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25 Timelessly Beautiful Tea Length Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses 

25 Timelessly Beautiful Tea Length Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for a wedding dress that’s easy to wear without sacrificing glamour, something classic yet flirty and fun, then look no further! Nothing says elegance quite like a bride in a tea length wedding dress. This unique silhouette will get you down the aisle in comfort and style.  From ultra-feminine to sleek clean lines, check out our beautiful handpicked designs below and get ready to fall in love!


Michael Cinco - Runway - Dubai FFWD March 2017

Dress: Michael Cinco


02-JubileeBride & Amoura LeeEunSuk (13)

Dress: Jubilee Bride


03-Jubilee Bride

Dress: Jubilee Bride


04-Ashi Studio (4)

Dress: Ashi Studio


05-De Jenie (02 514 1690)0517(dress)

Dress: De Jenie (02 514 1690)


06-HOUGHTON NYC (photo by Angela & Evan)

Dress: Houghton NYC


07-Cass Wedding 0717(dress)

Dress: Cass Wedding


08-Modeca ( (dress)

Dress: Modeca


09-Ariamo Bridal (ariamobridal.comru) (5)

Dress: Ariamo Bridal


10-Dior Haute Couture (photo by Richard Phibbs)2

Dress: Dior Haute Couture


11-Colet 2018-24(dress)

Dress: Colet


12-Debb (

Dress: Debb


13-Ashi Studio (photo by Christian Oth)

Dress: Ashi Studio


14-Ashi Studio (6)

Dress: Ashi Studio


15-Eddy K

Dress: Eddy K


16-Krikor Jabotian

Dress: Krikor Jabotian


17-Mark Bumgarner

Dresses: Mark Bumgarner


18-Needle & Thread

Dress: Needle & Thread


19-Métier Couture ( (13)

Dress: Métier Couture


20-SHINE Wedding (weibo-111500062)082817(dress)

Dress: Shine Wedding


21-SHINE (weibo-111500062) (5)

Dress: Shine Wedding


22-Paolo Sebastian (14)

Dress: Paolo Sebastian



Left: Sinbijou   |   Right: Rose Rosa


24-Yumi Katsura 0417(dress)

Dress: Yumi Katsura


25-Zuhair Murad

Dress: Zuhair Murad

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