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36 Elegant Minimalist Wedding Dresses

36 Elegant Minimalist Wedding Dresses

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses 18 Mar 2017

1. J. Crew “Percy” Gown, $650

J. Crew "Percy" Gown, $650

All a girl needs is a pretty boatneck to make her day perfect.

3. Kaufmanfranco One Shoulder Gown, $2,095

Kaufmanfranco One Shoulder Gown, $2,095

This feels vaguely ’70s-glam. (It’s a good thing.)

5. BHLDN “Dakota” Gown, $1,035

BHLDN "Dakota" Gown, $1,035

Ugh, it’s like that dress is molded PERFECTLY to her body. Me want.

6. Ruche Tiered Dress, $48.99

Ruche Tiered Dress, $48.99

A slightly flirty option for a casual wedding.

9. Jil Sander Silk Crepe Gown, $1,347.50

Jil Sander Silk Crepe Gown, $1,347.50

That little band detail gives this gown just the slightest empire waist.

10. Black Halo Drape Neck Dress, $435

Black Halo Drape Neck Dress, $435

You could also take this one in a slightly bohemian direction if you added a flower crown.

11. J. Crew Lucinda Ball Gown, $1,799.99

J. Crew Lucinda Ball Gown, $1,799.99

Only the slightest bit of Cinderella.

12. Miu Miu Pleated Silk Dress, $941.50

Miu Miu Pleated Silk Dress, $941.50

Another great city hall option.

13. Bottega Veneta Crepe Dress, $647.50

Bottega Veneta Crepe Dress, $647.50

A very modern look for a classy lady.

16. Vera Wang V-Neck Dress, price on request

Vera Wang V-Neck Dress, price on request

Probably better for women with, erm, less on the top?

17. Cynthia Steffe Crinkle Top Dress, $398

Cynthia Steffe Crinkle Top Dress, $398

This feels ever-so-slightly old fashioned. And I’m into it.

18. Need Supply Co. Traveller Dress, $53.99

Need Supply Co. Traveller Dress, $53.99

I see the bride who wears this dress walking barefoot in a field of wildflowers.

19. Ann Taylor One Shoulder Dress, $650

Ann Taylor One Shoulder Dress, $650

Ann Taylor’s version of the one shoulder is so perfectly straightforward.

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20. Moonlight One Shoulder Gown, price on request

Moonlight One Shoulder Gown, price on request

A more dramatic way to do a one shoulder dress.

21. Whitney Deal “Celia” Dress, $1,200

Whitney Deal "Celia" Dress, $1,200

Those tiny pleats somehow make this style totally feminine.

23. David’s Bridal Satin Trumpet Gown, $449

David's Bridal Satin Trumpet Gown, $449

You surprise me in many ways, David’s Bridal.

24. Robbie & Nikki Illusion Corset Dress, $70.80

Robbie & Nikki Illusion Corset Dress, $70.80

Sexy without showing too much skin.

25. The Row “Barnabe” Dress, $3,650

The Row "Barnabe" Dress, $3,650

For the high-fashion, concept bride.

26. Vintage Spaghetti Strap Dress, $265

Vintage Spaghetti Strap Dress, $265

This vintage gown champions the beauty of the spaghetti strap.

28. 1950s Inspired Wedding Dress, $250

1950s Inspired Wedding Dress, $250

Stolen from Audrey Hepburn’s closet.

29. Heidi Elnora “Vivienne Beau” Dress, price on request

Heidi Elnora "Vivienne Beau" Dress, price on request

This feels very grown-up. Like, this bride has her shit together.

30. Laundry by Shelli Segal Racer Back Blouson Dress, $207

Laundry by Shelli Segal Racer Back Blouson Dress, $207

I could see this at a very sleek city wedding.

31. Zac Posen One Shoulder Gown, $1,990

Zac Posen One Shoulder Gown, $1,990

Damn, Zac Posen. You know how to cut a dress. Cut. That. Dress.

33. Vince Camuto Sheer Overlay Dress, $119

Vince Camuto Sheer Overlay Dress, $119

For the casual backyard ceremony.

34. Carousel Fashion Simple Wedding Dress, $700

Ooooh. Love the touch of modern design on a classic cut.