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13 Winter Wedding Color Combos That Wow

13 Winter Wedding Color Combos That Wow

Posted by trubridal in Wedding Dresses 22 Dec 2016

Sure, summer weddings have their perks, like playing lawn games or roasting marshmallows around a fire pit, but winter weddings are made of romance. From enjoying eggnog around a stone fireplace to wearing that perfect winter wedding gown, everyone will be in the spirit on the day you say “I do.” If a winter wonderland wedding is in your future, get inspired by the muted hues and classy styles winter has to offer. Add fuel to your creative fire with these standout winter color palette combos.

Black white gold

1. Black, White + Gold All Over: This white, black and gold color scheme screams elegance. When selecting your Bridesmaid dresses, aim for something that will add in some texture, like this gold sequined number. (Photos via Megan Robinson Photography)


2. Merlot + Beige: From lipstick that looks like it’s straight from a wine bottle to floral centerpieces made to dazzle, deep merlot and soft beige are your friends for a winter wedding. Rich, elegant and sophisticated are just a few words that come to mind with this color combo. (Photo via Dina Chmut)

copper and neutrals

3. Neutrals With a Copper Kick: Don’t underestimate the power of neutrals. Neutral colors really can warm up a space and make it feel cozy. Add in a pop of bling with a metallic accent color on your invitations or vases for your flowers. (Photo via Carlie Statsky Photography)

Emerald and plum

4. Emerald + Plum: Bring the emerald city to life on your wedding day! These glamorous Bridesmaid dresses harness that winter feeling without looking too over-the-top Christmasy. If you’re up for something different, wear a velvet shoe in a plum color. (Photo via Taylor Lord Photography)


5. Navy + Pink: Soft and sweet can still be done in winter months as long as you go with the right color pairing. Pick a dark color like navy to ground your overall color scheme and then pair it with some sweetness, like hues of pink. This bride’s bouquet says it all! (Photo via The Great Romance Photo)

dusk and copper

6. Dusk + Copper: Harness the power of the natural world with dusk-colored florals and a splash of metallic copper. This color combination is easy on the eyes and heart. (Photos via The Lacquerie and MLKL Photography)


7. Crimson + Blush: Let your wedding deck the halls with this gorgeous color scheme. Evergreens, eucalyptus and even green tree leaves will add texture to the bouquets, while crimson Bridesmaids gowns will up the class factor in a big way. (Photo via Tracy Enoch Photography)

Aubergine and Gold

8. Eggplant + Gold: Romance is in the air with this wedding color palette. Gorgeous tones of eggplant or aubergine are rich and work perfectly to round out the accents of gold. (Photos via Urban Rose Photography and Sarah McAffry)

Dusty blue and cranberry

9. Dusty Blue + Cranberry: Meaning lurks in colors, and this palette speaks volumes. A dusty blue paired with a vibrant red like these dahlias creates a beautiful focal point and unexpected color combo. (Photos via Viera Photographics and Adam Barnes Photography)

Mint and gold

10. Mint + Gold: Show everyone that you and your sweetie are “mint” to be with this delectable color pairing. Mint offers a cool undertone, while the gold accenting will really spice things up! (Photos via Love Is a Big Deal and Oh, Hello Friend)

Copper and blue

11. Copper + Blue: Out with the gold and in with the new. Copper is a versatile color that offers the same benefits as other metallic shades. Balance out the pizazz offered by the copper tones with a main color like slate blue or a deep robin’s egg shade. If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe even consider serving Moscow Mules in some adorable copper mugs. (Photo via Kristy Hogan)


12. Turquoise + Plum + Gold: Legendary events don’t start with mediocre color schemes. Let this styled shoot be your guide to making something new work well. Deep turquoise and plum are key in this color palette, while the splashes of gold pep things up perfectly. Keep your flowers natural, add in some candles and your wedding will be on everybody’s mind for years to come. (Photo via Brienne Michelle Photography)

Luxe dark

13. Peach + Jewel Tones: Soft peach accents and jewel tones will wow your guests and create warmth even on the chilliest of days. Bonus points if you add some artichoke favors. (Photos via Izzy Hudgins)

Which color palette are you head over heels for? Let us know in the comments below!



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