as possible.