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36 Braided Wedding Hair Ideas You Will Love

20 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

From soft waves to gorgeous updos and ponytails, brides have so many hairstyles to consider. However, if you are like some, gorgeous braids is their automatic go-to choice.
To make your hunt for dream look successful we have broken down the most popular wedding hairstyles with different kinds of braids. From fishtail braid that is ideal for the bride with a boho side and looks effortless, yet elegant. All the way to bridal braids that work beautifully with floral crowns and other hair accessories. See our gallery of braided wedding hair ideas for inspiration!

Braided Wedding Hair With Headpieces and Flower Crowns

Source: Greg Finck, Carmen Santorelli Photography, Shalynne Imaging

braided wedding hair ideas 1
braided wedding hair ideas 2
braided wedding hair ideas 3

Source: Sonya Khegay, Pasha Belman photography, JoPhoto

braided wedding hair 4
braided wedding hair 5
braided wedding hair 6

Curly Half Updo With Braids

Source: Ryan Ray, Missy Sue, Mary Margaret Smith

braided wedding hair 7
braided wedding hair 8
braided wedding hair 9

Source: Marina Koslow Photography, Elisa Bricker, Jenna Bechtholt

braided wedding hair 10
braided wedding hair 11
braided wedding hair 12

Side-Swept Ponytail With Accent Braid

Source: Caroline Frost Photography, This Modern Romance, Fiona Clair Photography

braided wedding hair 13
braided wedding hair 14
braided wedding hair 15

Source: Justine Milton, Alexandra Grace Photography, Missy Sue

braided wedding hair 16
braided wedding hair 17
braided wedding hair 18

Messy Braids

Source: Ulyana Aster, Ulyana Aster, Hair and Make up by Steph

braided wedding hair 19
braided wedding hair 20
braided wedding hair 21

Source: noblephotographers, Ulyana Aster, Ulyana Aster

braided wedding hair 22
braided wedding hair 23
img class=”aligncenter wp-image-12164 size-large” src=”” alt=”braided wedding hair 24″ />

Braided Updo & Half Up Braids

Source: heidimariegarrett via Instagram, Ulyana Aster, Ulyana Aster

wedding hair 25
wedding hair 26
wedding hair 27

Source: bamhair via Instagram, emmas_parlour via Instagram, ulyana.aster via Instagram

wedding hair 28
wedding hair 29
wedding hair 30

Gorgeous Braids

Source: Abbey Kyhl, Abbey Kyhl, theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

Source: twistmepretty via Instagram, twistmepretty via Instagram, theconfessionsofahairstylist via Instagram

Killer Swept-Back Wedding Hairstyles

04 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

If you are not sure which hairstyle to choose, see our collection of swept-back wedding hairstyles and you will find gorgeous and fancy looks! Use some pins and wand to pull back your hair into an elegantly messy updo. Release just a few wavy strands in the front and get such a lovely style!

Swept-Back Wedding Hairstyles With Long Curls

Source: Elstile, Hair and Makeup by Steph, Heather Ferguson

swept-back wedding hairstyles 1
swept-back wedding hairstyles 2
swept-back wedding hairstyles 3

Source: Nicole Berrett photography, Julie Cate photography, Heather Ferguson

swept-back wedding hairstyles 4
swept-back wedding hairstyles 5
swept-back wedding hairstyles 6

Updos With Accessories

Source: Amy & Jordan photography, Julie Wilhite photography, Rebecca Arthurs

wedding hairstyles 7
wedding hairstyles 8

Source: City Love photography, Ryan Brenizer, Rebecca Arthurs

wedding hairstyles 10
wedding hairstyles 11


Source: Elstile, Elstile, Elstile

wedding hairstyles 13
>wedding hairstyles 14
wedding hairstyles 15

Source: Websalon, Elstile, Brklyn View photography

>wedding hairstyles 16
wedding hairstyles 17
wedding hairstyles 18

31 Easy Ways to Put Your Hair Up That Aren’t a Ponytail

01 Jul 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

For the first time in pretty much my whole life, I have long hair. And, you guys, it is hard work. With short hair, as long as you have a good cut, you can give it a quick blow-dry, throw in some product, and you’re good to go. But with long hair you have to actually do it. And since most days I simply don’t have time to straighten it or curl it, I end up throwing it into the—you guessed it—dreaded ponytail, and then feeling meh all day.

Well, no more! It turns out there are a bunch of ways to wear your hair that take just a few moments longer than the traditional ponytail and are adorable. Like the kind of adorable where people are convinced you must have a full-time staff in order to be leaving the house looking so put together and polished. I promise, though, none of them will take longer than five minutes, and even a long-hair newbie like me can make them happen.


55 Romantic Wedding Hairstyle Ideas Having A Perfect Balance Of Elegance And Trendy

30 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

From high-volume & braids to soft curly waves with gorgeous flowers, we have created a beautiful collection of most romantic bridal updos for your wedding day.

Loose waves or a beautiful half up wedding updo will last till the after party and is a romantic addition to a traditional strapless wedding gown. These hairstyles work best for outdoor weddings and are considered ‘weather-proof’. Beautiful beaded headband or a low maintenance flower clip is a lovely, romantic touch.

Intricate braids are an exciting addition to already gorgeous updos that best highlight the romantic details of lace Wedding Dresses. Pearl accessories, teardrop earings and jeweled clips create a beautiful wedding look for brides who want to layer on the romance. Your wedding hairstyle shouldn’t steal the rest of your look. Classic and simple updos also go beautifully with any dress or wedding theme.

















wedding hair style 1

wedding hair style 2

wedding hair style 3

wedding hair style 4

wedding hair style 5

wedding hair style 6

wedding hair style 7

wedding hair style 8

wedding hair style 9

wedding hair style 10

wedding hair style 11

wedding hair style 12

wedding hair style 13

wedding hair style 14

wedding hair style 15

wedding hair style 16

wedding hair style 17

wedding hair style 18

wedding hair style 19

wedding hair style 20

wedding hair style 21

wedding hair style 22

wedding hair style 23

wedding hair style 24

wedding hair style 25

wedding hair style 26

wedding hair style 27

wedding hair style 29

wedding hair style 30

wedding hair style 31

wedding hair style 32

wedding hair style 33

wedding hair style 34

wedding hair style 35

wedding hair style 36

wedding hair style 37

wedding hair style 38

most_romantic_bridal_hairstyles_-_ulyana.aster_via_instagram_4-300x500 18-most-romantic-bridal-updos-lauren-jackson-photography-300x500

Lovely Wedding Hairstyles with Pretty Hairpieces

27 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair


Today’s inspiration includes pretty wedding hairstyles with dreamy, dazzling bridal hairpieces! Half up half down styles, updos and lengthy wavy wedding hairstyles look so good with these gorgeous hair accessories radiating beauty and elegance. Whether it’s a gold bridal crown or a boho-chic floral crown, divine headpieces are always a perfect way to glam up pretty wedding hairstyles. Look below to get inspired!

wedding-hairstyles-1-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: 1213 Hair Studio | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via The Knot wedding-hairstyles-2-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: 1213 Hair Studio | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via The Knot wedding-hairstyles-3-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: 1213 Hair Studio | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via The Knot wedding-hairstyles-4-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: Daleesa Weary | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via Belle the Magazine

These simple gold bridal crowns sit perfectly around these hairstyles with loose waves for an organic, breathtaking look. The shining hairpieces seriously add so much charm to the simplest wedding hairstyles!

wedding-hairstyles-5-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: Ashlee Glazer | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via Bridal Musingswedding-hairstyles-6-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairstyle: Nikki Avanzino | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart via Weddings Unveiled
wedding-hairstyles-8-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Laura Gordon | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart

RELATED: Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles from Elstile Part I

wedding-hairstyles-7-10232015-kmFeatured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hartwedding-hairstyles-9-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jemma Keech | Featured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hartwedding-hairstyles-10-10232015-kmFeatured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hartwedding-hairstyles-11-10232015-kmFeatured Hairpiece: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart

This floral hair crown and gold chain is just the type of rustic elegance that turns heads as you walk down the aisle! These look are trendy, modern and also a little bohemian.

wedding-hairstyles-12-10232015-km Featured Photographer: Paul Ohara via Colin Cowie Weddingswedding-hairstyles-13-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Clayton Austin via Green Wedding Shoeswedding-hairstyles-14-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Colin Cowie Weddingswedding-hairstyles-15-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Minnesota Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist via Colin Cowie Weddings

This long braid with the floral crown is simply beautiful without even trying! We’re obsessed with the effortless class that this wedding hairstyle exudes so perfectly. Floral crowns are the perfect headpiece for an outdoor wedding whether in the woods or on the beach.

wedding-hairstyles-16-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jose Villa | Featured Hairstyle: Team Hair & Makeup Service via Colin Cowie Weddingswedding-hairstyles-18-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Tulle and ChantillyFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Tulle and Chantilly
wedding-hairstyles-20-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Tulle and Chantilly

RELATED: Fabulous Wedding Hairstyles from Elstile Part II

wedding-hairstyles-21-10232015-kmFeatured Hairstyle: Elstile via Wedding Forwardwedding-hairstyles-22-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jose Villa | Featured Photographer: Team Hair & Makeup Servicewedding-hairstyles-23-10232015-kmFeatured Photographer: Jasmine Star | Featured Hairstyle: Hair & Makeup Girl via Green Wedding Shoes

These wedding hairstyles were all way too perfect! The captivating details like the loose curls and brilliant hair accessories had us in a beautiful daydream that left us feeling so inspired.

Perfectly Imperfect Messy Hair Updos For Girls With Medium To Long Hair

19 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Messy hair updos is trending pretty hard right now, which is great news for all of us ladies with less-than-perfect hairstyling skills. If your hair tends to incur fly-aways, frizz or rebellious curling on a regular basis, then guess what? You’re currently leading the fashion world! Read on for 30 great messy updos for long hair.

Trendy Messy Hair Updos for Medium to Long Hair

Low buns, top knots, twists or simply pinned up curls acquire a unique effortless and relaxed feel when they are messy. Today messy hair is worn not only in casual, but also on the red carpet. So, you simply can’t miss the trend!

messy hairstyle 1

messy hairstyle 2

messy hairstyle 3

messy hairstyle 4

messy hairstyle 5

messy hairstyle 6

messy hairstyle 7

messy hairstyle 8

messy hairstyle 9

messy hairstyle 10

messy hairstyle 11

messy hairstyle 12

messy hairstyle 13

messy hairstyle 14

messy hairstyle 15

messy hairstyle 16

messy hairstyle 17

messy hairstyle 18

messy hairstyle 19

messy hairstyle 20

messy hairstyle 21

messy hairstyle 22

messy hairstyle 23

messy hairstyle 24

messy hairstyle 25

messy hairstyle 26

messy hairstyle 27

messy hairstyle 28

messy hairstyle 29

messy hairstyle 30

messy hairstyle 31

messy hairstyle 32

messy hairstyle 33

10 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

12 Jun 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair


Sifting through photos of wedding hairstyles you want to copy can feel like a full-time job, especially when you’re not really sure which wedding hairstyle will work best for you, your dress, or your wedding venue. And yes, you should DEFINITELY consider all three of those before deciding, since whether you’re getting married in a strapless Wedding Dress on the beach or a long-sleeve gown in a ballroom will definitely help lead the way in terms of which wedding hairstyle you should go with.

But THE most important factor to consider when deciding on a wedding hairstyle is how comfortable it will be throughout your wedding day and night. You shouldn’t have to worry about fussing with your hair or if it will hold up after you exchange your vows. A good hairstylist will ask you all these questions and more, but here are a couple things you should think about answering BEFORE your first appointment. Or if you’re styling your hair on your own (or a friend is helping you), it’s definitely a good idea to get this figured out before looking for a wedding hairstyle you love.

1. Do I have to worry about weather?

If you’re getting married outside and there’s a chance you’ll be sweating, rained on, or that the humidity will be off the charts, you’ll want to take all of the above into consideration. If your hair is prone to frizz you will definitely want to consider an up-do. If your hair never frizzes (I hate you, BTW) then by all means show off those straight locks and let them fly free by wearing them down. Just be honest with yourself and pick a hairstyle that will work with you and not against you.

2. Does my hair hold onto a style easily?

If you don’t style your hair often, then this might be harder to answer. But if you do, you might know whether or not your hair falls an hour or two after curling it, or if it tends to pouf out after straightening. If it does I highly recommend going with an up-do vs. wearing your hair down. And remember: Hairspray is your friend. But only the kind that won’t give you crunchy hair! (TIP: I actually love MorracanOil’s line of hairsprays for this very reason).

OK now that all of that is out of the way, I picked out a few of my favorite wedding hairstyles for long hair, below. Whether you’re looking for a boho braid or a mod twist, we’ve got you covered.

Do you have an idea of which type of wedding hairstyle you want? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll help you look!

I love the baby’s breath in this waterfall braid.

wedding hair

Photo by Pure 7 Studios

If my hair could stay like this all night I would definitely consider it. Also, a big accessory takes this look from night-out to wedding instantly.

wedding hair

Hair by the Assembly Salon

Chignons are classic and beautiful, especially on blonde hair!

wedding hair

Photo by Emily Wren

I think this boho-braided wedding hairstyle is perfect for an outdoor ceremony and reception.

wedding hair

Photo by Sharon Kahana. Hair by Silvya Tobol

This fishtail braid is probably one of the more high maintenance wedding hairstyles you can have, but it works if you make sure it doesn’t look TOO perfect. I think it’s great for indoor or outdoor weddings, casual or black-tie.

wedding hair

Hair and makeup by El Style

The right hair accessory can turn any simple hairstyle into something really elegant. I love this hairpiece by LottieDaDesigns

wedding hair

I seriously want this hairstyle (and that hair color). I would consider this look for an outdoor, more casual wedding. My one concern would be how long it’s going to last, but I think a good hairstylist can make it work!

wedding hair

Photo by Mackensey Alexander

This look is perfect for a backyard wedding or garden ceremony. Sweet and simple yet still modern.

wedding hair

Photo by Sharon Kahana. Hair by Silvya Tobol

This is a great wedding hairstyle that’s structured without being too perfect (which means a piece or two could unravel and it would still look great).

wedding hair

Hair and makeup by El Style

For those brides DIY’ing your wedding hair, I love this style/tutorial from blogger Keiko Lynn.

wedding hair

20 Charming Layered Bob Hairstyles

29 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

So, when’s the last time that you had a bob haircut? If you’re looking for something that is easy to maintain, adorable to look at and doesn’t require a ton of visits to your local hair salon, it’s the cut that we recommend. Hands down.

And what kind of bob would look best? Well, that depends. If you want one that has a bit of movement to it but doesn’t have a lot of extreme “choppiness”, you might want to go with a layered bob.

As you’ll see in a just a moment, there are all sorts of ways to wear it…that there are all kinds of ways to end up feeling like a layered bob is one of the best decisions that you’ve made in a really long time.

Inverted Layered Bob For Thick Hair

layered short straight bob hairstyle for short hair

Is your hair on the really thick side? If so, you’ll look so amazing with a layered inverted thick bob like this. Especially if you decide to go with an ombre color.

Inverted Layered Bob With A Short Tapered Back

highlighted inverted bob haircut with layers

Or how about this cut? It’s very similar to the one we just showed you, but if you look really closely, you’ll see that the neckline is tapered pretty close.

Inverted Layered Bob With Highlights Throughout

short inverted bob hairstyle with layers

Sometimes, when it comes to hairstyles, it’s all about the detailing. This inverted bob is a bit different that the others because most of the blonde highlights are centered around the top and front in order to give it a sun-kissed look.

Inverted Bob With A Side Part

layered inverted bob hairstyle with bangs

If you want to keep a considerable amount of length in the front of your inverted bob, you can still keep your hair out of your face. Just put a side part in. It will give you an effortless side-swept look.

Chin-Length Bob With Long Layers

Short layered graduated bob hairstyle for round face shapes

Chin-length bobs are super cute and really easy to maintain. And if they have some long layers in them, you can move your head in any direction and you’ll look picture perfect. No matter what.

Wavy Layered Bob

layered messy ombre bob haircut for women

If your hair has a naturally wavy pattern to it, cut it into a bob and add some long layers to it. In fact, get it slightly tapered in the back. That will help to give your waves a bit of extra definition.

Inverted Layered Bob

layered messy inverted bob cut for short hair

If you’ve always wondered what an inverted layered bob looks like, here’s a perfect example of one. Super tapered in the back and longer in the front to give your bob a bit of an edge.

Short Wavy Bob With Longer Layers

side view of cute layered messy bob haircut

This is a shorter version of a wavy bob. What makes it look so full is the fact that the layers are pretty long. We like that towards the bottom, they’re longer than the rest. It helps to bring out some of the “personality” in the hair.

Long Layers In The Front Bob

cute layered messy short haircut

This bob is pretty short too. But there are long layers in the front and top. Do take special notice of the fact that her bangs are a bit shorter though. That helps her from having to push her hair out of her face on a constant basis.

Long Layered Bob

Messy Bob Hairstyle with layers

If you’re someone who happens to keep up with hair trends, then you probably already know that the other name for a long bob is a “lob”. That’s what you see here. The color is really nice and it looks like the ends have been cut with a razor rather than scissors. That’s one of our favorite techniques.

Air-Dried Long Layered Bob

layered messy bob hairstyle for medium thick hair

This is the kind of long bob for the woman who wants hair that requires less than five minutes each day to do it. Just wash, condition, rinse, towel dry and you’re all set. (Especially if your hair is naturally wavy or curly.)

Sombre Layered Bob

layered messy bob hairstyle for thick hair
Credit /tumblr

Hairstyles for 2016: And just what is a sombre bob? It’s hair that’s cut into a bob hairstyle with the sombre hair coloring technique added to it. In a nutshell, a sombre is nothing more than the softer version of the ombre style.

Silver Layered Bob

messy layered medium hairstyle for thick hair

Is silver hair color still in? Yep. Here’s just one way that you can wear it.

Long Layered Two-Tone Inverted Bob

Layered a-line bob hairstyle with dark roots

We always like the kind of hairstyles where we’re pretty sure we won’t see our “twin” in a room if we got it. Although a long layered inverted bob is somewhat common, what makes this one stand out is the two-tone coloring. You can try it like this with the dark on the bottom and the light on the top or you can reverse it in order to appear even more distinctive.

Long Bob With Curly Tips

casual layered medium wavy hairstyle for everyday
Credit /pinterest

For a cut to still be considered a bob (or even a lob), this is pretty much the longest you can go. The way to get the curls on the ends is to use a curling iron or roller set the very bottom parts.

Layered Bob For Thick Straight Hair

Layered Stacked Bob Hairstyle for women over 50

Do you have thick straight hair and you’re not really sure what to do with it? Take this picture to your stylist. We’re pretty sure that they’ll give you the thumbs up when it comes to being a cut that’s great for your hair texture.

Long Layered Bob (That’s Longer In The Front)

Shaggy Layered Angled Bob Hairstyles for Women

Although upon first glace, it looks like her hair is the same length all the way around, it’s actually a bit longer in the front. That, along with the tousled side part makes this a unique kind of lob.

Wavy Layered Bob With Front Highlights

layered messy bob haircut for women over 40

Here’s another wavy lob. What makes it a bit different from the others is not only are there highlights throughout but big chunks of blonde coloring in the front where the hair frames the face.

Red Inverted Bob (With Bangs And Layers In The Back)

redhead - layered angled red bob haircut

Automatically, an inverted bob is considered to be a layered bob. The red hair makes it really dramatic while the bangs help to soften the style—just a bit.

Layered Chin-Length Bob (With Multiple Colors)

cool colred short bob haircut with layers

Some hairstyles can only be described as a work of art. This is a great example of that. Although the cut is pretty standard, the multiple colors makes it the look to beat. If you’ve fallen in love at first sight but you don’t want to try something that is quite so permanent, there are always temporary or even spray colors that you can apply.

Reverse Ombre Short Layered Bob

Layered short A-line Bob Haircut for women over 50

Short hairstyle for women age over 50: If you’re an older woman, you can still wear the latest hair color trends. Here’s one way to sport your natural grey hair and still combine it with the reverse ombre coloring technique.

Hair Color Ideas: 20 Gorgeous Pastel Purple Hairstyles

28 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Purple represents royalty. Not only that but power, ambition and even wealth. So, if for no other reason than to rock a hairstyle that symbolizes something that is so strong as the color purple, why not try wearing your hair with some shade of the hue?

No, it’s not as common as a neutral shade like red or brown…but that’s what makes it so spectacular! It takes a truly bold and confident woman to wear purple. And if that’s who you are, why not let the world know it? From HEAD to toe!

Lavender and light brown hair

long wavy pastel purple hairstyle

Are you wondering what other hair colors go really well with lavender? If so, we have a great recommendation: light brown. Just look at how rich and beautiful her hair is!

Purple pixie cut

colored pixie cut with bangs for short hair - pastel purple short haircut

How. Cute. Is. This? Can you ever go wrong with a pixie cut? Our vote is “no”. And we love it even more if it comes in this shade of purple!

Purple tri-tone lob

pastel hair color ideas - medium pastel purple hairstyle

The loose waves on this lob are really nice. And what takes it up a notch is the tri-tone purple hair coloring.

Purple and platinum short bob

short braided bob haircut - pastel bob hairstyle with braid

Here’s another way to incorporate purple and platinum. Color it and then cut it into a cute ear-length bob. It’s easy, striking and will definitely make you look one of a kind.

Lavender hair with natural roots

pastel ombre hair with dark root for medium hair

While there used to be a time when a woman wouldn’t caught dead with her natural roots showing after coloring it another shade, actually this season, natural roots are all the rage. So if you already have purple hair and it’s starting grow out…no worries. Let it!

Lavender inverted bob with blunt bangs

pastel bob haircut with bangs for short hair

She looks like a doll baby. One that has a hint of mystery to her thanks to the lavender shade that is added to this inverted bob. Oh, and the bangs? They’re also big this year. Get some!

Purple, platinum and green

pastel purple hair style with waves

We’ve already talked about three shades being one type of color technique that you can try. If you’re looking for a truly creative variation, how about green? If you add it to purple and platinum, sea foam would work wonderfully.

Lavender-streaked inverted bob

Pastel purple haircut for short hair

If you like your natural color but you want to add a bit of “pop” to it, you can always add some streaks. Whether they’re permanent highlights, weave tracks or even some color that comes in a spray can, you’ll stand out for sure with an inverted bob like this one.

Purple ombre

Pastel dark to purple ombre hair for long wavy hair

Do you already have an ombre hairstyle but you want to switch it up a bit? What do you thin about adding some purple to it?

Two-tone purple locks

Pastel Purple Hair Extensions

Something that you can do to add a lot of depth and dimension to your hair is to add more than one color to it. And if that color happens to be purple, layer it with a couple of different shades. (You might want to add a hint of pink to it too!)

Purple lob

pastel purple ombre hair

Do you already have a lob? If so, this is basically what it would look like if it were colored purple. Just make sure if you do decide to do this to have a professional color your hair so that it can stay nice and healthy.

Soft lavender highlights

colored wavy bob hairstyle - pastel purple bob haircut with shades

If you’re not quite ready to totally dive into the world of purple-colored hair, make a subtle transition by highlighting some of your tresses with lavender.

Pale purple hair

Pale Pastel purple hair for short hair

One of the best things about this shade of purple is that it’s so light that it almost looks like platinum.

Purple bob with loose waves

dusty pinks and lavenders - balayage pastel purple hair for short hair

This is a nice-looking natural bob, thanks to the loose waves and long layers. Actually, it’s pretty conservative but thanks to the purple color that’s added in, it’s modern and distinctive.

Long purple tresses

long straight pastel purple hair style for girls

If your hair is long, you can still color it purple. (Or if it’s not, you can put on a long purple wig!)

Purple hair with light blue highlights

pastel purple long bob hairstyle for black women

Here’s another color that can be added to purple hair: light blue. It almost looks grey which is cool being that grey an silver hair are still big color trends right now.

Light purple bob

pastel purple bob hairstyle with bangs

What we like so much about this bob is that it’s a nice transition if you already have a shorter bob that you want to grow out a bit longer. And the light purple makes it fun to look at in the process.

Tri-tone lob with bangs

medium pastel hairstyles for straight hair

Here’s what your hair would look like if it were in a lob with bangs and then was tri-tone colored.

Purple inverted bob with side-swept bang

short pastel purple hairstyle for older women over 60

Trendy short haircut for women over 50: If you want to try out some bangs but you don’t want to go to short, opt for some side-swept bangs. And then add some purple hair color to it so that everyone you see can ask you “Where did you get your hair done?”

Purple updo

pastel purple updo

Here’s another way to wear purple hair: In a “messy” updo.

Deep purple lob

short straight pastel purple bob hairstyle

Just wanted to show you one more shade of purple to consider. This particular style, we recommend for thinner hair.

20 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyle and Makeup Ideas for 2016

27 May 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

The wedding day is the big day for all brides. I know that you don’t want to be imperfect on that day, so I make this post especially for those brides-to-be. Here, I have made a collection of 20 gorgeous bridal hairstyle and makeup looks. They are so fascinating that you must find some of your favorite ones.

The bridal fashion trends can be seen in these pictures and they may offer some wonderful ideas for you to try on your wedding day. The alluring long curly hair and the classic red lipstick makeup look will never be wrong while the cute braided hairstyle and the nude lip look are quite fresh for younger brides to try.

Many more ideas can be found from the gallery below. Just stay here and scroll down!

Side-swept Long Curls for Wedding via

The brunette hair is so beautiful with some lighter highlights. If you have the enviable long hair, just try this side-swept long curly hairstyle.  The cute curly bangs work well to frame the face so that you will look quite exquisite with this great hairstyle.  Since this hairstyle is quite graceful, your makeup should be elegant as well. The darker red lips and the clear eye makeup are ideal enough to complete this perfect look.


Golden Long Wavy Hairstyle for Women via

The textured retro curls look great with this golden color. The hair on the top has been tousled loosely to create some height, which makes it an ideal hairstyle for women with rounder faces. The makeup is quite clean and the emphasis is  to create a flawless complexion with the proper foundation and to make the eyes talk with long curly lashes.


Stunning Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair via

This wedding hairstyle is pretty and all women are suitable for this look. The chic smoky eye makeup is also great to try on the wedding. But your lips should be in a lighter tone so that you won’t look too trumpery. The long earrings are also great pieces to frame your face and make your face look longer and thinner.


Apart from the long curls, the braided hairstyles are quite popular nowadays. They add sweetness and cuteness to women. Here are some lovely braided wedding hairstyles and the best makeup look to pair them. Continue checking them out!

Breathtaking Bridal Hairstyle with Braids via

This honey blonde pony tail is really pretty for young ladies. Totally a sweet princess look, isn’t it? She also chooses the smoky eye makeup with a nude lipstick. Actually, I’m sure you will be more fashionable with the orange lipsticks.

Braided Updo Hairstyle for Bridals via

The bright pink is wonderful to make a woman look younger and cuter like a Barbie. The rosy cheeks are so pretty as well. If you have a beautiful face, just show it off to the world and make all your hair into a high bun. The thick braid and pretty hair accessory  add some life to the simple bun. Really nice!


Beautiful Bridal Updo Hairstyle via

For women who don’t want to be Too Sweet, this simple updo may be the perfect choice. Just wonderful for confident women!


Glamorous Braided Crown Hairstyle via

This braided crown hairstyle is romantic and it will look great on all face shapes. The classic smoky eye makeup looks so charming with the nude lipstick .


Braided Updo Hairstyle for Wedding via

A wonderful wedding hairstyle for women with thick hair. Your hair look will be upgraded when you add some beautiful hair accessories to it. This brown eye makeup is great for you to try as well.


 Side-parted Medium Curly Hairstyle for Wedding via
For women with medium hair, this side-parted curly hairstyle must be a great option. The red lips add life to the look and it’s great for everyone to try.



Some hairstyles look quite simple yet they are actually rather fabulous. And the simple  and light makeup together with the appropriate earrings will bring you a fresh look on the wedding, too. Why do I say so? Check out these pictures and you will get the answer!

Graceful Bridal Hairstyle via


Romantic Wedding Hairstyle for Brides via


Fascinating Bridal Hairstyle and Makeup Look via

bride (1)

Elegant Updo Hairstyle for Brides via

bride (2)

Graceful Lower Updo Hairstyle for Wedding via

bride (3)

Fabulous Loose Updo Wedding Hairstyle via

bride (4)

Classy Lower Updo Wedding Hairstyle via

bride (6)

Red lipstick Makeup for Brides via



Of course, wedding is quite important. So it’s not wrong to wear some hair accessories on your hair. The key is to find the suitable ones.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle via

bride (5)

Fashionable Bridal Long Curly Hairstyle with Accessories via

bride (7)

Simple Yet Stylish Wedding Hairstyle via

bride (8)

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