An expensive surprise is the last thing you’ll want as you near your wedding day. Here are 5 hidden wedding costs that we think you should know about.

1. Sales Tax

Almost everything that you purchase for your wedding will have sales tax added, so it’s always a great idea to include taxes in your budget. That extra 5-10% can quickly hike up the bottom-line of your budget without you realizing.

2. Gratuities and Service Charges

The quoted prices from your wedding vendors usually won’t includes service charges and gratuities. Most hotel venues will charge a 15-22% service charge on all food and beverage costs, so be sure to include that in your budget. With so many wedding expenses, gratuities can add up as well (e.g., venue coordinator, hair and make up stylist, brand and DJ, bartenders etc.).

3. Overtime Costs

For some wedding services, you’ll have to pay for any time outside of the contracted time if your wedding runs a little longer than you expected, you will be charged per hour.

4. The Venue’s Hidden Fees

Your venue contract will outline all the little fees that are easily over looked, like setup and breakdown costs, valet parking, coat check, overtime, cost of premium table cloths and dinnerware. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure your read the fine print to avoid any last minute surprises.

5. Wedding Dress Alterations

You can expect to pay somewhere between $250-$450 for your bridal gown alterations. Designer dresses with lace, beading, and complicated hemlines may cost more.