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31 Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses

31 Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses 30 Oct 2016

Here comes the bride!  Congratulations, you are getting married!  We know what’s on your mind – Wedding Dresses!  Finding that special dress, can be somewhat daunting.  Anyone who is getting married wants to look amazing on their special day.  The bride is the centre of attention so of course, she will want to feel and look incredible.  Therefore choosing a Wedding Dress is very important.  Most girls dream of their wedding from a young age so when it actually comes around, the dress is one of the most vital decisions throughout our wedding journey.

Choosing your dress can be a scary process especially if you haven’t set foot in a bridal store before.  Everyone is different and we all have our own style but it’s all down to you and what you feel good in.  This is why it’s best for you to visit a bridal store so you can try on different styles.  Many girls walk in the store knowing what they want and when they try it on, it’s not for them.  Whether you want a sexy, off the shoulder, ball gown or a colourful dress, we have come up with 31 beautiful Wedding Dresses.


If you are wanting a simple and elegant Wedding Dress, then take a look at this ball gown.

Simple and Elegant Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Instagram / paolo_sebastian

You cannot go wrong with a simple, chic and plain wedding ball gown.   No jewels or jewellery needed, just a simple dress that speaks for itself

2. SEXY, OFF SHOULDER Wedding Dress

Many brides are opting for a sexy Wedding Dress rather than the traditional gown.

Sexy Off Shoulder Wedding Dress

Instagram / pallascouture

This off the shoulder dress looks stunning and will definitely have the wow effect.  It is very detailed and sexy with a long train to add to the stunning look.


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3. BLUE & PINK PRINCESS Wedding Dress

They say wear something blue.  So why not wear a blue and pink Wedding Dress?

Blue and Pink Princess Wedding Dress

Instagram / maktumang

This is a gorgeous, girly and fun dress ,which will show off your sassy and fashionista side.  Mixing two strong colours looks unbelievable and they will definitely see you walking down the aisle in this dress.  It features a delicate finish with all the rose petals and a gorgeous chain looking back.  You can be a Princess for the day in blue and pink.


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Romance is in the air with this lace champagne dress.  Lace is always a winner with a wedding gown.

Champagne Lace Beach Wedding Dress

Instagram / lurelly

This is a stunningly beautiful feminine lace champagne dress.  This will make you feel special and you will look amazing.  Great for someone who wants a shimmering colour dress.


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5. GLAMOROUS Wedding Dress

Having a special and unique dress is down to your character.

Glamorous See Through Wedding Dress

Instagram / paolo_sebastian

Having a glamorous dress will make you feel sexy and give you the confidence you need to walk down the aisle.  This is perfect if you want to show off your curves.  You can always alter your dress to add more jewels or even take them off, whatever you want.


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Are you looking for something different?  If so, this may take your fancy.

Unique Lace Wedding Dress with Short Sleeves

Instagram / altamodabridal

Have a look at this unique dress, which features lacy sides that are attached to your waist.  It looks amazing and will look incredible when you walk down the aisle.  It also have a mesh top section and short sleeves.


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If you have a gold theme, incorporate the colour within your dress.

A Line Lace Wedding Dress

Instagram / galialahav

Gold is a perfect colour for a wedding theme and looks lovely on a lacy wedding gown.  It adds a touch of sparkle without being too overpowering.  It has a soft and warm appearance which makes your skin glow.


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Vintage dresses are trending.

Vintage Backless Wedding Dress

Instagram / bertabridal

Majority of brides-to-be love vintage wedding gowns.  When you mix vintage and backless gown, it looks fabulous.  Showing ones back in a backless dress, immediately draws attention and makes you feel sexy.

9. RED, MERMAID Wedding Dress

Many brides want to stand out.

Red and White Mermaid Wedding Dress

Instagram / maktumang

With this red mermaid dress you will definitely do that.  It will highlight your curves as well as making you feel like a Princess.  Red is the colour for luck and love so what better day to wear the colour than on your wedding day.  Many people do choose to have a colourful dress.  This shows creativity, character and makes it unique.  If you go for a colourful gown, make sure you stand out with an elegant Wedding Dress like this one.


Show off your waist with your elegant ball gown.

White Princess Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Instagram / millanova_official

Add a black belt to enhance your waist and add extra style to your dress.  Ensure the belt is long enough so you can create a gorgeous long flowing bow at the back.  People will be instantly drawn to your belt due to it being a contrast colour compared to your dress.

11. Wedding Dress WITH LONG SLEEVES

Opting for a long sleeve dress can be due to many reasons.

Fall Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

Instagram / lizmartinezbridal

Maybe you’re getting married in theautumn or winter and need to take the chill off your arms.  You may not like your arms and want to cover them with lacy long sleeves.  Whatever the reason, long sleeves look regal and sophisticated

12. GRAY, SEE-THROUGH Wedding Dress

Add sparkle and mesh to your grey see-through dress.

Gray See Through Wedding Dress

Instagram / paolo_sebastia

This will look absolutely amazing when the lights hit your dress.  Trick your guests with a mesh top, which looks like your skin.  The sequins will definitely capture your fiance’s heart at the altar. With a dress like this, you don’t even need jewelery.

13. LACE, CAPE SLEEVE Wedding Dress

A Wedding Dress doesn’t need to be sleeveless to look stunning and elegant.

Up to 80 % Off Wedding DressesLace Overlay A Line Wedding Gown

Instagram / bertabridal

Take a look at this lace, cape sleeve wedding gown and you will see how beautiful it looks.  Lacy material gives off a girly and feminine style whilst the cape sleeves look effortless and chic.


If you love your body and want to show it off, go for a low plunging neckline like the photo below.

Sexy Plunging Neckline Wedding Dress

Instagram / lurelly

This will accentuate your top half to show off your amazing figure.  As you can see from the photo, you do not need to go for sparkle with the bottom skirt, plain and simple looks more than enough when being teamed with a decorated top.


Having a white dress is frightening to some girls.

Champagne Mermaid Wedding Dress

Instagram / lizmartinezbridal

White tends to not suit many people.  If you have a fair complexion, 9 times out of 10, white will not suit you and wash you out.  You don’t want to feel like this especially on your wedding day, so opt for a different colour.  This is a magnificent mermaid style Wedding Dress, which is finished in champagne and white.  Don’t worry as you still have the white lacy effect but with a subtle hint of champagne to compliment your skin tone.


White and lacy work so well together.

Lace V Neck Wedding Dress

Instagram / georgeelsissa

You have the white colour for the tradition bridal look and the lace to show off your vintage side.  You also have the sexy top with the v-neck style.  A long train looks amazing with this style dress so ensure you opt for this to finish the look.


Have you been dreaming of the Princess fairy-tale Wedding Dress since you were a child?

See Through Long Sleeved Wedding Gown

Instagram / _fantasywedding

If you have, was it something like this dress?  This is a perfect Princess style Wedding Dress with see-through long sleeves.  To finish the look, go with a Cathedral veil which is the long veil you see in the photo.


If you are not keen on the typical Wedding Dress colours, white or ivory, then go for a dark nude colour.

Strapless Dark Nude Wedding Dress with White Details

Instagram / inbaldrorofficial

This colour has been on-trend for a few seasons now and it’s not going anywhere.  Grab your Wedding Dress in this shade to show your style and figure!

19. SHORT, V-NECK Wedding Dress

For the biggest day in your life, go for something different. If you have long sexy legs, show them off with a short Wedding Dress.

Short V Neck Wedding Dress

Instagram / bertabridal

This is ideal for dancing all night too. Everyone will be wondering what dress you have chosen so shock them with a sexy, short wedding gown.

20. DEEP V NECKLINE Wedding Dress

A deep v-neck will elongate your body and make you look and feel taller.

Deep V Neckline Wedding Dress

Instagram / lizmartinezbridal

Go for a ball gown bottom to add to the effect.  This princess-like skirt will be comfortable, flowy and make you feel pretty and special.


Choosing to have an open back, will make you feel sexy and keep you cool during the ceremony and wedding breakfast.

Lace Champagne Wedding Dress with Open Back

Instagram / dollhouse_xoxo

This is a popular choice of style if you are prone to get hot and flustered or if you are getting married in the summer.


Do you want a sexy dress?

Sexy Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

Instagram / maryioannidiscouture

Imagine walking down the aisle in this, everyone turning to face you, in this spectacular long sleeve sexy dress.  It has gorgeous detailing on the arms and chest with a silky plain skirt.  The mesh works so well with the models skin complexion as it looks like there is no mesh!  A simple silk belt, compliments both the silk skirt and the lace top.

23. PERFECT SPRING Wedding Dress

This dress is perfect for a spring wedding.

White Flower Wedding Dress

Instagram / steven_khalil

If you’ve set a date for spring, then focus on this dress.  It has spaghetti straps, flower petals detailing, which will reflect the time of year and looks magical.  Very comfortable for an all-day wedding so you don’t need to think about a second dress.

24. LONG SLEEVED Wedding Dress

Maybe your heart is set on a long sleeve ball gown. If so, this is perfect for you.

White Lace Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

Instagram / altamodabridal

It has sparkle, glamour, elegance and will look amazing on any body shape.  This is the Princess ball gown that everyone dreams of.  If you want to have a traditional style Wedding Dress, this will definitely do so.  Finish the look with a sparkly skinny belt.


Do you love the off-shoulder trend?  Then get ready to show your shoulders on your wedding day, too!

Off Shoulder Mermaid Wedding Dress

Instagram / brides_selection

The off-the-shoulder style has been seen on many celebrities and is popular with many brides.  Keep it smooth and straight down with a mermaid dress that will add a kick out to the bottom.  Add lace to have a delicate soft finish.

26. SEXY, STRAPLESS Wedding Dress

Strapless Wedding Dresses are by far the most popular brides-to-be choose to have.

Sexy Strapless Wedding Dress

Instagram / pallascouture

Strapless dresses are flattering for any body shape, and will make you feel amazing.  If you don’t tend to wear strapless tops, then try one on in the bridal store.  You may surprise yourself.  This sexy, strapless gown is a mermaid style, which is figure hugging and flatters your booty.


Forget white or ivory, dark nude is the colour to have this season.

Sweetheart Lace A Line Wedding Dress

Instagram / couturebusiness

We can guarantee you will walk into the bridal store and you will see a rack of lovely nude colour Wedding Dresses.  They are becoming so popular with brides and even Bridesmaids.  The colour nude when teamed with white, gives off a fresh and sexy vibe.  These two colours compliment any skin tone and will look stunning.

28. MODERN Wedding Dress

Say hello to 2016 Wedding Dresses.  Modern wedding gowns are taking the world by storm.

Modern Wedding Dress with Straps

Instagram / brides_selection

Many brides go for a stunning modern style rather than a traditional wedding gown.  Only you know what your heart desires, is it a modern or classic Wedding Dress?  If you choose to not have a veil, this could be your alternate.  The sides will give you the flow and bridal feel that you are wanting and you do not need to have a veil.

29. CORSET Wedding Dress

Having a corset style Wedding Dress will draw your waist in.

See Through Corset Wedding Dress

Instagram / pallascouture

There’s nothing more figure hugging than a corset.  You can draw it in as much as you want and you can even loosen it later on during the evening.

30. TRENDY MERMAID Wedding Dress

Mermaid wedding gowns are very figure hugging and outline your figure.

Sexy Berta Bridal Wedding Dress

Instagram / bertabridal

If you’re confident in your body and want to make sure all the time in the gym pays off, go for a mermaid dress.  They look sensational and are perfect to wear all day and night.  They hug your body like a corset and flare out at the bottom so it’s easier for you to walk in your wedding shoes!

31. BERTA BRIDAL Wedding Dress

This screams bride, wedding and sexy!  Go for a Berta bridal wedding gown.

Sexy Berta Bridal V Neck Dress

Instagram / bertabridal

This one in particular is figure hugging with a plunging neckline.  It will certainly highlight your curves and will make you look astounding.  If you are shy or conscience of your body then maybe this isn’t for you as it shows a lot of flesh and will cling to your curves.



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