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15 Most Useful Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

13 Nov 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Having great hair would make you stand out from the crowd, and can be a challenge at times. If you’re looking for some cool hair tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great hair hacks you can use the next time your hair gives you a hard time. From home remedies for hair growth to easy method for getting rid of split ends, this easy list would surely help you and be worthy of a bookmark for future reference.

Stylewise: Vintage Waves Tutorials

Stylewise: Vintage Waves Tutorials.
1 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Vintage waves give your hair the unfussy and sophisticated look at the same time. Perfect for any formal events! Here is the way to figure out exactly how to use your curling iron to get waves or tight curls. Tutorial via The Beauty Snoop.

Brush Up

2 useful hair hacks every girl should know
2 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Figure out exactly what kind of hair brush you should buy with this picture instructions. More directions via The Beauty Department.

How to Lighten Hair Naturally at Home

How to Lighten Hair Naturally at Home?
3 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Lots of homemade recipes for lightening your hair naturally. Tutorial via Beauty Tutorials.

Coconut Oil Hair Mask Treatment

Coconut Oil Hair Mask Treatment.
4 useful hair hacks every girl should know

When your hair inevitably becomes so dry it’s practically straw, try this ridiculously simple coconut oil hair mask. Easy peasy. source

Secretly Pin Back Strands With Bobby Pins

Secretly Pin Back Strands With Bobby Pins. Bobby pins are one of the few beauty tools with endless uses. Here is a simple technique to secretly pin back your strands using bobby pins. Twist your hair andinsert a bobby pin with the open end pointing toward your face and in the opposite direction of the section you're pinning back.
5 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Bobby pins are one of the few beauty tools with endless uses. Here is a simple technique to secretly pin back your strands using bobby pins. Twist your hair andinsert a bobby pin with the open end pointing toward your face and in the opposite direction of the section you’re pinning back. More details via cosmopolitan.

How To Avoid The Ponytail Dent

How To Avoid The Ponytail Dent?
6 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Love the ponytail hairstyle, but hate the ponytail dent? Here is a product to avoid the ponytail dent for you. Check it out here.

Making Your Hair Appear Thicker Using Eyeshadow

Making Your Hair Appear Thicker with Eyeshadow.
7 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Dust your eyeshadow in the same color as your hair and shade your scalp slightly along your hair part. This hack will make your hair appear thicker. More tutorial and details via cosmopolitan.

5-Minute Beach Waves

5 Minute Beach Waves.
8 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Tutorial via popsugar.

How To Clean Your Hairbrushes in Minutes

How To Clean Your Hairbrushes in Minutes.
9 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Running your scissors through the hair sections in between the bristles. Cut along the length and then lift the hair with the scissors. It should come off in a clean way and this way you can even avoid destroying the bristles. Get the full instructions via Made from Pinterest.

Hair Growth Secrets: Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Hair Growth Secrets: Home Remedies for Hair Growth.
10 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Lots of simple home remedies for hair growth tips! Check out the details via This Girls Life Blog.

Use Your Toothbrush To Tease Your Hair

Use Your Toothbrush To Tease Your Hair.
11 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Using an old toothbrush to tease the hair at the crown of your head to get instant volume in the places you want it most. source

Get Rid of Static With A Dryer Sheet On Your Hair Brush

Get Rid of Static With A Dryer Sheet On Your Hair Brush.
12 useful hair hacks every girl should know


Easy Method for Getting Rid of Split Ends

Easy Method for Getting Rid of Split Ends
13 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Split ends is a big hair problem to many girls. They are awful and many girls want to get rid of them. Here is genius way for you so that you don’t necessarily have to visit your stylist next time.Just twist several strands together and then snip away the hairs that you see sticking out. Your hair will be much smoother and shinier than before. Tutorial via ring finger tan line.

Create Curls That Seriously Last at Home

Create Curls That Seriously Last at Home.
14 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Use aluminum foil and a flat iron to create curls that seriously LAST. This is a super easy way to create curls at home. Get the tutorial via Happy Little Humming Bird.

Use a Toothbrush to Get a Textured Braid

Use a Toothbrush to Get a Textured Braid. Get a textured braid by brushing your toothbrush in upward motions.
15 useful hair hacks every girl should know

Get a textured braid by brushing your toothbrush in upward motions.

30 Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls

09 Nov 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

The common mistake that most women or girls make is the assumption that fashion is only meant for special occasions or for models and actors who are in the limelight. The fact is fashion is something that is meant for everyday use and this means even cheerful everyday look hairstyles can be fashionable and fun while still being easy to do. There are many effortless hairstyles for cool girls that you can look at and easily adapt to your advantage. Having a cheerful everyday look hairstyle for girls does not necessarily mean that it is only for shorter hair. There are many gorgeous shoulder length hairstyles to try this year that will work on modestly longer hair too.

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (1)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (2)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (3)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (4)
Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (5)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (6)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (7)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (8)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (9)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls

If you are the type of girl who does not want to be part of the crowd that follows only the most popular hairstyles then you can go for something that is not common. You can try these cute Boho hairstyles you can also try when you want to have your individual styles appreciated.

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (10)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (11)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (12)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (13)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (14)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (15)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (16)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (17)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (18)

Everyday Look Hairstyles For Girls Would Entail The Following:

Have a look for different hair: We as women and girls know that hair has different ways of behaving on different days. Freshly washed hair does look softer and fluffier but it does not obey the dictates of our brush and comb. While hair that has not been washed on the same day but the day before, has a tendency to still look nice but behaves better for ponytails or other half loose hairstyles. Hair that has not been washed for the past couple of days is perfect for knotting, buns, and plaits. These are the factors that you need to keep in mind while deciding on which cheerful everyday look hairstyle you are going for to ensure that it works well.

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (19)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (20)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (21)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (22)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (23)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (24)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (25)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (26)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (27)

Line up the accessories: For everyday look hairstyles to work and look cheerful, you need to be quick about deciding what hairstyle to do. Too much thought will take away the everyday look and make it look too elaborate. To ensure that you get the everyday look going for your hairstyles, ensure that you know what hair accessories you have and line them up so that they can inspire you to create a simple hairstyle on the go.

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (28)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (29)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (30)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (31)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (32)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (33)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (34)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (35)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (36)

Be flexible and creative: The thing about hairstyles for women and girls with hair of any length, is that there is plenty of choice to pick from. While having a lot of choice is good, it also creates a lot of confusion. This often leads to women having a fixed set of hairstyles for different days. While this makes sense it also tends to curb your creativity and spontaneity. That is why while planning for different everyday looks with your hairstyles to look cheerful, you also need to have room for flexibility and creativity.

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (37)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (38)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (39)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (40)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (41)

Cheerful Everyday Look Hairstyle For Girls (42)

There is no dearth of suitable hairstyles for women and girls of different ages  that will suit every occasion that they are supposed to be a part of. Having said that, not all hairstyles will work on all girls and women or even the occasions. The only thing that you have to keep in mind for your everyday look is not to let yourself get stuck in a rut. This is more likely to happen than you can guess as we often hate to leave our comfort zone as we know that the hairstyle is tried and tested. Do keep looking out for changes in the way your face looks and your mood dictates to create cheerful everyday look hairstyles for you to try.

21 Pretty Side-Swept Hairstyles for Prom

05 Nov 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

When preparing for your prom, there is nothing more important to think about. It’s the most significant evening of your life, apart from graduating of course! Looking good and feeling amazing are your priorities. Once you have chosen your dress, you can think about your makeup and hairstyles. If you’re adamant on having your hair tied back, we have come up with 21 pretty side swept hairstyles that look amazing.

Side swept hairstyles have been seen on many celebrities that walk the red carpet at movie and music events. They are trending everywhere. Many people tend to opt for this style as they are flattering and can suit any occasion. Don’t go for the boring traditional ballerina bun that many girls do for proms. You want to set the trend and have that “wow” factor. Whether you like the messy look, sleek, chic, elegant or braided hair, take a look at our 21 pretty side-swept hairstyles for prom. Have fun!


Having your hair to the side is one thing, but teaming it up with a braid is absolutely stunning.

Braids to the Side Hairstyle for Prom

Instagram / stephanie_danielle

This will look amazing on longer hair. Prom is the perfect time to show off your braiding skills. Take the braid from the side of the top of the head and merge it with another braid. You can have so much fun mixing different types of braids.


We love curls.

Curly Hair to the Side into a Braid

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

They create a romantic vibe and this is perfect for prom. Curl your hair and loosely braid it. It will look incredibly elegant and feminine.


This braid is one of our favourite.

Side Swept Fishtail Braid Prom Hairstyles

Instagram / instibraid

The fishtail braid is truly unique. This style works better with longer hair, so the longer your hair, the better. When you are braiding, ensure you side-sweep it to your best side and continue. You can make it either neat or messy, depending on your style. If you are keen to make it messy, you can still process to make it quite tight as you go down the braid but after you have added your band at the end, you can then start to tug the edges of the braid, all the way to the bottom.


Messy braids look so good.

Braid into a Side Ponytail Prom Hairstyle

Instagram / emilyandersonstyling

If you haven’t mastered the fishtail or prefer the standard braid, which we think looks incredible, then go for a messy braid side ponytail. You can add as many braids as you wish but remember to side-sweep.


Vintage on prom night.

Vintage Curls to the Side

Instagram / mariedarling_xo

The elegance of seeing vintage curls is amazing. This is a striking and classic style. It makes your hair look healthy and bouncy. You can use bobby pins to grip any loose hair as you side sweep.


Here is one hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Fishtail Braid to the Side Hairstyle

Instagram / hairbyelena

If you’ve conquered the French and fishtail braid, why not mix the two together and show your friends how fabulous this can look. This is classy and chic, which will complement your outfit.


This side-sweep curls works so well with medium to long hair.

Curly Hair to the Side Prom Hairstyle

Instagram / lenabogucharskaya

Adding a hairpiece to your gorgeous curls will accentuate your hairstyle. If you have dark or light hair, pearls or white beads look magnificent.


This has the “wow” factor!

Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle for Prom

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

Of course you want to receive complements all night about your stylish hairstyle and if you choose to have this inverted fishtail braid, the complements will be non-stop.


This hairstyle is screaming love and romance.

Romantic Half Up Half Down Prom Hairstyle to the Side

Instagram / hairandmakeupbysteph

Do you love curls and braids and you’re feeling undecided about having your hair up or down? This is the perfect solution for you. This half up, half down hairstyle, looks exquisite and with the added thin hairband, it looks fabulous.


Go Dutch.

Dutch Braid Hairstyle for Prom

Instagram / hairbymarissasue

This is one braid that really does stand out, especially when it’s side-swept and comes across your headline and all the way down. If you have long hair, maybe try this and see what you think.


This gorgeous long and flowing messy style will get heads turning.

Fishtail Braid into a Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Instagram / stephanie_danielle

We know that fishtail braids can take a long time to braid. When you have long hair, it’s quite time consuming and when you’re getting ready for prom, time is precious. With this in mind, why not have this messy fishtail braid, which flows into a ponytail. The fishtail stops just below your ear and then you can have a long wavy ponytail. To create the fishtail braid will take no more than 5 minutes, tie it with a band to secure it in place then wrap your hair around the band to conceal it. Ensure you have the height on top of your head. Do not grip your hair tight or else you will lose the lift.


This boho vibe is contagious!

Curly Hairstyle with Flowers for Prom

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

Watch out guys, this hairstyle looks amazing. Are you a secret boho fan? Do you love the beach hair look? This is very feminine and ultra girly. It’s messy, it has curls and you can team it with a cute flower band to add your style.


Having thick hair will be to your advantage when you opt for a fishtail braid.

Fishtail Braided Prom Hairstyle

Instagram / instibraid

This chunky braid looks spectacular and you could blend another fishtail coming from the top of your head with that extra twist.


Twisted hair is so easy to do.

Big Curly Hair to the Side with Flowers

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

This big-twisted hair is side-swept and looks as good as a braid. To be honest, many girls want a simple yet effective hairstyle for prom as many tend to do their own hair. If you can save time on your hair, you have more time to apply your makeup! Everyone can twist their hair, but not everyone can braid. This gorgeous style can compete with all the braids out there so bring it on and get twisting.


A messy pull-through braid has its own style.

Pull Through Braided Hair for Prom

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

It’s looks so detailed and intricate but it’s as simple as a ponytail! Tie your hair in a side-sweep ponytail; add a hairband a few inches down. Then make a hole in the 2-inch section and reach through the gap, pulling through your hair from underneath. Continue to do the same process until you get to the end. Try it today and see for yourself.


Are you not feeling the braids?

Simple Ponytail Hairstyle to the Side

Instagram / hbsrevolution

Maybe you want your dress to be the focal point for the evening. If so, this simple and extraordinary hairstyle will suit your needs. Keep the bounce in your hair and tie into a ponytail. Wrap around a few strands and you’re done! How quick and easy was that? Now you can think making your entrance!


A messy Dutch braid, which falls into a fishtail – simple yet jaw-dropping.

Tight Side Fishtail Braid for Prom

Instagram / instibraid

Fishtail and Dutch braids look chic especially if they are mixed together. This is great as it’s messy so don’t worry about a few strands falling down. The fishtail is kept quite tight so no need to tug at the edges, which will save you time. Once you have finished your fishtail, leave it as is. Add a flower or a leaf hairpiece to complement the two braids.


It’s your prom so why not go big?

Big Voluminous Side Braid Hairstyle

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

Big hair stands out and makes you instantly feel like a princess. Having voluminous hair looks fabulous and releases your inner diva! This girly side-swept hair will look incredible with any style of dress.


Who needs hair accessories?

Braided Fishtail Headband Hairstyle

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

When you are rocking a braided hairstyle that sweeps across your head, it looks like a hairband so no need to add anything. You hair speaks for itself. This will be loved by many people.


French braids and a fishtail braid look so cute.

Braided Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair

Instagram / hair_by_zolotaya

Start by braiding your hair to the side. Once you have finished with the smaller braids, then you can start on your lovely long fishtail braid. The small braids will merge into your long fishtail which looks heavenly. Make sure you have a few loose stands hanging down which will frame your face and look super girly. Don’t forget to curl the front strands to finish the look.


Take a look of this unbelievable mix of braids.

Loose Side Swept Fishtail Braid

Instagram / habitsalon

A big Dutch braid seamlessly falls into a side-swept fishtail braid. You may have to ask a friend to help you with the back braiding, as you won’t be able to see what’s going on. Again, this style can be created in a neat or messy way. This will depend on the vibe you are going for. If you have a simple and chic dress, you might want to go messy with your hair. The photo is a neat look with a few strands shaping the face. If you’re new to either the fishtail or a Dutch braid, or even both, you might want to practice this hairstyle as it can be quite fiddly. Practice makes perfect and it will definitely worth it.

Gorgeous Hair Ideas for Holiday Party Season

29 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

The perfect party dress, the sexy heel, the red lip. An entrance-making holiday look involves a few moving parts. Here is a little inspiration for your mane–whether you bring to your stylist (or try on your own, you brave soul, you).




Use a clip-less curling wand to frame loose waves around your face. (And keep curls crease-free while doing your makeup with our handy little trick.)




Pull back one side with a horizontal French braid to showcase your smoky eye.




Make your pony a conversation starter by teasing, curling and adding about a half a can of hairspray.




For a more traditional updo, take this pic to your local stylist. They’ll be able to braid around your ballerina bun.

RELATED: Ombre Is Out; Hand-Pressed Hair Color Is In




Looking for a little something easier you can do at home? Enter the teased bun and the double headband.




Even more pressed for time? Middle-part + low bun + jeweled headband = revelry ready.




That trendy half-bun you’ve been eying? Now’s your time to shine.




But if you’re not ready to fully commit just yet, try a half-bun back on the crown of your head.




Chunky side braids are dreamy wherever you are. (But a Parisian backdrop never hurts.)




A Scandinavian-inspired crown never gets old.




Nor does a sophisticated low bun.




No matter your age, a satin ribbon is basically instant holiday cheer.




For a more mature look, use a vintage-inspired clip in a low twist.




Really, any sprig from the garden. (“This is mistletoe? I had no idea!”)




This is another one of those styles you could perfect by watching hours of YouTube…or by just asking your stylist.




Go ’80s glam–in the very best way.




For a little more height, tease the front section into a bouffant and set with hairspray.




Disguise any elastic with a small braid.




Fishtails aren’t just for side braids.




Hey, curly ladies. Twist sections of hair in a somewhat haphazard way and secure with bobby pins. The result is surprisingly chic.

10 Winter Hair Color Ideas for 2016 – 2017: Ombre, Balayage Hair Styles

23 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Winter is a time for wrapping up warm and embracing the change of season as the weather gets colder and the nights get longer. Our fashion changes to embrace the colder weather and here at PoPular Haircuts – we say, why can’t our hair change too? There’s nothing like a new hairstyle to make you feel fantastic – and what better time to embrace a new you than with a change in the season? Here is a collection of our favourite winter hair colours to inspire you to head for a change

Black to Red Ombre Blend

V Haircuts for Long Hair - Dark Red Violet Plum, Ombre Balayage, Winter Hair Colors 2016 - 2017

This lady’s beautiful long locks are worked from a deep and glossy black at the root into a gorgeous and warm shade of red, both colours blended together through the most glorious ombre blend. This lady has kept her hair straight and sleek to show off this striking and glossy shade, which is just perfect for the winter season – don’t you think?

Brown to Caramel Balayage

Ombre, Balayage Hair Style Color Idea

We cannot get enough of this incredibly fashionable lady’s hair – the gorgeous curls throughout create the most striking finish we ever did see – especially because of the stunning colours at work for this look! Her hair blends from a dark brown to a warming caramel shade through the famous balayage technique, and is finished with a lighter blonde at the ends for a sun-kissed effect.

Ashy Blonde and Brown

Stylish Hair Color Highlights - Winter Hair Colors 2016 - 2017

Not only is this lady simply gorgeous with beautiful make up and a striking outfit to match, but her hair is simply divine – just perfect for a winter makeover we think! The top layer is a dark, ashy blonde which is almost grey, making the look completely on trend. The bottom layer shows a warm and chocolate brown coming through and we think the colours work together perfectly.

Bright Blonde Tips

Balayage Hairstyle Ideas - Winter Hair Color 2016 - 2017

This utterly striking look comprises a collection of brown and blonde shades and weaves them together through a balayage transition to create this simple stunning look that we think is perfect for warming up those winter nights! From a dark brown at the root to a lighter brown, finished with bright blonde tips – we love this loosely curled style.

Pink-Toned Brown

Rose Gold Is the Perfect Rainbow Hair Hue For Spring and Winter 2016 - 2017

This absolutely gorgeous hair style is one of the most unique colours that we ever did see! The colour is a mixture of pink, copper and brown in this stunning finish that is so glossy, bright and shiny in a lovely warm shade; just perfect for the winter. This fashionable female has kept her hair straight, sleek and incredibly shiny for a finish that we cannot get enough of.

Blonde to Brown Beached Waves

Brown to blonde ombre hair - Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown and Caramel Highlights

We cannot get enough of this striking style which is full of beached waves for the most glorious finish we ever did see. This brown to blonde balayage blend melts from a dark brown to a lovely light blonde at the tips and we think the transition is truly striking. She’s created this beach style by curling it and tousling it loosely; perfect for a day style that is just wonderful.

Grey to Blue Graduated Bob

Chic, Straight Bob Haircut - Balayage Hairstyles 2016 - 2017

This absolutely beautiful graduated bob starts from a shorter layer at the back and works into a lovely long section towards the front which falls around her face perfectly. To accentuate this incredible hairstyle she’s gone from a dark grey to a gorgeous bubblegum blue ombreblend, which makes her hair shiny, glossy and simply stunning we think!

Dark to Light Blue Loose Curls

Gray Color Highlights - Ombre Hair for Winter 2016 - 2017

Denim-style hair is oh so popular of late, and after taking one look at this stunning lady’s hair it’s really not difficult to see why! The roots of her hair are a lovely dark blue which blend through an ombre transition to a lovely light blue which has a slight grey tint. She’s loosely curled her hair so you can see the different shades, and then twisted the top section into a half-up, half-down bun.

Dark to Light Blonde Bob

Ombre, Balayage Hair Styles for Shoulder Length

This absolutely striking bob has stolen the hearts of the PoPular Haircuts office! Parted in the centre and falling with a jagged finish right around the shoulders, in a gorgeous tousled finish that creates a beautiful bounce and volume. This lady has opted for a beautiful dark to light blonde ombre finish, with lighter blonde strands falling around her face, to finish off the look perfectly.

Dark to Light Brown Ringlets

Perfect Bayalage with Shoulder Length Hairstyles - Winter Hair Color 2016 - 2017

This gorgeous bob is perfectly styled to show off the beautiful range of colours working together to create this lovely look! The top of the hair is a remarkable and glossy chestnut brown which blends seamlessly into a lighter brown through a balayage transition. She’s added some incredible ringlets throughout the ends of the hair for the perfect end result.


Changing your hair for winter is the best way to embrace the new season – and a new look for yourself at the very same time! we’ve gathered a selection of our favourite colours to inspire your new hair colour for next season – let us know which one you choose.

30 Gorgeous Blooming Wedding Hair Bouquets

22 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Floral crowns and hair bouquets are continue to be a trend in bridal hairstyles. And they becoming more and more popular for modern brides. Flowers in hair could make any woman feel gorgeous. This look will work good with botanical wedding them or a festive spring garden party. We totally obsessed with this adorable bridal style! See our gallery of blooming wedding hair and be inspired!

Blooming Wedding Hair

Source: Tsvetkova studio, Jess Jackson, Haley Rynn Ringo

blooming wedding hair bouquets 1
blooming wedding hair bouquets 2
blooming wedding hair bouquets 3

Source: Tsvetkova studio, Love Dale photography, Braedon Photography

wedding hair bouquets 4
wedding hair bouquets 5
wedding hair bouquets 6

 Curly Hair With Flowers

Source: Tsvetkova studio, Brian Labrada photo, Blue Rose Pictures

wedding hair bouquets 7
wedding hair bouquets 8
wedding hair bouquets 9

Source: Tsvetkova studio, Elstile, Melissa Gidney photography

wedding hair bouquets 10
wedding hair bouquets 11
wedding hair bouquets 12

 Updos With Flowers

Source: Bellamint photography, Marvin Tsai photography , Julie Paisley

wedding hair bouquets 13
wedding hair bouquets 14
wedding hair bouquets 15

Source: Tsvetkova studio, Anushé Low, Elstile

wedding hair bouquets 16
wedding hair bouquets 17
wedding hair bouquets 18

Blooming Wedding Hair

Source: Sonya Khegay, Brandi Smyth, Sonya Khegay

wedding hair bouquets 19
wedding hair bouquets 20

Source: Sonya Khegay, Lieb Photographic, Steph

wedding hair bouquets 22
wedding hair bouquets 23
wedding hair bouquets 24

Romantic Blooming Wedding Hair

Source: gingersnaphairstyles via Instagram, nastasiya.eremeeva via Instagram, Maria Kupryashina Photography

wedding hair bouquets 19
wedding hair bouquets 20
wedding hair bouquets 21

Source: megfishphoto via Instagram, Stella York via Facebook,  Anna Campbell

blooming wedding hair updo with white flowers megfishphoto via instagram
blooming wedding hair updo with flowers stella york
blooming wedding hair updo with flowers anna campbell

10 Super Helpful Hacks You Need to See if You Still Haven’t Gotten a Prom Dress

22 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair


Procrastinating is never something we’d recommend, but let’s face it — the majority of teenagers wait until the last minute to do virtually everything. So, if you’re like most of your peers and appreciate a little pressure before getting something accomplished, you’ve been thinking about your Prom Dress, buuuuut have yet to make a purchase. We don’t mean to put pressure on you here, but NGL — the big night is coming up soon and while going naked is technically an option, we don’t think anyone would be too thrilled with that choice. Basically, you need a dress and you need it stat. Try not to freak out too much, though — these hacks will help you through the process!

1. If you want to wear a dress that’s flattering for your shape, but have no idea where to begin, this guide will be your best friend:



2. This little black dress guide can cross over into helping you find the perfect prom gown, too:



3. There are SO many different necklines on dresses that it can definitely get confusing. Here are all the options laid out:



4. Once you find the perfect dress with the perfect neckline, you need to make sure your hair doesn’t hide it! Here are some handy tricks on how to do your ‘do on prom night:



5. What happens if you find the PERFECT dress, but feel that it’s a bit too revealing? Simple — change it up a little bit!



6. EVERYONE dies to wear a red-carpet dress worn by a celebrity, but the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim… so, make your own! Here you can see an exact replica of Anna Kendrick’s dress made with a lacey tank top and a convertible black gown:



7. Jewelry can make or break any outfit, but especially a formal dress. Follow this guide and you’ll never screw up your look with the wrong necklace again!



8. But what about bracelets and earrings? No worries — we’ve got you covered:



9. Finding the right bra to wear with a uniquely cut dress can be a MAJOR pain, but if you try this simple hack, you’ll never have to stress about visible lingerie straps again!



10. NGL, sometimes a bra just won’t cut it. Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of taping her boobs before a red carpet, and you will be, too!



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20 Sexy Stacked Haircuts for Short Hair: You Can Easily Copy

21 Oct 2016 Posted by trubridal in Wedding Hair

Dreaming of locks that are bursting with bounce and energy? Then you may want to consider a stacked haircut! Stacked haircuts are designed with tons of lovely layers of all different sizes to create a full, energetic style that’s cute and flirty. Check out these trendy, sexy stacked haircut ideas!

Messy Dark Brown – Easy Short Haircut for Summer

As if the layers weren’t enough, this lovely lady chooses to tousle up her mane for a messy, super sultry finish. Her dark brown hair is gorgeous against her porcelain skin and we’re loving the amount of layers she has from front to back.

Shaggy Inverted Bob Haircut - Stacked Short Hairstyle Back View

Sleek Dark Red – Short, Lob Hair Style

Stacked haircuts are cute, but if you want to add some instant sex appeal consider a fiery hair color like this deep red shade. We’re loving her sleek and subtle graduated style, with plenty of lengthy layers and an enticing design from front to back.

Graduated Short Bob Haircuts with Red Hair

Platinum Curls – Stylish Balayage Hairstyle

Oh so summery, this classy and gorgeous hairstyle is brightened with some stunning platinum coloring, given a beautiful makeover with lovely long ringlets. This sophisticated, light hairstyle combines the beauty of layers with sultry ringlets that are perfect for fancy occasions.

Textured Choppy Blonde Bob - Stacked Short Haircuts

Blonde Highlights with Volume – Straight Bob Cut

This stacked haircut is LOADED with volume! She adds some length around the face to frame her face beautifully while the back is left extra short to load up on volume. Adding some light blonde highlights throughout her mane, she gives her locks some vibrant and bright hues that play against the dark brown perfectly. An everyday style that’s dimensional and fun!

Stacked Haircuts for Short Straight Hair - Easy Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Sea Foam Green and Black Waves: Easy Office Hairstyle for Women

Sea foam green just so happens to be one of the HOTTEST hair colors for 2016; and what goes better with this delightful mermaid shade than black roots? The color combo is sensational and unique, while some subtle waves in the back add some flirty dimensional fun to the entire style. A great option for work or school.

Stylish, Easy Short Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Purple Sleek Straight with Thick Hair

Subtle layers are brought to life with a divine color combination of black with purple on top, a mysterious and sexy shade that’s sure to turn heads. She leaves her stacked hairstyle stick straight for a sultry style with plenty of attitude. Her strands are sure to wave effortlessly and we’re loving her side part that’s downright fabulous.

Short and sassy cut paired with plum color - perfect Short Hairstyles for Women

Volume Galore

THIS hairstyle is screaming with volume! With tons of layers on the top back part of her hair, some simple teasing of the crown adds a divine amount of volume that’s downright playful and sexy. Her super dark locks are undoubtedly stylish and the volume really pulls this look together wonderfully. So much body to this look!

Stacked Haircut for Women and Girl

Stacked Haircut with Highlights and Bangs

A lot of gals think bangs are OUT with a stack haircut; but that couldn’t be any more FALSE. Check out this adorable ‘do, featuring a bob haircut with tons of short layers in the back and some cutesy bangs up front, skimming above her eyebrows. The addition of natural-looking highlights creates a lighter shade that perks up her face miraculously.

Balayage & Ombres are completely possible on short hair!

Curly Stacked Hairstyle for Women Short Hair

Want to take your stacked haircut to an all-new, beautiful dimension? Consider this glamorous hairstyle! She starts off with a beautiful graduated bob, brought to life with tons of voluminous curls that add a touch of fullness and body. This stunning style can easily be perked up with some blingy jewelry or pearls for fancy events.

Cut&curled angled bob

Hints of Purple

Black-on-purple: it’s the next IT hair color and it’s certainly one to consider! Her fabulous stacked haircut adds plenty of lengthy layers throughout her mane, creating instant volume and bounce. Styled straight with a straightener, her vibrant purple streaks look silky and sultry for a perfect ending.

Stacked Short Haircut with Purple and Black Stack

Shaved Side – Asymmetrical Short Hair Cut

Lover of all things edgy and ‘out-there’? Then we highly recommend this quirky ‘do! Shaved sides are ALL the rage for 2016, and we’re loving her shave and extra lengthy combination that’s extremely eye-catching and unique. For my frisky girls out there who love to live life on the edge, I highly recommend this awesome style.

asymmetrical, Shaved Haircut - Straight Short Hairstyle

Loose Waves

Stacked hairstyles are awesome for women of all ages, whether you’re a girl in school or a woman in her 50’s. Here we see a classy take on the stacked haircut, starting with a super short pixie cut and plenty of extra short layers, waved to perfection for a snazzy ‘do that can accompany you to the office as well as the 5 star restaurant.

Beautiful natural color - Short Haircut Ideas for Women Over 50, 60

Lengthy Grays – Balayage Hairstyles with Short Hair

Gray hair can’t be fabulous? Think again! Gray hair isn’t just fabulous, it’s also one of the hit colors for 2016. Her gray locks are straightened with a hair straightener for a silky smooth finish that shimmers in the sunlight, and her long layers create a bit of sensual volume that’s great for women with longer face shapes.

Layered Short Pixie Haircut

Blonde Highlights – Balayage Hairstyles for Women Short Hair

Funky, edgy, and loaded with attitude, we’re loving this classic stacked haircut. It’s left lengthy in the front to frame the face while the back is stacked up super short for plenty of bouncy volume. She adds some light blonde highlights to her locks for some flirty dimension that’s downright fabulous.

Super Chic Short Bob hairstyles for Women

Lengthy Bayalage Layers

We’re in love with her hair! Featuring a stunning collection of blondes, reds, and browns, her bayalage hair color is loaded with lovely dimension that has a sunkissed finish we adore. Her all-natural locks are given just a touch of body with some super long layers that blend beautifully. An overall natural looking ‘do that’s great for older women.

Super-Hot Stacked Bob Haircuts

Red Hot Wavy Volume

Want to turn heads? Then you need to try on this hairstyle for size! Her red hot locks are dazzling, sexy, AND charming thanks to the perfect combination of super bright red hues, some flirty layers, and some gorgeous loose waves to top it all off.

Stacked Short Hairstyle for Red Hair Color

Platinum Asymmetrical

This is undoubtedly one of the best options for summer! Her lengthy bob is sporting the asymmetrical cut that we ALL know and love, adding some spice and funk to her look without going overboard. Lengthy up front and extra short in the back, this look is oozing with flirty fun.

Stacked A-line Bob Haircut with Light Blonde Hair

Purple Loose Waves – Chic Short Haircut for Women

Take your stunning deep purple locks to the next level with some gorgeous loose waves! It’s the perfect look for school, for the nightclub, for prom- just about anywhere! You’re sure to dazzle wherever you go, and you can really intensify this style with darker shades of makeup.

Messy Stacked Haircut with Curly Hair - Short Curly Hairstyle for Women

Just a bit of Height

There’s a lot to love about this modelesque hairstyle, from the beauteous long layers to the artsy side swept bangs. What really adds some spunk to this look is the slight pinch of messy volume found on top, which really pulls this simple hair style together wonderfully. Love this look with those glasses too!

Stacked Haircut - Pixie Hairstyle

Reds and Blondes

If your layers weren’t giving you enough body, consider adding some extra texture to your locks by use of colors! Her fashionable and feminine hairstyle features a wide collection of reds and blondes for a really intriguing look that’s bursting with color.

Blonde Bob Hairstyle with Red Highlights - Straight Short Haircut for Women

Which one of these stacked hairstyles will you consider?

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