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18 Dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings Of Her Dreams

15 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends! Therefore diamond rings are a great choice for engagement. Here you will find different styles of diamond engagement rings of her dreams. If you want something traditional choose round rose gold engagement rings or princess-cut diamonds. For something unusual & unique look at the yellow or black diamond engagement rings. Find your engagement rings that you’ll want to wear forever!

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Source: Verragio via instagram, Barkevs Engagement Rings via instagram, MDCDiamonds via instagram

chic diamond engagement rings 1
chic diamond engagement rings 2
chic diamond engagement rings 3

Source: simongjewelry via instagram, masinadiamonds via instagram, Gabriel & Co. via instagram

diamond princess cut engagement rings 1
diamond princess cut engagement rings 2
diamond princess cut engagement rings 3

Stunning Diamond Rings Set

Source: BeautifulPetra via Etsy, Gabriel & Co. via instagram, kirkkara via instagram

<stunning diamond ring set 1

30 Dogs Who Were In The Wedding

29 Feb 2016 Posted by trubridal in Engagement Rings, Wedding Ideas

1. The only one paying attention to the photographer.

The only one paying attention to the photographer.

2. A fancy suit.

A fancy suit.

Flickr: hockeygoalie

3. Flower dog!

Flower dog!


4. Giving the happy couple some space.

Giving the happy couple some space.

Flickr: wadeandjoanna

5. Reception dancin’.

Reception dancin&#39;.


6. Wedding Corgi!

Wedding Corgi!

7. Bow-Wow tie.

Bow-Wow tie.

8. Watching the ceremony.

Watching the ceremony.

Flickr: stinapag

9. Precious pit bull.

Precious pit bull.

Flickr: hwyllie

10. Parents walking the dog down the aisle.

Parents walking the dog down the aisle.

11. Big day cuddles.

Big day cuddles.

12. Best Pug.

Best Pug.

Flickr: rpslee

13. Fancy felt flower.

Fancy felt flower.

Flickr: 80711560@N05

14. Family portrait.

Family portrait.

Flickr: bailieburgess

15. Happy family member.

Happy family member.

Flickr: charlottegeary

16. You fancy, huh?

You fancy, huh?

Flickr: 23301628@N00

17. Smiling with the bride.

Smiling with the bride.

Flickr: mrbokeh

18. A reward for being awesome.

A reward for being awesome.

Flickr: darlinsdesserts

19. Ring-bulldog.


20. He only LOOKS grumpy…

He only LOOKS grumpy...

Flickr: mancktastic

21. And now, you may kiss the bride.

And now, you may kiss the bride.

Flickr: elletrees

22. Yellow and black.

Yellow and black.

Flickr: 80179145@N00

23. Bounding down the aisle.

Bounding down the aisle.

24. Flower lei.

Flower lei.


25. A toast to a very important family member.

A toast to a very important family member.

Flickr: herzco

26. Another adorable family portrait.

Another adorable family portrait.


27. Happiness all around.

Happiness all around.

Flickr: phototam

28. Can’t even talk about how cute this is.

Can&#39;t even talk about how cute this is.

Flickr: kristacarolyng

29. Together forever.

Together forever.

Flickr: 70014556@N08

30. Peek-a-boo!


Flickr: fotos_by_fer

Engagement Rings for Men: 9 Style Ideas & How to Wear Them

28 Jan 2016 Posted by trubridal in Engagement Rings

If women can wear engagement rings to announce their status, why can’t men? Well, there really is no reason. Historically, the wearing of men’s engagement rings is more common in other countries, but we expect the tradition to spread as more U.S. couples prefer the man–or men, if the couple is same-gender–to wear evidence of their status.

Engagement Rings for Men...Nontraditional, but why shouldn't the guys have a symbol of commitment as well as the girls? Some styles, plus ideas for if and how he should wear it after the wedding. A couple of ideas for gay couples as well.


Why Would a Man Want to Wear an Engagement Ring?

Well, for all the same reasons a woman would want to…

It is a symbol of commitment. Like it or not, the presence or absence of a left-hand ring is a cultural cue as to whether that person is available for a more-than-just-friends relationship.

It is a visual representation of involvement in the process. For many, there are certain steps to ending up married: get engaged, set date, plan wedding, become wed. A ring represents the beginning of that journey.

Bling is fun. There is no reason the joy of showing off a ring and sharing stories behind it should be limited to the girls. Right?!

Unlike for women, there is no set “etiquette” involved with the wearing of engagement rings for men. So feel free to make up your own rules. Here are some ideas if you are planning to propose to your guy…

Traditional Ring Approaches

  1. The most straightforward approach is to buy a classic, plain man’s wedding band as an engagement ring, for later use as the wedding ring.
  1. Propose with a narrow gold band, then replace it with a similar, but larger version during the ceremony.
  1. Take a cue from the women and have him emerge from the wedding ceremony with two rings on the left hand: one given upon engagement, with a second added during wedding vows. Because bands come in a variety of widths, from around 2mm up to 9mm or so, the two combined need not be overwhelming.
  1. If you believe “diamond’s are a fiancée’s best friend,” regardless of gender, get him a man’s diamond ring. Depending on the style, he can later wear it as a right hand ring or continue wearing it as a wedding ring after you are married.

Start Your Own Tradition

If none of the above appeal to you, know that any ring can serve as an engagement ring. Upon marriage it can remain on the left hand, be switched to the right, or simply become a keepsake or heirloom for future generations.

  1. Purchase a tungsten, titanium, or other alternate-metal ring for wear during the engagement and opt for a gold wedding ring later, or simply re-designate it as a wedding band at the ceremony.
  1. Choose a unique design, such as a fingerprint ring or one with other textured style, as the engagement band and a shiny-finish version as the wedding band.
  1. Go with a gemstone fashion ring.
  1. Opt for symbols of commitment on the engagement ring, such as the trinity or Celtic knot.
  1. If you are a gay couple and wish to convey it even when you are apart, consider rainbow rings, which include one or more narrow strips of color in the design.
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