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The Best Wedding Planning Timeline

The Best Wedding Planning Timeline

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 07 Mar 2016

The Best Wedding Planning Timeline : Wedding Planning Timeline

The best way to plan a wedding is to ensure that you have enough time to do so. As such, experts advise on having at least a year’s worth of planning time to come out with the most appropriate wording for you. An appropriate wedding planning checklist is divided into months. Each period has its own activities that should be done and completed adequately.

Wedding Planning Timeline 10 to 12 months Before

This period deals with the general essentials of a wedding. The first thing is usually to announce your engagement to friends and family. A couple should start by setting a suitable budget for their wedding. Set a date, venue and register for these. Select your wedding party in terms of maids and groomsmen. Set a guest list. Create invitations. The bride should find a suitable dress. Pick the wedding officiant and preferably hire a wedding planner if need be. If you can’t afford or do not want a planner, get your friends and family members to help you but make sure you specify your needs.

7-9 months

From this period henceforth, the couple should get into the details of the wedding. The bride should find someone to make her dress or find the best place to buy it. The bride’s maids’ dresses should also be ordered. The bride and bridal party should shop for shoes, make-up and accessories. Carry out a research on the best hotels to book your out-of-town guests into. Hire a photographer and/or a videographer. Hire a DJ and/or a music band. Hire a florist.

5-6 months

Send invitations to your guests for them to save the date for you. Decide on the floral arrangements with your florist. The groom and his groom’s men should order their suits at this point since the intricacies of suits are not usually overwhelming. The bride should hire a beauty specialist and test the beauty options for the wedding day. Pick your choice of music for the wedding. Look into your options for a honeymoon destination and decide on the best. Carry out a cake tasting and menu tasting party with your wedding party. Order your cake and menu from appropriate specialists.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding Dresses2-4 months

This period in the wedding planning timeline entails finalizing the details of the wedding. The couple should meet with vendors and finalize the details about the floral designs, favors, cake and menu. Finalize ceremony details with the officiant. Fill out the necessary marriage documents.

1 month

By the last month, the wedding plans should be almost done. The bride, groom and their party should do a final fitting of their attire. Work on your wedding vows if need be. Decide on the seating plan of the wedding. Confirm honeymoon reservations. With the help of your photographer, decide on the most important shots to be taken. Make all the necessary payments.

Wedding week

During the last week, all wedding plans should be ready. The couple should go over the details of everything with the concerned parties. Book yourselves for a spa treatment to ease out the tension of the wedding plans. The couple should always have a plan B for items such as the reception, cake and honeymoon to avoid disappointments. Also, emphasize on details for maximum results. With this wedding planning checklist, couples will be well on their way towards having the best wedding they ever dreamed of.


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