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18 Dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings Of Her Dreams Engagement Rings 

18 Dazzling Diamond Engagement Rings Of Her Dreams

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends! Therefore diamond rings are a great choice for engagement. Here you will find different styles of diamond engagement rings of her dreams. If you want something traditional choose round rose gold engagement rings or princess-cut diamonds. For something unusual & unique look at the yellow or black diamond engagement rings. Find your engagement rings that you’ll want to wear forever! Princess Cut Diamond Rings Source: Verragio via instagram, Barkevs Engagement Rings via instagram, MDCDiamonds via instagram Source: simongjewelry via instagram, masinadiamonds via instagram, Gabriel & Co. via instagram Stunning Diamond Rings Set…

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30 Dogs Who Were In The Wedding Engagement Rings Wedding Ideas 

30 Dogs Who Were In The Wedding

1. The only one paying attention to the photographer. 2. A fancy suit. Flickr: hockeygoalie 3. Flower dog! Via 4. Giving the happy couple some space. Flickr: wadeandjoanna 5. Reception dancin’. Via 6. Wedding Corgi! 7. Bow-Wow tie. 8. Watching the ceremony. Flickr: stinapag 9. Precious pit bull. Flickr: hwyllie 10. Parents walking the dog down the aisle. 11. Big day cuddles. 12. Best Pug. Flickr: rpslee 13. Fancy felt flower. Flickr: 80711560@N05 14. Family portrait. Flickr: bailieburgess 15. Happy family member. Flickr: charlottegeary 16. You fancy, huh? Flickr: 23301628@N00 17. Smiling with the bride. Flickr: mrbokeh 18. A reward for being awesome….

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Engagement Rings for Men: 9 Style Ideas & How to Wear Them Engagement Rings 

Engagement Rings for Men: 9 Style Ideas & How to Wear Them

If women can wear engagement rings to announce their status, why can’t men? Well, there really is no reason. Historically, the wearing of men’s engagement rings is more common in other countries, but we expect the tradition to spread as more U.S. couples prefer the man–or men, if the couple is same-gender–to wear evidence of their status.   Why Would a Man Want to Wear an Engagement Ring? Well, for all the same reasons a woman would want to… It is a symbol of commitment. Like it or not, the presence or absence…

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