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5 Beautiful Ideas What To Wear Under Wedding Dress

5 Beautiful Ideas What To Wear Under Wedding Dress

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Ideas 11 Apr 2018

Today’s wedding fashion world gives us various trends in Wedding Dresses. There are gowns with sweetheart neck, with no straps, halter or square neckline, as well as backless or off the shoulder tailoring. And frankly speaking, when it comes to the task what to wear under wedding dress, you may get easily confused.

Want To Know What To Wear Under Wedding Dress?

The choice of wedding lingerie include three criteria: your figure, the type of dress you are going to wear and your own taste. Therefore, you should know your measurements and personal preferences to not go wrong. If you have chosen a dress with a deep neckline or open shoulders, a bra with patterned ribbons is probably not the best option here. In this case, you should go with some convertible bra with detachable straps. However, it shall have a rigid construction to support the breast well.

If you have a curvy body shape, you can purchase wedding undergarment with silicone inserts at the edges. They better fix on the skin and will not visually fill you.


Types Of Wedding Lingerie For The Bride

The first thing you do is you choose perfect bridal lingerie just after you have bought a Wedding Dress.

Whatever type of lingerie you go with, first of all, it must offer an ideal combination of comfort and support. Since you are going to wearyour Wedding Dress undergarments all day long,you should bet not only on the design of a bridal undergarment but also on its quality and fabric.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesThere is one unspoken rule saying that «a wedding lingerie should not be noticeable». For your big day, it is the best to choose a simple wedding undergarment. If you want to surprise the groom with a beautiful bridal undergarment, you can buy it in advance to try it on and make sure it hugs you perfectly. Otherwise, it will be not enough time to return it and to pick up other, more suitable option.

A Combination As Bridal Undergarment

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what to wear under wedding dress bodysuit bride

If you did not know, most bridal gowns presented in the magazines or in the shops are already filled out with special underwear. But, unfortunately, not always the Wedding Dress style admits the presence of a combination under it, thus modern designers have developed a wedding undergarment that is something average between a bodysuit and a nightgown.These lovely translucent lace shirts will give charm and confidence to any woman.

A Bodysuit As Wedding Dress Undergarment

what to wear under wedding dress bride bodysuit beautiful

A bodysuit is a shapewear that perfectly pulls the figure and conceals flaws like bulging sides or tummy. Since its seams are practically invisible, this is an excellent option for dresses which made of very thin fabric and tight-fitting outfits. Sometimes bodysuit decorated with lace and various inserts, so it looks very effective and sexy.

Wedding Corsets

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what to wear under wedding dress corset beautiful bride morning

In combination with elegant garters for stockings, a corset is a classic variation of wedding lingerie. As a rule, it is sewn from a dense fabric with a silicone or iron bones. If we talk about shortcomings, the seams are quite noticeable, so a corset is not suitable for a too tight dress or a dress made of fine material.

So, another answer to the question “What to wear under my Wedding Dress” is a semi-corset. It is more convenient than the corset, but it supports the chest and emphasizes the curves of the figure much better than a regular bra.

Bras For Brides

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what to wear under wedding dress bra bride white

No doubt that bras are the essential part of any everyday outfit of most females. However, for you wedding day you should choose something more elegant than your casual brassiere. Of course, bra and panties is a win-win option for every type of Wedding Dress.

There is a huge assortment of different models with all kinds of inserts, ruffles, bows, laces, and other decor elements. If you want a noticeable wedding lingerie, choose a strapless bra for Wedding Dress. It is very practical, you will also be able to wear it after the wedding, which you can’t say about corset, for example.

A Wedding Night Lingerie

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what to wear under wedding dress beautiful bra lingerie

Your first night with your husband-to-be deserves some sensual and sexy wedding night lingerie. And here you can safely push any limits off. You may select classic white and tender wedding inner wear if you feel romantic. However, there is no rule that it should be a night dress, sexy panty set works too. And if you desire something even hotter, consider a lace babydoll gown on your first night together.

The colour here plays also an important role. White and pastel tones symbolize purity and tenderness, while red color is a passion and love. Anyway, look for comfortable lingerie, which emphasizes the beauty of your body and your personality.



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