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6 Wedding Hashtag Tips No One is Telling You

6 Wedding Hashtag Tips No One is Telling You

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 25 Feb 2016

6 Wedding Hashtag Tips No One is Telling You

It’s finally here! (Well actually, it’s been here for a couple weeks now). We’re beyond excited to present the new Instagram Gallery for your wedding website! We know that many of our users have been rearing to go on the wedding hashtag front for quite some time now, so we figured what better time to hash out (harharhar) some wedding hashtag dos & don’ts? 

But wait. All that being said, maybe you’re not totally pumped after all. Maybe you saw this post and thought to yourself “Wedding hashtag? Social media has gone too far!” 

That’s okay, but you still need to read this. Let’s face it, regardless of your personal feelings towards social media, the Instagram photos are going to happen, so you might as well be on board to reep the benefits. We guarantee that they’ll pleasantly surprise you. For example, we’d argue that social media has really upped everyones amateur photography skills —plus you’ll get to see your big day through the eyes of the people who mean the most to you. D’aww!

1. DO match your hashtag to your domain name. 

This keeps things nice and simple for all your guests. Efficient = effective 99.9% of the time. Don’t feel pressured to come up with your own  couple catchphrase when you already have a killer domain name. Plus any tips or concerns we’ve covered in our wedding website domain name how-todouble as hashtag guidelines as well. Easy peasy.

2. DO make sure your hashtag isn’t already taken. 

Test your desired wedding hashtag by typing it into the search bar in Instagram and selecting the “HASHTAGS” option right below. This is essential. The main purpose of having an event hashtag is to conveniently collect photos from your guests’ Instagram accounts all in two places (the hashtag’s feed on the Instagram app AND your Riley & Grey wedding website’s hashtag page) 

3. DON’T wait for your wedding to start hashtagging. 

Introduce your guests to your wedding hashtag in advance by hashtagging wedding planning pics or even other events, such as your engagement party or bridal shower, leading up to the big day.

Now, that being said…

4. DON’T go hashtag crazy. 

Though your besties abroad will no-doubt appreciate all the behind-the-scenes snaps preceding your event, keep in mind that your wedding hashtag may be better off in your guests’ hands — meaning don’t get high off your own supply and overdue do it yourself. You’re using a wedding hashtag so you don’t have to do all the work of making sure all the memories get captured, remember?

5. DO remember that photos from private accounts are not visible to everyone, even if hashtagged. 

Straight from the horses mouth: 

“Someone who’s set their profile to private can add hashtags to photos and videos, but only that person and their approved followers or the people they send photos/videos to with Instagram Direct will be able to see that photo on the hashtag page. Private photos/videos, even when hashtagged, aren’t visible to the public.” (Instagram, as of April 2015) 

Second, even if you and your guests are able to see most photos with your wedding hashtag in the hashtag’s feed on the Instagram app, because you’re all following each other, only hashtagged photos from public profiles will appear in the feed of your wedding website. Got it?

Consider creating a wedding Instagram account. We suggest the handle be the same as your hashtag and/or wedding website domain name.

And another important one: remember to actually hashtag your photos or they will not show up on your wedding website‘s Instagram gallery. We know some of you are scratching your heads while reading this, going “DUH!” — but just know that we’ve been in the wedding hashtag business for some time now (longer than a fortnight) and we find it necessary to mention this.

6. DON’T feel afraid to set social media boundaries for your wedding. 

Requesting that you’d prefer guests to stay off their devices during some of the more intimate events in your wedding isn’t asking too much. Not that your friends and family are going to be taking mid-ceremony selfies, but special moments like your vows are always better when everyone is fully present and your loved ones aren’t watching the moment on a screen. 

You know what lenses capture the highest resolution moments? The ones on our very own eyes balls. 

Strategically placing a sign near the entrance of your ceremony venue will do the job just fine. A short and sweet message that reads something along the lines of “Be in the moment, y’all! Please refrain from using any devices during the ceremony. No worries, we’ve hired an amazing photographer who won’t miss a beat,” should get the message across without sounding uptight.

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