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20 New Romantic Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dresses You Must See!

20 New Romantic Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dresses You Must See!

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses 08 Jul 2016

How would you describe an off-the-shoulder Wedding Dress? Timeless, romantic, and sexy come together in one style that gives you both the beauty of a strapeless dress and the elegance of a sleeved gown! This style is perfect for brides who want to show some skin while still remaining modest.  Although this classic look has been gracing brides for decades, bridal designers from around the world continue to reinvent this silhouette in new ways each season.  Here comes our picks of the season’s gorgeous off-the-shoulder Wedding Dresses!


01-Clara Wedding 0216 (dress)

Dress: Clara Wedding


02-no9 Wedding 2

Dress: No.9 Wedding


03-Monguae (

Dress: Monguae



Dress: Digio Bridal


05-Dream and Dress (photo by Olga Plakitina)3

Dress: Dream and Dress   |   Photo by Olga Plakitina


06-CH Wedding 0216(dress)

Dress: C.H. Wedding


07-Sophie Design

Dress: Sophie Design


08-No 9 Wedding 3

Dress: No.9 Wedding



Dress: Florentina


Up to 80 % Off Wedding Dresses10-Lumiere by K

Dress: Lumiere by K


11-no.9wedding 0216

Dress: No.9 Wedding


12-Iconic (Thailand)1

Dress: Iconic



Dress: Ziad Antoun



Dress: Digio Bride



Dress: Monguae



Dress: Novarese


17-Lumiere by K (

Dress: Lumiere by K


18-Nouvelle Mariee (

Dress: Nouvelle Mariee


19-Alessandro Angelozzi Couture0216 (dress)

Dress: Alessandro Angelozzi Couture



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