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18 Unique & Hot Sexy Wedding Dresses

18 Unique & Hot Sexy Wedding Dresses

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses 20 Dec 2016

Don’t want to look like white princess in your Wedding Dress on your big day? We collected for you some sexy Wedding Dresses which are elegant alternatives. Our Wedding Dresses keep balancing sexy with ceremony-appropriate look. The trick is to focus attention on one area; it may be low back, plunging neckline, over semi-opaque material, illusion panels or gown with a slit. If you combine couple of these elements you may give a concern to your future in-laws. If you want to feel like a goddess on your wedding day see our gallery for inspiration.

Sexy Wedding Dresses With A Slit

Source: Riki Dalal, Lian Rokman, Julie Vino

amazing sexy wedding gowns 3
sexy wedding dresses 2
sexy wedding dresses 1

Source: Limor Rosen, Lurelly, Lorenzo Rossi

sexy wedding dresses 3
sexy wedding gowns 1
sexy elegant wedding dresses 1

Low Back Wedding Dresses

Source: Said Mhamad Photography, Pnina Tornai, Michal Medina

amazing sexy wedding gowns 2
sexy wedding gowns 6
sexy wedding gowns 5

Source: Julie Vino, Berta Bridal, Pnina Tornai

sexy wedding gowns 7
 sexy elegant wedding dresses 4
sexy elegant wedding dresses 6

Amazing Neckline Wedding Dresses

Source: Julie Vino, Berta Bridal, Nurit Hen

amazing sexy wedding gowns 4
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img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-19202″ src=”” alt=”Wedding Dresses that are so sexy 3″ data-original=”” />

Source: Galia Lahav, Pronovias, Lian Rokman

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wedding dresses that are so sexy 1
sexy elegant wedding dresses 2

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