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7 Things Your Bridesmaids Should Be Doing For You

7 Things Your Bridesmaids Should Be Doing For You

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 29 May 2018


Your Bridesmaids have a big role on your wedding day–standing next to you as you marry the love of your life is no small thing. While the bulk of the planning for your big day will fall on you and the groom, there are certain tasks your best girlfriends need to take on for you.

When it comes to planning a wedding, here are six essential tasks that your Bridesmaids should be doing for you.

Bride trying on gown1. Come to Pick Out the Dress

Some brides want their Bridesmaids to help her shop for a dress, says Shelley Grieshop of Totally Promotional. “Don’t be overly-critical, but do be honest if the bride seems to truly want your opinion. Do the same if you are invited to help choose Bridesmaid dresses.”

Girls toasting2. Plan The Bridal Shower

Check with the bride’s mother parents and maid of honor to see who is taking up the lead on planning the bridal party so it does not go forgotten, says Kaitlin Przezdziecki of Cheers Darling Events. “If necessary, take the lead on planning on event–and look to other bridal party members – both Bridesmaids and groomsmen- to chip in on helping with planning and costs!”

Girls Night Out

3. Plan The Bachelorette Party

The Bridesmaids should organize the bachelorette party, especially if the bride or maid of honor are not great planners, says Przezdziecki. Ensuring there is smooth communication with all bachelorette party attendees is key to a smooth, fun evening or weekend!

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesWedding dress4. Assist With The Dress

Before the wedding, the Bridesmaids should assist the bride with getting dressed and keeping her calm, says Brian Keith of Brian Keith Productions. “Don’t let the brides train drag, assist with holding her train and make sure her gown is bustled before she enters into the reception.”

Bride and bridal party5. Follow The Dress She Chooses For You

It’s the bride’s day so you need to wear her choice of dress without complaints, says Meghan Brumbley of DC Engaged. “No one really cares if blush isn’t your favorite color.”

Ladies Room

6. Escort the Bride to the Restroom

Wedding gowns are usually long and sometimes heavy, so don’t be surprised if you need to help the bride out when nature calls, says Keith.

Bride and bridesmaid laughing

7. Make Sure Guests Are Having Fun

Have fun, speak to guests, and help direct people if they are lost looking for the bar or food, and most certainly, don’t forget to dance! If you and the other ‘maids and groomsmen are having fun, guests will follow suit, says Przezdziecki.



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